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Pei Sen's main account is also a Mage. He himself entered the game after the Bix Magic Cube became popular around the world. When he entered the game, the Mage profession had already developed  to be quite mature. There are many online tips and tricks posts, at that time the forum recognized that the Mage is a very brain-burning occupation, so few players chose it, but since some chose the Mage, there are still many people play very sophisticated. After all a lot of players chose it just because the Mage seems to be awesome and unique basically gave up at last.

When he first played, he did not know that the Mage is such a abnormal profession, but he is not a person to give up easily, while he actually played it for fun, in the end, he was  also the relatively famous high player of Mage.

Even though it's an alt account with low intelligence, it's still a Mage account.

When he got Bertha's notes, he didn't hurry to read them. Instead, he sent the plates back to the kitchen and let maids cooked some soup again.

As Pei Sen walked away, Kessel gave Ms. Mary a meaningful look, "How can you rest assured to send this ignorant common people to the young master. "

Mary did not look at him, "Since the young master insists, I don't see any harm in it. "

Aren't the people you sent here more dangerous than him? These civilians even don't know the truth, but they are better than your people.

As if he knew what Mary was thinking, Kessel chuckled and said nothing more. He turned away with his ornate wizard robe gleaming faintly under the crystal lamp.

Ms. Mary looked back at him and felt still worried.

Just because of uneasiness, the young master did not dare to tarnish his reputation, and every once in a while he would run away with a group of people.

And no one know how long this Pei Sen can stay here.

If Igel knew what Mary was thinking, he would laugh.

Chasing people away because of upset? No, it's not. He actually didn't like them, and that's why he kicked them out.

He was still playing casually with the cat when a beautiful girl with dark hair and blue eyes came through the door. She looked at the stain on the floor and released a Cleansing Spell with disgust on her face, then she took a deep breath before speaking to Igel, "Not in the mood? " 

Igel didn't even look at her, "You know I'm in a bad mood, and you're still staying here?"

The girl, of course, was Bertha, who had come to clean the carpet on Kessel's orders.

As a gifted girl, a high born Mage who was already brilliant on her way to becoming a professional wizard, she felt aggrieved to be called in to clean the carpet like a maid. The teacher told her to talk to Igel as much as she could, and she tried, but Igel's personality was intolerable!

"Won’t you go away?" Said Igel sarcastically, "The carpet is clean. Remember who you are. You're just a carpet cleaner. What, should I have someone escorted you out? "

That attitude, which treated Bertha like a cleaning maid, made Bertha blush, and she didn't want to talk any more, so she turned and stormed off.

By the time Pei Sen returned, not only had the carpet been cleaned, but the two maids were carefully cleaning the room's furnishings. They had been trained to narrow their bodies, to minimize their presence, there's not a sound coming out of the whole thing.

Because in the early days, any maid with high sense of existence or making any noise had been turned away.

"Master, if you don't want thick soup, why don't you have some light one? I'll cook some porridge for you next time, OK?" said Pei Sen, smiling patiently. He still worry about the notebook in mind.

Basically, it's like a baby's voice.

The Alex Mainland’s main food is bread, meat and soup. Of course, there is rice. But rice is not grown in the land itself. For the Golden Rose Manor, this ingredient is not hard to come by.

As a matter of fact, Pei Sen was also self-indulgent. These days, he was ready to vomit as he ate so much bread.

Igel looked at him curiously, "Can you cook food?"

"As a civilian, it's a basic survival Spell, too, master " Pei Sen said with a smile, "But it depends on if you like it."

If the young master is not used to eating his food, it’s not a big deal, but he has to askthe young master to have a try, then it is just fair and square to do what he wants to eat.

Pei Sen thought he was pretty smart.

He endured another hour or so at Igel's room, watching him take two bites of his dinner, but really only two... and then, as if Igel ate it as a favor to you, Pei Sen couldn't complain more.

Finally he helped the cat called Pecos combing the hair for a long time, which was the end of the day's work. ".

Back in his room, Pei Sen finally had time to pull out the notebook.

Ordinary people look at this kind of Mage's notes would be absolutely bewildered. The so-called qualification is not really the most important thing. Kessel casually threw this note to Pei Sen because she was also convinced that a boy without a teacher and from a common background can't go down the path of the Mage with a basic notebook.

The corners of his mouth curved as he looked at the notes.

The notes written by Bertha as she had just learned from Kessel were not very advanced, but the Mage himself had a high threshold, and when Kessel gave him the book, he did not say that almost all of it was in magical language, the so-called magic language is not the same as the general text. Its semantics are obscure and only if the learner have a certain understanding ability and the basis of of space imagination can he learn the magical spells.

However, the existence of the game system directly across the so-called "magic language" barriers.

There have been some players who felt that they might be good at solid geometry and definitely be able to play the Mage well. There is some truth to this, but not absolute, because the models of these spells are not reasonable at all. There are no rules at all, there are distortions and connections that go beyond the realm of science.

Because spells itself is not scientific.

One thing is for sure, all spell models are incredibly complex.

However, Pei Sen was already Spelled in memory spell models, his main account once mastered about 300 kinds of spells, more than half of which are above the intermediate level of spell models, absolutely complex to eye-watering.

But one of the great things about being a game player is that if you can remember the model and reproduce it on the Spells panel, you'll be able to master the spell 100% , which means if you read the Spells book, then it'll be on the Spells list forever. Unlike a normal Mage, after memorizing the model of a spell, you have to practice hard before you can really master a spell. This is probably one of the reasons why Mage is so rare and precious. Not only is the threshold high, but progress is difficult, and those who can truly become Mage must be intelligent.

Pei Sen looked at the first spell model, and the spell was instantly constructed in his mind, because his main account also mastered the Spell.

The most basic form of meditation, which is not the basis of the novel's Mage practice, is purely a passive technique used to restore magic.

"Ding, the ‘Meditation Spell’ is learned."

Meditation Spell (Passive Ability) : + 10% Magic Regeneration speed.

Magic regeneration is associated with intelligence and can also be increased by the passive power of Meditation Spell.

He looked down into the notebook where Bertha had first learned magic, and it was nearly impossible to discover more advance spells in it.

Almost all of them are the most basic and elementary apprentice spells, just right for him at this stage.

In the Spell list it is specified that you need a certain amount of spell reserves to learn more advanced spells. For each apprentice spell you learn, your spell knowledge should be + 1, to the point where you can learn basic spells, you need 20 or more spells knowledge to do that.

That's not an easy number to get to. Pei Sen's main account was a jumble of apprentice spells that took him a long time to get through.

To Pei Sen's delight, this notebook is full of very basic and simple apprentice spells, but there are a lot of them!

"The Cleaning Spell, the Tidying Spell, the Dusting Spell... " thought Pei Sen. "Does Kessel really want to send this Bertha to be Igel's maid? Why are there so many apprentice spells of this kind?"

Quite a few of them have never been seen before!

However, this kind of life spells are not very popular among players. Very few players really care about this aspect of the game, and their obvious preference is for the actual attack and defense spells.

"Very good, just can give me some spells knowledge." Pei Sen seemed not to dislike it.

"Ding, learn the ‘Cleaning Spell'."

"Ding, learn the 'Tidying Spell'."

"Ding, learn the 'Dust Removal Spell'."

"Ding, learn the 'Shelter from the Rain Spell'."

"Ding, learn the 'Divert Water Spell'."

"Ding, learn the 'Primary Ice Blade'."

"Ding, learn the 'Primary Cryogenics Spell'."


Pei Sen speculated that Kessel may be an ice Mage, because even if the apprentice magic, this note does not include any spells of other elements, there are all basic ice element.

He leafed through the notes at night and learned all the apprentice spells in the notebook, and when he turned to the last few pages, he was pleasantly surprised to find that Bertha was still trying to learn the magic lines and matrix!

But looking at the note content, she just copied some relevant knowledge and gave up directly without understanding.

Of course, these are Bertha's notes from years ago, and it's hard to say whether she learned them now, but many years ago, she probably found that she wasn't good enough to master them.

But the stuff she copied down, it just happens to be entry-level stuff.

"Ding, master Magic Line knowledge (entry-level)."

"Ding, master Magic Matrix knowledge (entry-level)."

"That's quite a bonus." thought Pei Sen pleasantly.

Yes, this alt account is not intelligent, but the Mage profession is different with others, qualifications are not the most important.

Too Low in intelligence, lack in magic? It's okay. He'll get to level 10 and get high.

Don't forget, the alt account itself is a warehouse account full of backpacks and warehouses with the highest level, storing vast quantities of goods that might not be mattered in years, but are rare for the time being.

And he's stocked amounts of magical potions.

As for the damage of magic spells, don't worry too much, at the worst, he will equip with eight or ten magic lines which he learned quite well.

Pei Sen closed the notebook and said with all his heart, "Thank you, Lord Kessel. That's very kind. "

Love him.

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