I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 2

Yanhan Residence's location was backed by a bustling creative park, and it was only 100 meters away from the city's famous hospitals, schools and libraries. This house was one of the many real estates for the female supporting role, because it was very close to the company, and it was where she rested during her work.

Chu Chu actually had no feelings about luxury villas. She admired the fact more that there was indeed such a nice place in the city center where every inch of land cost so much. The community management was strict, and there was a direct elevator in the underground garage, for which one needed a personal card to press the button.

After the elevator went upstairs, Chu Chu successfully fingerprinted to unlock the door. She looked around inside the house and finally realized what it meant that poverty would limit one’s imagination. Even if countless novels had described the lavish life of the rich, it was still not as shocking as that when she really saw it.

Ample daylighting, bright french windows, thin-wood parquet classic Italian furniture, and a tasteful home design. A group of bright and shining Baccarat crystal cups were arbitrarily placed on the table, and next to it was a small and elegant wooden box.

Chu Chu opened the wooden box curiously, and found that inside it were  different car keys. Because she had no knowledge of luxury cars, she could not distinguish the origin of each key. She put the wooden box back to her original position, and carefully walked around the house, and it was filled with luxury, classic and elegance.

Chu Chu stood in front of the french windows with a wide view, glancing at the blue sky and the bustling city. She couldn't help feeling that the female supporting role was really stupid, who would bother the leading actor shamelessly. They was simply a gap between them like the nobles and the clowns. Was it really only the eldest lady who came from a rich family would care about true love?

If she could be so rich, she would just   sit around waiting to die at home every day, and never go to work again. As long as women could lie in their own luxury houses, having high-end dresses filled with their cloakrooms, and with independent and excellent economic conditions, who would still need men?

Chu Chu could kill a whole day just playing a live version of ‘Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’ in the cloakroom!

【Please strengthen the aura of " Vicious female supporting role" through the task, the character will be wiped out by the main world once the aura disappears. 】

【Task: Prevent Li Taihe from canceling his brokerage contract and persuade him stay.】

Chu Chu was immersed in her imaginative daydream, but the strange voice appeared sharply, interrupting her longing for the life of the lazy day. The text also appeared on the french windows, but it disappeared immediately.

Chu Chu was annoyed by the sound. She would be a puppy if she really listened to it!


The sudden ringtone shocked Chu Chu, she scrambled to find the phone in her bag. It was Dr. Hu. She hurriedly answered the phone: "Hello?"

  "President Chu, I'm sorry to disturb you. I want to confirm the inspection time with you. When will it be convenient for you today?" The voice over the phone was extremely polite.

 "Sorry, Dr. Hu, I'm a little tired today. Let's make it another day."

 "Okay, if you need it, you can contact me at any time." Dr. Hu hung up the phone politely.

After thinking for a moment, she shut down her phone decisively, so that she would not be disturbed before she died.

Chu Chu thought it carefully that she was struck by lightning before she passed through the book, so the probability of survival for her was extremely low. Chu Chu was still wearing the "Vicious Female Supporting Role" halo on her head. If she didn't complete the task, she would be killed at any time. Since life was short, why not be a happy and wealthy ghost and finally enjoy life?

Three days later.

In Puxin Building, the secretary of president Wang Qing looked at the empty office and embarrassedly reported to Zhang Jianian: " Assistant to the president, President Chu has not been here for three days, you see..."

Zhang Jianian was speechless for a moment, then he held his forehead with a headache: "You call President Chu."

Secretary Wang Qing cautiously said: "I wanted to contact President Chu yesterday, but her phone has been off since then."

"What do you mean?" Zhang Jianian couldn't help raising his eyebrows and asked, "Any news from the housekeeping?"

President Chu always had a very strong sense of territory, and she didn’t like it when others stepped into her house. The housekeeping service only dared to go there when she left home, and would never bother her.

Wang Qing reluctantly said: "The housekeeping staff said that president Chu has not been out and should still be at home."

Zhang Jianian kept silent, not knowing what his boss was doing. His position was very embarrassing, generally, he should be the right hand of the president, but his relationship with president Chu was only facial. President Chu had an extremely strong personality, and anyone who wanted knock on her door was expected to be inevitably scolded heavily.

Zhang Jianian finally sighed: "I know, I will go to Yanhan Residence later."

To be in the king's company was tantamount to living with a tiger, so if he didn’t go to hell, who should?

Wang Qing felt sympathy in her heart and quickly said sincerely: "Thank you."

The secretary of president Wang Qing returned to the office and happened to hear the gossip of the little girls in the house.

"Is president Chu still angry because of Li Taihe's affairs? Now she doesn't even come to the office, and there are crazy rumors about contract cancellation on the Internet."

"Wow, people are scolding it online fiercely. I heard that the chairman of the board knows this and let Sister Wang solve it..."

"How can she deal with it? If anyone offends Li Taihe, shouldn’t him be killed by President Chu?"

As a new intern, Xia Xiaoxiao sat among the secretaries, hesitantly wondering what to say. She had only met president Chu once. In her memory, president Chu was always an indifferent and proud beauty, but she would ask people to send her cookies in private.

Xia Xiaoxiao felt embarrassed when she thought of being ugly in front of President Chu. After she came to Yinda Investment from Chenxing Film and Television Co., she had not really met with President Chu, because President Chu hadn’t come to the company for three days.

The discussion in the house was very lively, Wang Qing frowned and immediately knocked on the door, and said sharply: "The company pays you to gossip here?"

The girls immediately scattered like birds and returned to their positions in disgrace. The President's Office was the assistant organization of the President and was under the management of Secretary-General Wang Qing.

Wang Qing looked serious, and she toured around and warned: "Assistant to the president has gone to Yanhan residence, so president Chu should arrive at the company in the afternoon. What should be said, what should not be said, everyone should be careful. "

Everyone heard the news, and suddenly took a deep breath, tensing like a clockwork. Someone immediately said: "Sister Wang, I'm going to ask the finance..."

"Sister Wang, this is the investment plan of Xiaoying Culture and Guangjie Entertainment. Please see if you can give it to president Chu in the afternoon?"

"Sister Wang, this is the first half financial report of Chenxing Film and Television Co."

Xia Xiaoxiao sat blankly at her place and looked at this scene in surprise. The people who were still gossiping just switched to the elite mode with one click. It was like an aunt in the super market became a top student from Ivy League. She received a huge amount of information inexplicably, and felt that the working style of Chenxing Film and Television Co. and Yinda Investment was very different, which made her quite uncomfortable.

Yinda Investment was a PE fund investment company, and Chenxing Film and Television Co. was just a small layout of President Chu testing film and television industry. If it was simply all about the academic qualifications, Xia Xiaoxiao could never get the chance to enter Yinda Investment, but who could deny it since she was the woman appointed by President Chu?

President Chu remembered Xia Xiaoxiao’s name and even sent someone to send her cookies, which obviously meant good. As an old bird in the company, Wang Qing must first consider everything for her boss. So she immediately transferred Xia Xiaoxiao to Yinda Headquarters and put it in her department to focus on.

Looking at the busy pace of work, Xia Xiaoxiao walked to the desk of Wang Qing and asked timidly, "Sister Wang, can I help you with anything?"

Wang Qing looked up at her and frowned slightly. Xia Xiaoxiao was young and didn't know much about make up. She still wore a college student's childish face, wearing an ordinary polyester sweater and walking on canvas shoes.

Wang Qing just realized that she was too busy and forgot to remind Xia Xiaoxiao what to wear. The secretaries of the president's office were all on high heels, so Xia Xiaoxia’s style was really strange. Wang Qing was embarrassed, "When president Chu arrived, can you go downstairs to buy a cup of coffee?"

Xia Xiaoxiao immediately cheered up and said seriously: "Yes!"

Xia Xiaoxiao didn't care about doing small chores and running errands, as long as she could get something to do, after all, she couldn't get start with other businesses immediately right now.

【Please strengthen the aura of " Vicious female supporting role" through the task, the character will be wiped out by the main world once the aura disappears. 】

【Task: Prevent Li Taihe from canceling his brokerage contract and persuade him stay.】

【Your aura of "Vicious female supporting role" is about to vanish, please finish your task soon.】

On the other side in the Yanhan residence, Chu Chu was holding the toilet to spit blood like crazy, like the heroine  who had an incurable disease in the a painful literature.

It all started from yesterday. After two days of unrestrained play at home, the halo of "Vicious female supporting role" above her head was finally on the edge of transparency. She neglected her task again and again, and finally ushered in punishment. She felt uncomfortable, and then she vomited blood.

Chu Chu was startled at frist, and later got used to it. She looked at her pale face in the mirror, and even had fun in her heart, feeling that she had a sick beauty style?

Chu Chu could accept being wiped out by the main world, but the question was that could it end straightforwardly please? This kind of soft knife grinding method was too painful, but she was so timid that she dare not end her own life.

【Please strengthen the aura of " Vicious female supporting role" through the task, the character will be wiped out by the main world once the aura disappears. 】

【Task: Prevent Li Taihe from canceling his brokerage contract and persuade him stay.】

The strange voice appeared again, as if it could feel her pain, and remind her with a deep meaning.

The text slipped over on the bathroom mirror, like a bewitching demon spell.

It was like someone tempting silently: Be a bad person, be a bad person, as long as you become a vicious female supporting role, you can get a chance to survive.

Chu Chu stared blankly at the line of text, saying one by one: "No Way."

She would rather die than to be the vicious female supporting role, and she would hold her flag high and straight even if she was on her knees.

Chu Chu ignited her ambitions, followed by another round of vomiting blood: "Ow..."

Her miserable voice echoed in the bathroom, and the strange voice finally changed the task.

【Please strengthen the aura of " Vicious female supporting role" through the task, the character will be wiped out by the main world once the aura disappears. 】

【Task: Go to Yingda Investment and work regularly.】

Chu Chu heard it and was stunned for a moment, this was the first task that had nothing to do with the leading actor Li Taihe, and it seemed completely easy.

In the novel, the leading actor and the leading actress were both in Chenxing Film and Television Co., and had nothing to do with Yinda investment. Wouldn't she just go to the company and to solve the pain and hematemesis all over her body easily?

At this time, the doorbell rang, and Chu Chu looked at the door with surprise.

Zhang Jianian had been Yanhan residence twice, and he stood outside the door, struggling to ring the doorbell, ready to accept the blame. President Chu was very particular about private spaces and hated others close to her private life, which was why the secretaries dare not come over and check.

Zhang Jianian was a senior executive anyway, even though president Chu was generally dissatisfied with him, she always considerd the chairman of the board's face. Secretaries were different though since they could be fired easily without thinking too much.

What surprised Zhang Jianian was that president Chu, who opened the door, did not get angry. Her skin was pale to almost transparent, and she was still wearing a silk nightgown, asked cautiously, "Is there something wrong?"

Zhang Jianian was confused by her dress and pale face. He hesitated for a moment and politely said: "President Chu, you haven't been to the company for three days. We can't contact you and we are really worried. Are you sick?"

Chu Chu looked very bad. After all, she didn't have the strength to curse people this time, so it was estimated that the illness was very serious, and it was normal for her to not work.

Chu Chu was still not familiar with the world in the book. How could she know that if the boss was not at work, the subordinates would also come to her door.

Chu Chu scratched her head and said frankly: "No, I just forgot that the president has to keep office hours."

Wasn't the second generation of rich people just spending money on drinks and having fun, why work so hard? Chu Chu didn't have the concept of going to work after passing through the book, anyway she didn't lack the money.

Zhang Jianian didn't know how to answer her for a moment, so he had to shut up in silence: "..."

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