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Substituted Bride (3)

“System”, the rule maker of the parallel world, informed her that if she wanted to go back home, she must complete two tasks in the world of "Demon Hunt".

Task 1: According to the trajectory of the original role Ling Yu in the plot, create obstacles for the emotions of the hero and heroine.

Task 2: Let the heroine’s younger brother Mu Sheng, a male supporting role who is infatuated with the heroine, fall in love with Ling Yu.

Leaving aside the fact that these two tasks are so hard—wait, the robotistic sound of the system appears  in her ears again, "Task reminder: Task 1, one-quarter progress, the sub-task has been presented to the host as an example. Task completed."

Example presentation? Miaomiao is a little shocked.

Task one? All at once, she remembers, it's bullying the heroine... That is to say, the system has already helped her to do it before she starts sabotaging. However, she still takes the blame for that.

Ling Miaomiao feels like weeping but has no tears.

The complete plot in the book is as follows:

On that day, Liu Fuyi pushed out the fox spirit attached to Ling Yu with the Ninth Heaven demon capturing tower, and then picked Ling Yu up who was fainted. The angry fox spirit rushed to Mu Yao. Mu Yao subdued the fox spirit but was seriously injured in the battle.

The fox spirit was dead, but the newlyweds were still missing, so that the protagonist group found out that the real murderer was someone else.

For some reason, the real murderer preferred to commit crimes when the victims were getting married. In order to elicit the real big demon, that is, the water mirror that was just broken, Liu Fuyi decided to hold a fake wedding, and this was what happened just now.

And the reason why the hero Liu Fuyi who had a lover decided to invite another girl Ling Yu to play the role, was completely because Mu Yao was seriously injured and could not get up!

At that night, after Fuyi settled Mu Yao who was in a coma, he closed the door and windows of the west wing tightly and drew a seal figure, he left his lover lying alone in the house.

But what did Ling Yu do? After Liu Fuyi left, she quietly wiped all the Taoist magic figures on the wall, and torn the amulets on the door to pieces.

She left the unconscious Mu Yao lying in the west wing with no shields!

Miaomiao shows a painful expression, she knows Ling Yu was borrowing a knife to kill someone!

She has a crush on Liu Fuyi, but Mu Yao, the hero’s lover, is so beautiful and excellent, but if Mu Yao dies in the attack of the big demon, then...

If Mu Yao dies... This fake wedding may become true, then she will really become his bride...

"Miaomiao," Her arm is held by Liu Fuyi, who leans over slightly and says with a concerned expression on his face, "What's wrong with you, are you uncomfortable?"

Ling Miaomiao steps away from him subconsciously, but immediately approaches again since she remembers when and where she is. She goes pale and grabs Liu Fuyi's hand.

Liu Fuyi feels a sort of not used, and naturally dodges back.

"Mu Yao..." The look in her eyes almost changes from anxiety to pleading, "Go and see Mu Yao!"

Fuyi’s expression eases a bit, and like appeasing the frightened child, appeases her, "Yaoer is fine, I have drew Taoist magic figures on the door of her room ..."

Useless... When Ling Miaomiao entered the world of the book, these were already destroyed by the original role Ling Yu.

The water mirror chased by the Ninth Heaven demon capturing tower has no way to escape, but rushes into the unobstructed west wing. Mu Yao wakes up from a coma and finds the heavy sinister appearance beside her. Then she struggles to fight with water mirror, and her physical strength is getting worse.

In this terrible hour, Mu Sheng who went to pick medicine outside comes back ...

Thinking of Mu Sheng, the target of task two, Miaomiao trembles in the heart.

Mu Sheng is Ling Yu's second husband and also a nightmare in her life.

"I’m very panicked. I’m afraid that Mu Yao is in danger. Let’s go get her now, OK?" Miaomiao is about to cry.

As an outcomer, the system stipulates that she must enter the role and can’t expose herself. There are only two things for her now: remedy, or pass the buck.

Liu Fuyi thinks the moodiness of this senorita is very strange, but he is always gentle, so he just persuades, "It's late, you can go back to sleep. I'll go see Yaoer."

"You shall go now," Miaomiao presses on.

Fuyi smiled helplessly, "Ok, I'll go to check if the demon capturing tower has captured the water mirror first."

This man won’t take my advice! Miaomiao roars in her heart.

"Then let Mu Sheng come back soon. Mu Yao is just a girl and she is injured, you shall not leave her alone!"

Liu Fuyi is stunned for a while, and pats her head with a smile, "Okay."

This intimate action almost put Ling Miaomiao's nose out of joint. Ling Yu is 16 years old this year, not a child any more, but he is so arrogant that he just takes her advice as prattle.

Liu Fuyi sees Miaomiao staring at himself, then has to take out a contacting amulet under her gaze, "Mu Sheng, where are you? I’m going to catch the demon, please come back soon and take care of Yaoer."

After that, he puts this contacting amulet in Miaomiao’s palm, looking helpless, as if to say, “Is this always okay?”

Out of use, Miaomiao sighs and thinks, according to the delayed time, 

Mu Yao may still have to face the water mirror when Mu Sheng comes back.

"It's late, you must be tired, let me send you back too room," Fuyi warmly suggests.

After experiencing this difficulty day, Miaomiao feels that Fuyi's attitude towards her has changed.

She wraps her clothes tightly, "Let's go and check..."

Suddenly, she feels a little hot in her, then finds that the piece of contacting amulet is burning quickly. A violaceous flame instantly burns the yellow amulet into black gray.

Fuyi's complexion changes suddenly. At the next moment, both of them hear the roar in the distance, as if shattering the sky.

The roaring sound lingers in the sky, stirring the dark clouds.

Immediately a fierce fighting sound comes over, and in the distance, the water mirror makes a huge dying whinny, accompanied by a woman's berating.

The direction of the sound is where the west wing is. Ling Miaomiao utters a quivering word, "It's Mu... Mu Yao!"

Liu Fuyi pelts towards the west wing without demur.

Ling Miaomiao lifts the skirt to keep up, but the body of the original role is so weak that she feels a rusty taste just after running for a while. The unfitted wedding dress lingers at the feet, and accidentally, Miaomiao is stumbled and plopped into the puddle by it.

Ling Miaomiao feels so terrible. Forgetting the muddy and water on her hands, she gets up quickly, drags the skirt full of muddy water, and runes straightly to the west wing.

In the book, looking at Liu Fuyi running to Mu Yao, leaving her alone on the spot, Ling Yu, who was looking to marry to him, felt as if instantly falling from heaven to hell. She chased down to the west wing, and saw the man holding his lover and continuously consoling. At that moment, the painful jealousy in her heart overflowed into the sky.

She can't be absent in any scene where Ling Yu has played.

In the dark night, the western wing is as bright as daytime, and a giant tower can be seen hanging in the sky from far away, which emits great light.

The windows of each floor are emitting golden lights, and the delicate little wooden tower turns into an aircraft-like monster, which is so breathtaking.

Liu Fuyi flashes into the courtyard quickly.

Miaomiao immediately follows up. The west wing is illuminated by the light, everything is so clear. The roof is broken, and the broken tiles are falling down like raining.

The fragments of the water mirror are like tide, condensing into a water dragon, shaking its head and swinging its tail. The light flashes, revealing a delicate figure.

That figure is Mu Yao. She seems to be so weak, swaying, and the injuries on her body make her cramped everywhere.

Fighting in this way again, Mu Yao will bide ill rather than well.

Liu Fuyi stands at the same place, calms his mind, and draws a amulet. In a flash, the Ninth Heaven demon capturing tower spins and falls down. The flame-like light burns the water mirror, whose hissing sound in the air becomes more terrible.

Mu Yao feels her strength gives out. She supports her arm while the water mirror is desperately flicking its tail. Soon, she is about to be hit hard again.

At that moment, a light-yellow figure flies over in the air, and approaches the water mirror in an instant like a hurricane.

The man's wrist flips, the movement is dazzled, and suddenly a few clusters of fireworks explodes among the fragments of the water mirror, making a crackling sound. The water mirror instantly breaks, falling down directly like a shooting star towing a long tail.

This is the iconic explosive spark of the demon catching aristocratic family —Mu’s Family. The explosive spark can be implemented without amulet and has great power.

Ling Miaomiao jumps around to avoid the glass flakes falling from the sky, and looks up into the sky—the explosive spark is so agile and cleanly, presumably the light-yellow figure must be Mu Sheng, she thinks.

He is Mu Yao’s younger brother, but only in name, he is obsessively obsessed with Mu Yao. He is innocent and kind in front of Mu Yao, disguised as a pitiful little white flower, but in fact his character is gloomy, fierce, and very vengeful.

In other words, he is a deep-minded "double-faced person", a "black lotus" with a pure face and a dark heart, and he doesn't care about anyone except his sister who has no blood relation with him.

Miaomiao feels that this character with split personality and a little yandere attributes is quite tense, and it can be considered as a bold breakthrough for the old-style romance novel writer Fuzhou.

However, even if she appreciates this role, she doesn’t like such a gloomy teenager in real life.

Especially the black lotus is also given to Ling Yu by the foxy author— Mu Sheng certainly does not really love Ling Yu. After revealing his admiration to his sister, he was rejected as a matter of course. Then the completely blackened Mu Sheng spread all her resentment on Ling Yu who had been stumbling on Mu Yao in secret.

He pretended to be close to Ling Yu. After they got married, he casted sentiment witchcraft on her so that she can’t go back on him.

Helpless Ling Yu was soon tortured to become a young-age old woman, with wandering mind, obtaining a well-earned punishment.

Ling Miaomiao can’t help but shivered, feeling her back shivers, then she subconsciously stick her neck and looks up.

The light yellow profile shatters the dark clouds in the sky, like the lightning, which is fast and fierce. His appearance is not in black or white, but such a beautiful light yellow.

Mu Sheng, a man wrapped in a sweet icing, but inside, equipped with a knife, is so terrible.

Author’s note:

The hero is not a soft touch! The hero is not a soft touch! The hero is not a soft touch! ( ̄ ??  ̄?)

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tourist 2020-04-19 20:48
I am glad you picked up this novel. I loved it read: *loved the yander-ness of the ml really*
Novellike 2020-04-20 21:29
thanks,keep following us...
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tourist 2020-05-04 12:30
Is Mu Sheng the hero? If he can get over his hopeless (and creepy) crush on his step-sister, he'd be worth considering for our heroine!
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The hero is Liu Fuyi, though it seems Mu Sheng involves more plots than Liu.
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