Black Lotus Tactics Manual

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Chapter 15

Bamboo Forest and Green Apricots (3)

Moonlight shines on the dark mirror-like surface of vast river.

The pale moonshine turns into a river of broken silver, surrounding the passenger ship that travels steadily. Illuminating lanterns are hung on the ship, launching a yellow light blob, which adds a warm stroke to the cold moonlight.

"You two guests, this is the unique peach wine of our ship." One hand reaches out, and two small and exquisite wine cups are quickly placed on the small table.

In the evening, breeze is cool on the deck. The clear atmosphere is mixed with wine aroma, straightly entering the cuffs.

"Come on, Miaomiao." Fuyi's side face is so pretty under the candlelight.

With such a romantic environment... no wonder Ling Yu would sink deeper...

"Childe Liu—" Miaomiao catches the wine cup quickly that Fuyi hands to her, "Thank you, I will fill it myself."

The two exquisite small porcelain cups touch each other lightly in the air, making a crisp sound.

Liu Fuyi smiles, raises his sleeves and starts to drink, but there is an indelible depression in his eyes.

In the original text, Ling Yu left home alone and was unhappy all the time. After a few days of drifting from place to place, her emotion finally got out of control. She cried while drinking in the corner, expecting to drown her sorrows in wine. The kind hero decided to accompany her, tried to comfort her to the utmost. That was the longest time Ling Yu had stayed with the hero.

After the completion of this task, the intimacy degree between Miaomiao and Liu Fuyi will reach 80%.

"Is Childe Liu not happy too?"

Liu Fuyi smiles slightly and his eyes flash once, "Why is there a ‘too’?”

"Uh..." She is speechless for a moment, and then murmurs, "I'm homesick."

When looking up again, two tears are brewing in her eyes, like a movie king.

"Ah, no wonder." Fuyi adds wine for her, "You are not a demon hunter after all. The demon hunter wandering around is like the rootless duckweed, and they always regard the relationship and love as unimportant."

"You are the same?" Miaomiao fixedly looks at him.

"Yes." He smiles lightly, with sentimental eyes, “Besides me, Yaoer is the same. As for Mu Sheng..." He shakes his head humorously, "Sheng is still young so he is a little sticky."

Miaomiao is lost in thought, and doesn’t dare to say anything. Poor Liu Fuyi, who is almost cuckolded, but still do not know that Mu Sheng and Mu Yao have no blood relationship, and thinks Mu Sheng is just "sticky"—

"In this way, you and Mu Yao are accustomed to this mode of getting along with each other?"

"..." Liu Fuyi keeps silence. When mentioning Mu Yao, Fuyi's usual gentle face shows little helplessness, "I don't know what happened to her recently."

Wine enters the stomach, the body heats up, and Liu Fuyi becomes a chatterbox completely, "In fact, Yaoer’s temperament is very similar to me, maybe it's not a good thing."

This is somewhat reasonable, Miaomiao thinks that in her heart.

"It's actually a very simple thing." She fills the wine for Liu Fuyi and watches him drink one cup after another unconsciously, "You think it's complicated, but in fact..." She pauses, with a complex expression, "As long as you sit down and open hearts to each other, after one hour, no, maybe a quarter, all the problems will be solved."

"Open hearts to each other?"


Liu Fuyi smiles bitterly, "It's too difficult."

"Why do you think it’s difficult?" Miaomiao is a little angry, "Is it so difficult to say what you think in your mind?!"

Liu Fuyi shakes his head, revealing a meaningful smile, "For so many years, Yaoer and I are used to carrying everything on our own, not so much as lovers... but as partners. We are dependent on each other, but we also compete with each other. In this relationship, we are afraid of losing to the other party, and the loss is a complete defeat..." He looks at Miaomiao pityingly and stops, "You are still young and don't understand that."

Miaomiao is struck by this sentence.

Yes, as a person who has never been in love, how could she be a love tutor for the young lovers?

"What’s the time?" Mu Yao sits beside the bed, dressed in an outer dress, with a tired face.

The demon hunting magic arts of Mu’s family she cultivated have great power, but are extremely exhausting. Every time she finishes practicing, she has to sleep for a long time. Fortunately, she is free to move around and doesn't need to be a host to treat people, which is quite comfortable. This time, she doesn’t wake up until the night.

"The moon has come out, are you hungry, sister?" Mu Sheng's face appears in the front of head, her eyelashes are thick, and her dark and bright eyes are looking at her from the bottom, showing an intimate gesture of inviting pets, just like a puppy putting the front paw on the edge of the bed, expecting to join in and lick the master's face.

He deliberately changes a new robe, so as to cover his injuries. The hair is combed to be tidy and smooth, except for his pale complexion, which is completely unrecognizable.

Mu Yao is wearing clothes, her eyelashes are drooping, and her cheeks are just a little bit of bright red, which makes her a little cute.

It's a pity that she looks depressed, "I don't want to eat anything at all."

"But sister, you haven’t eaten anything all the day." Mu Sheng tries to coaxes his sister, "I will get some food to the room, is that OK?"

"Sheng, just now I seem to hear the voice of Fuyi." Mu Yao looks up at him, and there is a trace of panic in her expression.

Mu Sheng's expression becomes sullen instantly and his tone changes, "Yes, he came to invite Ling Miaomiao to drink."

Mu Yao's eyes twinkles, and then she closes her eyes and sighs, "Forget it."

"Sister, why do you have to look for him? I can also accompany you. Do you want to play chess?"

How strange. It’s reasonable to say that Ling Miaomiao taking Liu Fuyi off is the best ending, however, when the two are drinking and enjoying the moon happily, why this sister and brother seem to be abandoned, not only the atmosphere is solemn, the sister even becomes reluctant to eat.

"Maybe, I will accompany sister to enjoy the glorious moon. It's very cool outside, so you'd better wear more clothes..."

"No necessary." Mu Yao says, annoyed in her tone, "Stop making trouble, Sheng. Leave me alone."

"Sister, what's the matter with you?" He squats down beside Mu Yao, the action tears his wound widely, he frowns slightly, and a layer of cold sweat appears on his forehead.

However, Mu Yao does not notice that at all.

"I dreamed of... her." Mu Yao's face becomes gray and her lips are muttered, "I dreamed of our dad and mom, they were treated by her to..."

"Impossible." Mu Sheng grasps her wrist and looks serious, "I will protect you and will never let this happen again."

She closes her eyes and smiles softly, her face is almost transparent, "Don't flaunt your superiority, Sheng. How can you deal with her if you can't beat me? At present, I need to try hard to practice... try harder..."

No, not the case. Mu Sheng's eyes deepen, and a voice deep inside shouts silently: I can do that, as long as you allow me to...

A cup of peach wine quickly comes to an end. After the liquor is drunk up, there are petal residues at the bottom of the cup that were not filtered.

Miaomiao has been dizzy, her temple jumps, her tongue knots, and she is about to lie on the table.

"Childe Liu, I will give you a... suggestion..."

"Say it please."

"You... you must stay away from the opposite sex... so that Mu Yao won't be angry." She raises a finger, "Especially, in case of meeting a... a distinguished and charming... girl, you must keep distance with her."

In original text, a royal noblewoman named Duanyang Diji abused the male and female protagonists into two bitter melons.

Fuyi doesn't express an opinion, but touches her head with a smile, "Are you drunk?"

"..." Miaomiao gets rid of his hand angrily, "Didn't you hear me?"

"I heard that." Liu Fuyi's voice is aggrieved. A small bowl is stuffed into the Miaomiao's palm, a moon floating in the bowl, staring at her like a beauty.

"What... what's this? Poached egg?"

Liu Fuyi can't help smiling, "It's water, with a sobering medicine inside, nothing else."

Ling Miaomiao instantly shows a disappointed look, "You don't even give an egg, stingy..." She says, and then drinks up quickly. Her mouth is like a leaking pot, and most of the water sprinkles out, wetting her clothes.

Liu Fuyi looks upright and frowns, and feels distressed for his hard-to-find hangover soup.

Ling Miaomiao lies on the table after drinking, "What's going on... I'm so sleepy..."

"It's the effect of hangover soup, it will be better in a while." He sighs softly, "A girl shall have to stay awake at night when staying outside."

Ling Miaomiao's mind is in chaos, and Mu Yao's angry face appears in her mind, and for a while, an image of Mu Sheng surrounding by red lights chasing her emerges in the mine. She feels a headache, and can't help groaning.

"What are you saying?" Liu Fuyi leans closer to her to listen.

"Childe Liu..." She asks vaguely, "What is the mirror-writing amulet?"

Liu Fuyi frowns, "How do you know that?"

"Huh?" She doesn't answer the question but asks continuously, "Why don't Mu's family write mirror-writing amulet?"

Liu Fuyi pauses for a while and says slowly, "Not only Mu's Family, all decent demon hunters will not write mirror-writing characters."

"Because, that's evil way."

The effect of hangover soup is very good. Miaomiao escapes from her struggle at this moment, and she becomes sober for an instant, but her head is still sore and her body is weak.

Her heart is pounding, "How evil?"

"There was a big demon which pretended to be a demon hunter and infiltrated a demon hunting family. It killed all the members of the family just with a mirror-writing amulet."

She feels Liu Fuyi's voice getting closer and closer. She panics in her heart, forgets what to ask, but immediately recalls the plot.

According to the original text, by the end of this drinking plot, Ling Yu was drunk and Liu Fuyi held her back. Of course, he was seen by Mu Yao on the way, Mu Yao was very angry, and the young lovers broke up in discord. When reading this, Ling Miaomiao cursed the shameless Ling Yu at full blast.

"It's late, let me take you back first. Don't worry, you can move freely after another hour."

What? Is he going to hug her?

No, don't do that!

At this time, she shows resourcefulness in an emergency. She utters her lips with a lingering call, "Ziqi..."

Liu Fuyi pauses for a while, "Ziqi?"

His eyebrows slowly spread out, his face suddenly enlightens. He understands at once that the reason why the young lady puts herself out of the way and insists on adventuring with them is because of Ziqi.

When a young girl falls in love, she becomes dauntless and fearless.

He has a funny look on his face unconsciously, "OK, I'm going to require Mu Sheng to come here."

"No, no, no!" Miaomiao kicks her legs confusedly, "Ah! My head... my head hurts, hiss..."

"In any event, I will avenge our father and mother."

Mu Yao tightens her clothes, her delicate face is firm, and a trace of cold flashes in her eyes, "No one is worth being relied on. I will rely on my own strength to complete everything."

"Sister, why do you always have to take it on your own shoulders, do you still refuse to believe me?" Mu Sheng's face is already very white. He almost squats on purpose, feeling that the wound in his abdomen is torn, and the warm blood is seeping, he feels sober.

"Not the case, Sheng." Mu Yao turns slowly, put her hand on Mu Sheng's shoulder, and her voice softens, "You are different from me, you are the hope of Mu's family. I will try my best..."

Mu Sheng's expression becomes gloomy, "Even if I am just an outsider?"

"Don't say that again." Mu Yao's expression becomes cold, "You will always be my brother. If you say that again, I will be angry."

Yes, the Mu's Family in your mind is glorious, and I should be grateful to them...

He puts down the curtain and goes out, covered with cold and damp cold air.

Such a cold feeling eliminates the little warmth brought by the yellow lantern on the ship.

The ship is marching. A slender figure under the moonlight is standing outside the pavilion, whose shoulders have been covered with frost. The man keeps rubbing his arms constantly. When a voice comes to him, he turns around and looks at a girl who is calling him in surprise.

Her eyes look down and fall on his hand covering his lower abdomen. The girl is wondering, "...what's wrong with you?"

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