Black Lotus Tactics Manual

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Chapter 16

Bamboo Forest and Green Apricots (4)

"Why are you here?" Mu Sheng's voice does not have a trace of temperature.

Miaomiao's eyes reflect the moonlight. She takes a step forward, "I'm waiting for you. I have been here for a long time."

Looking at his expression, Miaomiao thinks that he must have suffered setbacks with Mu Yao, and that fits in exactly with Miaomiao's wishes. Adding brilliance to one's present splendor is of no value, she is coming to provide timely help this time.

Wind blowing her clothes, a trace of alcohol aroma comes out from her body mixed with the smell of Liu Fuyi's sachet. A wave of irritability emerges in Mu Sheng's mind, "The party is over so quickly. Are you hurrying to the next one?"

Ling Miaomiao's complexion changes suddenly, her eyebrows raises, "How can you say that?"

"Is that wrong?"

By the look of being bent out of shape, Ling Miaomiao thinks that he must have quarreled with Mu Yao just now. Ling Miaomiao holds the anger and smiles slightly, "I was drinking with Childe Liu just now. What does that matter? I am coming to you now, but not for drinking."

Mu Sheng raises his eyes, and even loses the interest in playing tricks. He sneers impatiently, "Miss Ling, do you have insomnia again? My silk bag is not useful. It's not as good as Liu Fuyi's."

A narrow-minded person.

Ling Miaomiao smiles, but when seeing his face, she knows that he has been wounded seriously. She takes the courage to hold his arm, and then says softly, "Why can't you think of me for the benefit? I've made a special trip to bring you medicine."

Mu Sheng shakes his arm but doesn't throw Miaomiao's hand away. The action tears the wound, and the cold sweat suddenly stumps down. He is a little annoyed, "Loose my arm."

"Don't move!" Miaomiao lowers her voice and drags her steadily, "Look, you are hurt." She drags him to her compartment, with the evil courage of murdering for property, "If you don't want to alarm your sister, don't make trouble here!"

Mu Sheng's struggle stops immediately.

Sure enough, Mu Yao is the fatal weakness of the black lotus, which is tried and true.

Mu Sheng is dragged and settled on the chair by Ling Miaomiao. His dark eyes are like sinking stars in a cold lake, and his whole face is full of gloom, "Miss Ling, you are so meddlesome."

Ling Miaomiao ignores him, but carefully closes the door and puts down the curtain, and then lights up a candlestick.

There are only two people in the dim room. She turns around and says with a cold face, "What's your problem? Mu Ziqi, you must be treated quickly if you want to live. Even if you don't want to take medicine..." She looks at his finger where bright red blood is oozing out, and frowns, "Do you really need to torture yourself like this?"

Her rare and serious look is almost like she is very angry, but the caring in her eyes is very similar to a person in the past.

Mu Sheng looks slack, takes his palm away, and looks at the mottled blood between his fingers. The blood on his clothes has bleed out, and is slowly spreading outward.

"I never take medicine."

"Why?" Miaomiao's common sense is challenged, "Then do you have any special functions? For example, you can heal yourself automatically..."


"Then you..." Miaomiao takes a breath and says gently, "Emm, I think it's really luck for Childe Mu to live to the present."

Mu Sheng looks at her silently, with his face being dim and unclear.

She lifts up her dress and squats down in front of Mu Sheng, and then says with a soft tone, "I will help you."

"Not necessary." He covers the wound again, and his expression becomes cold, "I don't take medicine."

"Don't be so nervous." Miaomiao feels frustrated, "I'm not a lothario, and you are not a beautiful girl..."

She hesitates for a while, and then looks around, and takes out the paper bag that she held in the arm in the afternoon.

The sound of unfolding the paper is whistling and disturbs Mu Sheng obviously. The candlelight flickers, reflecting in his eyes, making the pupils become big and black, "I remembered you said you held nothing."

"I said that on purpose." Miaomiao takes out a bun, opens his palm, and gently put the bun on the palm, while complaining in her mouth, "I wanted to take it for you and sister Mu, but at that time I saw you fighting with someone. You were so fierce, look like you are eating someone, so how does a little girl dare to send food to you..."

Mu Sheng looks at the palm.

The bun is white and round, looks beautiful, and the surface is smooth and attractive, with a five-petal plum made of carrots inlaid in the middle, forming a diamond-shape.

Her voice is very crisp, with a little girl's grievances.

"Don't just look at it, taste it." Miaomiao crouches in front of him and looks up at him with excitement, "The cook of my family made it, it's beautiful and delicious..."

Mu Sheng turns around and avoids her sight.

He doesn't like this kind of eye contact. He always feels that by this, his expression will be observed clearly by her, however, he always looks at Mu Yao like this.

Miaomiao sighs in her heart, grits her teeth, squats down, and continues to say cheekily, "You take a bite, I believe you will not be disappointed — haven't you eaten yet?"

Hearing of that, Mu Sheng feels really hungry. He just takes a bite and suddenly tastes the sweetness. He looks down, and finds that brown sugar is added to the steamed bun. The sugar has melted and drips into the steamed bun.

"Sweet or not? Is it delicious?" Ling Miaomiao, who is like a saleswoman at this time, squats on the floor and smiles like an old lady who finally married off her daughter.

The sweet taste has melted into his mouth.

It’s so sweet. He can’t remember of how long has it been since he has eaten such a sweet?

Suddenly hunger sweeps him with a wonderful desire, and he eats up the buns in a few bites. Miaomiao looks at him, holding her chin with both hands, and puts another bun in his palm in time.

He looks up at her fingers and sees her slender arms, aqua blue upper jacket, white neck, and finally sees the smiling apricots eyes, which are looking at him expectantly, "Please eat, there are so many."

Mu Sheng looks at her, feels this look is so similar...

The look... Many years ago, when he was beaten to death just for a meal on the street, the high-ranking ladies of the official family were like this kind of charity.

If they knew that they were giving a dodgy charity to a mad dog, they would run away in fright, and they would run into the warm sedan without looking back. Then someone would make sure that they are fine and tell them that they needn’t to be kind-hearted to treat those hungry.

Only the endless fighting in the wind, frost, rain and snow, as well as night and death are his end result.

His fingers tighten, and the plum blossoms on the bun are deformed by him unconsciously.

"Hey, don't pinch!" Miaomiao grabs his wrist with a distressed face, her force is no different from the kitten scratching, "Come on, don't abuse food."

He lets go of his hand, and is amused, "I’m full."

Miaomiao utters a sound of "hiss", but is unaware of the changes in his mood, "Don't hold back, Childe Mu, I can eat three buns in one breath. You are a boy, I believe you have larger appetite. How does that make sense..."


The plausible pictures miraculously dissipate. He vaguely feels that the girl in front of him is different from the girls of official families in his memory.

She is not gentle, not arrogant, not polite, but a freak.

No longer concerned with, Mu Sheng takes her buns and eats three buns once. She feels comfortable in her stomach, and the whole person feels comfortable.

Miaomiao looks aside, and feels distressed: she just said so casually, but the black lotus can really eat so much... If she had known that, she would require him to eat two, so she could save one bun.

Miaomiao patiently waits for him to finish eating, and takes out the ointment happily. A strong smell of medicine diffuses from her hands, "Have you finished eating? Let me apply the medicine for you?"

"Why do I need to take medicine?" Mu Sheng's face sinks again.

"According to the rules of my family, when I was a child, I had to take a bitter pill sometime. My dad first fed me a piece of candy at that time. It was sweet at first, so the pill won't be so bitter later." Ling Miaomiao looks at him with a smile, "Or else, you can take the medicine by yourself, and I will not watch?"

The black lotus leans over his head, showing his dark eyes, "No need, I’m not hypocritical."

Ling Miaomiao glances at him, opens the ointment cover, and mumbles while preparing the medicine, "Childe Mu, if you want to live longer and spend more time with your sister Mu, you shall have to sacrifice your life and be better for yourself. If you die first, the others may take the advantage?"

Mu Sheng suddenly raises his eyes, "What are you talking about?"

Miaomiao raises her face and smiles innocently, "I didn't say anything."

She pauses, bows her head and forgets the medicine in her hand, and then mutters nonsensically, "You have been so resistant, are these medicines useless for wounds caused by demon?"

"...No." Mu Sheng wipes the blood on his hands on the clothes at will, and says, "In the past, it’s always my sister who helped me to heal the hurt."

The injuries she knew were all cured.

Injuries she didn't discover, or those he didn't want her to discover, he carried it on his own and submitted to the will of heaven.

"Since it works, hurry up. You look so pale..."

Is it? He smirks with a sneer. His look is so bad, but his sister didn't notice it at all.

Ling Miaomiao hurriedly opens the drawer, finds the scissors and gauze in her package, and takes a basin of hot water in a decent way.

"What are you doing..." Mu Sheng watches at her figure running around and doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, "I’m not going to give birth to a baby."

"Ah... Isn't that right?" Ling Miaomiao is helpless and stands awkwardly in the same place, secretly thinking: junk TV series, lead young people astray...

"Come here." Mu Sheng raises his eyes, and the black eyes cross her face, with a hint of a smile, "Look at you, haven't you helped someone get medicine?"

"Yes... Isn't..." She feels a little guilty and pauses for a while, and then feels emboldened again, "I think I'm quite experienced. I treated the legs of the little duck at home. It was originally bitten by a cat to be limped, but I chased it every day, applied medicine for it, and finally healed it." Her eyes glows with light," Am I experienced?"

"..." He grits his teeth, "Give me the medicine."

"OK ..." Ling Miaomiao watches him unbutton his clothes with one hand, feeling a little nervous, "Do I need to avoid?"

"Humph." He smiles unclearly and stops the action, "If Miss Ling wants to watch, it doesn't matter."

Mu Sheng unbuttons his clothes, the lining shirt slowly falls off his shoulders, and he glances at a stiff shadow behind him.

She really stays behind and watches.

Okay, just look at me if you want.

After he takes off the clothes, Ling Miaomiao feels a little shocked in the mind.

Mu Sheng’s skin is very white. His back is as white as his face. On his jade-like skin, the whip marks left over the years are crisscrossing, so that the blood hole that penetrates his body is not so conspicuous.

"...Miss Ling, don't be dazed, help me hand the scissors." He turns his head slightly, the elegant and beautiful back against the light, showing a little light in his eyes.

Such a tempting body. Ling Miaomiao does what he orders subconsciously.

"Wait a minute... what do you need the scissors to do... yes?"

By the time she reacts, the sharp tip of the scissors has burst into the muscle. Her hands subconsciously cover her eyes, and her heart is beating desperately. Through her fingers, she sees Mu Sheng is looking at her coldly, and his face is frighteningly pale.

"You can just wash it with water, why..." Ling Miaomiao almost collapses quickly. Watching Mu Sheng's blood in the palm of his hand, and the scissors in the pool of blood, she feels that just like the scene of a murder.

There is no anesthetic in this world. Can’t it cause a real death to do like this?

"The position where the water spirit hurts will rot quickly if not cleaned up." Mu Sheng says as if hearing a joke, his forehead is full of fine cold sweat, and he laughs ridiculously, "Miss Ling seems brave, but actually turns out to be a coward like a rabbit."

She sees Mu Sheng bleeding like a stream, and there is a sweet smell in the air. She doesn’t care about the derogation in his words, and grabs the gauze and use her hand against his wound, and then hears his bored moan.

"You quickly press it by yourself!" Miaomiao's hand vibrates seriously, cold sweat drenches her back, "Come on, I'm afraid I'll hurt you."

Unexpectedly, his blood-stained hand rinses in the basin and covers her hand with warm drops of water, and then presses firmly. This action is almost self-abuse and malicious. Under such pain, the ridiculous words are still squeezed out of the teeth, "You can use a little more force."

Ling Miaomiao remains motionless and looks quite calm, but in fact, her scalp is numbed in half instantly.

Jesus, there is a freak!

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