Black Lotus Tactics Manual

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Chapter 17

Bamboo Forest and Green Apricots (5) 

"What... what are you shaking for?"

Mu Sheng starts laughing unexpectedly, causing the wound to vibrate. Miaomiao feels her hand warm, obviously, that's because blood is gushing out again. She feels despaired in her heart, and shouts at him, "Don't laugh anymore! Shut up!"

She takes a new piece of gauze in her right hand, holds it in her hand, and tries to fix his body, as if hugging him.

She emits a faint fragrance in her arms, which is the smell of petals used for girls' bathing water. The smell wafts quickly after being steamed by the animal heat. Her warm body is attached to him, separated by only a thin layer of water blue upper garment.

The weather is really cold.

But Ling Miaomiao is so hot and sweating heavily, "Are you really OK for bleeding like this?"

The hot water slowly loses its temperature. His palms are cold like ice, his lips are pale, and he can't help to shudder, "This body... I hope... my blood can run out..."

The person in her arms is shuddering so heavily.

With regard to shuddering, Miaomiao remembers that it seems that people who have lost too much blood will have this performance.

Oh God, the black lotus has the courage to kill a big demon, and when he was fighting alone, he was full of aggressiveness, however, at this time, he is using his life to being pretentious!

She is so angry but has no choice and has to say, "You let me go, I will get you a bed quilt."

"You... you know I'm cold..."

"Less nonsense," Ling Miaomiao's hand is pressed by him, unable to move, "Your body is so cold..." She frees one of her hands, pulls out her scarves, covers it on her shoulder, and then leans half of her body on his shoulder, trying to keep him as warm as possible.

The time goes by slowly. Miaomiao is very apprehensive and fidgeting.

"I'm afraid this won't work. I have to go to Childe Liu..."

"Never do that." Mu Sheng awakens from a semi-comatose state and opens his eyes suddenly, with stern countenance in his eyes.

"Okay, I won't go..." She doesn't dare to leave rashly and has to sit down again.

Fortunately, Miaomiao has been sweating and her body is still warm, so that Mu Sheng keeps his whole body closely to her unconsciously.

"Hey, you have no solution at all?" Miaomiao looks at Mu Sheng who is in a half-shock state at this time, and says with a dolorous voice, "What would you do if I didn't come to you today?"

"Nothing to do..." He speaks as lightly as balderdash, and his mind is unconscious, constantly flashing Mu Yao's serious expression: Sheng, you are the hope of Mu's family.

If she knows that the hope of Mu's Family is not only of such a background, but also can write a mirror-writing amulet skillfully...

That is really ridiculous.

The crisp voice beside his ear is still chattering:

"Yes, I remember that you demon hunters have a kind of hemostasis amulet, is that right? It's said that by burning it and swallowing with water, it can cure all diseases ..."

Mu Sheng sneers, "You are talking about fake Taoist's bluffing tricks."

"What should I do now?" Ling Miaomiao feels like weeping but has no tears. The hemostatic medicine on her hand can't protect his large wound from bleeding, "If you go on like this, you will die!"

"Dead? It's good to be dead..." A sneered smile twitches around his mouth, and his expression becomes thinner and colder, and the whole person is so pale as if he is going to ascend to the heaven.

"No... You can't die, uhh..." Ling Miaomiao stares nervously at him, seeing him being chaotic, and then she raises her voice and says fiercely, "Do you hear that? You can't die! Hurry up, find a solution quickly and I'll do it for you no matter how difficult it is... otherwise, I will wake up your sister as soon as you pass out! "

Mu Sheng looks at her, and weirdly silences.

After a while, he whispers, "I can't use that."

Ling Miaomiao's mind flashes Liu Fuyi's words "evil way". It's written in the original book that Mu Sheng is lack of sincerity and likes taking an unusual path, but the book didn't make it clear what the evil way is.

If her target is dead, will she be sent directly to the world of punishment? Thinking of this, it doesn't matter whether the way is correct or evil!

"Why can't you use it? It's most important to keep your life!"

"I have done the wrong thing once today..."

"I know you don't want your sister to know about that. You can rest assured that I won't say it in half a word. Please use it quickly."

Mu Sheng's face is as pale as a paper, and his hair is sticking wetly on the forehead. His look is dim, and her pupils become blacker and clearer. Slowly, he says, "You have seen it today, aren't you afraid?"

"Well, I saw it." She is perfunctory and anxious, "Whether correct or evil, a magic art that can kill a demon is a good magic art. If it can save your life, why can't you use it? Please hurry up!"

He slowly leans down against her body, and then says with a soft voice, seeming to be a little clever, "... you help me."

"What... what should I do for you?"

"Help me brush my hair."

He lets go of her hand, and Ling Miaomiao's hand is soaked with sweat. She steps to the box hurriedly and takes out a comb, and then inserts it into the black hair of the black lotus unsteadily.

"Hair band... remove it..." His voice flickers.

"OK..." Ling Miaomiao stretches out her white hair band and pulls it softly. Suddenly, she feels that the surrounding aura becomes different.

The air around turns into countless vortices, spinning and twisting. The portrait in front of her is deadly attractive, like a snow-white poppy swaying in the wind, tempting to pick...

That kind of poisonous beauty is like the celestial being that is indifferent between the male and female on the ninth heaven, or the evil spirits that are going to rise and fall on the sea. It is suddenly unattainable, and then falls to the extreme. The only one thing that doesn't change is his dark eyes, of which the ends are raised, emitting enchantment. In the eyes, there is the swirling galaxy, with the most bright and full of affection in the world.

Just looking at him for one glance, anyone can't help but get closer to him, and anyone is willing to creep under his feet as his sacrifice, letting him disposing at will.

Suddenly, there is a taste of sweetness in her throats. When she reacts, the blood in her mouth has flowed to the chin. She feels that all her internal organs are being squeezed by an invisible hand, but instead of pain, she feels strangely a kind of... satisfaction.

She feels excited, but reason makes her hairs stand up.

Is this a rescue? It seems to ask her to be buried together!

"Uhh..." Blood gushes out again, and her eyes becomes black. Her hands are uncontrolled, and still pressed on his hair band.

"Slap—" Her arm is grabbed sharply, and then is pulled apart with force, causing her to sit down on the ground heavily.


The mysterious aura suddenly dissipated, as if the person floating in the air falls to the ground. She feels like all the organs are turned upside down at this time, and the pain comes afterwards. "Wow." She spits out a mouthful of blood, and then gasps on the ground.

Mu Sheng turns back slightly, and Miaomiao sees that his wound is still there, but the blood is no longer bleeding.

His face is white, and somehow, he has a strange color on the corners of his eyebrows. However, his face becomes cloudy at the moment, and his eyes are bottomless, "Go away, stay away from me."


How could he treat a life-saving benefactor like this?

She rubs her arm hurt by Mu Sheng and shrinks in the corner, looking Mu Sheng stretches his hands and fastens his hair band elegantly and slowly, and then puts on the clothes.

The moonlight is condensed on the normal white ribbon band, making it look more mysterious.

What kind of magic art does he practice? Why is it so powerful? The power just now was so terrible. No wonder Mu Yao always refuses to allow him to use that. He may develop into a cult leader by practicing like this.

Mu Sheng combs his hair, dresses himself well, and then sits down, closes his eyes and starts refreshing his spirit.

"Eh... how are you feeling?" Ling Miaomiao is bored in the corner for a long time, and can't help breaking the silence.

"The matter happed today, you shouldn't tell anyone. Otherwise, I won't ..."

His tone is so cold, but he stops saying suddenly.

Miaomiao wonders that what kind of illness the black lotus has... the gentle little sheep that was still leaning on her arms just now changes his expression in just a moment. How could that happen?

Suddenly, an idea flashes across her mind like the electric light, and she suddenly appears in a cold sweat, freezes from head to toe.

A person who is cruel to hurt the whole family just for the purpose of revenge... a black lotus that regards everything as shit in his eyes except for his sister... What conscience can he have?

Obviously, he knew the consequences of this action, but he tempted her to do that step by step. With regard to the rough fall just now, it’s not because he became rude, but instead, he temporarily changed his original mind of killing her and let her go.

"I really... thank you." She squeezes a word out of her teeth.

Mu Sheng turns his back to her, and the hem of his robe spreads out like a flower. He remains silent for a while, and then smiles ironically, "Miss Ling, being too smart may not be a good thing."

"You are wrong, Mu Sheng." Ling Miaomiao leans against the wall, and the ship under her feet suddenly bumps.

"Really smart is only used for self-preservation, never used to hurt others."

The dim candlelight swayed, and it's silent again in the room.

"Don’t you believe that?" Ling Miaomiao sneers, "If you believe Mu Yao is an absolutely good person, then why don't you believe that there is no one like her in the world?"

Mu Sheng says with a meaningful smile, "Are you talking about yourself?"

"Do you think it's ridiculous for me to compare myself with your sister?" Ling Miaomiao tosses for a while, and her stomach cries again, then she squats in the corner and eats buns simply.

"Yes, I'm a little different from her." She chews and says vaguely, "I'm not grand enough, and I don't have so many benevolences in my heart. As long as the people I care about are safe and happy, I will be very content."

Suddenly she notices a thin, cracked gap under her foot, and the ship bumps again, and then a few blisters pops out of the gap.

What happens? She frowns.

A shade comes out from the gap and envelopes her. She raises her head and finds that Mu Sheng comes to her and looks at her from the top. He has a strange emotion in his eyes, which seems to be curious or puzzled, "Don't you complain about me?"

"Why should I complain about you?" She deliberately pretends to be stupid, with a thorn in her words, "You said that it was an evil way but I insisted on using it. If I died unfortunately, I would have to blame my bad fate."

She swallows the buns, licks her lips with satisfaction, the sweetness has filled her with joy, and even the irritability of the curse calms down.

Ling Miaomiao is not angry any longer, and she is tight all over and thinks that the task 2 is really unexpectedly difficult.

"Using my life to exchange your life, it's a fair business." She smiles sweetly.

The young man's eyebrows squeeze, and his eyes suddenly become sharp. He didn't expect that the person in front of him seemed weak, but was a temper inside...

He seems to be struggling for a while before adjusting his emotions, but his face grows colder, "You—"

"Huahh..." Suddenly there is a loud noise outside, as if the river suddenly rolls up a huge wave. The ship underneath suddenly shakes and bumps violently.

"What happened?"

"My god! It's flooded..."

The sound outside becomes noisy. It seems that many people are running out of the room. For a while, the candles in their hands form many tiny spots, like fireflies flying. They keep running around on the deck endlessly, and the footsteps are very chaotic.

"Kaka—" Miaomiao is shifted into a place with a stunned face, and almost staggers to the front. The thin crack under her feet suddenly expands, as if a fierce beast opens its big mouth suddenly. A trace of black gas rushes out of the crack with the surging river water straightly into the sky.

Miaomiao is stunned by the smoky black gas, her wrist is suddenly grasps by Mu Sheng, who pulls her from the other end of the crack instantly and pushes her towards the door, "Leave here! Tell Liu Fuyi to take my sister away."

Miaomiao turns around and sees mottled blood stains on Mu Sheng’s sleeves, says hesitatingly, "Can you... can you beat it?"

"Don't talk nonsense, go!"

Mu Sheng’s hair floats in the air, two amulets have already come out of the cuff. When he sees Miaomiao turns around and runs back, he can't help but be furious, "Why don’t you go? Why do you care about me?"

"Who cares about you?" Miaomiao runs back to the cabinet hurriedly, quickly takes the cloth wrapper placed on the low cabinet, carries it on her back, and then hastens out of the compartment in a great rush, "I forgot my buns!"


Author’s note: Mu Sheng is really strict. He really pretends to be a villain seriously. Please be more tolerant of his bad in early plots.

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