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Substituted Bride (1)

The girl in red is sitting at the dressing table.

The long soft hair is neatly picked up. A golden phoenix head ornament is dotted on her head, with a pearl in the mouth of phoenix, hanging on the smooth forehead.

The temples that had been raised are decorated with a large red camellia obliquely. The edges of the petals are a little dry. It’s not newly picked from the garden, but a flower that has been hurriedly pinched from the vase in the afternoon.

There are no flowers in the garden anymore - the night fell down like ink, rumble thunder was like roaring of a beast, the lightning was thundering, the rain was pouring, the clattering sound sounded like thousands of galloping horses. Obviously, the flowers without an eclipse have been knocked down, leaving fallen petals on the ground.

Skinny fingers touch the withered petals. She thinks that, no matter how hurried, she always needs to show some joy.

The girl in the mirror smiles slightly, “Today is my wedding day.”

Nevertheless, the smile spreads, and the pale face freezes suddenly, just like a lifeless mask in a flash. The next moment, the muscles on her face began to move slightly - the smile slowly disappears.

Curious and calm light appears in the senseless eyes.

Ling Miaomiao is sitting tipsily and carefully looking at the face of the person in the mirror: a pale face, slender eyebrows, apricot eyes, thin lips, and a pointed and thin chin.

It’s an appearance of a pretty girl of humble birth. If the dewy eyes are closer to each other, the girl might have the potential of being a humorous beauty who can discharge by their eyes and take the route of harming the country and the people by her dangerous beauty, but it is a pity that Ling Yu’s interpupillary distance is slightly wider, giving a gentle and inoffensive sense. Staring into a cross eyes, she is also a pitiful one.

Ling Miaomiao gives a long gasp, “An ordinary woman can’t catch a heroine's life. That’s destined by the face.”

She strokes her thin chin and frowns slightly.

Ling Yu is too thin, bringing uncomfortably senses to people. Throughout the ages, people believe that plump women are more blessed. According to the superstition of the older generation, the face is a short-lived and less-blessing portrait.

Ling Miaomiao stands up, and the red wedding dress falls to the ground. The wedding is so hurried that the wedding dress is borrowed from somewhere. It’s not suitable. The waistline is pinned with a silver needle. Wide cuffs cover her hands. The gold thread embroidery on the clothes shrinks into the folds, hiding the details.

Ling Yu is skinny like a bean seedling, bowing her head with the chest, and leaning her shoulders forward, looking like a little crouching.

Miaomiao straightens her back straight, squints at the mirror, and finds a frowning impatient face. She is so frightened that she immediately stretches her eyebrows — maybe it’s her bad preconceptions on Ling Yu that make her disgust the body. That’s too bad.

In this era, people's shuttle in the parallel world has become common. Any accident in life may trigger a multidimensional space trip.

The reason why Ling Miaomiao entered the body of the young girl "Ling Yu" who is standing here in the middle of the night in her wedding dress, is just because that she wrote a book review in the middle of the night.

The book is Fu Zhou’s, the queen of melodramatic romantic fictions, transformational fantasy masterpiece "Demon Hunt" which is said to be "the return after ten years, and a gorgeous turn".

When young and ignorant, Ling Miaomiao was deceived by the melodramatic romantic fictions which contain so much parting forever. After ten years, for the sake of feelings, she stayed up late and read Fu Zhou’s works, but in exchange for a sigh in the bed at night.

The so-called masterpiece of transformation is still formulaic contents under a shell of fantasy world of demon catching. Three women who like the hero fight battles of wits and courage. The male supporting role who likes the heroine always pursuits but fails to get. The hero and heroine misunderstand each other so much. A pair of little mandarin ducks expresses sweet love in the conspiracy and calculation. The emotional line is very similar to Qiong Yao’s works.

Ling Miaomiao wrote a book review for indignation. Before writing, she sincerely selected a representative character as an entry point — Ling Yu.

If it is considered successful to arouse readers' anger, Ling Yu, the third supporting role, should be regarded as the most successful character in the whole book.

Because she is bad.

But she's not so bad. She is accustomed to being a victim, requiting kindness with enmity, stabbing in the back, and always pretending to be a pitiful look.

The character is gloomy and timid from beginning to end. She loves the hero but never dare to compete head-on with the heroine. In addition to getting the hero in a perverted way, she secretly provokes alienation and harms the heroine.

If the villain starring heroine No.2 is a proud and mighty tiger, she is just like a mouse that is gnawing toes in the dark, or a worm that embezzles in a rice bucket.

She is sheltered by the protagonist group while thinking about how to frame a case against them. She is just like the moss in the dark, which is wet, gloomy and inextricable.

Her character makes Ling Miaomiao feel physiologically averse. In contrast, she feels that the second supporting role Duanyang Diji, who is indulgent, self-willed, bad but aboveboard, is much more lovely.

Therefore, Ling Miaomiao criticized Ling Yu and wrote a comment, calling her "the most disgusting female supporting role of the year". When her eyes opened in the next second, she found she had stepped into the parallel space, traversed into the world of "Demon Hunt" and became Ling Yu, who is the most disgusting role for her. Now she needs to complete special tasks assigned by the system to return to reality.

So ironic.

As a cannon fodder, Ling Yu's fate is naturally not much better, and her road of love is particularly bumpy.

She married twice in her life. For the first time, she was invited to make a fake marriage with the hero Liu Fuyi who she kept thinking about. Before she was intoxicated, her short dream shattered.

The second time, she married Mu Sheng, the heroine Mu Yao’s younger brother.

Before Ling Miaomiao has time to think more, the door is pushed open with a squeak.

The maid gathers her umbrella and stands at the door. The corner of the dress is ticking with rain. She shakes her voice like a little chicken, "Senorita, it's time of good occasion."

The maid comes in with her face green and her hands trembling slightly. Obviously, she is terribly afraid.

Miaomiao responds, hurriedly rubs a little rouge on her lips, and walks away holding servant girl’s wet cuffs.

The oil-paper umbrella can hardly bear such intense rain. The rainwater merged into a ray and flows down the umbrella like a stream. The maid’s hand holding the umbrella keeps trembling. Due to that, the rain splashes onto Miaomiao’s thin wedding dress, and her shoulders get wet in a moment.

Miaomiao feels a little unhappy. She grabs the umbrella handle with her hand, and then the big umbrella steadily covers the maid.

Along the winding corridor, there was no word all the way. Miaomiao tries to break the silence, "Have you seen it?"

"Hmm!" The maid leans against Miaomiao closely, and says with sobbing tone, "Senorita, aren't you scared ... that’s ... so terrible ..."

No one except the widow will get married at night. Even a widow would not resolutely choose such a thunderstorm night.

Because that this marriage is a trap in fact —this should be the abbreviation in the book, that is, the time Liu Fuyi invited Ling Yu to pretend to be a bride, for the purpose of tricking a big demon.

Mu Yao and Liu Fuyi settled in Taicang a month ago.

Taicang County is small but very rich. The rich Taicang County has a large population, and outsiders hope to settle down here.

But last month, several newly married couples disappeared before entering the bridal chamber. Rumour said that some monsters were seen. For a while, panic swept across the town and scare drowned every people.

For a time, no one in Taicang County dared to manage a wedding again.

However, the matter of marriage is common, and long-term abolition is not the way. Ling Lushan, the chief of Taicang County, who never believed in ghosts and spirits, kept sighing for three days. Finally, he couldn't get on and launched an announcement, starting to recruit talented strangers.

The hero Liu Fuyi and the heroine Mu Yao in the original book traveled here, and they stayed for the sake of the people. In the days of catching the demon, they lived in County Chief Mansion, that is, Ling Yu’s home.

On the third day after the protagonist came, the monster took the initiative to come.

It pestered Ling Yu, the pearl in the palm of County Chief.

16-year old Ling Yu was not betrothed to others. During the daytime, she behaved normally, but at night she always dressed up, dressed in a wedding dress and fancied marrying to someone in the empty lobby, looking like being bewitched.

Liu Fuyi was standing beside her, and at the moment of Ling Yu being bewitched, he used the Ninth Heaven demon capturing tower, which forced the fox spirit possessed Ling Yu to appear.

The fox spirit wanted possess the little girl to take her vital essence, but was forced to show its original body. With a terrible look, sharp finger claws, and a huge roar, the fox spirit rushed towards the unarmed Mu Yao.

Mu Yao, a well-trained demon catcher, calmly fought against it. Liu Fuyi then picked up the victim Ling Yu on the ground, like a big hero stepping on cloud from the sky and rescued her from the dream.

Ling Yu lied in his arms, and for the first time she felt the sense of rapid heartbeat.

"Craaack--" The door is opened for a slit.

The maid backs off for two steps in terror. Looking at her crumbling look, Miaomiao feels a little unbearable, "You can leave, I will go in by myself ..."

The girl steps back, sitting in the puddle like a prostration.

The details in the book can't be remembered. Ling Miaomiao steels herself in her heart, and open the door with her white hands.

Liu Fuyi is standing gracefully, with her back facing to her. He is obviously much more relaxed, and the corners of the white clothes he often wore may be seen indistinctly under the wedding dress. It turns out that he wears the wedding robe casually outside.

Alas, he just regards this as an insignificant play, but the poor original Ling Yu was so excited to sleep at night.

Liu Fuyi turns around when he hears the sound, that’s such a picturesque face.

The original book writes that Liu Fuyi is weak, so he is thin and always has a pale face, but therefore, he has a trace of divine fairy air.

He is gentle and kind, but there is a lingering melancholy on his face.

Liu Fuyi is really as described in the book. He is friendly and mysterious, and is indeed the type that most attracts girls to lose their souls. However, she looks at Liu Fuyi for a while and lost her interest. The author is the creator of the world of "Demon Hunt", who stipulates that Liu Fuyi belongs to Mu Yao, and no body may have any story with him in this world no matter how gentle he is with others.

Liu Fuyi says, "Miaomiao."

Miaomiao is scared with a tremble, "What do you call me?"

Liu Fuyi frowns slightly, says with hesitation, "I remember your childhood name is ‘Miaomiao’......"

"Oh--" Ling Miaomiao elongates her tone, and is not happy that Ling Yu shares the same name with her, "Yes, Miaomiao, Miaomiao is right... You suddenly called me like this, I was a little dense."

Liu Fuyi smiles slightly, "Today is our red-letter day, so I should call you intimately."

The hero's love words make her bones soft.

Miaomiao looks at Liu Fuyi's eyes and finds clear expectations.

Well, the hero takes the lead, reminding her to do a full set of plays.

"Fuyi." She grumbles obediently, seeing a flash of comfort in Liu Fuyi's eyes, who is walking towards her then.

Suddenly a trace of suspicion flashes in her mind, "Wait!"
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