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The players have no bottom line, after all, in their opinion, these people are just NPC in the game, not real people.

Most were better, badgering terrified passers by to confirm if they had a mission.

Because most of the time in game mode, when you talk to a NPC, the NPC doesn't say the same sentence like a machine, which means that the NPC is probably a special one with a mission or something like that.

So, everyone noticed that the NPC in this game are different, each NPC is like a special NPC! Because when you talk to them, the reaction of these NPC seems to be something else entirely!

"What can I do for you? "

"No... No... "

"Don't worry about it. What can I do for you? "

The player's eager face almost touched the young man's face, and he was trembling with fear, "No, no... "

"Don't worry, I'm very capable. What can I do for you? "

Youth: "..."

What was the matter with the man in shabby clothes? He said over and over again? The young man would have run away if he were not so tall and scary.

Even now, his eyes wandered as he tried to run away when he wasn't looking.

As soon as he lifted his foot, the player grabbed his arm.

The iron pincer-like hand was too strong which made the young man's face even more Ashen.

Still the same warm-hearted, scary face, "Can I help you? "

The young man was about to cry. He looked around despairingly and realized that he was not the only one who was entangled. After racking his brains, he finally said in broken sentences, "Help, help me take this fish to Bowler on that street?"

Players all of a sudden got excited to jump up, as expected there was a task!

It wasn't just this poor young Casey city young man, all the other people around him mostly tried to think of something to do with them, but there were also some very bad people in their own right, as if the city itself was in a state of chaos, otherwise, Pei Sen wouldn't have had to sneak into Golden Rose Manor.

At this point, however, the players were unaware of this fact and still frantically harassing the local people.

After all, for them, it's just a game.

At this time, Pei Sen saw a guy  directly beat a player under the watchful eyes of the people.

Casey City is not a good and orderly city. To be precise, it's more of a chaotic and orderly city. There's a limit to how orderly it can be.

At that time, for example, the human trafficker Kui Lang, who caught Pei Sen and almost sold him, belongs to a powerful force in the city.

Here the player is knocked to the ground, and the person who beat him happened to be one of Kui Lang's men. He was always wandering the streets to see if there was any suitable cargo to be caught. They were professional traffickers, and their merchandise was human.

Today many players flowed into the city, most of them were good-looking, even if at this time they can not pinch the face, but most of them scanned their own image and certainly made some adjustments. Overall, these players were really beautiful. It will be strange if Kui Lang did not send people here.

But even by adjusting the face, in this game to achieve the level of fine handsome Pei Sen was still not easy.

After the face pinch system came out, pinch face failed too much, but the really high-level pinch face were absolutely still great.

At this moment, the man who knocked down a player was kui Lang's younger brother, nicknamed the Sharp Snake, whose real name was rarely remembered. He observed for a while and found that although these guys came together, they did not seem to know each other. A man happened to come towards him, as if trying to talk to him, so he knocked him down with a blow without hesitation, trying to call a nearby accomplice to come and drag him away.

That was the way they did things, who had paid the guards to turn a blind eye to what they did because the town was so remote that the Lord was not in charge at all.

Seeing what was going on over there, he heard a sneer from Igel beside him, and he suddenly remembered what Ms. Mary said: This is Igel's land...

"These traffickers are indeed out of line, but it is not the young master's fault, " Pei Sen tried to console Igel, who was, after all, only fourteen years old, and he must be very unhappy with the way his territory looked.

Igel glanced at him and said coldly, "I have nothing to do with the Casey City."

Well, consider himself kissing up to the horse.

At this time, the Sharp Snake had not had time to drag people away, all the hairs on the back of the body were standing up, how to describe this situation?

At the instant he knocked the young man down, all the people nearby were silent for a moment, as if the air had stood still for a moment, and then the Sharp Snake saw all of them turned their heads in unison, all eyes were on him.

It was not a look of anger or malice; it was a thrill.

Yes, dozens of hundreds of people looked at him knocking down a person to drag away. They all stared at him with a kind of excited and weird eyes!

When one of the men screamed "mission" and came at him, he just picked up the dagger and tried to resist, only to find that the man was not trying to hurt him, but held on to his arm.

Others also ran to him and to his surprise, one man picked up a wooden sword with a sharp point, and without hesitation stabbed the fallen man to death. The others took one look and did not care.

Who the hell are these people?

The Sharp Snake got scared, and he thought these guys were a little crazy.

By this time, Igel was finally on his feet, and it was clear that he had not expected this to happen.

"Master, the body! " Arp, who had been hiding in the darkness, appeared beside Igel and said in a deep voice.

Igel nodded, "I see it."

"Don't be surprised. They're from Bixs." Pei Sen smiled lightly.

He had known this for a long time, and in fact the Bixs would later astound the whole of Alex Mainland.

"The Bixs?"

Pei Sen looked at the the "player's body” turning into bones in a few seconds through magic eye, which scared the Sharp Snake to fall to the ground and explained to Igel, "The Bixs are a race from the deep-seated Mount Askin. They are a very large family, and they don't look very different from the average person, but they have three characteristics."

“Three characteristics?” Igel looked at him. As a nobleman, Igel was not a shallow man; he knew most of the races of the world, but had never heard of the Bixs.

Pei Sen took his time. The game itself gave him the design, and it's no secret that everyone will know even if he doesn't tell others now.

I have to say, the Bix clan in the game setting is actually quite interesting. After all, the players are immortal. Before tenth level, there is no loss even if they are killed, but after level ten, if they are killed, they will still lose experience and suffer a period of weakness.

It's not always easy to find a reasonable explanation for this kind of game setting, but the system makes everyone believe that there is such a weird race.

"First, the Bixs will quickly turn to bone when they die, and after a few hours, the bones turn to dust, leaving nothing behind." Pei Sen thought the design was meant to distinguish them from demonic creatures. He knew that demonic creatures will turn to dust immediately when they die, and perhaps the system is programmed to incinerate them after a period of time to prevent players from being considered them as demonic creatures.

"Secondly, when the Bixs die, his brothers and sisters will inherit his face memory, and all of other things until the last blood family is destroyed. Thirdly, the Bixs are naturally able to travel among different areas, although not at will, their presence in Casey City means they can travel from the Mount Askin to here."

Igel frowned as he listened, for the race was too strange.

"It's no a surprise, really," said Pei Sen, laughing at what he was thinking, "We have strong orcs beyond the distant walls of our continent, proud elves in the forest, ugly dwarfs underground, giants on the edge of the ice fields, and strange as they are, Bixs still look like human."

Igel stared at him for a moment, "You know a lot."

In fact, in the center of the human population, these aliens are almost invisible. In fact, humans are so powerful, their living space has been squeezed out, and they're already very rare. In the early days, some nobleman kept Orcs and elves for fun, but now very few people are interested in doing so.

As for the reason, Pei Sen really do not know, only know that the center of the Human Kingdom of Alex hate to see the aliens, the aristocracy naturally dare not be free to keep them.

Igel had a sneer on his lips. Pei Sen didn't know, but he knew clearly that there have been instances in several countries where half-breeds have almost ascended the throne because they were so loved, and since then, not only the king, but also the great lords, have banned the breeding of Orcs and elves.

One thing Pei Sen was right that though the Bixs were a little more strange than the others, but not too surprising.

But the Sharp Snake below don't think so, because for years there have been few aliens on the human continent, and many civilians don't even believe that there are aliens in the world, thinking that they are just legends, it's really scary to see players who are obviously not normal.

He saw the killing and the body turn into the bones and he was scared to desperately step back, but the influx of players almost surrounded him, where there is  no room to back.

"Save, save me! " He called bis partners, however they were also frightened enough to choke, one by one ran away in an instant.

The Sharp Snake didn't dare look up at all. He felt a thousand excited eyes focused on him. The terror made him shiver all over. To tell the truth, after being a human trafficker for so long, he always thought he had a lot of guts, but now, the look on their faces and the way they stared at him made him almost faint with fear.

Who the hell are these people, and why are they acting so weirdly?

Seeing Him afraid, the players were really excited, Shit, the game is too real, this NPC is played by real people? Why his intelligence is so high?

No, even in real life, this guy could get an acting award, right? So good acting skills?

"Don't be afraid." one player said kindly, "What were you trying to do to knock that guy out? Pick me, knock me out."

Sharp Snake was stunned: "? ? ?"

The magic eye could not pick up the sound, so Pei Sen and Igel on the tower could only see the picture, but Pei Sen thought he knew what they were talking about. He looked into the shocked eyes of the servants behind Igel and endured the laughter hard.

It should be said that the world's local people should not be able to understand the way players think.

At this time, a player angrily ran in from outside the city, the game players can only revive at the resurrection point, so he can only be resurrected after running back, running while screaming, "Braised Spicy Strip! You dare to steal my task!"

Yeah, that's the guy who got knocked out by the Sharp Snake and killed by another player trying to steal the mission.

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