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As a valet, he should have his own basic quality, Pei Sen did own psychological construction, besides, just a little boy! Many boys would often go to the bathhouse with their brothers when they lived in the dormitory, but Pei Sen living in the south had no such experience.

But it doesn't matter. It's not a big deal.

He thought.

As he followed Igel to the bath at the end of the corridor, he was keenly aware that there was a nearby magic circle with a small stone that looked like a red jewel.

The Fire Magic Crystal? What kind of luxury is it to have a magic circle just for a shower?

When the maids at the door saw them coming, they stooped down and walked away without even lifting their heads when they were confronted by such a stunningly beautiful young man as Igel. This deference is not only due to Ms Mary's teaching, but also to their own fear of Igel.

There was no one in the whole manor who did not know that Igel had a bad temper.

Pei Sen followed the young boy with blond hair and smiled with mouth closed.

Igel never liked the presence of a maid when he took a shower, and in the past he had rarely brought a valet with him, but a few days earlier he had nearly had an accident in the shower, and Ms. Mary had tactfully advised him to bring someone in if he had to take a bath, so he had to call Pei Sen in today.

From birth, Igel was a top nobleman and always surrounded by servants, but from an early age he did not like to be approached too closely.

It was too easy for a man of his appearance to be loathed by others.

As his slender fingers began to unbutton his shirt, Igel looked at Pei Sen, "If anything happens to me later, call someone. "

Ms. Mary would have preferred Igel not to take a shower recently, but Igel, who is squeaky clean by nature, couldn't stand the idea of not taking a shower, so she reluctantly brought Pei Sen along.

With a question mark on his face, Pei Sen consented meekly.

As his shirt fell on the ground, Pei Sen uncomfortably turned his head away, waiting for him to finish his psych evaluation and looked toward Igel, who is walking toward the bath. His eyes widened, and he almost said, "Holy Shit! "

He thought he'd see Igel naked, but instead he saw... a mosaic.

Pei Sen: ? ? ? ?

What happened, this stupid game system may have not open the Alpha test, the protection system for him was useless, but when it came to "protect NPC", The all naked images all became fucking mosaics?

This is no strange to Pei Sen. This highly realistic game is no exception to the fact that some players are malicious, but they soon found it of no use at all, the system automatically mosaics images that are too pornographic over the scale, but for the too bloody images, the system only changed the color of the blood slightly to make it look less than 100 percent real, a normal image of blood splattering will not be banned.

All in all, the game obeyed the law.

But now it was really funny, as a valet, Pei Sen watched the young Master take his bath, but he could only saw his beautiful face, slender neck and half wet blond hair. Other parts of hius body were covered with mosaics!

That's a bit excessive.

He had thought he could see... something and felt uncomfortable, but now there were all mosaics, he felt another kind of discomfort.

"However, my NPC panel seems to be different from the average players’. It can be upgraded. When the panel became blue, it can beyond player's panel, right? At that point, things that are limited to the player are going to change for me, like mosaics, and when my NPC panel weighs more than the player panel, it should disappear..."

Pei Sen started with a player panel with a built-in game Forum, and in recent days he had been following the forum's activities, but apart from that perfunctory announcement, there had been no movement, he didn't even know when July 9th is.

Since becoming Igel's Valet, he had gained some experience points with a few odd assignments, but he wanted to upgrade much faster.

Besides, after entering Golden Rose Manor, he had an additional NPC panel that clearly states his identity on the manor.

The player's panel is a fixed silver border panel, while the NPC's panel is familiar to Pei Sen’s, and the NPC's panel is different depending on strength or importance.

Players generally can not see NPC’s panels, later if they learn the detect skills, they can only see part of them, which means the limit is still high. But once they are in combat mode, they can see some of the information on the other side's panel.

Ms. Mary, for example, is an NPC with a blue player panel. Pei Sen pretended to accidentally bump into her and was judged by the system as an "attack", thereby he saw her panel, but Pei Sen was only level 1, and Ms. Mary, who must be a skilled player, so he could only see a row of question marks on her panel.

At the Moment Pei Sen's own NPC panel was just white, the lowest-level NPC panel. Normally, even if the player has a temporary NPC panel, it should be a fixed black panel, not a white panel like his, and the small up arrow in the upper right corner of the white panel means it's an upgradeable panel.

"I have to find a way to promote myself." thought Pei Sen, taking a moment to notice Igel's progress.

Igel was only fourteen years old, and he still had that boyish, even if always being cold and with expressionless look, that face with drooping lids and wet hair still made him a little cute.

Pei Sen felt that he could forgive him for ordering him around.

He was bored looking at his board, and when he pulled back to the task screen, he saw a bunch of little tasks, and when he looked at the top, he frowned.

"Main Mission: Save Igel Ranno."

Bix cube is a very free game, and the main storyline for all players is not fixed, which even change automatically because of the player's choices and their behaviors in the game, the content of the task is based on the player's own exploration.

That's one of the main reasons why the game is so popular among players, though some have questioned how many copywriters would be needed to set up such a complex and diverse storyline? The company that developed this game has never even be heard before.

Rumors were interesting for a while, but in the end the official of the game explained that these mainline tasks were automatically analyzed and generated by AI.

That sounds pretty awesome.

But now the game has not opened to test, has the artificial intelligence system started to work?

All of a sudden, Pei Sen watched the water in the steaming tub begin to freeze, and almost in the blink of an eye, the cold started to spread up from Igel’s neck!

He didn't hesitate, for he didn't have time to hesitate, he jumped into the tub and quickly approached Igel.

The tub should have been warm with magic circle and Fire Magic Crystal made Pei Sen shiver, he lunged at Igel, grabbed his arm, and quickly hugged him out of the tub.

At first, Igel's consciousness were a little fuzzy, and his face was covered with a chill that blanketed his long eyelashes with white frost. When they left the bath, Pei Sen held him in a trembling embrace, he took off his coat and wrapped him up in his arms. The heat from him made the chill off Igel's body fade away, and Igel gradually came to himself again, staring at Pei Sen without blinking his eyes. From his point, he could see Pei Sen's well-defined jaw line and the faint and thin lips.

He reached out his hands and pressed his palm to Pei Sen's chest, feeling a heat he hadn't felt in a long time.

Huddled in his arms, Igel remained impassive, letting the water damp Pei Sen’s flimsy shirt.

At that moment, Ms. Mary and Atwell burst in.

Igel had to say, "I'm fine." 

Atwell quickly began to look around him and soon returned with gloomy face, "The secret spell again, this is the third time. Igel, you should not go near the water recently, the last time is the secret spell: Limited Cold, this time is the secret spell: Frost, next time may be the secret spell: Frost Star. "

Igel sneered, "So hurry to catch the person behind! Or try to kill him.”

No bath? That's never gonna happen!

Atwell bowed to Igel and turned away without a word, he apparently followed Igel's advice.

“Someone is bound to get into trouble.” thought Parsons, for the kindness on the surface of Atwell could not conceal the fact that he was a very cruel man.

It's hard to say how many players he's screwed over, players have a pretty good understanding of his psyche.

Whoever tried to assassinate Igel ended up in a very bad place.

Judging from Mrs. Mary and Atwell arrived so quickly, they would have been quick to know if anything should happen to Igel. So Igel would be safe even if he had not saved him.

But his mission was successfully accomplished thanks to his quick hand.

Ms. Mary did not speak, but looked at Igel, who was curled up in Pei Sen's arms, the boy with blond hair looked more fragile and gorgeous and his pair of blue eyes was darker than  usual.

She was surprised, because Igel was not a person who would accept this level of intimacy. She looked at Pei Sen again, and saw that the young man's eyes were clear, and there were no other thoughts in them.

Igel was naked and only covered with his blazer, and even though they had the same gender, Igel was beautiful enough for anyone to ignore his gender.

Igel had always been a sensitive man, and his comfort was probably due to the fact that the man who held him had no designs on him.

If Pei Sen knew what Ms. Mary was thinking, he would debunk-

Thoughts? What the Hell do you think you're doing with a bunch of mosaics!

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