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2020-05-24 10:09:11

Substituted Bride (12)

"Really? You are leaving so soon?"

Ling Miaomiao opens mouth widely, "You're leaving tomorrow, 

why... why so urgent?"

Before her voice dies away, there are several "ding" sounds overlapping in her mind, just 

like the flood breaking the dam. The sounds rush into her brain soon.

Needless to listen, she knows that the sounds 

must be the system's reminder. Her task completion degree is too low. Now the protagonist group is going to leave 

Taicang County, but she doesn't even complete the task of increasing intimacy degree with Liu Fuyi, not to mention 

getting Mu Sheng.

"Miss Ling," Mu Yao gives her a rare soft smile, "we demon hunters are cosmopolitans, and take the 

wandering as the life. We have been bothering you for too long."

There is a chic expression in her eyes, especially 

when it comes to "cosmopolitans", her voice is clear and powerful, like a swordswoman walking the earth.


not... not too long..." Ling Miaomiao waves her hand, and for a while, cautiously begs, "Please... you live for 

several days again, I... I'm still afraid."

Mu Yao smiles and takes a sip of tea, her expression is tolerant and 


Miaomiao sees that it's hopelessness for asking her, so turns to Liu Fuyi. But before speaking, Mu Sheng's 

voice floats over.

"Afraid? Miss Ling is still scared to sleep because of the demon?" There seems like a small moon 

in his black eyes. He mocks while squinting, "Do I need to give you my silk bag?"

He says that, while pouring three 

or four bulging bronze mist silk bags from his sleeves on the tea table. The mouths of these silk bags are tied 

with bright white ribbons, which are in harmony with his hair band.

"What's wrong? I believe Childe Liu's silk bad 

is already enough for me." Seeing Ling Miaomiao is hesitated, he says, half smirking, and a pair of white and 

slender hands gather on several silk bags, which are taken away in a little while.

The black lotus is mystifying, 

that makes Ling Miaomiao feels cold in the back.

"Ah, don't joke." Liu Fuyi interrupted reproachfully and relieved 

her. Liu Fuyi of Shengyi Xue in white turned to look at her and said softly, "Thanks to Miss Ling and Lord Ling for 

their hospitality these days."

"Childe Liu doesn't need to say thanks..."

Don’t hurry to say thanks...

Ling Miaomiao 

is secretly anxious, fires in her belly, and finally says a sentence, "I want to go with you all."

That is not an 

interrogative sentence, but a strong emotional statement.

Silence... Three pairs of eyes gather together on her 

face. All the people have different looks.

"Miss Ling, don't make fun of that." Mu Yao frowns, and her tone becomes 

serious, "The road of demon catching is full of dangers. I'm afraid you can't go through the rigors of living in 

the wilderness, let alone deal with those demons."

Mu Yao has a strong and independent personality, and as the 

first-born daughter and master of Mu's family, she is still an elitist. It is absolutely impossible for her to take 

a weak teammate who is unable to carry anything either on shoulders or in hands.

"I can." Ling Miaomiao stares them 

with her innocent almond eyes, shows naivete on her face, "I am strong, I can endure the hardship."

"We can't afford 

a tael of rice for you each meal." Mu Sheng raises his mouth, but is berated the next moment, "Sheng, is it time to 


Complacent Mu Sheng immediately switches to the wronged expression, drops his eyes extremely softly, and 

immediately stops saying.

Ling Miaomiao anguishes inwardly, since the plot of county chief mansion being 

confiscating is avoided, she can't be forcibly stuffed into the protagonist group by her father now, so why should 

they accept her?

Mu Yao turns her head and says with a firm tone, "Miss Ling, you have not experienced such living, 

I am afraid you can't know how hard..." She is not good at persuading someone, and after seeing Ling Miaomiao is 

almost crying, she shows an annoyed look, and looks at Liu Fuyi, motioning him to continue the sentence.


smiles, "Why did Miss Ling suddenly want to follow us?"

"I..." Miaomiao thinks for a moment, stares at Fuyi's dark 

star-like eyes and says, with her eyes staring to dry and her tears naturally flowing, "I don't want to live like 

this again..."

Lyric play comes easily. Her tone is more aggrieved, and her eyes are covered with a layer of mist, 

"Before I met you, I also succumbed to the 'parents' choice', and felt that it would be my life to be trapped in a 


She looks at Liu Fuyi with tears in her eyes, "But after I met you, I knew that people could live very 

unrestrainedly and free..."

"But our life is not as unrestrained and free as you think..." Mu Yao frowns and 

interrupts her, but is stopped immediately by Fu Yi who waves his hand to her, motioning her to continue to listen.

"I don’t want to stay in this small world all my life. I don’t want to marry a stranger, then be trapped in daily 

necessities, and finally become an old with tedium. I want to choose my own life, leaving something different in 

the world... Even if it is dangerous, I am not afraid. In this way, when I recall later, I can make a wonderful 


After the speech, Ling Miaomiao closes her mouth, two lines of tears sheds in time. Looking at Liu Fuyi, 

her eyes seem like two groups of burning sparks.

Even Miaomiao is touched by herself. If she is the protagonist, Liu 

Fuyi would definitely hold her in his arms in the next second.

Mu Yao is silent. She glances at Liu Fuyi with her 

eyes full of anxiety.

Liu Fuyi is lost in contemplation. After a while, he takes out a handkerchief from the pocket 

and hands it to Miaomiao kindly. He watches her wipe the tears, his eyes are very gentle, and he says even with a 

hint of encouragement, "That’s a big deal, have you discussed with your father?"

"Fuyi!" Mu Yao becomes extremely 

nervous. In her view, a girl in the chamber like Miaomiao is always too idealistic. The romantic themes they 

believe are actually not the case at all. Mu Yao says to her, "Miss Ling, I understand your expectation, but……"

"Childe Liu and Miss Mu, I promise not to hinder you. I will hide if it’s dangerous. I work out in the morning 

every day so I can run very fast."

Ling Miaomiao sees that Liu Fuyi’s manner is somewhat changed, then her eyes 

twinkle with pleasure. Continuously, she says out a string of promises, patting her chest and lying without 

changing her expression, “I have discussed with my father, and he also agreed me to go for training and expanding 

the horizon.”

After the words are finished, she bits the lips and fixes her eyes on the person in front.

"Well, I 

think it is okay."

"No. I disagree."

The voices of Mu Yao and Liu Fuyi sound at the same time. They are both stunned, 

turning their heads to look at each other.

Same size ratio, an embarrassing situation.

"Yaoer, Miss Ling is not as 

delicate and weak as an ordinary lady, I think she is quite bold..."

Especially when facing the water mirror, her 

look did not change at all, and she kept talking with him about such a complicated trap. Her clear analysis and 

responsiveness made him admire her very much.

In fact, when Ling Miaomiao sighed that he had a high IQ, he also 

secretly pondered in his mind, if the Miss Ling was born in the family of demon catchers, how excellent she would 

be absolutely - what a pity.

Mu Yao's expression is a little complicated. Seeing Liu Fuyi appears a vivid look when 

he mentions the Miss Ling, she wants to say something, but in the end she keeps silent.

She puts on a stern 

expression, "I must be responsible for Miss Ling's safety. If something goes wrong, who will be responsible?"


won't let Miss Ling encounter an accident." Fuyi answers lightly, revealing the peculiar calm and conceited 

temperament in his figure.

This angers Mu Yao again, and her face becomes even worse, "No way."

"Yaoer," Fuyi frowns, 

"I know you are worried about the progress of demon hunting, but you haven’t seen Miss Ling's ability until now, 

is it too arbitrary to refuse her so easily?"

Mu Yao looks up at him, with her face full of disbelief, "In your 

opinion, am I such a person?"

Ling Miaomiao finds the atmosphere between the two becoming more and more tense. She 

feels helpless for a while, sweats appearing on her forehead.

"Ding — task reward: due to the task of host 

sharpening contradictions is completed excessively, you’re rewarded with [Image Catalysis] once. Reminder is 


Ling Miaomiao feels so frustrated that she wants to cry.

What the hell is image catalysis? Isn't this 

invisible and intangible reward really mocking her?

She tilts her head slightly and sees Mu Sheng is looking on 

their trouble with indifference, and is happily watching the conflict appearing between the hero and the heroine, 

with an impenetrable smile on the corner of his mouth.

It seems impossible to count on his help.

"Don't quarrel..." 

Miaomiao steps over and stands between the two, comforting left after right, "I know Miss Mu is thinking about my 

safety. I can’t hunt the demon. My death is a small thing, but getting you in trouble is a big deal…"

She looks at 

Mu Yao, "I promise, I will respond smartly and will never to be bellicose when it’s time to run, and will kill 

myself if necessary to never get my teammates in trouble. I promise to set store by overall interests...”

She pulls 

Mu Yao's hand and puts it on Fuyi’s palm, carefully exits between the two, while carefully adding, "Both you are 

powerful people, be sure to protect me together... I will anneal myself slowly, I promise."

Mu Yao's hand is cold. 

Resting on Fuyi's palm, he looks at her pale and stubborn face, feels heartache in his heart. He holds her small 

hand in his palm and tightens it tightly.

Mu Yao looks at him, the expression relaxes a little.

Seeing Ling Miaomiao 

shrinking into the corner, sighing in relief, Mu Sheng narrows her eyes slightly: doesn’t she like Liu Fuyi?

Why is 

she doing that now?

"Sister." He speaks slowly.

Miaomiao stares at the black lotus, and her heart is almost in the 


"I think..."

"Childe Mu, please don’t worry. I needn’t to eat a tael of rice for each meal!" Miaomiao is 

afraid of new problems cropping up unexpectedly, reaches out her palm and makes an exaggerated swear gesture, "I'll 

be fine even if I don't eat all day long."

Mu Sheng doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He looks at her nervous 

and expectant look in the almond eyes, and instead glances at Liu Fuyi who is coaxing Mu Yao softly.

His look is a 

bit murky, and after a while, he says lightly, "I think Miss Ling is quite suitable for catching demon."


saying, he smiles meaningfully at Ling Miaomiao.

He is very willing to find someone who can keep pestering Liu Fuyi 

so tightly, making Liu has no energy to interfere with his sister.

Mu Yao leaves depressingly, the thin white gauze 

sleeves fly as cicada wings, and quickly pass the wooden railing of the corridor.

The white oleanders are blooming, 

the snow white flowers are adorned beside the corridor. Mu Sheng and Miaomiao are walking side by side, sent of 

flowers assails the nostrils, setting Miaomiao sneezing.

"By the way," Mu Sheng asks lightly, "what was Miss Ling 

thinking when you saw my silk bag just now?"

"Yes?" Ling Miaomiao blows her nose hard, and then starts thinking 

blankly. She stares at his jade-like face with wide eyes, says sheepishly, "I was thinking, the ribbon on the 

opening of your silk bag was familiar. Is the ribbon your hair band?"

Mu Sheng smiles, while using slender fingers 

to grab the hair band on his head, "Are you very interested in this?"

"Well... no," Ling Miaomiao says against her 

will, and goes on with a sincerely praise, "It is indeed very beautiful, very suitable for you."

Mu Sheng chuckles, 

puts down his hand, with the bright and clean hair band fluttering in the wind, as if a butterfly settling on the 

black hair.

"Unfortunately. Beautiful things are always very vicious."

Author's note: This chapter is a transition 

one. In the next chapter, a new instance will start, which has a larger pattern. With regard to image catalysis, 

that is... you will know later.

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