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Three days later, after showing Ms. Mary and Igel the Cleaning Spell, he got a raise, and it looked like neither Ms. Mary nor Igel wanted Bertha to clean the carpet at all.

Pei Sen watched his NPC page had gone from the most basic level to a green page and his title became the official "Valet" of  the Golden Rose Manor.

"I am not too far away from seeing the scene behind the the Mosaics." He thought optimistically, "As soon as I go up to the blue NPC panel, the mosaic swill probably be gone."

"No, why do I care so much about the mosaics? Igel, does it matter... if there are mosaics on this kid? "

He couldn't see the mosaic on anyone else now, after all, he was Igel's personal butler.

Just tomorrow, the Bix Magic Cube will officially open for testing, he saw the announcement!

It was a great pity that Igel did not like to go out at all, and that he, as a valet, did not have the opportunity to go out as often as Vargo, the handyman, and that in this day and age, as a downtrodden people, he was paid a little salary, but there was no such thing as a holiday on the manor.

"Tomorrow must be a day to witness history, but I'm stuck in the manor, playing cat with a naughty kid... " Pei Sen said, but he really didn't want to miss this historic day, finally found the time to go to Ms. Mary.

"You want to take the day off tomorrow and go back to Casey City?" Said Ms. Mary Gravely, "Why, as far as I know, you have no family in town."

Golden Rose Manor did not investigate the details of his origin, but it was necessary to fake some stories, so that he said he had been trafficked here to Balster, which would have justified Ms. Mary's claim.

"When I was trafficked here, there was something important hidden in the city." Pei Sen said, trying to spin a lie, "Now that I've settled down at the manor and I want to stay here, so I just want to take it out and keep it close by."

Ms. Mary looked at him blankly for a moment before she said, "I can't make that decision. You need to ask the young master for leave."

Pei Sen: "..."

If the naughty kid are so easy to talk to, dos he need to come to Ms. Mary?!

Because knowing Igel's character in such a short time, he felt that Igel would never allow him to take leave of his own free will.

No, technically, he's not gonna say yes to any of his requests.

But his desire to witness history prevailed, and he bravely explained to Igel his intention to take a leave of absence.

Igel's green eyes looked at him nonchalantly, "Do you want to go to Casey City? "

"Yes, sir. I promise I'll be back as soon as I've got my things, and I won't lose any time." he said, trying to make the most sincere gesture, or he will half knelt and shook Igel's hand to vow an oath.

In a way, Pei Sen was still very flexible, before crossing, he also suffered a lot of social beating, he has never been the kind of face-saving people.

Igel put down his books, stood up, and walked over to him.

Though only fourteen, he was already about the same height as Pei Sen, not too short, but too tall for Igel, who, after all, had increased his height by a few centimeters over the system's standard for adult men in Alex Mainland.

Despite his boyish figure, Igel was too tall for his age.

"You're lying." Igel said suddenly.

"No, master." said Pei Sen, sighing with the truest innocent smile on his face as his heart tightened.

Igel looked carefully at his beautiful face, and actually his appearance can  prove whatever he said.

Pei Sen felt that he can be better to Igel for his beautiful face, Igel also felt that he was really too nice to him, too.

He's never been so nice to anyone!

"Arp, " Igel called, and a shadow slowly appeared from the dark beside him, and presently a tall, thin young man showed which startled Pei Sen, "Go and tell Vargo that I am going to Casey City tomorrow. "

"Yes, master. " The young man, Arp, disappeared into the shadow again.

Pei Sen carefully looked at him a few times and thought this should be a skillful assassin or thief.

At this point, Igel reached into his ear and whispered, "Come with you tomorrow, and I'll watch you take it out." He paused, bending his lips, "If you're lying to me, Pei Sen, Hah."

Pei Sen felt that last chuckle was full of the worst malice in the world.

He was just a half-grown fourteen-year-old boy, but for some unknown reason he seemed to be frightening.

As Igel backed away, he tried to resist the urge to rub his ears. Why did he think the breathe of Igel besides his ears was cool?

In spite of Igel's "threats", he wondered who he was bluffing about, and though it was a lie to take something, it wasn't that hard to really take something, was it?

Besides, tomorrow the city may be in turmoil because of the arrival of players, who knows what will happen.

So Pei Sen didn't think he's scared at all.

On this day he went about his business as usual, triumphantly feeling that he had really done the job of valet perfectly.

And Igel narrowed his eyes as he watched him walk briskly with a smile on his lips. Perhaps he didn't realize it, but today he's more gentle and attentive than usual.

Igel has always been very sensitive, if people around have any emotional changes, it is always easy for him to catch.

There's something really strange about Pei Sen.

His mood seemed to be changing all the time.

Even if from beginning to end, he was faced with the infinite tolerant and gentle smile like water.

It's actually kind of fun.

"Here is a letter from the earl of Ashkelon, master, " he said, putting the thin letter in the hand of Igel.

It was rare that Igel did not ask for help, but opened the letter himself.

Although Pei Sen had only been at the Golden Rose Manor for a short time, he also knew that the earl of Ashkelon did not seem to be very old. He is one of few friends of their bad-tempered young master.

The fact that master Igel Ranno had friends was a subject on which the servants of the manor preferred to make private remarks, though they dared to mention it only in private.

However, Pei Sen could understand that if Igel's position were high, some people might be friends with him not so much out of sincerity as for profit.

Igel probably knew this, too, so Aikin Ashkelon was probably the kind of friend Igel would really admit to.

Though the young earl did not seem to have a very good reputation.

It was Igel who had sent Aikin a letter the other day about his new valet’s interesting mood changes, and about his infinite gentleness in the face of himself. He told Aikin about how he occasionally chased away servants and housekeepers, and Aikin told Igel stories about his wild foppish affairs.

The correspondence between the two of them has always been about these unnourished things.

This time, when Igel opened the letter, a look of dissatisfaction suddenly appeared on his face. Lazy Aikin returned only a few words to him.

"There are so many people in the world whose emotions are constantly changing that you don't find it interesting."

"Igel, isn't your new valet good-looking?"

Igel: "..."

The boy tore the thin sheet of paper and tossed it into Pecos's bowl of fish soup.

Pecos meowed and refused to drink the inky fish soup again!

"Pei Sen. "

"Yes, master." He had not ventured to read Igel's letters; he did not know what the count had written, and Igel did not seem very pleased.

"Go to make Pecos a new bowl of fish soup."

Pei Sen reluctantly agreed to come down, he not only served the master, but also the fat black cat.

"You cook it yourself. "

"Yes, master. "

After all, he was counting on Igel to take him out of the House tomorrow. He thought he could be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle no matter what Igel did today.

Besides, it's just a bowl of fish soup for a cat. Isn't that a piece of cake?

Thinking about tomorrow, Pei Sen was actually nervous and looking forward to it with great anticipation.

What he feared was that he would not see the players tomorrow, and that he would be the only one to cross over into this world, a real world that had nothing to do with the game at all.

Only the presence of those players, perhaps can really placate his uneasiness.

He is not a person, not only a lonely person, lost in this both familiar and strange world.

Even if the players are all strangers, they are the most familiar with him from the same World.

"It's okay, everything's going to be fine. I can read the forum, right? This is the game world." Pei Sen was still trying to convince himself before closing his eyes and going to sleep.

There will be people in the novel who will like their own unique existence, with Goldfinger across the other world to become the only protagonist.

Right now, what Pei Sen was looking for is a million players coming into the world to make him less unique.

In the end, he couldn't sleep through the night.

The next day, he helped Igel to put on a magnificent white shirt, a pair of black breeches with a gold rose pattern, and brown boots made of the leather of some strange animal, a long coat with a gold brooch and fine gems.

Ms. Mary herself combed his long, silky blond hair, tied it with a sterling silver braid, and said, "You haven't been out in a long time, have you?" She looked into the shadows, "Arp, keep the young master safe."

Igel said lightly, "What's there to see in Casey City? It's backward and boring."

Ms. Mary sighed, "This is your territory, anyway..."

Territory? He had just learned that Casey was Igel's territory, and no players should have noticed that.

There was a lord of the Casey City, and he never mentioned whom the city belonged to, and it seemed strange that the Golden Rose Manor should be so near to Casey.

The thought crossed his mind and was forgotten instantly. Nothing today is as important as the game opens alpha test.

He glanced at the magnificent clock in the distance. It was now a quarter past nine in the morning. Igel's daily routine had changed little. He got up at seven in the morning and went to bed at ten at night.

It took him too long to get up for breakfast and wear clothes- Pei Sen was really worried. The alpha test will start at 10 am!

The time ratio between the game and the real world is 1 to 1, so it should be synchronized.

So he had only forty-five more minutes to go, but he was in no hurry to put Igel directly into the carriage and hasten away.

He can only pretend docile quiet appearance and the anxiety hide in the bottom of his heart.

Fortunately, by half past nine, they were at last in the carriage.

Pei Sen looked out of the window at the unsightly scene, nervously wiped his sweaty palms on his pants, and then silently clenched his fist.

Igel leaned half back on the soft cushion and looked at his valet somewhat perplexedly.

It's funny how his moods changed.

Igel thought Aikin was wrong anyway. He wasn't just funny because of his good looking.

Well, he's a good-looking guy.

But not as pretty as me.

Igel snorted and decided not to look at him.

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