Black Lotus Tactics Manual

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Chapter 18

Bamboo Forest and Green Apricots (6)

Many frightened guests gather on the deck. Most of them got up from bed after hearing the noise in the middle of the night, therefore their clothes are not well-dressed at present and many people do not wear shoes on their feet. They are huddled together, like a group of trembling lambs.

Mu Yao's white clothes are floating in the air, a snowy arm is exposed and raised highly. A ball of light appears on her fingertips. Looking closely, it's discovered that she is supporting a huge spherical enchantment. There are too many people in this enchantment, so the edge of the enchantment is so pale that it almost merges with the night.

"Come on, everyone stands behind me!"

The river is full of blocky black gas. All the water spirits who always dispatch in the dark come out of the nest unexpectedly, and launch the main attack in an imposing manner.

The ship starts shaking violently, and the solid ship body has been corroded by termite-like water spirits secretly. When the water spirits collide one after another, the ship makes a miserable and dumb creaking sound, as if it would fall apart in the water in a second.

"What happened to the ship..." There is a clear cry of a child from the crowd, "Uhh... Is the ship going to sink..."

The crowd immediately becomes commotion, and a middle-aged man with a fleshy face stares at the child, "Little brat, don't talk nonsense, that's so nasty!"

"Uhh..." The child cries all at once, the cry disturbs people's thoughts and causes uproar.

"Don't cry anymore, otherwise I will kill you!"


"What are you going to do... You shouldn't behave in such a way to us widow and orphan..." The mother keeps the child in her arms and keeps going back.

Someone blocks him in the crowd and someone speaks a loud cursing sound, mixing with mournful crying. All the people are in a mess at a time.

Mu Yao looks back constantly, with dignified expression, and shouts, "Don't be noisy, the ship will not sink ..."


Seemed to be deliberately against her, the hull of the ship slants down suddenly, and the unprepared people are like a plate of sands, flowing to a corner, screaming and crying constantly.

"Hold the rail!" Mu Yao reinforces the enchantment on her hand, and the water spirits outside are still trying to break into the enchantment by taking advantage of chaos. People who are scared by the demons are overwhelmed by fear and make a mess:

"What do you step on me for?"

"This mister, don't you make sense? When did I touch you?"

"Don't be noisy! Don't you want to live anymore?" A woman's sharp voice penetrates the eardrum with a deep grief.

The crowd becomes silent for a while, and then begins to emerge cursing and low crying.

All the planks of the hull start creaking, a gap is pulled out at the joint of the wooden structure, most of the structure is loosened, and a crack is created under the collision.

Mu Yao is unable to save the situation by herself. She grits her teeth, leaves her feet off the ground, and floats in the air. Her fingers flip quickly, soon, a piece of amulet is sacrificed out, and a large amount of water spirits is knocked down in an instant, falling into the river and splashing black water.

The crowd riots:

"Look at her amulet, she's a member of Mu's family ..."

"We'll be saved—"

Miaomiao runs out the compartment, and sees Liu Fuyi coming here from afar. She hurries up, "Childe Liu—"

"Miaomiao!" Fu Yi is holding a boy in his arms while carrying an unconscious old lady on his back. He quickly approaches her, "Are you all right?"

"I'm OK. Let's go to sister Mu!"

Liu Fuyi raises her chin and then says, "Yaoer is saving people there, let's go to help her now."

Miaomiao takes the child in Liu Fuyi’s arms and runs to the deck with a sprint. She thinks that Mu Sheng’s worry is completely unnecessary, because the two are powerful and cooperate with each other well, so how could they be trapped?

Instead, it seems more dangerous for him to leave alone beside the black crack...

The black cloud has penetrates the roof of the cabin to reveal a dark sky, the bright moonlight is blocked by the dark clouds, and the surrounding river surface is covered by thick sinister appearance.

Mu Sheng's black hair and robe are stirred by the evil wind, and the black mist gathers in front of him, exposing vaguely a half-human profile.

"Are you the demon hunter?" The shadow's voice is soft, like a woman.

"Yes. The male was killed by me, so the female brought a family to seek revenge?" He lowers his eyes slightly and looks carefully at the palm of his hand. His eyelashes cast a arc shadow on the eyelids, which looks so soft, and dilutes his arrogant killing intentions for a moment.

"Hum..." The sharp voice trembles with the surrounding air waves, as if someone is scratching the ground with the nails, "You are really arrogant."

"Your practice is not enough." Mu Sheng slowly takes the demon hunting ring on his wrist and tilts his head to look at the shadow, seeming to be really curious, "Aren't you afraid that your water spirit family will extinct today?"

The black cloud surging, showing a figure with thin waist and wide hips, "I heard that the owner of the Mu's family is a woman, who are you?"

"My name is Mu Sheng, and the owner is my sister Mu Yao." Mu Sheng smiles slightly, as if the spring flowers blooming, "Unfortunately, to deal with your kind of miscellaneous, it's not necessary to invite my sister. I can handle you easily."

"Mu Sheng..." The shadow reads his name again and laughs lowly, "Just nobody. But a young man who killed the demon king with one attack, I believe you are not an ignoramus person. You have been hiding for so many years, why?"

Mu Sheng doesn't answer her question but says, "If your short-lived demon husband didn't want to hurt my sister, he could still be the demon king for a long time."

The demon hunting ring in his hand flies out at once, like a flash of lightning breaking through the sky, "The people who dare to disrespect my sister will be dead."

"What do you know," The voice suddenly sharpens, and she quickly withdraws, as if a steam rushing into the sky, while the broken hull shaking left and right, "He did that for me! It was for me!"

Another demon coveting Mu Yao's body.

Such a unique, unparalleled and pure body... It is like the snow on the mountain, which can accommodate all souls, whether good or evil souls can survive by it...

The demon hunting ring slams into her waist, making a loud noise. Black water splashes, and several bones falls down.

"I said that if you don't practice well, don't make a spectacle of yourself then." Mu Sheng's mouth grins cruelly, and the demon hunting ring comes and goes quickly in the air like a cat playing with its prey.

"I'm a dying person, and I don't want to live anymore. Complete destruction is not bad for me..." Her voice groans above Mu Sheng.

The giggling laughter comes back and forth, seemingly a nightmare that could not get rid of, "You are more pitiful, Mu Sheng... This is not where you should stay... You hunt the demon happily, but can you still remember your mother in the nether world?"

"What are you talking about?" Mu Sheng's complexion changes suddenly. Clenching his teeth, his body is full of hostility, and his words are almost squeezed out of his teeth, "You say that again."

He stares motionlessly at the black shadow and his upturned eyes become so red, as if they are bleeding.

"Mu means the long night, Sheng means a song of departure... Sheng, you called us miscellaneous, however, you betrayed your poor mother, and turned to a demon catching family, then how will you appraise yourself?"

"Water... The ship is leaking!"

The gusty wind makes a roaring sound, the waves on the river are rolling, and the black clouds are like thick ink. Mu Yao raises her arms highly, like the Statue of Liberty who raises the torch in the dark night.

Mu Yao's demon hunting ring is flying in the air, and more and more skeletons are stacked, which belongs to the water spirits who have died outside the enchantment.

The power of the owner of Mu's Family can block the simultaneous attacks of thousands of water spirits by one person, but is able to stop the natural fracture of the fragile passenger ship.

The ship is half-tilted, countless small cracks appear, and the river rushes up, flooding over everyone's ankles. The ship seems to be bitten by something and is sinking gradually.

Guests are trying to climb to high places, but keep slipping in the water, plopping in the water, and splashing the cold water.

At this moment, Wanjiang is cold-toned and frost-like moonlight is shining everyone's face to be blue, making them like ghosts in hell, full of fear and despair.

"Crunch—" The hull makes a painful moan. Mu Yao's look suddenly changes. A rift appears suddenly and the passenger ship is cut in half from the middle. The warped part slowly falls along the crack, seems to smash into the river.

"Ah!" The people trapped at the end of the broken ship gather together, bursting into a burst of screaming and crying.

Mu Yao stretches out her arm, the scarves spread like a white rainbow and crosses the sky. She uses the scarves to hold the half of the ship. Her teeth are bitten, her arm is shaking, and finally she pulls it back very slowly.

Creaking —

The scarves is devoted to all strength and stretched to the extreme. Mu Yao's face also becomes pale to the extreme.

Beads of sweat are slipping off her forehead. She tries to adjust her breath and tries to use her power which is almost exhausted.

"She won't be able to support for a long time!" There is a voice in the crowd, which belongs to the man with a fleshy face. He looks left and right and shouts anxiously, "We must climb over, otherwise we will be dead if this scarves is broken!" He says that while grabbing Mu Yao's scarves desperately.

"Don't do that..." Mu Yao is shocked by his action, and her lips are overflowing with blood, "Don't come!"

The man grabs the scarves, and crawls over with his hands and feet. The others are like headless flies, squeezing in a swarm, ignoring Mu Yao’s alarm.

"Don’t pull it, I can't hold it!" Mu Yao utters a whimper, spits out a mouthful of blood, the enchantment shattered violently, and at the same time, the scarves breaks and the half of the ship disappeared into the turbulent river with the huge screams of the people on the ship, as if swallowed by giant beasts.

Bubbling bubbles pops out of the water.

The remaining half of the hull is also capsized, and the water is pouring into it. Soon, the calf is already submerged.

Mu Yao sits in the water with a pale face, stares incredulously at the empty river, but her waist is surrounded by two arms. The man crawling up hugs her from behind, "Miss Mu, please save me, I don’t want to die... I don’t want to die..."

Mu Yao, who is almost collapsed, is dragged by the man and slowly sinking on the ship.

Suddenly, a golden light bursts out, and a golden star like a meteor appears on the sky. When it stops, it turns to be a nine-story tower. Where the light shines, the water spirits seem to be a water drop thrown into an oil pan, and in an instant, turn into fly ashes.

The man hugging Mu Yao is heavily kicked on the side, slightly releases his hands, and then stumbles into the river. A heartbreaking howl comes out from the river surface, "Help! I don't want to die, don't..."

Mu Yao's hand is pulled by someone, and then she is pulled to a man's arms soon. It turns out to be Liu Fuyi.

His look is particularly bad, "Yaoer!"

However, Mu Yao looks back at the man who is desperately patting the water in the river, "He—"

"Sister Mu, that man almost killed you just now!" Miaomiao watches that for a long time, and becomes angry at this time.

"No, save him..." She keeps struggling in Liu Fuyi's arms. Although Liu Fuyi is usually mild, he is also tempered. At this moment, he holds Mu Yao tightly, clenches his teeth and doesn’t respond.

Miaomiao looks at the ship to capsize, but the two quarrels again at this time. She hurriedly lifts a broken mast on the floor and throws it into the water decidedly, “OK, sister Mu, you please stay there. I’m going to save him.”

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