Black Lotus Tactics Manual

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Chapter 5

Substituted Bride (5)

Miaomiao frowns and giggles, but her eyes are still like a runaway faucet, watering under the action of the system. She tries to make a huge smile, crying and laughing, looking at Mu Sheng with tears on her face.

Mu Sheng is stunned, looking down at her, keeping people guessing.

"Woo... so touching..." She simply covers her eyes with hands and lets the tears flood.

The smile on Mu Sheng's face stiffens. Through the fingers, Miaomiao clearly sees his expression.

Those dark, runny eyes are looking at her, full of "sick mind".

Mu Sheng stands still, waiting for her to put her hands down. He squats slowly. Then his handsome face approaches Miaomiao so close that his upturned eyelashes can be seen clearly, "Touching?" he says.

"Um..." Miaomiao nods her head twice, and casts an envious look at the two on the bed facing each other, "If I am as lucky as your sister Mu Yao, who has a lover like Fuyi, then I would be very happy. But now... when will I meet my love, oh, ooh... "

Teardrops slip through the fingers, Ling Miaomiao secretly observes him through the fingers.

Mu Sheng is suspicious. At the moment, instead of covering up, it is better to throw the helve after the hatchet. Talking like an open book may reassure him on the contrary.

But when she was talking, she also brought out a bit of real feeling.

In the real world, Ling Miaomiao, an adolescent girl like a green apple hanging on the tree, still doesn't have any adores until she's already twenty-years old. What's worse, she is selected by the space-time travel system for a big devil. How sad that is!

Mu Sheng frowns slightly, because the Ling Miaomiao's praise for Liu Fuyi touched his forbidden lamella.

But the cold murderous intention in his eyes is gradually dispelled like being blown by the wind, and his expression gradually transforms into a mischievous smile.

He slowly extends his fingers and deliberately touches Miaomiao's wonderful lips.

Her lips are so soft and cold.

Miaomiao becomes stiff as if she has been applied hold incantation, feeling that his cold fingertips starts from the corner of her lower lip, outlines along the shape of her lips, and finally stops on the lip mark. That's such a gentle touch, just like lover's interest and charm.

Ling Miaomiao feels her fine hair standing upright, and the touch makes her remember the gesture before the murder.

"Why are you shaking, senorita Ling?"

He raises his eyes innocently. Then he raises his hands to show her a bright touch of red on her fingertips, "You applied rouge off your lips. It seems like you just ate a child."

Then, he shows a smile, like a bright and naughty teenager joking with her.

Ling Miaomiao turns red in the face instantly.

Damn Liu Fuyi, watching her to make a scene for several hours, but do not remind her of that.

Mu Sheng, who has teased her enough, stands up, gives the protagonist lovers a meaningful glance, and then turns away, with the hair jumping behind him.

The first confrontation with the black lotus makes tremble with fear. Her back has been wet with cold sweat. However, thinking of the task two, that is, letting Mu Sheng fall in love with her, she feels she is finished.

Forget it, and let's take a passive attitude towards the work.


Since Ling Miaomiao entered this world, her every action would easily cause the maids to watch.

Taicang County is a land flowing with milk and honey. It is rich in rice and fish. The rice grains produced here are full and distinct. The treatment of the first daughter of Taicang County is really generous. The crystal-clear polished rice is steamed softly and moderately, sprinkled with sesame seeds and ground peanuts.

Needless to say the dishes. Ling Yu is only 16 years old, but she has her dedicated cooks. Four meals and one soup are standard configuration for each meal. The sweet-and-sour fish is made of the freshest bass, of which the meat is very fresh and tender. The Longjing shrimp is even more wonderful, the Longjing tea smells delicious before and after Qingming Festival, matched with full shrimps, no one will get tired of eating it.

Miaomiao's appetite is great, and the rice bowl in front of him quickly shows the bottom soon, exposing a delicate red plum on the delicate porcelain bottom.

She put down the bowl, and weirdly finds that the two maids standing beside her are staring at her blankly.

Miaomiao says, "Don't stare at me anymore. Fill the bowl!"

The first maid takes her small round porcelain bowl, and whispers with another maid while filling rice, "Senorita has a good appetite now? She used to eat only a tael of rice."

Ling Miaomiao has a very good hearing, and her face changes instantly, "You're joking, how could a girl be full eating just one tael of rice?"

A tael of rice, that is just half a tablespoon in the cafeteria.

Ling Miaomiao finally knows why Ling Yu is so thin. At noon, she can’t even eat a tael of rice. If this goes on, she may ascend into Heaven.

If it has nothing to do with the emotional lines of the hero and heroine, the system will keep silent in the corner, turning a blind eye, letting her go on the random.

She feels quite satisfied for that. Every day, she is exhausted by the task. If you can’t even eat enough, you will die.

She demands the first clever maid and places her arm on the maid's shoulder intimately, "I wonder... does the cook steam rice with a..." She ponders the words and gestured, "a basin?"

The maid stares blankly for a moment, following a gesture, and says, "It seems to be a... a pot."

They stare at each other for a few seconds, and Ling Miaomiao smiles comfortably, "All right, next time, you bring me that pot and I'll use it for meal. It's convenient for me to add rice. A large container makes me feel at ease.

The maid feels speechless...

The maids serving county chief's darling daughter discovers that the senorita has some subtle changes.

Previously, the senorita is gloomy, self-pity, eating less, sleeping unsteadily, and talking pitifully. However, the senorita not only has a huge increase in her meal volume, also she always falls asleep until the noon, loves to talk and laugh, and sometimes even breaks into a smile like a donkey. After she notices the strange expression on their faces, she immediately covers her mouth and sits down properly.

Her explanation for this is that after experiencing a life risk, she finds that those little feelings of grieving over the passing of spring and feeling sad with the advent of autumn are useless. It is really good to live well.

Although the maids don’t understand that well, they feel that seems quite reasonable.

In short, after the fox spirit incident finished, Ling Yu suddenly becomes an extremely life-cherishing and positive lady.

After Ling Miaomiao has persuaded the surrounding maids with fatalism, her behaviors become exaggerated. She begins to run around the back garden when first rays of the morning sun reaches the world.

The sky is not yet bright, the fog is thick, and dark bush in the courtyard sways when the wind blow. Ling Miaomiao suddenly bumps into a person while she is running in gasps. It turns out to be the county chief, who gets up to the toilet.

Ling Miaomiao almost screams. The fat dad in front of her is obviously angry, rubbing his chest that was hit, roars, "Who is running about in such a early time?" But after he finds who it is, he is surprised and says, "My baby girl, why are you here?"

Just now, the county chief is angry and roaring, assuming the airs of an official, but now, the old man's scolding, patting her on the shoulder, and touching her head. He says with anxious tone, "My baby, did you hurt?"

Ling Miaomiao pulls his hand away, and says resignedly, "Dad."

The county chief then calms down, looking at Miaomiao's steaming little face and a pair of men's silk trousers, says in surprise, "Daughter, what are you doing?"

"Dad, I'm doing morning exercise."

"Morning exercise?" It seems that there is an egg in the county chief's mouth.

"Yes... I have to build up my body."

The county chief thinks for a while, then smiles and persuades carefully, "My girl, you are not in good health, sleeping a little more in the morning, that's better for you. When the weather is warmer at noon, let the maids run with you, is that OK?"

"No," Miaomiao skillfully fools her parent, "Dad, an hour in the morning is worth two in the evening. At this time, I can absorb the essence of the world and help to support the body."

"Oh..." The county chief, like all parents who are easily fooled by their children, takes a load off his mind after hearing the words, and encourages with a look of relief and confusion, "Miaomiao, you're right, keep running."

He glances at Miaomiao's silk trousers and firmly says, "Don't wear this, I will ask someone to make a new pair of pants with floral marks on it, it must be good."

Miaomiao draws a long face, and says, "Thank you Dad... but I think the floral pants may not fit me..."

County chief laughs, showing his double chin and pleats next to the eyes, "Well, how about the big red flower? I believe a big red flower will fit my good baby very well."

Miaomiao gives a small reluctant chuckle.

Liu Fuyi is busy taking care of injured Mu Yao. The protagonist lovers are hiding in the room, conversing with the loving feeling. Mu Sheng is busy picking medicine outside. The three disappear from the scene at this very moment.

And for Ling Miaomiao, there are no tasks in these days, so she's also at ease. Every day, she goes to bed early and gets up early, runs in the morning, living a regularly life that she never has before.

One day, in the morning, Ling Miaomiao encounters Mu Sheng, who comes back earlier than usual.

The fog in the morning stains his dark hair tips and turns into misty moisture. The young man wobbles his hair tail, carrying a bamboo basket lightly on his back, and smiles to her, "Senorita Ling?"

"Hey?" Ling Miaomiao stops breathlessly, after seeing who is coming, she can't help taking a breath of cold air into her lungs.

His eyes are like the glasses washed with clean water, reflecting the glimmer of light. Standing there, he is like a ray of morning light breaking through the night.

"Senorita Ling, are you..." He looks at her face up and down, and then stares at her new silk trousers with big red flowers.

"Yes, morning run," She replies, striving to maintain an appearance of calm, then recites the words that have been exercised for countless times a little nervously, "An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening. I can absorb the essence of the world at......"


Miaomiao suddenly becomes tongue-tied.

The black lotus smiles. So surprise!

She is at a loss, and feels a little confused.

Mu Sheng slightly raises her smiling eyes and stares at her red face seriously, "Senorita Ling is not a ganoderma lucidum, how could you absorb the essence of the world?"

Mu Sheng smiles, like a blooming demon flower, with the eyes, corners of his mouth and cheeks showing beauty, a kind of heartfelt and cheerful beauty.

Ling Miaomiao explains awkwardly, "Running is always good. At least the next time I meet a demon, I can run faster."

When hearing the "demon", Mu Sheng's eyes instantly turns a little cold, but he still smiles and asks, "When it comes to demon, it reminds me of one thing. Last time, when my sister had an accident, Liu Fuyi contacted me with a contacting amulet..."

He looks at Ling Miaomiao's face and smiles, "Why is the contacting amulet with you?"

Ling Miaomiao jumps on her mind.

She believes that the black lotus wouldn't come to her for chatting only, and he must have been prepared to obtain something.

"What's so strange, I asked him contact you."

"Oh?" Mu Sheng lowers his eyes slightly, "How could you know my sister would be in danger?"

Ling Miaomiao looks at his eyes, trembling in her heart, and still says at one fling, "I didn’t know that Mu Yao would be dangerous, but you left a wounded girl alone in the house, it’s totally a good opportunity for the demon."

Her tone drops, and finally becomes embarrassed mumble, "I felt worried about that, but he refused my advice, so I had to ask him to contact you..."

Mu Sheng eases slightly, "My sister is not an ordinary girl, but she is the demon catcher of Mu's Family..."

Ling Miaomiao interrupts him disapprovingly, "So what, I know she's powerful, but she was badly wounded at that time, she also needed protection."

Once she says that, she instantly regrets.

Is that tone too strong for Ling Yu, who has always been obsequious?

She hopes the system can give some prompts, but obtains nothing. She has to observe Mu Sheng's expression, seeing that he is slightly fascinated by the words, her long eyelashes are motionless, and her face shows somewhat warm feeling.

Miaomiao knows nothing about his emotional changes, but just can’t believe that the questioning is over so easily.

The black lotus is really moody.

In the gradually brightening daylight, Mu Sheng's eyes once again focus on the fiery big red flowers on Miao Miao's legs. Center of flower is still dazzling yellow, which is the philistine women's favorite color thanks to its alive and gaily feature.

She kicks her legs as if showing off, and the ridiculous and gaudy flower flickers subsequently. The trousers are lifted, looming her snow-white ankles.

The girl's expression is so vigorous, "My dad selected this design for me. Is it beautiful?"

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