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Substituted Bride (9)

Under what circumstances do you a powerful demon catcher need to draw an amulet with your own blood?

There are only two cases: one is urgent, and the other is to seek insurance.

Although Mu Sheng doesn't like Liu Fuyi, he has to admit that Liu Fuyi is an outstanding demon catcher. Before meeting Mu Yao, he has the ability to travel alone, without relying on any teammates. In addition to being extremely lucky to own the Ninth Heaven demon capturing tower, it's also because of his extremely superb skills. The demons he handled were all killed in one attack.

Mu Sheng raises his head.

The west wing hidden behind the lush cypress in front of him is gloomy and wet, seems to be incompatible with the spring in the garden.

"I drew magic figures on the door of Yao'er's room, but I didn't expect..." Liu Fuyi once explained to him like this, but before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Mu Sheng with anger, "What didn't you expect? Are you able to think of it only after my sister is dead?"

Liu Fu's face was pale, and her mouth was closed for a while.

Liu Fuyi is not a self-conceited person. His mind has always been meticulous. If he used his blood to draw the magic figures, it is not difficult to explain why he left Mu Yao alone in the room.

Because there is almost no demon can break through Liu Fuyi's magic figures drawn with blood.

It's impossible for a water mirror to have such a strong capacity?

Mu Sheng's eyes fall on the edge of the broken amulet paper, and his cold fingers touches a stiff, jagged burr, which is not like a big demon shattered, but more like a person did that.

There is no expression on Mu Sheng's face. His action is elegant, but it is like the silence that appears just before the storm.

Ling Miaomiao is trying her summer clothes in her boudoir.

The light-red jacket is very thin and soft. The fabric is doped with shiny silver silk, which reveals smooth skin gleamingly. As the maid trims her collar, the maid's finger flicks across Miaomiao's bare neck, causing her to smile ceaselessly.

Miaomiao lowers her head to tie the straps, and suddenly twists her back uncomfortably, "Why is it a little stabbing?" The maid lifts her clothes quickly and is startled, "My god, your back is red."

Her fingers are proficient in checking the cloth, and soon she touches a few hard bumps in the back. The maid complains with displeasure, "What happened this year, who selected this yarn with knots?"

"Miss, take it off, this dress can't be worn."

Ling Miaomiao looks back and wonders, "Several knots, it doesn't matter I think."

"Of course it does." The maid helps her to gently take off the jacket and threw it aside without mercy, the she sighs, "If it weren't for the floods of the Wan River and half of the spinning farmers were washed away, the annual tribute won't be ran up at all, and miss won't need to make use of this knotted yarn? "

The Wan River spans the southern part of Taicang County, which nourishes the hometown of fish and rice and is also the lifeblood of shipping. Ling Miaomiao doesn't quite understand that such an important lifeline is flooded, and it seems that the floods have washed down many houses, bu why doesn't she take it seriously?

"You said... our Taicang County encountered a disaster?"

"Miss, don't worry, nothing serious," she pouts, "won't Wan River rush to the embankment every three or four years? It can't rush here anyway."

A trace of familiar and old-fashioned mystery appears on her immature face. The maid continues, "Every time, the emperor allocates funds to repair the embankment, and every time the appropriation reaches..." the maid smiles while blinking her eyes, "then, miss will have new clothes."

Ling Miaomiao is taken aback.

"Stop talking." Her face darkened.

The maid is shocked, with a panic expression appearing on her face, "... Miss?"

The chief of Taicang County uses half of the disaster relief money for repairing the embankment, but embezzles the other half of the money. Since a 14-year-old maid knows it so clearly, it must be an open secret in this prefecture.

The people in county chief mansion smile and keep this secret, living generously in the prosperous world.

"Where's my dad?"

"He is talking with someone from the palace in the study."

"I'm going to find him now."

"Miss ..."

Miaomiao pushes the door, meets Mu Sheng, who is standing outside the door. The soft light falls on his dark temple hair, and the bundled hair sways slightly in the wind.

"Miss Ling." He smiles, with his eyes dark, moist and profound.

"What are you doing here?" Ling Miaomiao passes him and goes out, deliberately keeping a distance from him.

Mu Sheng follower behind her unhurriedly. The unicorn totem embroidered with silver thread on his long boots reflects the light, mirroring a broad shoulder and narrow waist image on the blue flagstone.

“However do you find the time to come to me?" Ling Miaomiao looks at him as if she is looking at a god of plague. The fear and tension make her uncontrollably speculate and accelerate her pace.

Mu Sheng is like a ghost, and easily comes up to her. He reaches out behind her, and takes her behind a huge cluster of Taihu lake stones.

The light becomes dim at once. This corner is damp and moist, with only the dazzling light leaked from the smooth stone cave. He lets her go a little roughly, and when he releases his hands, he almost takes off some of her hairs.

Ling Miaomiao has no time to care about the pain, but she is terrified, "You... do you have something to tell me?"

Mu Sheng smiles at her, "I haven't seen Miss Mu for a few days. Has the insomnia been cured?"

His smile is creepy. It is obviously he has the most youthful and bright face, but in the pair of bright eyes, there is a suppressed emotion brewing in.

His face is cold cruelty, and under the disguise of a smile, a sense of cold could not help floating out.

"Well... it’s cured." Ling Miaomiao replies dryly.

"It seems that Childe Liu's silk bag is very useful." He says word by word very softly.

Ling Miaomiao can’t stand it anymore, "Mu Sheng, do you have... intermittent amnesia?"

But he is not angry and raises his head, "Well, why did you say that?"

At present, Ling Miaomiao is curious to ask the system, whether the favorability of the Black Lotus is cleared every day? Why does Mu Sheng who was progressing on the normal road suddenly become angry?

"Ask what you want to ask... Don’t play games." Miaomiao is irritable, following by her arrogance.

"..." Mu Sheng looks at his palm seriously and keeps silent for a moment, which seems like several centuries. Ling Miaomiao, whose spirit is in turmoil, thinks that Mu Sheng may kill someone in the next second.

The facts prove that she is overly paranoid. He raises the corner of his mouth very politely, "Miss Ling, I think you have misunderstood me, I just want to care about you."

Unfortunately, such an indifferent attitude is more maddening than that of breaking out suddenly.

"I said you could call me Miaomiao."

"Miss Ling is joking," Mu Sheng's eyes are bottomless, and it seems that this man standing here now is quite different from the boy kept annoying beside the chessboard that day, "Ziqi is just a guest, and the guest should be like a guest. It’s not polite to call Miss Ling like that."

It seems that the favorability and memory of the black lotus is actually cleared every day.

However, there is one thing he is right. That is the protagonist group lives in a world of eccentricity. They and the original Ling Yu who lives calmly and quietly are originally two different straight lines, even if they have an intersection, they should be separated quickly and farther and farther away.

For Ling Yu, a young lady who couldn't bear even the knots, why did she join the protagonist group on the thrilling road that does not belong to her?

That night in a nightmare.

The night wind roared.

The county chief’s face was pale, the flesh of his cheeks flickered loosely, and the cold sweat kept dropping down from the temple side, "... let me look at my daughter again."

The girl whimpers, "Daddy..." She pounced into her father's arms, whose clothes are soaked with hot sweats.

"My lovely daughter, please leave now." His voice trembled a little.

Outside, there is shouting and killing. The torch light is turned into a group of bright outside the window, wiping away along the window sill.

"Milord, it’s done."

A servant lowering head gritted his teeth and whispered. Along his eyes, there was a pair of feet wearing brand-new Sichuan embroidery shoes in the inner hall. The soles of the feet were spotless, laying there motionless.

"Okay." The county chief raised his face, a trace of resolute intensity flashes in his eyes. He pushes the stalk-like girl away from her arms, the girl fell into Liu Fuyi's arms while she kept crying.

A faint, crazy voice of joy came from outside, "In the atrium, the milord is in the atrium, follow me!"

The girl shrank back into Fuyi's arms, her face suddenly panicked.

"Hurry up. Never come back."

"They are here!"

The gate was broken through, and a group of black shadows finally broke into the house. At the same time, the atrovirens continuous houses suddenly burst into flames, and the flames rushed out of the gap between the doors and windows, and instantly developed into a conflagration.

Liu Fuyi was carrying her. The fireball-like scene condensed into a small spot and went away in the field of vision.

"Miss Ling looks absent." Mu Sheng awakes Miaomiao with a sullen face. "Are you still thinking about something?"

"I... I'm still in a hurry. I'll come back to talk with you after that." Ling Miaomiao walks away, just wanting to get the sun quickly.

"You say I have amnesia..." Mu Sheng's voice emits behind her, accompanied with a cold smile, "Have anyone told Miss Ling that you are also a person with two faces?"

Miaomiao is stunned, stops walking suddenly and then looks back like blowing up, "What's wrong with me?"

But Mu Sheng refuses to reply, he just waves her hand with a smile, lets her to walk away. His smile is clear and harmless, as if he has just made a cunning and harmless joke.

Miaomiao scolds the black lotus in her mind, lifts the skirt and walks away.

The crimson upper jacket reveals her spine gleamingly. The bright color concentrates the sunlight, making the white jacket skirt brighter and more dazzling. She turns over a lush flower bush and disappears from his view.

Mu Sheng lowers his head and sees several Ling Miaomiao's dark hairs wrapped in his hands.

He takes out the piece of amulet paper from his sleeve and draws a few strokes in the palm of his hand. Soon, several looming airflows flows into the amulet paper like a flowing cloud.

After a time, a fine hair flutters from a distance, and falls lightly on his palm like a feather, just above the amulet paper.

Mu Sheng uses right hand fingers to lift up the invisible hair, looks closely at the light. The sunlight shines on his drooping feather-like eyelashes, casting a faint shadow under his eyes.

Hair tail is slightly yellow, curling up.

He stretches out his left hand, and observes Ling Miaomiao's hair, which is black and shiny, with a neat cross section at the end.

It’s not her?

A trace of suspense flashes across Mu Sheng’s face.

Amulet burns half on his palm, and the remaining half is still trying to attract the airflow, introducing a sweet taste, mixed in the breath of the amulet paper.

Immediately afterwards, the remaining half of the amulet paper struggles and burns to ashes. He paused and put Ling Miaomiao's hair on it smoothly, slowly attracting her smell.

He waits intently, even with a trace of nervousness.

Ling Miaomiao's slightly unscented smell slowly gathers around him, and is gradually purified and amplified. The smell of mugwort and nepenthes is filtered out. Then a strange and fragrant fragrance comes but cannot tell whether there is still the sweetness other than the fragrance.

Immediately, a familiar smell rolls in—that is a thick smell from Liu Fuyi.

Mu Sheng's face that became clear slightly just now is once again overcast with a cloud.

Author’s Note: This volume mainly describes the hometown of the female master, and at the end some of the plots about the latter chapters are infiltrated. Because of the need to explain the background and cultivate feelings, the content of this volume is more complicated, the tone is relatively flat, but the next volume will be exposed to more complete cases, and conflicts and plots will also be more intense.

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