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Chapter 25

The players were excitedly discussing the final tally of the time-limited mission, and poor Claude's post soon sank.

But there is movement in the Golden Rose Manor, for it is a great event for the manor!

Count Aikin, a friend of Igel's, suddenly came with dozens of knights.

As a aristocrat with real power, it is not easy for Aikin to leave the territory, and he and Igel had not seen each other for years, instead exchanging only by letters.

The count's discomfiture is enough to tell that something happened to his territory.

The Kingdom of Asmia is relatively large in the land of Alex, but there are not many counts with large territories like Aikin, and Igel has no idea what had driven Aikin to this state, after all, like the Golden Rose Manor, Aikin's men has a strong military, and the largely autonomous lords has their own defenses.

"I think something may have happened to that one." Aikin said mildly, knowing that Igel did not want to hear Leser's name and referred to him as “that one”.

Igel shook his head, "I don't think so. He was sick before, but he got better."

Aikin was silent for a moment, "That means he has forgotten the deal he made with the Ashkelon family."

Aikin’s family is not really an old aristocracy. Igel and he maintain a good relationship because the Ashkelon and the Ranno family has always been close neighbors, that is to say, neither of them is a great nobleman in the Kingdom of Asmia, and they are all marginal men of the aristocracy, living in barren lands.

It wasn't until later, when Your Majesty Orrington was in power, and the Ranno family supported Leser, that Ashkelon took the opportunity to stand behind Leser and help him fight his way around, trampling the rest of the princes in a bitter contest.

Leser was born to the first queen, but his relationship with Birkenau was well known, and his fiery temper made him an unlikely heir.

So by the time Leser took the throne, he killed almost all of his brothers and sisters, only one of his siblings, princess Carolina survived.

Many of the old aristocrats were killed in that battle, and all of their supporters were killed by Leser. Leser didn't kill them all, but these aristocrats inevitably went down. The Ashkelon family rose to power in those days, but the Ashkelon family was almost dead because of Leser.

Aikin's father was given the title of Count of Silver Eagle in exchange for a place of considerable wealth, but his health was long gone, and he died a few years later, then the title fell to Aikin, who was a minor at the time.

When Leser took the throne, he made a pact with the Ashkelon family, who fought and nearly died for him. As long as he reigned, Ashkelon would be the unshakable great nobleman of Asmia Kingdom.

But only a few years later, Aikin had fled away alone, and his territory, not surprisingly, is now controlled by Boswick.

Before Ashkelon got the land, it was Boswick’s fief, but they backed the wrong man at the time, which led to the family's downfall. Little did they know that in less than a decade, they had recovered what they had lost.

Aikin hunched over in his chair with momentarily blank expression.

Igel sighed and patted him on the shoulder, "You just have a rest first." And then he led Pei Sen outside.

Pei Sen looked back from the door, "Is it possible for Asmia Kingdom to do this? The territory can be taken by others in an instant?"

"No." Igel said, "Aikin is clearly abandoned by the the capital."


"I don't know what's going on in the capital, and it's probably not good." Igel said with a sneer, "But it has nothing to do with me."

It happened that Atwell, who was coming up the corridor with two priests. He heard his words and said to Igel with a smile, "No, master, perhaps it has something to do with you, or the recent assassination towards you."


"There's been a bit of a ruckus in the capital, master." Atwell glanced at Pei Sen and was about to speak, but saying nothing.

After all, Igel is far from the capital, and it is not easy to get message from there. Sadin may be well informed, because Birkenau would certainly let him know. There must be a source for Kessel's message, too. There's a magic circle in the Mage Tower dedicated to the transmission of messages.

But whether they will tell Igel is another matter.

So Igel would find Atwell more useful, because he doesn't take orders from Sadin or Kessel. He calls Igel as master, but Igel is nominally the Son of God of Illuminati, all he has to do is to follow Igel's orders.

In this sense, Igel should have trusted Atwell the most, but the last time Igel asked Igel if he could trust anyone, he didn't say Atwell.

The relationship between the Illuminati and the nobles is essentially a financial transaction, and Igel, though he knows that Atwell is easy to use, he does not see it as a loyalty.

Atwell is loyal to the Illuminati, and only Illuminati.

"If there's anything you want to say, you can say it. Pei Sen is a man you can trust." Igel knew Atwell's reticence.

Atwell, who seemed doubted but not surprised, smiled and said, "I have traced the previous assassinations and they were all related to viscount Frey."

"Viscount Frey? Who is that, and why would a viscount want to assassinate me." said Igel doubtfully, taking Atwell to the study.

"He is only a little viscount, but his surname is Asmia, and his father is prince Latymer."

Latymer is Your Majesty's brother and Leser's uncle. When Leser came to power, Latymer was secretly hanged by Leser for his plotting against the archduke Birkenau and princess Carolina.

However, Frey Asmia, prince Latymer's eldest son, is alive and well, and is said to have done a very good job of running the former prince's territory.

His title is low, but to tell the truth, his large territories are more substantial than that of the count Igel.

But because of these things done by prince Latymer, the viscount Frey has kept a rather low profile and seems to be invisible to the nobility.

Igel frowned and said nothing, and Atwell earnestly suggested, "Master, more attention should be paid these days, but it should not be a problem because Sadin won’t leave the manor recently."

No one in the manor would raise the question of inheritance with Igel, but how could Atwell not know what Verl could have guessed about him.

Frey is also heir to the throne of Asmia, because he has royal blood in his veins.

The trouble is that your master is now planning to follow me out of the manor, Pei Sen thought in his mind.

Even if he succeeds, he worries that Sadin will just snap at him when he returns.

It's just so depressing.

Atwell saw Pei Sen's face and smiled. "Pei Sen, " he said, "your people, they seem interesting."

The fact that Atwell had been absent from the manor recently in pursuit of the assassination, but this did not prevent him from hearing of something that had happened. Unlike others, Atwell has no desire to look down on the Bixers, he is curious about the Bixers and naturally wants to make contact with them.

Pei Sen knows that in the original timeline of Bix magic Cube, the players had no connection to the Golden Rose Manor, instead, they were entrapped by Atwell miserably.

So, you know, interesting, forget it...

When they reached the study, Pecos, the fat cat curled up on the couch. After Atwell left, Pei Sen poured Igel a cup of black tea and continued to explain the magic language.

"Master, since count Aikin has come, you should stay with him at the manor, and I promise I will only leave for a day, and I will be back soon."

This is the last method on Pei Sen' mind: to keep his time out as little as possible, even if the instance he expected may be a bit far away.

But once the master agrees, even if he is forced to delay the time back, at most he can coax the naughty kid and he will cool down a few days later.

Igel, however, was about to give him the job of house steward so that he could go out with him, but he didn’t expect that there will be an Aikin emergency.

"Count Aikin is your good friend..." 

"Well, I know," Igel said with no expression, "but no, I won't let you go out alone."

Pei Sen has a headache and even begins to think about whether he should slip away alone.

"If you dare to go out alone, don't come back!" said Igel angrily.

Pei Sen: "..."

Igel looked at the magic note, "Don't worry, I won't slow you down too much. At least I'll master a few spells before I go out with you." Atwell returned, he was even going to secretly go to the priests to see if there is a way to learn magic arts, which he did not tell Pei Sen.

"It's not that, master. Now is a sensitive time. I can't keep you safe on my own."

Igel said quietly, "Am I really safe in this house?"

Igel, who had once been a bully, seems to be fragile and uneasy for a moment.

It occurs to him that there is no one Igel could trust in the whole manor.

Yeah, is it really safe for him to stay here?

How did Igel go blind without him in the previous timeline?

Igel would have never left the manor without himself, he would be under constant protection, but he still lost his eyes.

This place, is it really safe?

"Pei Sen, give me two more days, and I'll send Mary to Casey city, just in time for the Bixer to help me build the new city."

"Aikin’s matter is still to be investigated, but don't think he is too weak. My friend Aikin, who carried dozens of knights across a thousand miles safely to me in the fall of his own land is not really just a useless nobleman. What he needs more than anything is silence now. I heard he was betrayed by the man he trusted most... and I have no one in the manor I can trust but you."

It means that Aikin who had a man can be trusted was also betrayed, and wouldn't it be more terrible to have no one he trusts in the manor?

"I'm only going out with you for a few days, OK?" Igel looked over with an almost irresistible look.

Pei Sen struggled, and Igel took him by the hand, "You said you were going to be strong with me, so we should be together, but not you go off to find a way to be strong and leave me alone in the manor."

"Take me with you, Pei Sen."

For a moment, Pei Sen felt a tingling sensation in his scalp. Even if he goes out with him, it is only to find an instance and he would be back soon.

Igel sounded like he is going to run away with him.

It doesn't have to be like this, master.

"All right, I'll take you with me." Pei Sen gave up.

With a smile on his face, Igel realized that those stories about “hills as if smiling in spring” weren't meant to be exaggerated, there really are people who could smile more brightly than the mountains in spring.

Igel didn't smile much, but even a man as defensive as Pei Sen seemed momentarily dazed.

All of a sudden he understood that Your majesty Leser. Someone’s beauty is so utterly sexless that it is easy to move others’ heart.

But Pei Sen is the kind of person who will start thinking about it once he makes a decision. He doesn't make decisions over and over again that he regrets.

But no matter how hard he thinks about it, he has to wait for Ms. Mary to leave for Casey city, so he has to wait for a few days.

The building mission for the players is directly on the agenda. In fact, after  Valis and the Dragon Star Knights were killed, Pei Sen did not let the players push down the Lord’s House. Although Valis had earned a lot of money, he did not use them to build the Casey city. Instead, he built his castle quite magnificently.

Pei Sen felt that the Lord’s House could be kept and that there would be no effect on the construction of the whole city.

Besides, there has to be a place for Ms. Mary to do business in Casey City.

"Master, you can give some of the construction work to Ms. Mary for a while, so the Bixers don't have to go to the manor every day." said Pei Sen, considering that after he and the master leave, in case there are any players who want to exchange things, he, the camp merchant is not in the manor. He could set up an exchange-point at the Casey city, and some routine duties can be accepted up there.

Igel nodded, “Let Neil help Mary for the time being, and order some of the footmen to take all the useless things in the storehouse to Casey city, as a reward for the hard-working Bixers.” He hesitated for a moment, "Is it necessary to give the Bixers a slight increase in their pay?"

Now, the Bixers are really working the hardest jobs for the paltry wages, and with the siege of the Lord’s House, the Golden Rose Manor had changed its outlook on these foreigners, who were usually looked down upon by them.

"No, master, that's enough for now."

A little more money? Players don't really care, and now they don't know where to spend their money on.

Experience and contribution values are significantly more important.

Now that people in the manor are in a better mood, players find that their mission contribution values have increased by 20%, so they are all in excitement.

You don't have to give anything else.

Today's forum is as usual lively, Pei Sen finds that people look forward to the third test more passionately. The third test has 10,000 places, Pei Sen thinks that when these 10,000 people arrive, he should be able to start on the Arcey town.

"Why, this news, is from abroad..." Pei Sen saw a post is the introduction to the Bix Magic Cube from several foreign medias.

Now in the game the players after all are too few, there are no foreigners yet, but who knows what will happen in the third test.

In today's world, the interest in virtual reality technology and holographic games is not limited to domestic. Some foreign companies are technically more advanced than domestic ones. It is a surprise that such a game is now available in China, but not yet abroad, and it is no wonder that some companies want to figure out.

By the time Pei Sen crossed over here, it’s long after the Bix Magic Cube had been opened, there were already a large number of foreign players in the game, and with the language built into the system, players from any country could communicate freely, in the case of Alex, the language is similar to English, but slightly different, so after players from different countries enter the game, there are no obstacles in any way.

"Just two months." Pei Sen regrets, in fact, the game is just online for two months in this timeline, but the time seems to have been a long time.

This time, Pei Sen himself looks at the other players from a different angle than he had ever looked at them before. He has experienced so much in such a short period of time.

At this time, he shuts down those desperately blowing rainbow fart posts and ignores posts related to him and young master only from the title, and only to read those may have a clue of the instance.

Since the Designer posted something about the instance, more and more players began to pay attention to related information, and now it can be said to be very effective.

"It looks like we're going to have to hurry, or somebody's going to find the instance."

But even if they do, Pei Sen doesn't think it's going to be easy to play an instance zone for players at present level now.

Ms. Mary had moved to Casey City, and after Pei Sen took over housekeeping, he moved the people around Igel's bedroom so that there were fewer people looking at here, because it is good to take the young master out with fewer eyes staring at them naturally.

Besides, Pei Sen's been checking to see if there's anything in the defenses he can use.

Or he has to use his precious teleport scroll to randomly go to somewhere within a three-mile radius. It would be ridiculous if he can’t go out of the manor.

Pei Sen specifically selected two "not too honest" handmaidens and put them nearby. If nothing else, they are definitely spies of some people, because Pei Sen found out that the others were all green units, and the two handmaidens were yellow neutral units, which means that normally they will remain neutral unit, but once there is a fight, the yellow unit will change to read in seconds.

There's something wrong with these two.

Even among the footmen, Pei Sen found a handful of yellow units.

It seems Igel's life is full of problems.

He wants to see if he could use them to hide the fact that he and the young master are going to "miss" and if the people behind them are really hostile to Igel, so if Igel goes missing, these guys will go straight to their superiors, and if the disappearance of the master meets the interest of the person behind, they'll probably withhold the information, at least not tell Sadin.

"Master, that's all for today's lesson. I'll get your lunch."

Igel was about to say that he did not feel like to eat, but he swallowed his words, “You are in charge now. You don't have to go yourself. Let the footman go.”

"I'm going out to look at the route a bit more." he said softly.

He doesn’t want to use the teleport scroll for the loss of the Ring of a Thousand Illusions is very painful enough.

Igel said nothing more.

Pei Sen went outside, trying to tread lightly. He wanted to observe the changing of the guards. No matter how good the guards sre, they need to rest. He had probably found out when the time of the changing of the guards and wanted to see if there are any loopholes to exploit.

Perhaps the footstep was too light, and the two men who were whispering in the corner did not notice that Pei Sen had come near.

"We are moved far away from the young master now."

"Don't say that. He's in charge of the house now. If we offend him, we might be thrown out of the manor."

"Does the young master just let him order people about? When Ms. Mary was here, it was much fairer than doing what he wants to do. Besides, what right do Karla and Lynne have to wait on the young master?" They are the handmaidens that Pei Sen had found to be suspicious.

"Because they're quiet enough to know which way the wind blows, Karla and Lynne really don't even talk much."

"And have you noticed that almost everyone near the master's bedroom has been moved away?"

"Yes, and no one is allowed to stay out at night either."

"It's really obvious what he means..."

What do you mean, what do I mean?

"Yes, the outside is empty, just let him and young master... " The tone is full of "you know" meaning.

"Well, our young master is an adult after all."

"To be good-looking is to take advantage, and you can climb up very quickly with that."

"I'm afraid that's the intention behind sending Ms. Mary away, otherwise it wouldn't be very convenient to have Ms. Mary on the case."

"Yes, and now no matter what Pei Sen and young master do, no one cares."

"Hey, no one can hear what is happening in the bedroom..."

Pei Sen: "..."

Wait a minute. Did they say what he thought?

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