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Substituted Bride (8)

"Miss, Are you OK?" A maid cautiously calls, her voice is as soft as a cat, scratching people's heart.

"What's the matter?" Ling Miaomiao turns over and feels a little startled. She opens the tent quickly, with her hair being braced in a mess and her eyes glaring like brass bells. Her look makes the maid flinch back a few steps.

"Not... it's not a big deal," the maid stammers and explains, "the milord says that Childe Liu and Miss Mu are taking refreshments in the lobby and asks you to accompany them."

Ling Miaomiao responds, and then rubs her sleepy eyes, sits for a while before getting up slowly.

The ivory comb is dipped in the clear water with petals and combing through the black hair. The original owner's hair is yellow and splits at the end, because original role always keeps sighing during the day and night. Soon, the comb is entangled. The considerate maid grabs a handful of balm and then applies it on the hair.

For a moment, the fragrance becomes tangy. Ling Miaomiao sneezes, and covers her nose impatiently, "Too troublesome. Just cut it."

The maid is shocked, "This... this is probably..."

"Well, I can do it by myself." She takes a pair of scissors from the drawer, grabs her hair from the maid's hand, and then cut the tips quickly. The scattered hair tips stagger on the dressing table. While cutting fiercely, she also keeps saying to the maid, "You can only get what you want by giving up something firstly. Cut it then it will grow well. Don't overpay attention to these hair tips."

Ling Miaomiao puts down the scissors, then like a water-soaked puppy, she shakes her head quickly. After shaking off the broken hair on her clothes, she seems to have entered a dhyana state.

The eyelids in the mirror are slightly swollen and slightly fallen down, making her look dull.

"Miss, didn't you sleep well last night?" the maid asks carefully.

"...Not really." Ling Miaomiao rubs her forehead, feeling a headache. It stands to reason that last night was her first step in the success of capturing the black lotus, and she should sleep soundly and happily.

However, she was enwound by nightmare last night as long as she closed her eyes.

The inverted reflection of torches is in the mirror-like pond, making the pond like a broken pool of stars. The heat is roasting the face of the people. At the door, many rows of people with disheveled clothes are kneeling on the ground, their faces are covered with mud, and the wail rises one after another, seems to fill the whole world. The soldiers are capturing the girls by pulling the hair, whose hands are tied behind the back. The girls are forced to stumbling along, like a broken sack being dragged.

The sound of crying is so high. Some people are struggling, like a fish thrown on a scale, swinging their tails frantically, but in the next second, their heads are cut off with a broadsword. Next to the executioner's boots, a puddle of blood forms soon, exuding an odorous smell. The executioner lifts his boots and leaves, creating a sound of squeaking and creaking.

Many wooden boxes are piled up, with some opened, revealing a glare of light under the wooden nails that are not nailed. That is a trembling butterfly hairpin, which has taken off the wings, and exposes the beauty that no one appreciates.

The distant horse snorts, a lame soldier intends to move the box to the carriage, but is hit by a stronger one to the side, then the two starts fights.

The night glows with red light, and everyone is like an ant on a hot pot. Someone is crazy, and someone is dead.

Miaomiao looks at the exquisite face of the maid. On that night when the water mirror was captured, the little maid was so scared that her teeth were trembling and her face was blue. But at this moment, her face becomes red again, like an apple, and her young life is resilient.

"How old are you?"

The maid is somewhat puzzled, "...14 years old. What's the matter, miss?"

Miaomiao looks at her face, thinks that in the book, this fourteen-year-old girl was raped and then killed at that messy night, then was threw away in the mud, with her big eyes were still staring.

At that time, where was Ling Yu? Did she just pass the green bamboo forest, or arrive in Xingzi Town? Had she ever thought about her home and the people who were left behind by her, had she ever considered what kind of fate did they face in the end?

She lowers her eyes, "Well, never mind. Let's go to the hall."

"Task reminder: Task one, quarter follow-up: you are required to continue to increase your intimacy degree with the character [Liu Fuyi] while the character [Mu Yao] is online. The reminder is complete."

Suddenly she receives a reminder that makes the cake in her mouth become dull.

"Puff." She vomited.

"Is it unpleasant?" Liu Fuyi smiles while drinking tea, then hands Miaomiao's tea cup to her.

"I think Miss Ling is still half asleep."

Mu Sheng says, half smirking. Although he didn't go asleep until the second half of the night, his face is still white and rosy, and there is even not a piece of blue under his eyes.

Met with Mu Sheng's black eyes, Ling Miaomiao shrinks subconsciously, and the fire and phantom sweeps over again in an instant, and her stomach begins to pour.

Mu Sheng sees her drinking a cup of tea with a pale face, ignores her completely as if he didn't hear that. Then, Miaomiao turns to Liu Fuyi, and asks softly, "Childe Liu, Do I look bad?"

She is in a world of her own, her eyes are burning, and Mu Sheng's admiration is frozen for a moment.

In the hall, only Miaomiao accompanies the protagonist group, and her father, the county chief is busy dealing with government affairs since early in the morning. Her father's original saying is that young people can easily talk together, he is old, and can’t talk with them well, causing the guests to be embarrassed.

In fact, Miaomiao knows that her father is interested in inviting this group of capable people to live for a period of time, so as to avoid any troublesome demons appearing in the county again. However, he is not good at suppressing people with his identity, so he intends to give the heavy duty to her daughter. He expects Miaomiao to be able to play with them, and it is best to be able to reach a friendship with them.

"Well, it's not very good." Fuyi looks closely at her pale face and frowns slightly, "Do you feel uncomfortable?" The two are very close to each other, and when he looks down, they form a somewhat ambiguous angle. Liu Fuyi, who bears the aura of the male master, has a unique temperament, so that when he stares at a girl, the one is expected to be shy.

Miaomiao looks back boldly, letting her face be blushed. Her tone becomes more pitiful, "I just... didn't sleep well last night."

Through Liu Fuyi's shoulder, she sees Mu Yao's action is paused while drinking the tea, and she raises her cold eyes, and looks over here.

Miaomiao gets closer to Fuyi again, and whispers, "I always have a nightmare in the night after capturing the water mirror."

She deliberately lowers her voice so that Liu Fuyi unconsciously has to come closer to listen.

Mu Yao frowns slightly.

Hearing the words "word mirror", Liu Fuyi's face becomes dignified and he looks at her for a while, appeases her, "Miss Ling is just an ordinary people. Probably you are influenced by the demon." He takes out a white silk bag from the pocket, and says, "This bag is filled with mugwort and nepenthes, and can make people calm down. Miss Ling may wish to try."

Ling Miaomiao snatches it and grabs it firmly, and also politely quit, "Can I really take it..."

Liu Fuyi feels funny, and says, "Yes, of course."

Ling Miaomiao puts the bag in her pocket, and can't help to restrain the corners of her lips, "Then I will take it?"

Liu Fuyi is amused: "OK."

"Take it. That's a gift for Miss Ling," at this time, Mu Yao's voice is faint and her eyes come straightly, "If you don't like the smell, I still have another one here."

Ling Miaomiao turns her head slightly. The atmosphere in this room becomes very strange, and everyone is aware of that, except for Liu Fuyi, who is speaking normally.

The woman's intuition is accurate in general. Even a mindless female creature will have subtle hostility to any females around her spouse. They unconsciously erect their hair and are alert to all the gentle traps. Although Mu Yao is free to talk, she is already tight now. Her knuckles holding the cup tightly betray her, because the skin near her nails is almost squeezed out of the nest.

Mu Sheng's expression has changed for a while. He is like a sunny doll hanging on the window by Mu Yao. With regard to some emotions, Mu Yao doesn't realize herself, but he could detect that first. Therefore, he looks at Miaomiao with a touch of deepness.

"Does Miss Mu also have a silk bag? Is it paired with Childe Liu's?" Miaomiao pinches Liu Fuyi's silk bag in her hand and asks curiously.

Over the top. She just intends to make a joke to make Mu Yao blush, so that she can turn this embarrassing page, so as not to make the young lovers have conflicts just because she needs to increase the intimacy degree.

However, Ling Miaomiao has no emotional experience after all. How could she expect that a casual joke is heard by Mu Yao, can become something with bad intentions. Mu Yao is aroused of the ambition to declare sovereignty, and a word "yes" almost comes out from her mouth-

"No." Mu Sheng replied intentionally.

"This is not the case. Generally, there are a few such silk bags around the demon catcher to drive away evil things." Liu Fuyi explains almost seriously at the same time.

Ling Miaomiao is stunned for a while. So embarrassing, what should I do?

Mu Yao's complexion turns from white to red, and then turns to white again, and then she stands up in a rush, "I'll go back first."

"Sister, I will accompany you." Mu Sheng is eager to see such a result. He follows Mu Yao and smiles as if a flower blooming in the spring, and his eyes are like radiating a light.

Liu Fuyi sits straightly and looks towards Mu Yao's back, full of worries in his eyes, but turns to Miaomiao.

"Please go to accompany her, Childe Liu, thank you for your silk bag." Miaomiao makes a way for him very kindly.

However, Liu Fuyi doesn't leave. He uses the long fingers to carry out a wordless amulet, takes the silk bag from Miaomiao's hand, folds it into small pieces, and stuffs the amulet in, "This is my amulet."

He smiles slightly: "There is my breath on it. If the nightmare is an evil thing, once it notices my amulet, it will not dare to haunt you."

Ling Miaomiao is so moved by the hero's benevolence that she runs into tears. She carefully pinches the opening of the silk bag, fearing that it would be broken, "Thank you, Childe Liu...

Liu Fuyi smiles, and then shakes his robe, "I'll go to see Yao'er."

Outside the untraversed West Wing, a figure walks by the pool. Twilight wind blew across the pond, wrinkling a pool of spring water, and the wicker is swinging in the wind. A wicker gently brushes the handsome face of the young man, and then is folded off by him.

The wicker with green shoots squeezes in his hand, and is suddenly thrown into the pool without any attachment, sinking into the mud.

Mu Sheng is very upset.

"Sister, I think Miss Ling is interested in Liu Fuyi."

"Don't talk nonsense." Mu Yao sits on the bed, her expression is faint, but her eyes shake violently.

His sister is distraught, he feels proud of himself, then added highly coloured details, "I don't think that Liu Fuyi is fed up with Ling Yu."

"Mu Sheng," Mu Yao frowns, "If you are free, go and practice the magic art, go out of my sight."

"Sister, don't be angry," he softens his tone, "I'm just worried, in case Liu Fuyi..."

"Fuyi is not like that." Mu Yao interrupts him slightly, her eyes are clear, with no trace of suspicion.

Mu Sheng hates his sister's trust in that person anyhow.

The wind blows his soft hairs on the forehead, and a touch of yellow flutters like a butterfly. Mu Sheng reaches out and grabs it. It was a piece of torn yellow paper. The red characters on it could only be seen a part, and could not be distinguished clearly.

His expression suddenly changes. This is Liu Fuyi's amulet.

That red is not cinnabar, but blood.

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