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After the main mission was finished, Pei Sen glanced at his property list.

“[Pei Sen] Lv3

Strength: 18

Dexterity: 3

Intelligence: 3

Mind: 3

Constitution: 3

Free Points: 3

Main Mission: Save Igel Ranno (Finished)

Skill 1: Primary Fireball Skill”

New mainline task has not jumped out, but the completion of the first mainline task let Pei Sen directly up one and a half level, as for the Bix Magic Cube whose upgrade is very difficult, this is already very rich.

As a result of the initial qualification, each promotion of Pei Sen will automatically increase the strength of 5 additional points, while the remaining four attributes can only automatically increase a little bit at the time of the upgrade.

Pei Sen glanced at his measly three free points, he did not add them directly to his intelligence, which at this point would be a drop in the bucket.

The fixed initial skill, Primary Fireball Skill, with his current level of intelligence, will probably only be able to kill a rabbit.

He took Igel back to his room. He changed his dressing gown and  coughed lightly.

Perhaps the secret spell just gave him a chill.

When he went into the kitchen to fetch Igel's supper, he was warmly welcomed in by two of the kitchen maids, and although Pei Sen was new here, and no one around the young Master ever stayed long, he was a good-looking man!

Sometimes their good attitude to Pei Sen was not for the benefit from him, but simply because his face is perfect enough.

"Today, Ms. Mary said the Master might catch cold, and asked to prepare some soup." said the kitchen maid, Brenda, who stopped the maids from rushing to chat with Pei Sen.

Pei Sen was not in the mood to talk to these girls, he picked up the heavy tray and said, "Okay."

"You'd better make the young Master eat more.” Brenda said gently, "The young Master hasn't been eating very well lately."

Pei Sen took the tray to Igel's side, and was somewhat relieved that he was a power mage, for the tray was so heavy for all the tableware on it were sliver and the tray was also attached to a small magic array on the silver plate, the silver plate may also be mixed with other materials, because the weight was much heavier than the pure silver plate, general materials may not be able to serve as a magic array carrier.

The underside of the silver plate is insulated from the heat, and above, by means of a magic spell, all the silver dishes are kept at just the right temperature.

Pei Sen looked at the Matrix, "Professional knowledgeable is not enough to recognize the magic matrix.” a message appeared before his eyes.

He curled his lips and had to give up.

"It's really troublesome. When will the game open up the wizard profession? I remember it is a long time ago... swordsman was the only profession in the game at the beginning?" Pei Sen tried to remember, "It looks like I have to find other ways to learn relevant professional knowledge."

He took the tray back to Igel and watched he idly hold a cat stick with  pure gold silk tassel, taunting the black cat, who was too fat to walk.

Yes, Igel had a cat, not a Persian cat favored by the nobleman, but a pure black cat. Pei Sen knew that in ancient Chinese legends black cats were mysterious that could ward off evil spirits, but they aren't very lucky in western legends.

Igel was said to have taken care of it, and Ms. Mary gently persuaded him, though eventually she failed.

No one can change the young Master's decision.

Igel teased it casually, and it gave a perfunctory response, lying lazily on the ground, unwilling to get up.

"Master," said Brenda, glancing at the cat, "I've made you a special soup. "

He had seen Brenda add a small vial to the soup, presumably to prevent Igel's from getting sick. The flavor of the soup was strong enough to mask the taste of the potion, perhaps the young Master didn't want to drink the medicine.

In the world full of sword and magic, there are many unscientific things, such as this potion from the magician or a church, which unscientifically can cure all kinds of diseases, not Holy Water that is used to comfort people in the real world, but actual magic potion or holy potion.

Putting the tray on the side table, Pei Sen saw that Igel had no intention of eating at all. He was embarrassed, thinking he wouldn't have to feed him as he was old enough.

But when Igel held out his hand, he was relieved that he was going to eat it himself.

As soon as Igel lifted her hand, he pushed the tray to the floor, "I don't want to eat it."

The soup soaked through the light beige wool carpet, and the black cat glanced scornfully at Pei Sen.

"What do you want to eat, Master? " He asked tenderly without even raising his eyebrows, "You can't do it without eating. I'll let the kitchen make some soup again."

He felt so angry to secretly clenched his fist.

Igel's gaze had at last fallen on the handsome young man, who, to a pleasing degree, was almost as handsome as Igel. Pei Sen’s face had been acknowledged to be the most perfect, although Pei Sen referred others’ face, he did his own adjustment, one of his friends is learning to sculpt. His advice is really useful. And the Bix Magic Cube itself can't import data, so even if you try to copy someone else, there's a difference when you actually get into the game.

This game is obviously a game can create face, but do not have almost the same two faces.

Pei Sen was very satisfied with his face in the game.

The almost perfect young man dropped to his knees and looked at him tenderly, calming Igel's tetchy temper a little.

"No." he said emphatically.

Pei Sen clenched his fist, "Eat a little.”

Igel turned his head around.

Pei Sen sighed. He had to get up first and ask the maid outside to change the carpet.

He didn't want to be kicked out of the manor for the time being, at least until he upgrade to the tenth degree, so he put up with his bad temper.

It would be better to put up with the young man here than to be caught and sold by a group of ill-intentioned people.

As Pei Sen gathered up the tray and went out, he happened to see a middle aged man in a sumptuous dark purple robe coming toward him, accompanied by Ms. Mary. Pei Sen could guess that this one was with higher status.

Seeing him, Ms. Mary said, "Pei Sen, the young master won't eat? "

"Yes." Pei Sen said reluctantly.

The middle-aged man smiled and said, "Never mind, I'll let Bertha clean the carpet."

Mary sighed, "Lord Kessel, I'm sorry to trouble Miss Bertha every time."

"It's no trouble. We all serve Master Igel.”

The man named Kessel looked at Pei Sen as if amazed at his good looks, "Is this the new butler who just came in?"

"Yes, the Master's valet," said Ms. Mary calmly.

Kessel frowned, "The Master's valet must be peerless. Has he been thoroughly investigated?"

Pei Sen stood a few meters away. Hey, hey, hey, if you're going to question me, could you please not say it to my face? I don't want to be humiliated!

"We have investigated him, he should be from Balster, who was captured by the Kui Lang and almost sold." Ms. Mary said lightly.

Pei Sen: "..." I didn't even know I was from Balster?

He realized that Ms. Mary was covering for him, whose word was half true and the other half obviously not.

The human trafficker who drove him to his death was named Kui Lang. He must kill him if he has the chance.

But why would Ms. Mary Cover for him?

Kessel smiled and looked again at Pei Sen, "It's funny." he said, "he has a talent for magic, even if it's terrible. "

Pei Sen did know that the world's high wizards could tell at a glance whether ordinary people had magical gifts, because they could see a person's affinity for magic.

Even if the intelligence of Pei Sen is useless, he is a Mage with magic affinity, as long as Kessel will, he can see the affinity of the nearby floating magic elements and people.

In Kessel's eyes, Pei Sen was an ordinary person with magical talent, but very bad talent.

Even so, Ms. Mary was surprised. She looked at him in surprise, "That's a bit of a surprise."

In the land of Alex, there are very few people with magical gifts, and the Mage are a tiny minority of a tiny minority.

The Bix Magic Cube game didn't start with a mage class. It did not show after a long time. Few people was willing to choose this profession because it’s difficult to control, not like a swordsman.

"Miss Bertha" Pei Sen said, "is going to use magic to clean the carpet?"

Kessel looked at him with a half-smile, "Yes."

"Since I have the gift of magic, though it is not good," he said with a shy smile, "could you ask Miss Bertha to teach me the magic of cleaning, so that I can clean the carpet myself if the young Master dirties it again." he  earnestly looked at Ms Mary, "It would save me the trouble of having to go to Miss Bertha every time."

Mary squinted her eyes and the corners of her mouth slightly curved, "That's right, after all you're the master's valet, and it's not good to trouble others every time." She looked at him. "My lord, why don't you teach Pei Sen the cleaning magic skill?"

This time Pei Sen really saw that Kessel should have been higher up than Ms. Mary, but the two were clearly not harmonious, and it should be said that Mary had always been somewhat wary of him.

Miss Bertha, being one of Kessel's people, Mary must don’t want her to get too close to Igel.

"All right." Kessel said, flicking out a pamphlet, "These are the notes Bertha used to learn magic as a child. You can watch and learn," he said with a smile, "if you don't understand anything, you can come to me, or to Bertha."

He was not worried about anything. The new butler, though gifted with magic, was of poor quality, and it was impossible for a commoner to understand the arcane language of magic.

Bertha was a gifted child who had spent a lot of time and energy learning magic at an early age.

Knowing that Mary had been wary of him, she was reluctant to let him and Bertha get close to Igel, but she wanted such a valet to learn magic in a short time.

That's not gonna happen.

But what Kessel doesn't know is that there is a kind of wizard...

called game player.

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