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Substituted Bride (ii)

"Never seen."

He says unconcernedly, without looking up. After pausing for a minute, an innocent smile appears in the corner of his mouth again, "This is Miss Ling's home, since you can't find him, how can I a guest find him?"

Damn pretending. Ling Miaomiao gnashes and thinks in her mind.

"Then, I believe Childe Mu won't mind me searching in this room." Ling Miaomiao says that while she going forward. Mu Sheng sits on the spot, stretches out an arm, and naturally stops her. He lifts his black, watering eyes, and says, "Something wrong with Miss Ling's eyes? Don't you see no body is in this room?"

"Trivia unworthy of your attention." Miaomiao squeezes a smirk, "You just sit here and wait for me to find out someone first. Then I will help you find the hairpin. Don't you think it's a good idea?"

She circumvents the arm that Mu Sheng reaches out.

Mu Sheng stands up abruptly, tilts slightly and uses her arm to block her waist. Miaomiao is not guarded for that, and her whole body falls on his shoulder. Mu Sheng takes the opportunity to hold her, and finally hugs her tightly.

There is a cold white plum fragrance in his arms, which lingers at the tip of her nose for a long time.

"Miss Ling, stop acting like a child." He advises patiently beside her ear, but the tone is quite tight.

Ling Miaomiao twists hard for a few times but fails to break away, "You..."

Her face becomes blue, and the word "hooligan" almost comes to her mouth. Suddenly she sees that a green and black hand reaches out behind Mu Sheng ——

The hand is as thin as a lath. The cyan and black colors on it like being stained with paints. Like a small snake, the hand emerges from the back of his shoulder, and the nails are about an inch long. Ling Miaomiao feels a stream of cold air encircling her neck.

This is clearly a woman's hand.

Ling Miaomiao suddenly breaks into a cold sweat and screams out. At the next moment, she is taken by Mu Sheng away and dodged backwards quickly, away from the paw. Then she is pushed away by him, staggering back to the door.

She sees that the steel ring on Mu Sheng's right wrist has already slipped down and knocks on the head of the dark shadow behind Mu Sheng. The "man" reveals its true features. It is a dried female corpse wearing a colorful satin. Its hair is generally spread like a silk mop, and the skin is brown. Ling Miaomiao narrows her eyes and dares not to look at its face.

Through a thin gap of eyelids, she sees the female corpse's head slams to the side, making a "chirping" tearing-like sound.

There is a chill in the air, which is overwhelming.

No wonder the west wing is always cold, that's because there is a ghost living in it!

Mu Sheng's eyes are heavy, his hands overlaps quickly. "Bang Bang", three sparks explode like fireworks, bursting into orange-yellow fires, and then turned into a blue flame, burning on the dried corpse like a prairie fire. The corpse gradually transforms into a fireball.

The air wave is distorted in the air. It seems to be faintly heard that someone is screaming and shouting exhaustedly, but when listening to it carefully, there is only silence. The window frame emits a sound of "kakak", as if it is hit by a huge force.

Ling Miaomiao stares at the fireball not far away, feeling that her hands and feet are cold, and her heart is almost brought in her throat.

Mu Sheng stood end to end, seeming to be reluctant to hide a step back, and there seemed to be an unreasonable wind in the room, blowing his white sleeves and dark hair back and forth.

"Pooh—" The fire suddenly seems like a deflated ball, shrinks and falls down, and then the fire fall sharply, becoming a sporadic red spot in the ashes.

Ling Miaomiao looks down. There is nothing left on the ground, only a plume of smoke drifting upward, just like a sigh for the end of a happy occasion.

Mu Sheng puts the small steel ring on his wrist, shakes his cuffs, lowers his eyelashes, and explains to Ling Miaomiao casually, "I forgot to tell Miss Ling, I have a negative character which is easy to attract ghosts. Sorry to startle you."

After hearing that, Ling Miaomiao remembers that this was mentioned in the original book. Moreover, Mu Yao's parents decided to adopt him specifically because of his negative character.

Like all heroines in the world, Mu Yao has a halo and a special physique. Her body is extremely holy, which is an excellent ashram for monsters and demons, so that many monsters are always coveting her.

It's amazing that her positive character is very heavy, so that the demons dare not to approach her even if they want to occupy her heavily.

Mu Huaijiang, the original owner of Mu's Family, and his wife Bai Jin had their own consideration on adopting Mu Sheng.

Although Mu Sheng has no blood relationship with Mu Yao, his body is unique and tempting. If he can practice, he must be a physique that can gather psychic forces easily.

With such a physique, since the body's negative character is heavy enough to attract ghosts, a ghost or demon can easily approach him, so that if a demon sees the sister and brother staying together, it will be most likely to give up Mu Yao and turn to Mu Sheng after weighing.

It's really good to adopt such a child, because he is not only talented, but also a human shield for their biological daughter at critical moments.

Ling Miaomiao coughs and glances at him conscientiously several times, "I know you are a negative character... it's not a big deal."

Mu Sheng looks up at her, "Aren't you afraid?"

"I... I am also afraid." She hesitates, pointing to the residual smoke rising up on the ground, and frowns, "You are... always pestered by ghosts, are you afraid?"

She mutters, like a stereotypical and nervous old scholar.

He chuckles softly. Ling Miaomiao looks over with surprise, and sees the flash of smile in his eyes.

The bursting point of black lotus is really strange.

"Why are you laughing?"

"That's all right," Mu Sheng lays up his smile face and opens the innocent eyes again, "I'm thinking that maybe Miss Ling is tired, do you want me to take you back to the room to rest?"

Ling Miaomiao is immediately on the alert, "I am not tired at all."

While talking, the topic is insensibly deviated again, "Mu Sheng, in case you come to sleep and a ghost comes, what would you do if you suffer a sneak attack?"

Mu Sheng meets her black almond eyes, and sees a trace of fresh look in them, which make people remember of a fawn chewing grassroots in the grass, naive and alert.

He pauses and replies, "Impossible."

What's impossible? Sneak attack, or... you mean you never fall asleep?

Miaomiao hears a sound of rustling, and glimpses something strange under the bed, as if something is creeping. The bed sheet with red tassels is arched, like the red bridal veil.

Miaomiao was scared by the ghost just now, just like an extremely frightened person. When she sees this scene, her hair falls upright and she points that, "Mu, Mu, Mu..."

Before she finishes the sentence, a black shadow comes out from under the bed. It stands up quickly and hastens out of the house in a great rush. Before she could see who it is, she is pushed by Mu Sheng into the corner, "Damn! There is another man in this room."

He is taller than Miaomiao by a head, so he easily blocks her between his body and the wall.

Sight is completely blocked. Ling Miaomiao's mind is blank for several seconds, but soon she reacts, struggles to shout, "Ji De! Stop!"

She keeps struggling, but is pressed into the corner by Mu Sheng. Mu Sheng's face is pale, and his whole body is lying against her arms. His eyes are full of innocent fears, "Miss Ling, so terrible..."

Terrible? You weren't afraid even when seeing the ghost just now!

Ling Miaomiao scolds ten thousand sentences in her mind, and is about to be furious. Suddenly she feels Mu Sheng's control relieves. She immediately rushes out from a gap, holding her skirt, rushing out of the door like an arrow off a bow. While running, she shouts, "Quick! Catch Mr. Ji!"

The people in the courtyard start moving after hearing that. They all set aside the work in their hands, and run up with the miss who is running wildly, ignoring her image completely.

Mu Sheng leans against the door, watching Ling Miaomiao's rabbit-like figure gradually becoming a small spot, followed by a large number of teams in a funny way. A deep look appears in his eyes, but the corners of his mouth are curved.

Ling Miaomiao chases outside the mansion. Ah Yi is surrounding and blocking up in the front, and he has knocked down Mr. Ji, who is held down with both hands being grabbed on the back. After seeing Miaomiao, A Yi gasps, "Miss..."

He stops talking and points at the man on the ground with his chin.

Ji De's face is gray and frustrated, his cheeks are scraped by ground to bleed, but his eyes are bright and scary, and he keeps muttering in his mouth, "County chief... account book..."

A Yi wipes the sweat with gray cloth sleeves, swallows slobbers, feeling a little fear after the event, "I twisted his arm to break... but he didn't respond at al..."

Miaomiao leans over and asks, "Mr. Ji?"

Ji De's eyes move a bit and finally gather on her, "Bah! The county guard is about to be dismissed, and you are about to go to prison, hahahaha..." The laughter comes to an abrupt end, his brow suddenly frowns, and a confused look appears in his eyes again, "Miss?"

The next moment, he laughs weirdly again.

He cries and laughs, frightening the onlookers to whisper and talk.

Ling Miaomiao is scared to step back in a noisy voice, and she wonders what did the black lotus do to him, making him look like this?

She can now be sure that in the original book, Ji De didn’t take the initiative to betray. At least half of the liability for the county chief mansion being confiscated lies on Mu Sheng’s placing obstacles in the way.

The black lotus is as poisonous as the artiaris toxicaria. Whoever dares to commit Mu Yao will lose the life. There is no moral bottom line and no room for bargaining.

Ling Miaomiao feels a chill in her heart: Mu Sheng must have known that she was the one engaged in destruction. If she hadn't run fast, then the entire county chief mansion might have already been in a shipwreck!

“Someone, lock him in the wood shed first!"

Mu Sheng slowly walks back to the room. He grabs a servant who is hurriedly running across the corridor, "Is Mr. Ji already found?"

The servant who is stopped is a big boy, with a drake voice. He looks at the young man in front of him with some shyness, and grabs his messy hair, "Yes, he is grabbed. The miss let the servant lock him into the wood shed."

"OK, thank you laddie." Mu Sheng nods slightly, and then leaves before the servant makes reaction. He thoughtfully walks across the corridor, the hot wind blows over his cloud-like sleeves, and his hair is dancing in the air.

In this case, forget it, now we are quits.

"Sheng!" Mu Yao leans out of the window and peeps out a smile of joy.

"Sister?" Mu Sheng's dull expression suddenly appears, and he walks to the window quickly.

"Pack up your luggage tonight," Mu Yao leans over the window and says lightly, "we’re going to leave Taicang County in three days."

It’s time for leaving?

Suddenly heard the news, a rabbit-like figure rushing out of the door emerges in his mind. He closes his eyes and forces the messy association out of his mind.

"Sister, where are we going?"

Mu Yao is in a clear white shirt, which shines in the sun. Her black hair looks like ink, and her skin is like white porcelain. When she smiles slightly, the tear mole under her eyes becomes particularly touching. She says lightly, “Queen Dowager Zhao invited use with the jade wafer of Mu’s family, so we’re going to Chang'an."

Chang’an, a prosperous and bustling place, must be luxury.

Mu Sheng raises his head and sees a clear blue sky through the cyan eaves. A string of ancient aeolian bells is hanging on the eaves corner, sounding in the wind.

It’s May now. In the south of the Yangtze River, the tilestone is still cold, and the sweet-scented osmanthus is emitting fragrance. The hot place is super hot, but the shade is wet and cool. The corners are covered with lush flowers and grass, and strands of warm sunlight shine through the Taihu lake stone caves. A girl walks under the gallery, wearing a gauzy dress.

A wide world, home today and gone tomorrow.

Author’s note: Today, Mu Sheng is a bit melancholy, because he thinks he and Miaomiao will be out of each other’s sight and out of each other’s mind. After he knows that the miss has locked to him and they would be a fatal attraction forever... well, he will not be so gentle. 

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