I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 3

Zhang Jianian relied on his experience, adhering to the work attitude of talking less and doing more, and chose to remain silent. President Chu was always grumpy. At this time, anyone who opened his mouth would be scolded. The best choice for him was to be a wood.

Chu Chu still felt pain all over her body, and she thought Zhang Jianian came over just right, which could help her quickly get acquainted with the environment of Yinda Investment. She thought for a moment and said: "Wait a moment, I will go to the company."

Zhang Jianian asked politely: "Yes, do you drive by yourself, or do I arrange for the driver to come over?"

The female supporting role was a big fan of cars, not only did she have collected countless luxury cars, but also love racing cars. If conditions permitted, she would drive by herself and was not used to let the driver drive. Chu Chu didn’t have the original’s skills, and she would probably crash the car if she drove on the road.

Chu Chu hesitated for a while and replied: "You arrange the driver."

"Okay." Zhang Jianian was a little surprised, but when he saw president Chu's face which was not good, he understood it. He estimated that she was in a bad state of health, so it was inconvenient for her to drive.

Zhang Jianian waited at the door, while Chu Chu held back the impulse to vomit blood again and entered the cloakroom. She opened the cupboard and saw a neat row of women's suits, seizing the time to pick one. Chu Chu cleaned her hair casually, simply tidyed up, and was ready to go out, hoping to arrive at the company as soon as possible to eliminate the pain of vomiting blood.

Zhang Jianian saw that president Chu didn’t even wear any makeup, looking so pale, so he didn’t dare to say anything, but carefully proposed: "Otherwise, if you rest at home today, I could contact Dr. Hu to come over here?"

Chu Chu looked tense because she was suffering from pain and resolutely said: "Go."

If she continued to stay at home, she would probably die, so shemight as well hurry to complete the task to ease it.

Zhang Jianian had adapted to Chu Chu's resolute attitude, so with no longer nonsense, he properly arranged Chu Chu downstairs. The driver had been waiting downstairs for a long time. After the two got on the car, the car slowly started to drive towards the company.

Zhang Jianian reported his work today and reminded Chu Chu: "President Chu, in the afternoon, Han Dong of Xiaoying Culture would come to the company to discuss our following cooperation. Are you free to attend the meeting?"

Chu Chu's head was numb, and she was still trying to hold on, with her back sweating, and she reluctantly answered: "Okay."

After confirming the schedule, Zhang Jianian continued to report the company's situation when Chu Chu was absent for three days. Chu Chu listened to Series-AB funding, VC, PE, IPO and other related terms and felt more headaches. She didn't know anything about financial investment, and now it was so painful that she was burnt, so she couldn’t help feeling annoyed: "Will you talk later?"

Zhang Jianian immediately stopped. His mentality was very good, and he thought secretly that president Chu’s temper was still the same. It was silent in the car, and the driver did not dare to speak, for fear of irritating the boss in the back seat.

When Chu Chu stepped into the Puxin Building, the pain all over her body was swept away. She took a deep breath and felt refreshed, like she was reborn. She was tormented with cold sweats, but now she finally relaxed.

【Congratulations on completing your task. The aura of " Vicious female supporting role" has been strengthened.】

Chu Chu suddenly relaxed, and recalled the things in the car, apologizing: "What did you say in the car, I didn't hear it."

Zhang Jianian looked at his boss's face-changing, and looked a little weird. He didn't show anything on his face, and he pressed the elevator button without panic, calmly saying: "It's okay, I will report to you at the office."

Upstairs, the president's office was full of leaps and bounds, the secretaries hurriedly started to make up, and it was noisy in the office.

"Quickly, the boss and the general manager assistant have got on the elevator. Give me the financial report!"

"Quickly turn on the air conditioner in president Chu's office in advance, don't grind it!"

"Damn! Who has oil-absorbent paper, what a broken foundation..."

Xia Xiaoxiao looked at the busy people blankly and asked in a low voice: "Sister Wang, shall I go buy coffee?"

Wang Qing was, looked at the time uncomfortably, and urged: "Go, go, American espresso,double shot, no ice, no sugar, and come back soon."

Xia Xiaoxiao nodded again and again, she went out in a hurry, and went downstairs from the elevator on the other side.

All the secretaries were ready, and they waited at the door with vitality to greet the boss. The elevator made a ding-dong, and the secretaries immediately put on a professional smile.

Chu Chu followed Zhang Jianian out of the elevator and looked up to see a row of bright and beautiful office ladies. A standard business smile spread on their faces with their gentle and neat greeting: "Good afternoon, president Chu."

Chu Chu was startled. She had never seen it before so she hurriedly said: "Good afternoon?"

Chu Chu used to work in a film and television company with a relaxed and free atmosphere. She had not  encountered such a company culture. Zhang Jianian led Chu Chu and took the lead in opening the door and introducing her to the office.

As soon as the office door was closed, the secretaries immediately discussed enthusiastically: "Is the boss in a good mood today? Actually greeting us back?"

President Chu was always squinting, entering the office at a pace like she did not recognize anyone else. When did she greet them like that?

"No, President Chu looks pale..."

"The boss doesn't wear make up today?"

Xia Xiaoxiao returned with a cup of coffee. Wang Qing helped her to inssure that the coffee was right, and instructed: "Okay, just politely knock on the door and send it in. Try not to talk as much as possible."

Xia Xiaoxiao was infected by Wang Qing's tense feeling and could not help being a little nervous. She nodded cleverly and took the coffee to the office.

【Please strengthen the aura of " Vicious female supporting role" through the task, the character will be wiped out by the main world once the aura disappears. 】

【The halo owner of the "Leading actress" is detected around you, and who will have an rejection reaction with you. Forcibly entering the battle task. 】

【The battle task: Let Xia Xiaoxiao lose her face, and leave the company embarrassedly.】

"Mr. Chu, Chenxing Film  and Television Co. asked how to deal with the brokerage contract of Li Taihe..." Zhang Jianian stood aside and reported the job with diligence. Chu Chu didn't give any order, and no one dared to deal with Li Taihe's affairs.

Before Chu Chu sat down in the office, she saw strange words appearing on the wall, and she couldn't help but felt a headache. Unable to think of the reason why the leading actress appeared, she decided to avoid her and decisively said: "Wait, I will come back later..."

Zhang Jianian's face was blank, watching president Chu striding out and wondering what happened?

This time the text was bright red, obviously, the battle task was different from the ordinary task, and the rejection reaction sounded very serious. There was even a siren sound on Chu Chu's ear, but Zhang Jianian could not hear it, and he watched Chu Chu leave strangely.

Chu Chu decided to run away from the office immediately to avoid the catastrophe.

Outside the door, Xia Xiaoxiao was carefully preparing to knock on the door. Unexpectedly, Chu Chu inside the house pulled the door open. Xia Xiaoxiao was caught off guard, and her body was not stable for a while, and she was directly brought to the ground and fell to Chu Chu! The coffee spilled all over the floor, contaminating the clean carpet and splashing on both people.

Chu Chu fell on to the ground, with Xia Xiaoxiao still on her body, only to feel a pain in her heart, and the familiar burning pain appeared. She squeezed her lips and pressed the feeling to vomit blood, with her face pale.

【Your aura of " Vicious female supporting role" will disappear soon, please finish the task soon. 】

【The battle task: Let Xia Xiaoxiao lose her face, and leave the company embarrassedly.】

Zhang Jianian was shocked and hurried forward: "Are you all right?"

Not far away, Wang Qing and the secretaries were frightened and came over in a swarm. They lifted the two of them, followed by some booing and asking: "President Chu, are you okay?"

 "I'll get your blanket and spare coat ..."

"What is the design of this door !? Quickly tell them, it's too dangerous!"

 "President Chu, this is clean clothes..." The secretary immediately took the clothes from the president's lounge and handed them to president Chu carefully.

President Chu's shirt was completely destroyed by coffee. Her lips squeezed, her eyes darkened, like the dark clouds brewing before the storm. Everyone suddenly dared not even to breathe, and no one had expected that the intern would offend the boss at the first time, so they were ready to greet the coming violent abuse.

Xia Xiaoxiao was also covered with coffee stains, standing helplessly aside, looking at president Chu surrounded by others in fear. President Chu was beautiful, but when she raised her eyebrows, no one dared to look directly at her face. She was dressed in a casual suit and had a colorful diamond and platinum watch on her wrist.

Xia Xiaoxiao looked down at her canvas shoes stained with mud, and then looked at the other's simple and exquisite high-heeled shoes.She felt asshamed.

【Your aura of " Vicious female supporting role" will disappear soon, please finish the task soon. 】

【The battle task: Let Xia Xiaoxiao lose her face, and leave the company embarrassedly.】

Everyone took a deep breath when they watched a cold face appear on president Chu's face. Chu Chu held back the pain and waved to Xia Xiaoxiao: "Come here."

Xia Xiaoxiao stepped forward with a terrified look, glanced at the other person's cold expression, and bowed her head in shame and anxiety, "President Chu, I'm so sorry, I'm too reckless... you can give me the clothes you changed, and I’ll definitely clean it for you! "

Wang Qing held her forehead desperately. When the secretaries heard this, the expression on their faces was even more horrified. The intern was doomed! How could the boss wear washed clothes, she could really rub it in!

There were a bunch of spare suits in president Chu's lounge, which were taken care of special team. How could it be possible for them to keep dirty clothes?

    Sure enough, the cold-faced president Chu pulled the spare coat in the hands of others and flung to Xia Xiaoxiao. Xia Xiaoxiao was shocked by the suit jacket. She hugged the coat anxiously and waited for president Chu to impose a death sentence on her.She couldn’t believe that she was to leave Yinda Investment so soon.

President Chu coldly said: "Put it on."

Everyone held their breath and waited for the scolding, but not expecting such a simple sentence: "???"

Everyone: Where was the irritable, cold and harsh boss? Why did she suddenly change her personality? ?

Xia Xiaoxiao was very surprised, and quickly waved her hand, wanting to refuse: "No need, your clothes are too expensive, I just go back after work and change my clothes..."

President Chu frowned slightly. She glanced at Xia Xiaoxiao's dress critically, and said forcfully : "Since you haven't had the business ability when you first entered the company, pay more attention to clothing."

Xia Xiaoxiao's style of dress was particularly conspicuous in Yinda Investment, which was incompatible with others. She suddenly blushed when she heard the words, as if someone had seen through her.Her eyes were full of shame and anxiety, and she dared not refuse it again.

Chu Chu pulled the blanket silently and strode outward. The others immediately flashed to both sides, making way for their boss, for fear of making her annoyed. Someone saw her walking away and muttered: "President Chu did not take her clothes, where is she going..."

Wang Qing looked at Xia Xiaoxiao, who was looking at Chu Chu's back, and saw that she was still wearing a dirty sweater. She reminded: "Okay, go ahead and change your clothes. This whole thing should be over."

Although they didn't know why president Chu didn't blame Xia Xiaoxiao, but apparently she was sprared.

Xia Xiaoxiao suddenly realized that she was holding the coat and the smell of the cool fragrance on the clothes made her lost in thought. The coat in her hand was made of a special material and very textured. Because the housekeeping staff would spray the perfume that president Chu liked in the closet, so the coat was also contaminated with some fragrances.

This custom-made suit and that box of cranberry cookies made Xia Xiaoxiao feel that president Chu was more mysterious and unique. She didn't seem easy to get close to and her espression was always cold, but she was actually a very gentle person?

【Your aura of " Vicious female supporting role" will disappear soon, please finish the task soon. 】

【The battle task: Let Xia Xiaoxiao lose her face, and leave the company embarrassedly.】

"Shut up." 

Chu Chu wrapped the blanket tightly, her face turned pale, and she endured severe pain, stepping into the rooftop of the building. The reason why she couldn't squeeze out a nice face just now was simple, because she almost died of pain.

The small door leading to the rooftop was somehow unlocked, giving Chu Chu a chance to relax herself outside.

There were no fences on the empty rooftop. Standing on the edge and looking down, she could feel a little dizzy.

She looked up at the sky, staring at the void, saying slowly, "I hate being threatened the most in my life."

The truth she believed would not change easily even if she died.

"No matter what you are, don't you think about manipulating my life."

Chu Chu jumped off the building without looking back after she finished her words.

The author has something to say: The leading actress die, end of the story, hee hee.

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