Black Lotus Tactics Manual

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Chapter 19

Bamboo Forest and Green Apricots (7)

"Just hold it if you don't want to die!" Miaomiao holds one end of the mast hard, sweat has soaked her clothes. The mast sinks sharply, and the man hugs the other end tightly. The debris floating on the water has scratched a lot of blood stains on the man's face.

Liu Fuyi holds the injured Mu Yao and is sitting on the awning. Their clothes are soaked by water, and Mu Yao is shivering unconsciously. Liu Fuyi feels very anxious. Looking at Miaomiao with a frown, he says fretfully, "Miaomiao, can you do it?"

"Yes... I can..." Miaomiao makes every effort to pull the man to the side of the ship from the deep water.

"Thank you, thank you heroic woman!" The man climbs up to the floor with his hands and feet, and then collapses on the deck tearfully.

Miaomiao gets over his limp body and comes to Liu Fuyi quickly. She wipes the water on her face, and says, "How far are we from the nearest shore? This ship is going to sink..."

"Very near." Liu Fuyi looks solemnly at the front, and suddenly the moonlight shines on his face. Ling Miaomiao looks up, finding the dark clouds have spread out, and the bright moon appears again.

The floor is full of bones everywhere, and the Ninth Heaven Demon Capturing Tower is still spinning in the sky. Occasionally a few water spirits emerge from the river, but are killed as soon as they appear by the tower.

Water spirits of Wanjiang river are rendered powerless.

"Look, the land..." The surviving man murmurs in his mouth, seeing the shadowy river bank from afar, he keeps chanting Amitabha in his mouth.

Miaomiao looks into the cabin several times, and finally finds that even the mouse and cricket have run out, but there is no living person. She feels diffident, "Childe Liu, Mu Sheng is still inside... I'll go to check."

"Yes? Sheng didn't come out?" Mu Yao is shocked, and seems to think of something, then her face slightly relaxed, "He has the demon hunting ring, I think he is able to cope."

Liu Fuyi puts Mu Yao down and says warmly, "You sit down here, let me go and see."

Miaomiao twists the wet skirt, lifts the skirt to the base of her legs with both hands, and quickly catches up with him.

Liu Fuyi walks for several steps, and then his footsteps stop suddenly. Ling Miaomiao who is behind him almost plows into his back due to the sudden action, then she hears Liu Fuyi's voice buzzing, "Sheng?"

Mu Sheng is coming out of the cabin by himself.

His appearance shocks everyone. Wherever the young man goes, it seems that even the river water is stained with blood.

His black hair is wetly stuck to the side of his face, his face is as pale as a paper, and his lips are gray, only one thing is normal, that is, his eyes are still very dark, and are like the lightning cutting through the sky before a storm. Miaomiao sees the blood flowing continuously from his previously healed wound, and the left cuff has also been stained with blood.

What happened...

What more exaggerated is that many water spirits are following Mu Sheng, scrambling to suck the blood from the water, as if they are not afraid of him at all. The scenario makes him seem to be surrounded by huge black clouds.

Looking at this scenario, Miaomiao believes that the black lotus must have suffered a great deal. As long as he still has a touch of energy, he will never let so many locust-like demons following behind him.

"Sheng... What happened?" Liu Fuyi immediately reaches out his hand to help, but he is severely fended off. "Don't touch me." Mu Sheng says coldly.

He bypasses the astonished Liu Fuyi, with full of uncontrollable anger in his eyes. After his eyes hover on Miaomiao's face for a moment, he looks up at Mu Yao with complicated expression.

"Are you okay..." Miaomiao sees her look, hesitates whether to help.

Before Miaomiao stretches out her hand to help, Mu Sheng takes the initial to step against her, and the whole body almost leans on her.

"OK, hold me well." Miaomiao struggles to hold him up, wades slowly in the water, and walks to Mu Yao step by step.

"Why is your wound torn again?" She asks in a low voice, but fails to hear the answer for a long time. When she turns back, she notices that the black lotus' breath is very weak, his long eyelashes have drooped, and his eyes closed slightly.

"Hold on please, don't be dizzy, we will go ashore immediately!"

He is so awkward and doesn't let Liu Fuyi carry. If he can't move, how could she move him?

"I can't die..." His eyelashes move, and then sneers wildly, "You won't be dog-tired."


"Sheng, I have something to ask you." Mu Yao stares at Mu Sheng's face, and her look is very serious.

Miaomiao is a little surprised, "Sister Mu..."

"Never mind... Sister, please ask." Mu Sheng's eyes reflect the cold moonlight, and when facing the sister at this time, there is a ridiculous smile on the lips.

"Just now I caught a little demon to ask, then I realized that their demon king had been killed by Mu's family, so they gathered the water spirits of the whole Wanjiang River to revenge. However, I don't know anything about this matter..." Her eyes are clear, and when saying the word "Mu's Family", she deliberately emphasizes.

"Yes, I killed it." He interrupts her sentence calmly.

"Sheng, you..." Mu Yao becomes very angry, "What are the family instructions? Can you still remember? No hatred without cause. Only the evil demons that have done evils can be hunted. Indiscriminate slaughter of countless innocent victims... What is the difference between you and those demons?!"

Once she thinks the screams emerged from the half of ship, and so many people were buried in front of her instantly, but she could only watch at a loss, she feels a throbbing pain in her heart. Pointing at the vast river, she almost reprimands almost violently, "You must know that because of you flaunting strength, many damn people have been killed in this river!"

Miaomiao feels the ups and downs of Mu Sheng's become more and more fierce, and then she hurriedly interjects, "Sister Mu, he was not killing for no reason, he did that for..."

At this time, she is squeezed hard by Mu Sheng on the waist, and suddenly silences, looking at the black lotus with dissatisfaction.

"Flaunting strength..." He slightly raises his eyelids, supports his scattered energy, and finally smiles slightly, "My sister is right, it's all my fault."

Ling Miaomiao feels the sister and brother are strange at this time.

Why doesn't Mu Sheng explain? What's wrong with him for being sulky at this time? And Mu Yao, how could she denounce him publicly for the crimes at such an emergency time?

"Well, please wait." Miaomiao supports Mu Sheng's body hard, and there is another layer of sweat on her back, "If you want to fight or scold, please talk later. Sister Mu, he is hurt seriously now..."

Mu Yao's complexion slightly softens, "Sheng, come over and let me examine."

"Sister..." He stubbornly holds Miaomiao and refuses to move, "If I'm dead, is it alright?"

Mu Yao changes her look, "What are you talking about?"

Miaomiao clenches her teeth and drags the disgruntled black lotus forward. His warm blood stains her skirt again. After dragging him for a while, she feels suddenly heavy on the back...

"Hey hey..." Miaomiao is overwhelmed, and the black lotus has passed out completely.

Liu Fuyi rushes over like an arrow, and lifts Mu Sheng on his back. When lifting his eyes, there are reassuringly calm, "Yaoer, Miaomiao, you go ashore with Sheng first. This place should be a green bamboo forest. We will have to stay overnight in the bamboo forest tonight."

The man lying on the ship turns pale with fright, and climbs up quickly with his hands and feet, "I... don't forget me..."

"One who has seen the ocean thinks nothing of mere rivers, besides the cloud of Mount Wushan, no other cloud is named cloud..." A woman sang with a soft and gentle voice, like an endless silky satin sweeping a plate of sand, which made the ears comfort.

The woman paused for a moment and then gave a faint sigh.

"Sheng, come on, I'll comb the hair for you."

The mirror was dim. The red silk yarn was like blood. A pair of jade-like hands were holding a black oak comb, and combed the hair again and again, "My son's hair is similar to his father." A pair of eyes appeared in the mirror, with top pick, like the pool in autumn. The woman leaned over to look at the mirror, and the beautiful face in the mirror smiled comfortably, "Black and smooth."

"Your hair is long again..." Her voice lowered, sighing with anxiety, "If you don't have long hair, it will be fine."

Her fingers slid down his dark hair, that's the softest touch in the world.

"Shave it bald, then it won't be long." The dark eyes in the mirror were like two pills of black grapes, and a child was biting his finger, his leg couldn't step on the ground, dangling on a chair.

"Don't prattle." The woman smiled in secret, "Shave it bald, but it will still grow out..." Her pretty eyes showed a desperate look, "Just as some things, there is no solution... "

He grunted while playing his fingers, and his long eyelashes were covering over his eyelids.

"Can the sun never fall?"

"Could you please not let me go? I don't want to go to the street ..."

"Vile spawn!" A whip cracks, "You still don't admit it?"

The boy was turned over by the whip up. His back faced up, and his prominent shoulder blades were particularly obvious. He lay on the ground without saying a word.

A middle-aged man stared at him with a complex face, and after a long time, he said, "You're really mutineer."

In the dim wood shed, the servants were gesticulating, "He really is a natural scourge... It is useless to teach him."

"If it's not for Miss..."

"Hmm, the milord is very kind, but this little boy still can't figure out his identity."

"Hush ..."

They stopped saying. A shadow was standing in front of them, looking up at them. It turned out to be the young boy. Both of them didn't know when he stood in front of them.

His childish eyes were really beautiful, just like the pools which were full of starlight. However, only the bone-chilling chill was coming out from them, making people unable to get close, "Whose child am I?"

"Childe... don't make a joke." The tall servant laughed with a twitching chest, "When you were three years old, the milord and the madam picked you up from the demons' lair. There were only bones in it, no living people. Who could know your miserable mother and father? "

Lost parents at the age of three? No, it's impossible...

The face reflected in the mirror, chatting with him happily... Obviously, mom was still alive at that time.

Why should those people lie to him?

"You hunt the demon happily, but can you still remember your mother in the nether world??"

"Mu means the long night, Sheng means a song of departure..."

"Impossible, why can't I remember that at all?"

"Of course you can't remember..." The voice burst into a sharp laughter, "You are already a dog of the Mu's family, you should forget your past, don't you?"

His demon hunting ring had pressed against the demon's neck, almost killing the demon condensed by the black cloud. He said with uncontrolled ruthlessness in his eyes, "Tell me all the things you know."

The water spirit laughed continuously, "What is the worry about life, and what is the fear of death? Poor man, I'm not afraid of dying..."

"So what do you want?"

"I want your blood to exchange."

"Eh-hem..." He opens his eyes and sees the enlarged face of a girl, and then his face is held by someone, who throws his head aside harshly, "Spit it out, don't swallow, otherwise you will be choked to death."

"..." Blood runs down from his lips to the grass, then a hoarse voice is heard, "You... be gentle..."

"Yes." Miaomiao withdraws her hands awkwardly, "Sorry, did I hurt you?"

Hurt? You almost twisted my neck.

His eyes become clear. The sky is blue and the dense bamboos on the water shore look towery. There are occasional crisp birdsongs and the morning sunlight falls on the tip of his nose. He finds that he is covered with Ling Miaomiao's clothes strictly, which still have a trace of southern girls' unique smell of cinnamon fruit.

"Fortunately, you wake up finally just after one night." Miaomiao raises her head and quietly glances at Mu Yao and Liu Fuyi, who are refreshing their spirits while closing the eyes, and then she says with a lower voice, "You sister didn't figure it out."

"You stayed here all night?" He looks up and sees that the wet clothes on Ling Miaomiao's body are still not changed, her hair is wet and the face is red and hot, there are two thick black lines under her eyes, which make her look very embarrassed.

Ling Miaomiao yawns and smiles, "Yes, but it's not a special way to guard you. I just had insomnia and didn't know what to do, you know that."

Author's note: Mu Sheng's background is not explained clearly in this chapter. His secret will be revealed in the following chapters.

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