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The next day, when Pei Sen went to work as usual, he found two of the maids standing trembling outside the door, and seeing him there was like seeing a savior.

He went over and said, "Is the young master in a temper again?"

One of the maids nodded furiously, and the other pursed her lips as if still in shock.

This is the kind of work that other people can get around, but not Pei Sen. In fact, it's the kind of work that almost every butler does, and it's usually not for long as a direct outlet for Igel.

"I wish pPei Sen would stay a little longer." said one of the maids regretfully, for it would be a pity to let such a good-looking man go.

Another maid said optimistically, "Compared with the previous ones, the master seems to be quite good to Pei Sen."

"Are you sure?"

When did Igel treat anyone well? Forget it.

As Pei Sen entered, Igel stood at the window, his face was expressionless, and he had a very subdued air around him.

Come to think of it, this young master was only 14 years old, how should a normal boy be in his 14 years old? He thought, in a modern world young boy in 14 years old tend to be opinionated, it's not surprising that Igel had a bad temper.

Just as he was thinking this, Igel looked up and said, "Get out. "

"Are you in a bad mood? " He tried to smile softly, "I'll go to the kitchen and get breakfast. You’ll feel good if you eat something. What kind of fruit would you like today? Or say to Ms. Mary, and take a walk in the garden?"

Igel's green eyes froze, "No." he said with a sneer, "Out? I don't think I'll be able to go out any time soon, or I'll die to please someone!"

He picked up a bone porcelain teacup and threw it at Pei Sen!

The cup fell on Pei Sen's shoulder, and he frowned and wanted to rub his sore shoulder, but at last he still kept smiling, saying softly, "Don't go out, master; you can also play with Pecos or read some books. "

Another teacup was thrown, and Pei Sen couldn't help but duck, or it would have hit him on the forehead!

Igel, however, was furious, "You dare hide! "

Pei Sen: "..."

This job is really hard to do, Ah, this can not be described as "bad-tempered".

Igel shouted, "You dare hide." and it would normal to not dodge, but Pei Sen remained calm and did so, with the exception of the first teacup, the others thrown at him from behind did not even touch him.

Pei Sen was a little proud. He thought he had a good reaction capability.

When he looked up, Igel was already very angry, which only added to the brightness of his already beautiful face.

Sure enough, beauty is gorgeous even when he's angry.

"Master, the teacups are heavy and really hurt." said Pei Sen slowly, picking them up one by one, and then going up to Igel, half kneeling, to fix the loose laces on his ornate shirt.

Igel looked angrily at the bold man, and saw him half kneeling before him, tying to knot the laces of his shirt with long, nimble fingers.

He wasn't too afraid of Igel. He was a bit naughty, but he was still too young and wasn't enough to do much damage without a dangerous weapon.

Besides, can't he dodge the teacup?

Igel looked down at him, whose eyes are as clear as diamonds. He put his cold fingers on Pei Sen’s chin, "Hurt from the teacup? But I wouldn't be happy if the teacup didn't hit you! "

Pei Sen looked up and smiled, "Master, throwing the teacup is not something to be happy about. Can I do more happy things with you in the future?"

"In that case, starting tomorrow, you must come here before I get up and leave at night after I fall asleep," Igel said with a sneer, "I'll give you more time to do happy things with me later."

Pei Sen: "..."

It was a mistake, and it wasn't a good thing to provoke the naughty kid. Pei Sen's heart was in a river of sorrow, and he would have to work twice as long as 996 (Chinese Internet language which means working from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and for 6 days a week)!

Pei Sen wanted to keep his knowledge of the spells for a while longer, and learning the basic spells in one night would be too shocking to say.

And lately he had no desire to offend the ill-tempered Igel for he was himself to suffer, and so he became more obedient, gentle, patient and diligent in Igel's presence, and more attentive to Pecos as well, the fat cat, who had ignored him at first, finally gave him some face.

Looking at Igel who was asleep, this guy was annoying when he was awake, but beautiful when he was asleep, almost like a beautiful angel.

Pei Sen left quietly, and at last he was able to go back to have a rest.

He greeted the housemaid outside, and returned to his room.

Then Mary appeared in the dim hall, and the night maid opened the door for her respectfully.

Igel, who appeared to have fallen asleep, opened his eyes and leaned over the bed in his pure white silk nightgown, looking at Mary.

"Did you find it? "

"No, " sighed Ms. Mary, "I suspect he is from Balster, but from the way he reacted the other day in front of Kessel, I thought maybe not. "

"Never mind." Igel said bored, "Don't bother, he's no threat to me now anyway."

Mary nodded, "That's what Atwell said. Even people whose identity is not aware is safer than those they send here. But keeping these unidentified civilians close to you is a problem itself, and I suspect there will be trouble from the capital."

"They can't do anything as long as I insist." Igel yawned, "This Pei Sen, he's not bad. "

Ms. Mary was genuinely surprised that Igel had dismissed so many of his closest housekeepers, this is the first one he commented "not bad".

It was just a question of where he came from, and Ms. Mary was already considering whether to ask him herself.

"Don't ask him." Igel pursed his lips, "I said we Golden Rose Manor hire people without asking where they come from, and we'll do as what we said! It would be impossible for him to remain in the house long enough not to show his habits, and then it would be easy to judge where he comes from. Besides, maybe he'll tell me himself after a while?"

Ms. Mary sighed, "Okay, but remember, Igel, that medal should always stay with you." 

"I know." Igel said nonchalantly.

After Ms. Mary left, Igel laid in bed alone, and it took a while for him to fall asleep.

Pei Sen thought he can sleep well every time, but he didn't.

And Igel had never been able to fall asleep in front of anyone, and any movement would wake him up.

Igel couldn't really sleep if Pei Sen did not leave.

Pei Sen did not know anything about these. He may complain about this child why to torment himself, is it bad to sleep early? It’s no need to pretend.

At this time, Pei Sen was not in the mood to pay attention to Igel's affairs. He had not paid attention to the situation of the forum for several days, because the announcement was as quiet as death for a long time, but it had some changes today suddenly!

The original perfunctory words disappeared, the forum also changed to be the formal forum appearance that the public is quite familiar with, and the page became unexpectedly hot.

Pei Sen looked at the new top announcement and understood why it was so hot.

"The first batch of Bix Magic Cube Beta players has been announced, and the Beta code has been sent to your mailbox. Please confirm and fill in the address as soon as possible. We will send the game cabin free of charge."

"The second batch of Beta code will be issued on August 9."

Pei Sen squinted his eyes, the Beta players are really lucky, the game cabin is free, you know he bought a game cabin himself and it is not cheap! The low-level configuration was 9999 yuan, the middle 15999 and the high directly beyond 20,000, after a discount it was even 21000 yuan.

But compared with the sale price abroad, the domestic is already very cheap, a foreign game cabin was several times than the domestic.

He was lamenting the price of the game cabin, the forum was full of posts, almost half of them started with “Fuck”.

"I thought it was a joke, but it's true?"

"Who would believe that a message that looks like a scam is actually..."

"Is it too late to apply for the test?"

"I found this place when I saw a link from a friend. What awesome game company makes a holographic game and doesn't even advertise it?"

"Ask for an internal test number, money is not a problem."

"Buy a Beta code, price is negotiable."


Pei Sen glanced at the front page of the forum, there had been several Hot posts with about 2,000 comments below. He knew the news about this game had already spread out and had a certain degree of heat.

But it's not as hot as it's going to be later.

Some people are right that Bix Magic Cube has never really been advertised or promoted, or even in the news.

Quietly opened a notice page, and then opened a forum.

Now the hottest post in the whole forum had over 10,000 comments covering more than 100 pages.

The content of the post was very simple, which was a player selected to test directly posted a picture, the silver  smooth and slender game cabin.

"The real game cabin of the holographic game just came in the evening, and I think the game company should be in the same town as me."

No language is more powerful than a picture.

This simple picture shows that everything is true and there is no doubt about it.

"July 9th, what day is that? " Only Pei Sen murmured, knowing how much the world would change if a large number of players poured in.

It should be soon.

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