I have the aura of Overbearing President[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 1

In the film and television company, , Chu Chu was in a fierce argument with the colleagues from Copyright Procurement Department about the novel "The Hot Wife of the Superstar", and neither side would give in.

The colleague collapsed and said: "Without a vicious female supporting role, how can the leading actor and the leading actress promote their feelings! Don't you be too harsh!"

"Women's malice to women is the most pathetic, and I will not agree with this value even if I die--"

With her forceful voice, Chu chu simply and rudely refused to purchase the novel IP and set up a flag for herself.

After work, Chu Chu went home with an umbrella under the heavy raindrops, and a lightning fell across the sky.


Before Chu Chu passed out, she thought that God was being too serious that he was to kill her for a novel?


By the outdoor swimming pool of the luxury hotel, the programme group was suddenly interrupted due to an accident. The lifeguard rescued a drowning woman from the swimming pool and contacted the medical staff for rescue. The scene was in chaos, and everyone whispered.

"Why did someone fall into the water suddenly? Did the staff fail to take protective measures?"

"This is deepwater zone, is she alright..."

Medical staffs and lifeguards tried hard to rescue her for quite a while. Finally, the woman lying on the ground spit out a pool of water. She opened her eyes and coughed violently. The people around were suddenly relieved and started shouting around to report to the director.

"Hey, she’s awake, she’s awake! Go and report to President Chu! "

"Where’s Li Taihe?", the director sighed with relief, looked around but found that the most important person suddenly disappeared.

Li Taihe's follow PD carefully approached the director and whispered: "Li Taihe angrily took president Chu away..."

The director was stunned and thought of the gossip between the two, and didn't know what to say for a while.

President Chu was the chairman of Yinda Investment, who had established Chenxing Film  and Television Co., and her father Chu Yanyin was a commercial giant on the rich list. And Li Taihe was a popular artist of Chenxing Film and Television Co., who could be said to be popular all due to president Chu. Because of the subtle relationship between the two, there were countless rumors inside the company and on the Internet.

The director kept silent for a moment, and said: "You be smart, and you should know that some things should only rot in your own stomach."

Chenxing Film and Television Co. was the main sponsor of the show. After all, they were just wage earners, so they couldn’t gossip about their boss.

 "I understand..." The man nodded honestly.

In a secluded corner of the luxury hotel, a man and a woman stood in front of the french windows. It was sparsely populated and covered by decorative plants, so it was completely unnoticeable. The identity of the two in conversation was not simple, one was the hot and popular actor, and the other was the young female president who was very wealthy.

Li Taihe’s handsome face was distorted by anger, and he screamed in pain: "You are a lunatic! You even want to kill people!"

He stared at the woman in front of him, who was dressed in an expensive custom-made suit, with a curvaceous figure and outstanding appearance. But the beautiful appearance could not hide her dirty heart, and he couldn't believe what kind of vicious thought she had before she would try to kill an innocent and simple girl.

She was expressionless at the time, like a cold-blooded devil, who seemed to have no confession.

Li Taihe shook his head while muttering: "I can't stand you anymore..."

Chu Chu looked at the gloomy handsome man, with a bright halo above his head, floating next to it was the character name "Li Taihe" and the halo name " The Leading Actor ". Li Taihe was the protagonist of "The Hot Wife of the Superstar", who was set to become the super star of the film industry in the script.

Chu Chu turned her head slightly and saw her figure from the french window. She also had a halo on her head, the name next to it was "Chu Chu", and the name of the halo was "Vicious Female Supporting Role". Chu Chu was the supporting actress of the novel, a stupid character who was bravely moving forward and hindering the hero and heroine.

God didn't kill her with the lightning, but made her the kind of person she hated most. How vicious.

【Please strengthen the aura of " Vicious female supporting role" through the task, the character will be wiped out by the main world once the aura disappears. 】

【Task: Say the classic line to Li Taihe "If it were not for her, you would not leave me at all." 】

Chu Chu hadn't cleared her mind from the bizarre encounter, but strange sounds suddenly sounded in her ears, and weird words appeared on the french windows. Li Taihe seemed completely unaware of the strangeness beside him, and only Chu Chu could see the text.

In "The Hot Wife of the Superstar", the female supporting role once pushed the leading actress from the high ground because of jealousy. Fortunately, the leading actress fall into the swimming pool so she was saved. Because of this, the leading actor recognized the true face of the female supporting role and broke up with her, causing the female supporting role to be much more evil.

After Chu Chu recalled the plot, she calmed down and asked, "You saw me push her?"

Li Taihe sneered: "You really have to quibble when things have come down to this?"

 "Then what are you waiting for, this is attempted murder." Chu Chu said with ease, "Hurry up to call the police, and imprison me for more than three years and less than ten years. I will stand here and wait for the police to arrest me."

Li Taihe: "..."

【Please strengthen the aura of " Vicious female supporting role" through the task, the character will be wiped out by the main world once the aura disappears. 】

【Task: Say the classic line to Li Taihe "If it were not for her, you would not leave me at all." 】

Chu Chu thought, If it let her say it, and she said it, where would she put her face?

A strange voice reappeared, apparently very dissatisfied with Chu Chu's unusual behavior, and it sounded quite warning. The " Vicious Female Supporting Role" aura above Chu Chu's head faded slightly, but she was still immersed in the police arrest plot and didn't notice it.

Chu Chu was only open to persuasion, but not to coercion. If whoever forceed her to do something, she just had to screw it up, too rebellious. If it had the ability to kill her in this world, what if she returned to the real world?

When she read the novel, she felt that there were problems all over the female supporting role. Now it was a good time to pass through the book.

As a good citizen who was upright and abiding by the law, she intended to destroy herself righteously, and never let any bad person do anything wrong!

Seeing Li Taihe's expression as if swallowing flies, she frowned: "Why are you still not acting? Hurry up and lend me your phone, I will surrender to the police and strive for commutation."

Li Taihe gritted his teeth and said: "... Are you deliberately provocative?"

Chu Chu was puzzled: "I sincerely surrendered! I did wrong!"

When Li Taihe saw this, he was furious, "Who doesn't know your background, you know the police don't dare to harm you, then there is nothing to fear for you!"

【Task: Say the classic line to Li Taihe "If it were not for her, you would not leave me at all." 】

The strange sound reminded for the third time that it semmed it was on the edge of the patience line like Li Taihe.

Chu Chu heard it and denounced awe-inspiringly: "Even if the emperor broke the law, he would also sin with the common people! Li Taihe, I didn't expect you to be such a shrunken man, and still afraid of the elite's children? I promise, if I don't sit in jailfor ten years, I’ll never come out! "

Li Taihe was so angry that he almost vomited blood. He just felt that Chu Chu was so arrogant and shivered, "Okay, very good... but don't be too proud, Chu Yanyin can protect you for a while, and he can not protect you for a lifetime!"


The phone rang suddenly, interrupting the fierce quarrel between the two. Li Taihe answered the call. After hearing the news, his face was slightly smoother and said: "...Ok, I will go back immediately."

He hung up the phone and looked at her bitterly, with a cold tone: "You should be glad that Xiao Xiao’s okay, otherwise I won't spare you!"

Chu Chu directly said: "I let you report to the police, but you didn’t, who else do you want to spare?"

Li Taihe: "..."

Li Taihe was so angry that he could not speak anymore, and he left angrily, leaving Chu Chu alone.

The leading actor of the novel withdrew the scene, and Chu Chu thus had time to sort out her thoughts. She looked in the mirror at the french window and found that no matter how she shook her head, she couldn't get rid of the " Vicious Female Supporting Role" aura above her head. If the aura was completely dimmed according to the sound, Chu Chu would die.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she couldn't help but touch her chin, and new doubts appeared, which was very consistent with a song.

Chu Chu thought, why am I so beautiful? What to do with me looking so good?

Chu Chu enjoyed herself in front of the french windows, unable to suppress the turbulent narcissism in her heart. There were no major changes in her facial features, but it seemed to have been refined, with a filter, which was not as exquisite as mortal. Was this the advantage of being a paperman, the every vicious female supporting role must have a beautiful outlook?

Chu Chu rubbed her face in silence, only to felt that the facelift could not be so perfect, and she could not help enjoying her perfect beauty.

Beside, Assistant to the President Zhang Jianian was hesitant if it was appropriate to talk to President Chu at this time. He could only stand silently, watching his boss frantically look in the mirror, waiting for the time for a reminder.

Chu Chu was fully intoxicated for a few minutes in front of the french window before she straightened up. Zhang Jianian immediately seized the opportunity and said: " President Chu, the filming of the program group has ended today. Do you want to return to the company?"

Chu Chu didn't expect anyone beside her. She was startled and turned around to see a gentle and steady man. His name was "Zhang Jianian", and the name of the halo is "Passerby".

Zhang Jianian was the assistant to the president of the company, who was completely a passerby, used to set off the female supporting role's family power, and belonged to the marginal role that was not qualified to even have a character biography.

Chu Chu gradually figured out the laws of this world. The male and female auras were the strongest. Chu Chu, Zhang Jianian and other named characters would have different auras. In the novel, people who didn’t even have names deserved no halo, and the passers-by in the hotel were basically of this kind.

Chu Chu said: "Do you know where the police station is?"

Zhang Jianian said softly: "The nearest police station is the Longtan District Police Station. If you have anything you can tell me, I will help you."

Chu Chu shook her head, "I'm going to gave myself up, and you can't do it."

"..." Zhang Jianian's smile stiffened in his face, and he confirmed with a grumpy tone, "What are you saying?"

Chu Chu explained, "I have tried to kill someone and I will go to the police station to surrender myself and fight for a commutation."

Assistant to the President Zhang Jianian had an instant bewilderment, and then resumed a strong and professional attitude, calming down: "You may be a little tired recently, I shall arrange for the driver to take you back to Yanhan Residence to rest, and then contact Dr. Hu to come to the door."

Chu Chu said: "... Do you think I'm sick? Or do you think I'm crazy?"

Zhang Jianian showed a flawless smile and said impeccably: "Of course not, today is your day for regular inspection."

Zhang Jianian led Chu Chu out of the door, and the driver had already drove to the door of the hotel and waited. Chu Chu was about to get on the car, and suddenly turned back: "Well, there is one more thing."

Zhang Jianian's nerves were tense for a moment, afraid that the ancestor would say some nonsense that she would go to the police again, he politely said: "Yes."

Chu Chu asked: "Is Xia Xiaoxiao all right?"

Zhang Jianian froze, because he did not know this person, wondering: "You are talking about ..."

Chu Chu reminded him, "The little girl who fell into the water today."

Zhang Jianian suddenly realized and reported: "She is safe and sound, and besides being frightened, she has no trauma."

Chu Chu nodded: "You go to the cake shop downstairs in the company to buy a cranberry cookie for her, she likes that."

Chu Chu still remembered some small details in the book, in which the leading actress liked cranberry cookies when her mood was down.

Zhang Jianian was confuse,but yet he answered, "Okay, I will do it now. You can rest assured to go back to rest."

Chu Chu got on the car with peace of mind, and Zhang Jianian was finally relieved after he sent the big boss away. He always felt that President Chu today was weird. Although she was usually bizarre and irritable, she would never say something ridiculous, nor cared about what others liked to eat.

Zhang Jianian did not dare to delay, and immediately called the president ’s secretary: “You go to the cake shop downstairs to buy a cranberry cookie, and then send it to Xia Xiaoxiao. This is what Mr. Chu ordered.”

The secretary hesitated: " Assistant to the President, who is Xia Xiaoxiao?"

The secretary was also extremely shocked. She knew Xia Xiaoxiao from Chenxing Film and Television Co., but she couldn't be in any relationship with President Chu.

"The one who fell into the water." Zhang Jianian thought of President Chu's concern about this person, and couldn't help but wonder, "Who is she?"

The secretary hemmed and hawed: "Xia Xiaoxiao is an intern of Chenxing Film and Television Co...."

Zhang Jianian was even more confused. How could President Chu, who was busy all day remember the name of the intern?

On the other side, Chu Chu wanted to get rid of his follower Zhang Jianian, get out of the car and gt to the police station to surrender herself. But unexpectedly, the driver did his due diligently and drove directly into Yanhan Residence. Yanhan Residence was the top supporting community in the city of which the main concept was to hide in the city, seek peace in the middle of the city, and get comfortable in the prosperity.

Looking at the high-end residential area with chic design and clear windows outside the car window, there was an illusion of drama in which the actress enter the ruch family by chance.

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