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When they first entered the manor, the first selection was not made by Igel Ranno himself, but by a woman in a long black dress, whose hair neatly plastered down over her head.

The well-dressed middle aged man turned out to be the handyman at the Golden Rose Manor, and the lady in front of him, Mary, was the housekeeper.

In the name of hiring housekeeper, Pei Sen was very self-aware that they were just valets.

And Ms. Mary was the real housekeeper.

On this large manor, there are eight such stewards as Ms. Mary, each of them in charge of different businesses with different position in the hierarchy. For example, the middle-aged man named Vargo, who was in charge of general affairs, was inferior to Mary, who was in charge of internal affairs, but neither of them was really the superior steward of the manor, the one responsible for the government, defence, finance, and diplomacy affairs were in charge.

However, two managers at Golden Rose Manor were the true masters of the House.

The five of them were led to a bath and changed their clothes. Pei Sen, who was still level 1 anyway without even have a piece of equipment. He had no mental burden to change his coat.

As they lined up in front of Ms. Mary, Pei Sen, even in the corner, was the center of attention, and Ms. Mary couldn't take her eyes off him to anyone else.

The gap is too wide.

Golden Rose Manor does not ask their race or origin which is a kind of pride. Because no matter what big trouble, it is just a piece of cake for Golden Rose Manor.

And if the people around Igel hadn't changed so often, who would have had access to the manor? Igel was initially surrounded by men who were trained professionals in the capital, but within a year he drove away nearly 100 valets, too many for the capital to afford, so he had no choice but to find men in the city themselves, and Ms. Mary taught them.

Ms. Mary held a cane and watched them stand in a military posture for a half day until their hair was completely dry and they had their hair groomed and their nails trimmed, after weeding out one of the five, a young man who stood for a moment looking frail, she led the rest four men, including Pei Sen to meet Igel.

Walking down a dimly lit hallway, he found himself in a hall with a crystal light on. Pei Sen looked up to see that and knew there was no electricity in this age, and the lamp was not lit by candlelight, it's probably some kind of unscientific light magic.

There was a man with brown hair standing nearby, dressed in a black robe, with a thick book in his hands. His face was handsome and kind, and a necklace on his chest that resembled the glyph "G" .

Pei Sen recognized him, and in his own way, it's easy to recognize him, even if he hadn't actually met him before. He was a clergyman who dealt an indelible blow to the early players in the legend of Bix, many of whom were cheated badly by him.

Pastor Atwell.

A deceptively good-looking guy with a gentle face but actually insidious and cold inside.

"Are these new arrivals again?" Atwell's voice was soft, and it was easy for anyone to take a liking to him.

Mary nodded, "Yes. "

At this moment, Pei Sen saw Atwell pick up the necklace on his chest. He felt a little nervous. Then a light came over and covered them all. To tell the truth, Pei Sen didn't feel a thing, it didn't affect him at all.

At that moment, a young man standing next to him fell to his knees and began to scream. Dark spots began to appear on his fair skin, and he choked his throat in agony.

Pei Sen was taken aback and stepped aside in a hurry.

He realized that this was an alien world that was not "scientific" and there were all kinds of things that could not be explained by science, including himself, and a game panel with a list of skills a mage should have. It's still empty, but he understood how scary the world in the game really was.

In the game, however, it's one thing, but now that he was sure he can't log off, he can't help but feel a little intimidated by the fact that this is the real world.

Especially the man besides him, while howling in pain, gradually became inhuman shape like a flayed monster.

"Do lowlifes like you want to get into Golden Rose Manor" Atwell said with a chuckle.

Ms. Mary frowned, "Don't mess up the floor. Get rid of it. "

"Yes, Ma'am. "

The four men were reduced to three, and with the exception of Pei Sen, the other two were in bad conditions, one of them had just vomited and was so pale that he seemed to faint at any moment, and the other was a little better, but he could not hide his fear.

Ms. Mary watched them all the way, her face showed a little disappointed.

Pei Sen was not from the first group of players, he had no memory of the original Alex Mainland, but when he saw Igel's room, he was really amazed by its magnificence, which was very different from the dark and backwardness he had seen when he first arrived.

The floor was covered with white wool carpet so that his feet were not willing to step on it. The bed is beautifully carved with rose patterns everywhere. The rose branches curl and bend and the embossed rose is set with red gems glowing under the crystal lamp.

The room was very large, and all the tables and chairs except the bed were sumptuously furnished full of jewels and gold, which in the eyes of Pei Sen from the modern world, would have seemed undignified in excess, but when he saw the casually dressed teenager, he felt that all the luxuries fit him perfectly.

Perhaps only the rich beauty of gems and gold could be worthy of such a stunning beauty.

"What the hell, the players must never meet him, otherwise they certainly can not criticize his evil, but already put his screenshot on the forum every day. "

Anything can be forgiven with such good-looking like that!

No matter how many bad things he does in any game, as long as he has an amazing face, it's not a problem.

Igel Ranno was a real beauty with his brilliant blond hair slung over his shoulders, and green eyes like emeralds, too beautiful to be true.  the light of the crystal lamp was a little dim, and his body was like a veil of twilight, the whole person brought his own spotlight.

At least Pei Sen didn't lose his composure, and the other two young men were completely stunned.

Igel seemed to resent being stared at, even in his own room, he was still in a long sleeved shirt and trousers, and a pair of soft soled boots, buttoned to the top of his shirt collar. He wore a pair of black silk gloves that showed almost no skin except for his face.

"Mary, throw these men out of here." he said, and then his eyes fell on Pei Sen.

"What's your name?" The voice of a teenager who didn't seem to have fully got through the voice mutation rang.

To tell the truth, it was a great pressure to be looked at with such eyes. Pei Sen tried to keep his composure and showed his kindest smile. He half bent his head as Mrs. Mary had just taught him and said, "Master Igel, I am Pei Sen. "

Igel looked away and snorted, "Let's keep this one. "

With a bow, Ms. Mary reached out and grabbed the two young men who were still standing there. Then she realized that Ms. Mary was no ordinary person, and probably had extraordinary strength, because she was so thin, there was no way to drag two fairly tall young men off like chickens.

Although Pei Sen stayed, he did not immediately follow Igel. He was disciplined by Mrs. Mary for a few days, and when the tailored clothes arrived, he began to be assigned to serve Igel.

"The chairs are out of place. Look at this. It's a little inclined. Don't you see? "

"Yes, Master. "

"The folding of drapes are not symmetrical. "

"Yes, Master. "

"What's with the book? I asked you to put the book back. Is that how you put it?"

"I'll put it back on, Master. "

"The rose in the garden has lost three leaves today. Tell the gardener to go home tomorrow if one leaf falls again."

This strange request made Pei Sen stunned for a few seconds before he answered it again respectfully, "three leaves have dropped? This is a really big deal? Are you counting leaves every day? It's too idle", of course, it's not something he dare say out loud.

He was about to raise his feet to speak to Mrs. Mary as Igel behind him added coldly, "There is a hair on the carpet, black, Pei Sen."

Pei Sen turned his head and saw a tiny hair on the carpet. He ran to it and picked it up. Before he could straighten up, he heard Igel speak.

"Next time I see your hair on the floor, I'll have someone shave your hair off."

Pei Sen:"..."

He couldn’t do this job any more! The young man is a hundred times more difficult to please than his previous boss!

When he told Ms. Mary about the Rose and took a deep breath and went back to Igel, Igel just put the book down and looked up at him.

"Pei Sen, I want to take a bath. "

"Yes, Master. "

What, wait, shower?

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