Black Lotus Tactics Manual

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Chapter 14

Bamboo Forest and Green Apricots (2)

The black figure quickly slips to the door of the compartment. At this time, Mu Sheng's half-squinted eyes open instantly, shining a fierce light.

He sits on the ground, his body slants slightly, blocking the door, and his knuckles makes a crunchy noise.

The black figure pauses for a moment, and the profile that appeared when it was moving is covered. Masses of black air rolls like dark clouds, and the ground slowly overflows with water, forming a small water puddle.

Next second, the tumbling black cloud arches its back like a beast, it finally arches so much like a bowstring pulled to the extreme. This is a posture for attack.

"Glutton for punishment." Mu Sheng's mouth twitches slightly, his eyes are sharp, and the steel ring on his wrist has come off.

The black figure stands up. It's very tall, and Mu Sheng who is sitting on the ground is drawn into the shadow, as if swallowed by darkness.


The demon hunting ring bursts out with light, as if the first glare of daylight breaking the dark clouds. The black figure is beaten in two parts, and a stream of black water bursts out from its waist. The cabin is filled with light rotten smell.

The black gas dissipates, leaving the ground being covered with water stains. A hideous skull falls down on the floor, rolling to a few scattered white bones soaking in the water.

Ling Miaomiao widens her mouth, wonders whether this is the so-called... water spirit?

The young man lowers his eyes, loosens his belt quietly, takes off his wet robe and throws it on the ground. He rubs the ground with his foot stepping on the robe, and then sits at the door of Mu Yao's compartment again.

Mu Sheng only wears a snow-white coat, her hair covers the forehead gently, her eyelashes are slightly curled, looking thin and soft.

His expression is calm and his flashing black eyes occasionally show a paranoid anger of instability.

Miaomiao repeatedly sighs, the black lotus is so spoony that makes people distressed.

Something happens only few minutes after Mu Sheng sits down.

The cabin is darkened, and a strange smell quickly fills the cabin — a smell of salted fish, like... the smell of the water spirit that has been killed.

However, this time the smell is so heavy that people needs to hold their breath to avoid it.

Mu Sheng slowly raises his eyes. The dark eyes reflect the dark air covering all the the sky.

"You bloke, it is not a good habit to break others' wealth and take their lives..."

It can't be determined whether the sound is from a male or female. It seems to come out through a piece of paper, with a vibrating sound intermittently.

Just killed the small one, and now the big one comes here again?

The entire cabin is filled with a smell of moisture, and the black gas is like a wall, covering Miaomiao's sight.

At this time, only the big demon's sound can be heard, but Mu Sheng's expression can't be seen clearly. She takes two steps forward.

"If you want to hurt my sister, I have to say that's your wishful thinking." The young man raises his eyelids and sneers at the demon presumptuously.

"Do you know who I am?" The voice rustles, making people heard that have goose bumps, "If you don't want to die, get the hell out of here."

Mu Sheng claps his hands and stands up, silently affixes several silence amulets on the door of Mu Yao's compartment, and an invisible barrier immediately wraps the cabin.

He smiles softly, "Aren't you just a water spirit?"

Miaomiao reaches out her hand and touches the flexible enchantment: Mu Yao, who is separated by the door, is still in a deep sleep, unaware of what is happening outside.

The dark cloud-like black gas surges instantly, covering the last light leaking out of the window lattices. The ship is still moving. Miaomiao moves ups and downs in the darkness. There is a tumult in her stomach, she can't help to lean against the rail.

Mu Sheng quickly jumps away relying on his sensitive five senses, escapes an attack. A circle of demon hunting ring on his wrist flies into the air, and instantly magnifies, shining bright white light in the night, like a black hole. The black mist in the air suddenly changes into a swirl, being sucked into the circle in wisps.

"Do you think such kind of inferior magic weapon..." The black figure suddenly protrudes a piece, which stretches out quickly, as if extending a long arm, and pinches the demon hunting ring firmly, "can hurt me?"

The white ring trembles violently, as if struggling silently. Mu Sheng manipulates it through his mind, so that at this time, due to the mace is restrained by the demon, Mu Sheng feels just like being pinched to the heart, a stream of powerful evil gas is pouring back into his body, his lips become more and more white, and he can't help to spit out a mouthful of blood.

The demon hunting ring is completely submerged in the black gas, emitting a chugging sound indicating it is about to splinter —

Mu Sheng's eyes become dark, and he forcibly flies up, like a swift, and attacks towards the darkest position.

Miaomiao is stunned: isn't this a kind of suicide play...

Not unexpectedly, the black figure steps back, and the air mass is like a fire and rushes to Mu Sheng again. Immediately, Mu Sheng is entangled in countless vine-like black arms, which pull him hard towards the core.

Now, he is like a little insect stuck in a cobweb, and will soon become a meal in the belly of the spider.

"Don't kill yourself for the magic weapon." The demon laughs strangely again, "But... your body..." The black figure seems extremely stunned, for a while, it sneers, "For an inferior demon hunting ring, you actually want to bring about your own destruction? "

At this time, Mu Sheng is close to the black core. He barely supports the body to hover in the air, keeping a distance, with his lips red, and his eyes a little slack.

A demon hunting ring has returned to his wrist, covered by his cuff. He ignores that, and keeps reading incantation to collect another one.

Not one less.

"Sister, why are there so many demons in the world? We can't hunt them all." A little boy covered his wound in frustration, and there was a looming anger between his eyebrows.

"Look what your sister brought you." A girl smiled and opened a box, in which there was a pair of shiny steel rings, "Sheng, you don't have your own magical weapon now, right? I made a pair of demon hunting rings for you, so that you won’t be afraid of demons in the future."

"Give back to you." The voice sneers, and a silver steel ring falls out of the black mist, slams on the ground, bounces up, and then rolls to Ling Miaomiao's feet.

Then, Miaomiao watches a black arm through Mu Sheng's shoulder.

Red blood bursts out suddenly, and sprays on the opposite wall. In a twinkling, the young man's face becomes as pale as a paper.

"Unfortunately, such a precious body is born in Mu's Family." The demon's voice is resentful, and it keeps saying complacently, "If you gave up earlier, you would not lose your life."

Ling Miaomiao is puzzled by Mu Sheng.

"Are you stupid? Why don't you use explosive spark?"

She can't help to yell, but finds that her voice is very small, as if suppressed by something.

The air is compressed severely, and Miaomiao feels her eardrums bulge, just like diving.

Occasionally sounds come through, but seem to come across the surface of the water after being compressed and distorted, too obscure to be heard clearly.

This is...

Whirlwind blows up, and the young man hovers in the air, with his white sleeves and black hair tails flying freely, and the hair band is like a butterfly spreading their wings, and desperately flapping them.

His blood-stained lips move slightly, showing extremely pretty and coquettish.

"Before you die, I'm afraid there is no chance for you to tell your name."

The fingertips in his sleeves emit a little of starlight, which is the source of the whirlwind. In the twinkling of an eye, a huge vortex appears in the plane. It is an extremely spectacular sight—the vortex forms a huge funnel, like a giant monster opening its bloody mouth. The huge funnel shatters the black cloud into pieces, just like a meat grinder breaking the meat. Red light bursts out, irradiating the entire cabin to be gorgeous.

Miaomiao heard a sound of bone breaking.

A yellow amulet flies out Mu Sheng's sleeve, and slowly lands on the ground.

The mad black figure struggles to catch it —

In the light, the yellow paper shows some blood-red words.

Miaomiao works hard to identify for a long time, however none of the words on the paper is recognizable. They even look a little strange.

"Mirror writing..." The demon feels unbelievable, and almost changes the tone, "How can a member of Mu's family make amulets by mirror writing?"

The sky becomes red. Mu Sheng slowly falls to the ground, and a blooding hole on his shoulder is shocking. With a sly smile, his face reflects the red light in the cabin, "Sorry to let you down."

He is covered in blood, but still standing straight with a smile, looking terrible, "I am not a member of Mu's family. I am just Mu Yao's younger brother."

When he has hardly finished speaking, the black figure on the ship disappears at one blow. The river surface reflects the beautiful sunset light of the evening into the cabin, changing the cabin from strange red and black tone to a warm style.

The black cloud disappears suddenly, revealing a stunned Ling Miaomiao.

She looks left and right in panic but finds no place to hide.

The red light slowly hides in Mu Sheng's body, and his face still hangs with unrelenting anger. He slowly turns his head, narrows his eyes unexpectedly, "Miss Ling?"

But his subtext is: you again.

The setting sun is as red as blood, shining her flowing hair.

Mu Sheng sees that she stands stiffly for a moment, and then her hands quickly pick up the steel ring on the ground and raise it up, her hands extend her face, blocking her trembling expression, "Your, your... your bracelet."

He takes it, but does not rush to wear it. He plays the demon hunting ring in his hand for a while, and then looks up at her, "Do you know that this 'bracelet" as you says can break your head."

His eyes are extremely bright. An unidentified smile appears on the corner of his mouth.

"...Childe Mu is so funny." Miaomiao is numb to fear, widening a pair of black apricot-like eyes, looking ignorant and fearless, revealing two rows of white teeth, "It just hit my foot, and the foot is very well. Presumably it only fights demons. I’m a good person."

Mu Sheng put on the demon hunting ring, but does not tear off the silence amulet on the door. The visible red light around him indicates that he is still in a rage status.

Even if he murders her in this enchantment, no one outside will know.

Ling Miaomiao keeps a smile on the face, but actually burns up in the mind: without the protagonist aura, how did she dare to come here to send buns casually?

Mu Sheng finally breaks the silence, "You just saw me..."

"I saw the demon just now, I was scared to death! But I didn't expect such a powerful demon to be killed by Childe Mu in a single attack. It was amazing, and it would be nice if you can teach me sometime..." Miaomiao raises her eyebrows and quickly picks up the following words. The speed of the speech is getting faster and faster. Her voice is sweet and crisp, with an enthusiasm like a sales person selling something, "Childe Mu really deserves to be born in an aristocratic demon catching family. Eliminating harm for the people, extraordinary skills, you are simply a celestial being for us mortal!"

In her previous life, she never contributed such a hard-working performance in order to save her life.

He pauses, a shadow resting over his face, "You clearly..." He hesitates, and seems too lazy to talk to her, then with a mocking smile, he finally says, "Forget it."

He touches the amulet paper with one hand, and burns it completely only after several seconds.

"Is Miaomiao here?"

Ling Miaomiao just let out a sigh of relief, and the sound comes to her like a heavy hammer hitting her head.

Liu Fuyi stands in the dark of the hallway, with his coat fluttering. He shouts suspiciously, "What are you doing there? The wine is ready, don't you want to drink it?"

"..." She wishes to cover this direct man's mouth at this time.

Mu Sheng clenches his fists, and narrows his eyes slightly, "Yecch, just separated for a while, he can't help to come up to you."

"Ding— task reminder, task one, a key plot, drink with the character [Liu Fuyi] and enjoy the glorious of moon together."

The three voices overlap in her mind. Miaomiao feels that her head is about to explode.


"Yes, I'm coming." Ling Miaomiao replies quickly, looking back at Mu Sheng with a smile, "Do you want to go with us?"

"The two of you... I'm not interested in joining in." He looks at her significantly, and his eyes finally falling on the package that Miaomiao has kept holding in her arms, and then he is startled, "What are you holding?"

Ling Miaomiao appears silent anger in her mind: now you think of asking! I came to send a bun and almost sent myself into demon's mouth...

She holds the package in her arms, and with the fact of Liu Fuyi being here right now, she is not afraid and leaves angrily, "Nothing."

Author's note: climax part will come after two chapters.

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