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Substituted Bride (2)

Liu Fuyi stops with a questioning face.

Miaomiao hurriedly goes through herself for a long while, and finally takes out a walnut-sized red silk-ball pendant from her waist. She rubs it into a ball, and throws it towards the hero. The silk ball hits Liu Liuyi's chest, and bounced back, falling at his feet.

Liu Fuyi is confused by her action.

"Throw it back to me, hurry up," she urges, with a thin layer of sweat on her forehead.

Liu Fuyi bends over and picks up the little silk ball. The red tassels on the silk ball flow on his pale hand. His expression becomes solemn gradually.

"Quickly!" Ling Miaomiao says while watching the movement in the house with her ears vigilant.

He tosses it gently. The silk ball flies towards Miaomiao immediately. However, it hits something in the middle and bounces back to Liu Fuyi.

Liu Fuyi's look instantly changes. He understands that there must be an invisible enchantment between them!

Only enter, never retreat. If any one of them walks towards the other, God knows whether it would be like the silk ball, being sucked into this transparent enchantment unknowingly.

Miaomiao carefully considers what she has seen, "Fuyi... I think we are not in the same place."

This setting in the original book is slightly more complicated.

As a truth-seeking and pragmatic student in mathematics field, Ling Miaomiao was puzzled when reading this, and even drew a schematic diagram to think about it carefully. The result of her thinking was that Fuzhou, the author, must have a poor grade in physics.

She narrated a fantastic invisible "enchantment" inexplicably, but was only able to explain it with absurdities.

As a loyal reader, Ling Miaomiao finds the most reasonable explanation for her at this very moment: she and Liu Fuyi can see each other, because their spaces are pieced together.

In fact, they may be at opposite ends of the room, or they may be facing back to back. It is a mysterious force that reverses the space they are in. The invisible barrier in the middle is the boundary between the twisted spaces.

Once someone crosses, the location of the previous border will quickly become a wall-like entity, trapping them inside.

Ling Miaomiao suddenly hears a rustling sound from the room, like the sound of water flowing in the heating pipe in the northern area.

Liu Fuyi is extremely intelligent. After listening to Miaomiao's few words, he soon understands all the conditions.

He listens carefully and is ready in take action. In a little while, she whispers, "It’s coming!"

The air between Miaomiao and Liu Fuyi quivers and slowly starts shaking, like rain falling down the glass window. A figure appeared in it, which is just a picture of her and Liu Fuyi standing next to each other. However, the background is blurred completely, like fog.

Liu Fuyi, standing opposite, starts to talk, with a buzzing voice, as if something comes through, "Miaomiao, I can't see you anymore." His tune is calm but with a little hesitation.

How is it happen? In front of her, it’s a picture of her and Liu Fuyi standing side by side. Ling Miaomiao raises her head, and finds the girl in the picture also raises her head slightly. Miaomiao smiles and the girl in the picture also smiles. But Liu Fuyi is alert with his eyes dull, just like a tensioned string.

"Fuyi, I can see myself and you in my place."

Miaomiao finds Liu Fuyi thinks for a moment, then his expression relaxes, and his eyes shine with light, "Do you know what 'it' is?"

The water curtain wall in front of Miaomiao shakes, and the ripples tremble. Ling Miaomiao snickers in the heart, “Moldy monster, you must be mad finding another one is smarter than you.”

A glimmer of smile appears in Fuyi's eyes. The face that used to be as calm as a banished immortal bursts out a trace of pride. He takes out the Ninth Heaven demon capturing tower from clothing and holds in his right palm. Meanwhile, he gesticulates a few Taoist magic figures in the air with his left hand.

Ling Miaomiao stares at the tower without blinking. The hero’s golden finger turns out to be so small. That’s a palm-sized wooden tower with a total of seven floors and is just about ten centimeters tall. It looks like a craft made by a child in a handicraft class.

Can this toy really take away such a mysterious monster?

Liu Fuyi quickly read a pithy formula in a low voice and fast, which is unclear to hear. Miaomiao only hears the word suddenly raised by the end, "... Water mirror!"

Ah, Liu Fuyi, who is blessed by the hero aura, is so smart!

The "invisible enchantment" is indeed a mirror.

Those newly married men and women disappeared in Taicang County must be killled by this mirror.

According to the description of the original book, the water mirror was used by the ancient demon king, and gained spiritual awareness in the long-term demon-dyeing period, thus obtaining the ability to move space.

It does not have a human form, but has an inner demon. It must constantly devour mortals to satisfy its desires.

A hundred years ago, it disguised itself as a vanity mirror, swallowed every woman who used it, and finally was sealed by a passing Taoist.

The Taoist who sealed it could not completely destroy this harmful mirror, so he had to make a seal after racking his brain.

The Taoist was a conceited Taoist who liked to study some math problems in daily life. He fought with the magic mirror for a long time, and finally compromised a mouthful rule: unless someone walks through the mirror from nine feet away, and then looks in the mirror, he may be swallowed.

The Taoist felt complacent, “A normal person is impossible to cross nine feet by a step. The mirror is just a single-sided mirror, so one people is impossible to look into the mirror after passing through it and entering the back side of the mirror, even if the mirror is omnipotent.”

"Double fail-safe, I am a genius," He thought, and then left on a donkey in complacency.

When reading this, Ling Miaomiao immediately thought that, as long as the water mirror bends over, folding itself into a double-sided mirror, and then tempts someone to pass through, then all hope is lost.

She only thought that silently. Because, she believed that for the BUG of hard-writing novel writers, readers should be tolerant. After all, the focus of this book is love and hatred, these details are not important.

After a century of serious research, the water mirror finally found a way to swallow people.

It chose the men and women who were about to enter the bridal chamber. When the two were nine feet apart, the space was instantly transferred to create the false appearance of the two people facing to each other. At that time, it was hiding in the gap between the spaces.

Just like she and Fuyi just now, once the newlyweds cross nine feet by a step and pass through the mirror, the water mirror quickly restored the twisted space.

The boundary of the space is ambiguous and can be said to belong to either A or B. As long as the water mirror is twisted back along with the side where there is no person, the one who passes through the mirror and looks in the mirror will be sucked away by the mirror. After that, the water mirror will twist the space again, reducing the nine feet to one step, so that the other one who rushes to save his spouse will be swallowed too.

It’s a surprise that the water mirror, just a low-level monster, is able to come up with such a clever way, which makes Ling Miaomiao awe-inspiring. She feels a little bit reluctant to kill it.

The wooden tower suddenly flies off Fuyi’s palm, and quickly grows larger, casting a huge shadow on their heads.

At the next moment, the water mirror in front of Miaomiao shattered and quickly turned into a whirlwind like a glass flake. Under the chase of the wooden tower, the door was taken away.

The twisted space recovers, she sees Liu Fuyi's figure. He is indeed about three meters away from her, with his back facing to her. Liu Fuyi turns around and meets her eyes, in which there is a little stunning, "Miaomiao, you are much smarter and more daring than I thought."

"You flatter me," Miaomiao says and considers original role Ling Yu's possible reaction, then imitates original role's temperament, bows her head, and answers in a pretentious and shy way, "I’m flattered."

Liu Fuyi feels a little startled, and then smiles, "Are you hurt?"

Miaomiao shakes her head sheepishly, and looks at him obliquely with a charming eye. Her conduct makes Liu Fuyi speechless for a moment.

After a good while, he ponders and says, "Could senorita Ling disabuse the puzzle for me? Just now we didn't have anyone walking through the water mirror. It should logically be that we were on the front and back of the mirror. Why can you still see the picture of two people standing side by side?"

"I think it’s because the old demon reduces itself to reveal your figure. What I saw was my own reflection and the real you. On your side, I was blocked by the water mirror..."

Liu Fuyi frowns, and naturally continues, "I saw the back of the water mirror, so I couldn’t see you. It uses stitched pictures to lure you through the mirror to make a closer look..."He can't help himself to smile, "It turns out to be so, that’s wonderful."

Miaomiao smiles at him and thinks that Liu Fuyi has a high IQ, and he must be a great god-level person if receiving modern education, must be better than her who is always struggling on the pass line.

"Right, where is Mu Yao?"Miaomiao follows Fuyi, yawns and cares.

The heavy rain outside has stopped, leaving only puddles like mirrors.

"Yaoer?" Liu Fuyi looks a little strange, "Yaoer was seriously injured and is lying in the west wing now..."

Western wing!

Ling Miaomiao is shocked by that, as if she is dealt a head-on blow. In an instant, those vague plots are like sea water pouring back, and all of them are remembered at once.

My god, her brain mists over because she has just entered the world of the book... how does it happen that she forgot this plot point completely!

Author’s note:

It is a boring work during the eight-grade-disease period. If you don't understand the setting of the water mirror, please ignore it. It will not affect the contents later. This setting is difficult to delete due to context. This chapter is free, just skip it. Please forgive that.
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