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That Braised Spicy Strip robbed the mission without any mercy because this is very normal in game.

So when the unlucky player whose ID is Claude returned in a huff, he grabbed the Sharp Snake by the arm and said, "Come on, knock me out!"

The Sharp Snake had no idea what was wrong with the guy, but when he saw the guy he'd just killed reappeared in front of him, he just rolled his eyes and passed out.

The vicious-looking trafficker was far more timid than he looked like.

Braised Spicy Strip was very sorry, but regretted at the same time and felt in the heart that the game was too strong.

Claude felt more bitterly, because he almost received a task, perhaps the hidden task, but he lost it at last.

So he ran to the Braised Spicy Strip in a murderous rage and swung his wooden sword at him.

Because the game is so realistic, it's actually a little hard to kill someone, but Claude was in a coma and couldn't fight back when the Braised Spicy Strip killed him, and the Braised Spicy Strip was actually a surgeon, psychologically there was not so much obstacle, he hesitated for a while and stabbed the sword in. Then he found that although the game was so real, but the wooden sword into the human body did not show a very real feeling, even there was no resistance that should be encountered under normal circumstances, the bleeding situation was also obvious to be banned, and until the body turned into bones, he broke through the mental block in an instant.

What's more, he realized that the game was so realistic that he could tell exactly where the target was by looking at Claude running into him.

So for no one having learned the skill, Braised Spicy Strip once again sent Claude to the resurrection site.

They didn't care, and when the other players around them saw the mission was gone, they spread out in regret and turned their eyes to the others on the road, ignoring the brawls between Claude and Braised Spicy Strip.

However, the normal residents of the Casey City watched them kill people without any hesitation, even the usually extremely vicious Sharp Snake was scared to faint, they basically were all in a state of hair standing on end.

Seeing that these people would be on to them again, the people in the street just now became scared and ran home without looking back.

These people... are terrible!

Even the city guards hesitated before they dared to come forward, sternly stating that they were not allowed to kill people at will in the city, but they did not really arrest the Braised Spicy Strip.

How messed up Casey city had become!

But it also had something to do with the fact that the Braised Spicy Strip killed outsiders, not residents of Casey City.

Igel looked impassive and was about to say something when Arp's face changed, "Young Master, be careful!"

The void in front of the tower suddenly vibrated, a man in a black cloak suddenly appeared, congealing icicles flying in Igel's direction in an instant!

Arp had risen, his lean body turned into a pale shadow, straight into the air.

The icicles were like a rain, and in the instant Pei Sen was able to pounce on Igel at his side, and after the upgrade, his stats improved in every way, not just in spells. In particular, his aptitude is full strength, although without high agility, but with high speed because of high strength and some bonus, now under the explosion, he really protected Igel in time before icicles arrived.

Then he felt a pain in his back, and several ice picks grazed his back, even if they weren't real stabs, leaving him with a few bloodstains, but because the ice pick itself was so cold, the wound froze and didn't bleed much.

"Are you all right?" Pei Sen's right hand was carefully placed under Igel's head. Although he was the one who held Igel down when he fell, if the head of this young man was hurt, Ms. Mary will beat on his ass when they get back.

Igel looked at him in silence, not knowing what he was thinking.

Pei said regretfully, "If I hadn't come out... "

And someone actually did want to kill him.

Igel didn't say anything, but going out today wasn't all for Pei Sen. A few feet away, Atwell flashed by. He looked for a while, but he couldn't catch the tail. This time it wasn't so much that Igel came out to give the attacker a chance, it was part of the plan.

Even if Pei Sen didn't do that, Igel would be fine. He had prepared fully and no one could hurt him.

As this wave of ice picks passed, the wizard in the air was already entangled with Arp, and Pei Sen took Igel into his arms and hid behind the pylon. He looked at the servants who had been standing behind Igel, most of whom had been wounded by the ice picks, lying on the ground now and wailing. One was almost dying.

His lashes quivered, and he pressed his lips together.

Before entering the game, he thought these are just NPC, dead or alive, he never took it to heart, but now he was inevitable in complex mood.

Because he had discovered that it wasn't a game at all, it was just that he didn't understand how the game had been programmed into the world.

Seeing him looking over there, Igel said quietly, "If they're going to kill me, they won't bother killing the servants, and you don't have to assume it's your fault. You think you're going to have enough influence to make me decide to go out? Of course not. I came out today because I was tired of the flies popping up from time to time."

From Igel's point of view, the servants were not at all attached to his heart.

In the land of Alexandria, though it may be said that people like Peston were paid from their estates, in the eyes of the aristocracy, the lives of the common people meant nothing at all.

Arp and the Mage were still fighting in midair, the Mage could flow in the air, Arp could not, but his body had turned into a light shadow, and the Mage would have been killed without the ice shelter before him.

Even if Pei Sen wasn't up to the level enough to see the dazzling fighting, it wasn't hard to see that Arp was stronger than the Mage.

Pei Sen had scarcely breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the sky was darkening, and a chill was spreading from the outside of the city to the inside!

Igel, of course, found out, and instead of being frightened, he laughed. "That's a big deal. I'm going to lure him out of his hole. He's going to kill me before I leave the city."

Igel's face was without any fear.

Pei Sen put out his head and looked out of the city. He shivered at the first glance, "Is this... the Lich?" He said in surprise.

There are no necromancers in the world view of Alex Mainland, so the one controlling the bone army to Casey City must be the Lich.

In fact, the strength of the Lich is not as powerful as the Ice Mage, but the trouble is, the bone army are immortal creatures, unless now come a bunch of priests of the Illuminati, otherwise they can do nothing with these bone army.

The other side seemed to know that Igel had some strong protectors around him, that the ice Mage fought with the strongest of Arp, and that several other men in black cloaks were advancing rapidly from the alley. Igel stood calmly on the top of the tower and watched as the men tried to intercept the assassins.

The Lich's role was to trap Igel so completely in the tower and once Igel's best men are pinned down, by the fact that the grand master was so obviously fragile, he wouldn't have stood up to those skeletons.

Igel wasn't exaggerating when he said the caped crusaders were all skillful masters.

Pei Sen watched all this calmly. He knew that he was weak at the moment, and could only manage a few skeleton soldiers. This did not affect the overall situation at all, however... his line of sight fell to the player who was watching the development of the matter with a gape below.

Two hundred players, it is not enough, however, they are not the same as ordinary people, although still some novices, but they are all swordsman, even the weak swordsman is also a swordsman, the system still gives an additional basic skills.

Most of all, he was certain that the army of bones he had seen might have been overpowered by the system, for it was not so terrible, while the other servants in the hall over there were screaming and trembling with fear.

This is also an advantage for the player.

Now there is no time to hesitate. Pei Sen stepped forward, using the magic array of the tower, he shouted, "Casey City is the domain of Lord Igel Ranno, these vicious and despicable assassins attempt to attack Lord Igel Ranno. We, the Bixs, are willing to fight to defend Lord Ranno, please take up arms and kill the invading enemies. All will be rewarded by Lord Igel Ranno!"

Igel was stunned. He didn't know what the hell Pei Sen was doing.

At this point, Pei Sen heard a pleasant sound "Ding" and, as he expected, the game released a task.

"TIME-LIMITED MISSION: Protect Igel Ranno, fight off assassins within 3 hours. (Active trigger mission, Mission Level: Level A, as the active trigger, he will gain an additional 100% experience bonus, and get a level A storyline box."

As a veteran of Bix Magic Cube, he already knew a lot about the game's various modes, such as the trigger modes for various tasks, which are divided into active and passive, though he doesn't know why, but Pei Sen was well aware of the nature of the game system.

The so-called active trigger task in fact is not very difficult, and can even trigger the main line of active tasks!

The game seems to want players to mess up things as big as possible, as long as you make things, it will give you a reward.

It also hopes that players can actively fit in the world, as long as the conditions are proper, it does not mind players involving in all kinds of big, small or boring things.

To sum up, Bix Magic Cube is a very dangerous game, which is anxious to see the world in disorder.

This sound "Ding" was not only heard by Pei Sen, but also by the novice players who had just entered the game for less than half an hour. All the expressions of the players were excited and they almost shouted out.

"It's amazing! On the first day of the Beta test, there was this huge mission! Damn, this CG, it's awesome!"

"Qw-ow-ow, where is that Lord Ranno? Ah-ah-ah, there are all skeletons!"

"Go, go, go! Stop Them! The mission says, EXTRA CREDIT FOR CONTRIBUTION!"

"Shit, don't rob the reward from me! "


Two hundred players rushed toward the bone army pouring into the city, and nearby Casey City aborigines have long disappeared.

Even if they knew that Igel was their Lord, they would never want to fight the terrible Lich for his lordship.

And this group of inexplicable Bixs,  dressed in shabby clothes, with a broken wooden sword, rushed toward the blade of the skeletons.

The images are not only baffling to the assassins, but also completely incomprehensible to the manor guards protecting Igel.

Igel in the tower, for the first time... looked shocked.

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