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Chapter 26

Pei Sen, a "civilians" not long into the manor, relying on the young master quickly became the house steward in a short time.

In addition, the young master wants him to stay with him all day. Even if he leaves for a little while, Igel would ask the maid to call him back.

A normal personal butler can’t get that kind of treatment.

Plus since he just took charge of internal affairs, he moved away all maids near the young master’s bedroom. It is no wonder these servants have a tacit understanding of what he intends to do.

Feeling a little stiff, Pei Sen stood in silence for a long time, losing sight of his original purpose.

This is a big misunderstanding!

He and young master are innocent. There's nothing here.

But it is no wonder that these people think wrongly, as soon as Pei Sen takes office, he did nothing but got servants outside the bedroom away, it is easy to think wrongly.

But what he wants to do is to sneak out of here at night, so he has to do this!

Without disturbing the gossipy footmen, Pei Sen left from the other side, "Fortunately, they didn't think I was up to no good for dismissing the footman."

Let's just say that no one has ever held him in such high regard, and he had protected the young master before, so no one doubts about him in this way.

What's more, what Pei Sen could move are only the footmen, not the guards. As a house steward, he has no right to order the guards. Even though there is no night-watchman outside the bedroom, the young master's residence is still closely guarded. Servants are not there to protect the master, but for his convenience.

Pei Sen secretly sighed as he walked back, if the matter he takes the young master left is exposed, perhaps someone will really think that he takes the young master to elope!

That's... not good.

But this kind of thing is really impossible to explain clearly, especially since he and young master really have the secret, it’s more difficult to explain.

Igel has no one in the manor he could trust, but he trusts him, and seeing that Sadin and Kessel both look at him in a different way, not to mention whether that look is for good or evil, it's also about the way Igel treats him.

The boy could seldom treat a man so “tolerantly”, or he would not have driven away so many footmen.

"Anyway, the thing to do has to be done, if anything happens, it is later to consider." Pei Sen began to give up.

There is no way to delay, if the players finds the first instance, not to say players will be too many around the instance zone, the important thing is to lose the first kill, which is really as painful as losing everything.

Bix Magic Cube isn't like other games, where the first kill bonus for any instance is so different from what he would get from a normal instance, which he used to think is a way to encourage players to actively look for instance clues, that's why it's like this, because the instance of the game is so hard to find, if the first kill reward is not rich enough, then this input and output is not proportional.

Because of the importance of the first kill, the late various grand unions of Bix Magic Cube will send specialized people in this area to look for the clues of the instance.

Pei Sen is not in the mood to see the defense situation again, he feels that he could not get the wolf without giving up the child. And now he is no longer a normal player. Ordinary players can still go offline after playing the game, but he can not go offline now, he almost certainly crossed over into this world.

In this case, strength is more important.

"Never mind, money is nothing." thought Pei Sen sadly.

He decided to use an expensive teleport scroll.

In order to take the master, the single-handed scroll can not be used. He has to use a multi-handed scroll even if there are only two of them.

That's double pain.

That night, Pei Sen looked into Igel's closet and lost in thought.

Igel blinked his eyes, "What, this clothes doesn't fit either?"

A wardrobe of luxurious clothes, almost all with very noble style, is the complex luxury Asmia’s nobles like.

However, trying to choose a suitable clothes actually became a problem.

It was completely dark outside, and Pei Sen felt he could not afford to wait any longer. He took a fancy to a less burdensome shirt, and a pair of dark boots and trousers. He did not take them out of the closet for a moment, but glanced at the innocent looking Igel and personally waited on the master to change his clothes.

As he unbuttoned Igel, he looked at the two maids who had not yet left. "Go back, both of you, and come back in the morning."

Karla and Lynne didn't say a word and hurried out, who were afraid they wouldn't go fast enough.

Pei Sen: "..."

He always feels that they misunderstood something.

What's the big deal, he thought and just changed his clothes. It's a mosaic anyway. What's so exciting about it.

He had thought that as long as he upgrades his NPC panel to blue, he would eliminate the mosaic's annoyance, but it doesn't seem to be like that, so he probably needs another upgrade.

In other words, to get rid of the mosaic, he has to be an important figure in the NPC.

But actually, Pei Sen does not want the mosaic to disappear so quickly now, after all, the mosaic is also to protect his psychological bearing capacity.

Other than that, if the blood spattering effect is as good as the real thing, and the mosaic is gone...

Pei Sen felt that he should be in a state of shock.

As soon as Igel was dressed, he looked around, "Do you have anything you want to take, master?"

"Anything?" Igel blinked his eyes, for he had never left the manor by himself, and he now had a strong sense of excitement.

"It's not all right, but I'll try to carry things for you."

There are still some empty spaces in the bag. Space magic is quite high-end. Senior mages like Kessel have their own storage rings. In fact, all used to expand the bag and the warehouse are space equipment belonging to the world of Alex.

Igel could afford it if he wants to, but he didn't go out, there was no such magic thing before, and it wasn't something you could just buy even if you could.

Igel thought for a moment, "Can I take Pecos?"

The fat cat, squatting on one side, shuddered as if with an ominous foreboding, and sprang to the side with a quickness that does not suit his frame.

Pei Sen's gaze fell on the black cat. Living things... are more troublesome, especially since it is Igel's pet but not his.

"You can't take Pecos with you unless you give it to me." he joked.

Players can bring their pets with them and it's no trouble to summon them, but living creatures can not be put into backpacks or warehouses.

Igel didn't hesitate, "Sure, I'll give it to you."

Pei Sen: "..."

He doesn't want it. Thank you.

A useless black cat who is too fat to walk on the road. It can not beat monsters nor find treasure, but can only sleep or eat, why do I want it! It is not good to occupy a pet's cubicle for nothing. It is a waste of space. If I take it out, I will be laughed at.

Moreover, it can not even act cute well, who is still good in front of Igel, but treats Pei Sen only in high snuff.

Pei Sen wouldn't want such a pet!

"Ding, congratulations on your gaining pet Pecos."

Pei Sen:  "..."

Pecos, who is apparently unhappy with the change of owners mewed loudly.

What's the point of following Pei Sen?

It belongs to count Igel Ranno, always!

Pei Sen looked at Pecos. Since Igel wants to take it, so let it be. He was about to put Pecos in the pet compartment when he said, "Gee".

"Pecos [ LV2]

Age: 21

Species: Shadow cat

Skill 1: Stealth Attack (LV MAX), racial talent, can be hidden in a stealth attack.

Skill 2: Shadow Claw (LV1) , can build shadow claw in the void, deal a lot of damage.

Skill 3: Rip (LV Max), talent, any damage will cause a rip bleed effect.

Skill 4: Teeth and Claw Enhancement (LV1), bloodline ability, teeth and cat claws are enhanced, attack improved.

Skill 5: Eclipse (LV1), attack with shadow eclipse damage, can stack."

Pet with five skills, you deserve to have!

Pei Sen: "..."

Wait a minute. What's with the cat? Isn't it just a black cat? Why is it called shadow cat?

At first glance, Pei Sen didn't notice anything unusual about the cat, except that it is obese and looks like a normal cat.

And, as a rare species, wouldn't Pecos be a bit of a wimp? Having lived for more than twenty years, but he is only Level 2 so far, which means this guy's been eating his way to death for years, there's no sense of being a special race.

Look at the skill, this cat is definitely not weak, previously he has not heard of any player caught this kind of pet. In fact, most of the pets in the Bix Magic Cube are useless. Even a level 1 monster like the wild jumping rabbit in the Starling Plain can not be taken as a pet unless it is willing to be one. Generally speaking, magic monsters can not be a voluntary human pet.

Pecos is an exception. He had been Igel's pet, but it had now been given to him, and it must have been Igel's pet of his own free will.

“Peos..." Pei Sen looked at it, who seemed to sense something and his fur was about to explode. It kept meowing around Igel, looking really poor and small and helpless.

Apparently, it doesn't want to change his owner at all, and is now trying to get Igel to change his mind.

All Pecos ever wants is to eat and die... and be a nice, noble pet cat.

However, Igel didn't hesitate to give it to Pei Sen, and it broke the its heart.

The cat doesn't want to change the owner. The cat wants to stay with Igel.

Without looking at it, Pei Sen told Igel to change the clothes, and then he took a few more from the closet in case he needs to change.

Then he took two black cloaks from his backpack and said, "Put them on."

A few years later, the black cloak will be an occasional item for sale by a mysterious merchant who rarely appears in Alex. At this time, the merchant would not have made the cloak, but a few years later, the black cloak will be one of the specialties of Alex, and Pei Sen’s warehouse account has a few of them in stock, and has not had time to give them to his main account to sell in other worlds, just in time to be of use.

"Cloak of Magic Mist (outer clothing): Wearing a cloak hood can completely block the appearance, unless you put down the hood, otherwise no one can see your real appearance under any circumstances. This can block others from exploring specific information."

For players, the second point is more important than the  first one, and many later players acquire a variety of detective skills, some of which are useful for NPC, and some of which can detect other players' panels.

For those who don't want to divulge their own panel data, there's a good chance for them to have a Cloak of Magic Mist.

Igel looked at the black cloak in his hand, which seems... not to be very clean. He wanted to refuse to wear it, but he knew that if he refused, Pei Sen would probably refuse to take him out.

So he decided to put it on in spite of himself.

"Pei Sen, do you have any space-class magic items on you?"

"Well," admitted Pei Sen, "there are a lot of things that can't be explained.”

Igel mused, "Such magic items are usually very expensive, why did you..." come to the manor to apply?

"It's not really a space-class magic object." he sighed. He held out his long and clean hands with no jewelry on them. "It's something that the Bixers were born with." he said, "You can store something, but you can't sell it or trade it for money. Besides, I do have something special on me, but in Casey city... can I gain money?" Only to be killed.

Igel looked at his simple looking ring, which would probably cost more than a space-class magical item if for sale.

He knew that Pei Sen hadn't been completely honest with him, that he had a lot of secrets, and sometimes Igel couldn't help seeing him inside and out.

Igel knows that his concern for him is genuine. He knows that a lot of people doesn't like him, and he doesn't want Pei Sen to hate himself.

Igel, being paranoid and exceptionally intelligent, hopes he doesn't look so bad in his eyes.

"Shall we go?"

"Well, let’s go."

He held out his hand to Igl, who placed his hand on his palm without hesitation.

Holding Igel's hand, he pulled out a multi teleport scroll. Normally, they need stand in the magic circle released by the scroll within the limited time, but Pei Sen is afraid that Igel would hesitate, so he holds his hand tightly, and if he misses the time, he really would cry.

You know, this scroll is really expensive.

"Master Igel, it's not too late to repent." The white light of the magic circle lit up their faces.

Igel shook his head and looked at him. "I won't regret it." he said.

Thank you for taking me.

At the same time, Aikin, who lives at the manor, sighed, "From now on, let them take turns guarding the place, say I am in a bad mood and I shall see no one but Igel."

"Yes, may lord." agreed Aikin's captain of the guard, but he was puzzled, "We're at the Golden Rose Manor, aren't we safe here? Can Boswick follow us here?"

Aikin shook his head, "He won't come after me. I'm nothing now. He's got what he wants. As long as I don't go to the capital, he won't care."

The pretense was a ruse to gain his trust, but Aikin always held out the hope that Boswick would not be so merciless to him.

Vidor, the housekeeper who had followed Aikin here, said disapprovingly, "Boswick is a cold-blooded man. He has been a knight for many years to avenge himself on the young master. If I were him, I would try to kill the young master. After all, this represents his history of humiliation."

"No one will ever know. The most important knight I ever had was Derry, whose real name is Oke Boswick." whispered Aikin, "The Derry I trusted is dead, and it is only the man who now occupies my former domain is the viscount Oke from the Boswick family."

No one could care more about the new viscount's past, and those who knew of it either stayed in the castle and became the new viscount's men, or ran away with him and came here, and the rest have died in the accident.

"Then, young master, why did you order the captain of the guard to strengthen the defence?"

"Because... my good friend Igel, for the time being, has eloped with someone..." Aikin laughed and cried, waving the note in his hand, "He told me to take care of myself and to stay quiet in the manor until he came back, and not to cause any trouble."

The housekeeper looked at him in shock, feeling for a moment that her tongue was tied, "What, what?"

By the time Aikin knew, it was too late to stop Igel, and he couldn't do that because he knows Igel's temperament that since this guy decides some things, no one has ever been able to change it.

"The valet..." Aikin smiled wryly. Igel wrote to him before and he joked about Pei Sen, who knows there is something really wrong with Igel.

To leave the manor without permission, he goes too far.

However, the Kingdom of Asmia is going to be in chaos, like his territory was taken away, which never happened before, and now this kind of big thing has happened, but even the king has turned a deaf ear to it, who gave tacit consent to the things Oke Boswick did. It's not normal.

"It may not be so safe for Igel to stay in the manor now that the kingdom seems to be in disorder." said Aikin, frowning.

When Igel opened his eyes, he saw Pei Sen standing beside him, whose face was obscured by his own black cloak, but his hands still held his own, which reassured Igel.

"Are we... out?"

"Yes, master."

Igel had never been outside the manor by himself, even when he had left it, he would be in his splendid carriage with a great number of guards and servants, and he did not even know what the world looks like outside the manor.

As a nobleman, he would not look out of the window of a carriage. It is an very rude manner.

Even a carriage ride away from the manor was too few for him, and in all the years he had lived in the Golden Rose Manor, he had left less than five times.

There's nothing to see here in the badlands anyway.

For a moment, however, Igel looked up at the twinkling stars and the vast expanse of Starling Plain looming in the distance, his familiar and also strange manor was close behind him.

“Hush...” said Pei Sen, putting his middle finger to his lips, “We are so near to the manor. Come, let us walk a little farther before we speak.”

The two wrapped their cloaks tightly and moved quickly away from Golden Rose Manor in the night wind.

Fortunately, thought Pei Sen to himself, the transmission is in the right direction.

The player panel has a map, so he's not afraid to get lost.

The two men headed toward Casey city. Pei Sen wanted to find the scavenger first. According to the message on the forum, he thought there might be something in the scavenger's hands.

The Golden Rose Manor is in fact very near to the Casey city, but they did not go straight to it, instead they turned to the scavengers' shed, which is a little farther away.

When the scrapper first built the shed, he wanted to find a remote place away from other players, and he didn't want the other players to find it, but when some players noticed that he was sneaky, naturally they were curious, then the shed was exposed in a blink of eye.

"Where are we going?" Igel didn't really know anything, and when he came out, he looked strange in every direction.

Pei Sen looked at the map, "Let's find a place first."

Igel did not ask any more questions, but just followed him.

The roads in Alex are not so easy, and Igel's carriage used to have a magic circle which can perfectly stand shock. In fact, the ground is full of gravel, which made it really hard to walk.

Igel still felt sharp in his boots.

Pei Sen stopped in an instant, "Master, are you out of your depth?"

Igel pursed her lips.

The young master had probably never walked so many roads and never walked on such a bad road in his life.

He did master some spells, but he was still a sorcerer's apprentice, not a primary mage, which means he had not produced qualitative change, and his constitution was the same as a normal person.

No, I think he's weaker than normal.

Pei Sen sighed and crouched down, turning his back on Igel, "Come on up."

At fifteen, Igel is already about the same height as Igel, even though his figure is on average over six feet tall.

Pei Sen remembers that later the popular "NPC" , the Son of God of the Illuminati is a very tall man, and the players estimated his height is about 195 cm.

So it's no surprise that the 15-year-old boy is over six feet tall.

After a moment's hesitation, Igel stepped forward, lay down on his back and put his arms around his neck.

"I'm useless, aren't I, Pei Sen?"

"No, you just haven't been through it."

He thought a man of Igel's height should carry weight, but he is much lighter than he thought.

Combined with the sheer strength of Pei Sen, it is almost effortless to carry Igel on his back.

Igel pressed his cheek, "Just carry me for a moment. I'll be able to walk by myself."


In the dead of night, he carried Igel on his back.

Happening to have light night fog today, the road ahead all becomes not quite clear.

Igel feels as if there are just him and Pei Sen.

Oh, no, and Pecos, who walks at Pei Sen's feet with his face all crumpled up.

Pecos follows them reluctantly, feeling that it is too bad that it should be sleeping on a soft cushion in the manor now.

Why are you slaving away out there?

Cats are so sad. Cats are so miserable.

At this time, just two players are online, who see a hazy black shadow in the fog, which looks very strange.

"What the fuck is that?"

"I don't know. A monster in the mist?"

"Fuck. Don't scare me!"

"Come on, let's take a closer look."


"Yeah, What if it's a monster? Let's see if we can cut it down. Maybe we can get something special."

"What if it's an NPC?"

"That must be a special NPC, too. Maybe It's a HIGH-LEVEL MISSION!"

Two people excitedly rushed up. Pei Sen also saw them through the fog.

He has an instant foreboding.

And his premonitions always come to true quickly.

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