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Chapter 24

In terms of combat effectiveness, ten players can probably hold back only one person from the Dragon Star Knights.

The Dragon Star Knights was once well known, and Verl, a former royal guard, was one of the last in the Royal Knights, but if it hadn't been for Leser's early obsession with Archduke Birkenau, he wouldn't have been sent to Ranno’s fief.

This, of course, is because Verl had been outclassed in the Royal Knights, and he had no much strength, so he was abandoned.

Since then, however, Verl has held his breath to make a difference, and it was a coincidence that if Valis hadn't saved Verl's life twice, he may not be able to gain the loyalty of this proud man.

It's just that over the years, even the Knights of loyalty and justice have been corrupted by money, which is why they've become an integral part of the human trafficking gang.

Without the protection of the Dragon Star Knights, Kui Lang can not sell his captives to the distant center.

But in any case, the Dragon Star Knights's fighting power is there, and the fact that they've been traveling to escort them over the years has kept them strong in the fight.

The players swooped in in an instant, and not only did Kessel and the mages get confused, but Valis and the Dragon Star Knights didn't know what happened.

This isn't what it looks like! Valis had never been prepared for this. He had always assumed that Igel was just blowing off some anger. It never occurred to him that Igel was going to kill him.

He didn’t know something was going wrong until he saw Kessel, but it's time to say something, right?

How to know this group of Bixers rushed over regardless of anything, which directly put an end to the possibility of their speech!

In the players’ view, when there is drama animation, it is not more important than BOSS. ESC is OK, not to mention there is no drama animation.

There is only one BOSS, if NPC kill him, how wronged!

As for the "assist" of the "assist Mage Tower" in the mission description was directly ignored by the players.

However, Kessel was told that the Bixers would assist them.

But these guys, are they "assisting" them?

The Dragon Star Knights are completely overwhelmed by the crowd. They are strong, but with less men, and there are more than 2,000 players.

This time-limited mission is obviously even more attractive than the little count's birthday party, in terms of what players are most interested in, Fight BOSS can be ranked in the top three. Today also happens to be Sunday, most of the players are free, even if they are not in the game originally, after the release of the mission, even if they are outside or have been paying attention to the message on the forum, they don't care about anything, almost all of them went home against all odds.

What? A date?

No, dates aren't as important as games.

This is the stickiest time for players in the history of Bix Magic Cube, and their love of the game has never been greater.

So about two thousand and one hundred players come to join this time limited mission, which is a surprisingly a high participation rate.

"These people, they're interesting." Kessel said reluctantly, "I heard that Pei Sen is one of them?"

"Yes, but he seems quite normal." said Bertha, standing beside him in surprise.

She was taken aback by the madness of the Bixers.

One by one, the mages stand in place, not knowing how to react.

"It doesn't work that way. If we cast a spell, we could easily hurt these Bixers." Now that they're on the same side, it's not a good idea to beat them.

After all, the Dragon Star Knights Knights has been completely submerged by the players, even if the mages is not easy to hit the Dragon Star Knights, at least these mage apprentices are unlikely to be able to do. A junior mage has no much control power. A junior mage should be able to do that.

Kessel showed a faint smile on his face, "Then let them go first. Let's keep an eye on them. Don't let anyone escape from Dragon Star Knights."

"Yes, Lord Kessel."

He is not stupid, who knows if Dragon Star Knights want to escape, that young master will certainly use the reason to teach himself.

Kessel doesn't want to give Igel the chance.

Pei Sen can accurately predict everything, who originally wanted the Mage Tower as the main muscle, while players make sure not to let people run away on the line.

The result is now the players rushed to be the main muscle, but the mage is idle to stay in the periphery, watching not to let people escape.

Isn't that the other way around?

But given the nature of the players, it's hardly surprising.

"these guys, they don't read the mission details?" He said, frustrated, "And with the Dragon Star Knights and Valis, you can't seem to beat them."

Among the more than 2,000 players, only those who took the first test are able to manage it slightly, and those who took the second test below the 10th level will be basically beaten up by the Dragon Star Knights.

It's just that there are so many of them, who seem to surge forward, and the other party doesn't realize it.

The Dragon Star Knights is indeed the Dragon Star, under the command of Verl after the formation, a group of players rushing in the front fell down.

Valis's face is very ugly, but after so long of cowardice he has at last dispelled all illusions at this time, as if he has returned to be a knight many years before, and he is not weak in battle, otherwise, Igel wouldn't have let Kessel come.

Kessel is a high mage, who should be able to deal with a level five swordsman Valis.

The Dragon Star Knights is basically of all level 3 swordsmen, but as knights, they are swordsmen with giant swords, who are better than the average swordsmen, and Verl is a level 4 swordsman, not to mention that the Dragon Star Knights already work well together.

"It's just foolhardy..." said Pei Sen, frowning, "A group of not more than 10th level players still want to kill 50th level BOSS? You know, even the ordinary soldiers of the Dragon Star Knights are equivalent to 30th level small BOSS. It is too bold!"

Because Valis and the Dragon Star Knights are so advanced, the mission is to have players assist the Mage Tower to attack.

Now, however, the players have gone too far.

The players fell in droves, who are unable to withstand the Dragon Star Knights' attack, let alone Valis's.

Kessel looked at them coldly with a faint sneer.

He has no good feeling for Pei Sen, and certainly no favor for Pei Sen's fellow Bixers, especially since they looked shabby and different from the well-dressed Pei Sen, the noble and elegant mage does not like them at all.

If these people want to die, let them go.

The rest of the mages stand behind Kessel, equally unable to see the slightest sympathy for the Bixers, and two young mages are a little uneasy for fearing of future trouble from Pei Sen, who is said to be the young master's favorite now.

The rest of the mages watching these Bixers rush forward and die even chat cheerfully in low voices.

Well, they're not exactly happy about this kind of task.

Gradually, however, Kessel stopped smiling and the expressions of mages are also more and more pale.

Until they couldn't talk anymore.

The intrepid Bix race continued to advance, and some ran from the gate and kept rushing to advance without hesitation.

Even if they went up for a few seconds and died soon, none of them took a step back!

Kessel knew that Bixers would quickly turn to bone when they died. The bones of the Bixers were piled up on the road, and the Bixers who rushed up behind continued to fight, still clutching their swords and standing on the bones of their predecessors.

Any description of this scene is too feeble, and even the experienced high mage, such as Kessel, was for a time shocked to silence.

He can't laugh anymore.

One of the young mages’s face grew paler and paler, and at last could not help himself, "It's too bad, it's too terrible, let's get on with it. Why doesn't Lord Kessel give the order, and must we watch the bones of the Bixers pile up all over the Lord’s House?"

A few young mages who had never seen a kill were tottering, "This was supposed to be our mission... the young master sent us to kill Lord Valis and the Dragon Star Knights... "

In fact, the players are not fools either. They also found that the so-called BOSS’s level seems to be a bit high, and their attack power is even higher. However, after all, they have more people, more than 2,000 people piled up here at the Lord’s House. Valis and others can not cast spells on a large scale, and it may take quite a while to hack a player to death.

If the players can't break through the Dragon Star Knights’ defenses, they might as well give up. It's actually not that bad.

A player was shouting excitedly, "We can break the defense, and there is no accessory hero around boss. He can not return blood!"

This is the essential reason why the players do not give up to go forward, plus most of the second test players have not even reached level 10, who will not lost experience even if dead. There is nothing to fear!

But that's when it's OK to do it. Valis's not strong enough. If it had been Sadin, he would have made sure the players wouldn't have been able to break through his defenses.

Valis is a level 5 swordsman, yes, but level 5 hasn't really enhanced his power greatly. If he is a level 7 or 8 swordsman, based on the level of the current players, no amount of rushing is going to make a difference.

Players like the Designer think more, "No wonder the mission description is to help the Mage Tower take this place." he said, glancing at the mages standing nearby, "It seems that the BOSS is really high-level, the correct way to complete the mission is to let these mages first start."

But now it's too late to regret it. The Designer took a look at the Dragon Star Knights and they only reduced their blood volume a little bit, "Anyway, these BOSS are not invincible when they face the players. They can still play. No one know if the rewards will be more if the players don't rely on the help of the NPC mages..."

Pei Sen didn't know if the prize would be more, only that master Igel seemed angry.

In addition to Igel, the demon eye was seen here by Sadin and Ichabod, the head of defence, who did not approve of Igel's order that Valis should be put to death and came as soon as they were informed.

But when Igel saw them, his face darkened. Sadin talked some sense into him, and Igel said sarcastically, "What, you want me to take back my orders?"

Sadin was silent for a moment, for he knew that Igel was on the verge of an explosion, and he did not speak again. Ichabod, however, did not speak at all, for Igel looked pale.

The stout, plain looking man in his forties is in charge of defence of the Golden Rose Manor, who is not much more handsome than Sadin, but with powerful strength.

He's a man of few words, and he wouldn't mess with Igel at a time like this.

Both Sadin and Ichabod were shocked to see the Bixers charging forward and dying in droves.

"These people..."

Igel's voice rose coldly, "Kessel is really good. He doesn't do anything until now. He just watches the Bixers die. He's really my good chief."

Sadin and Ichabod had nothing to say to each other as they stared at the image in the demon eye.

Even if they want to defend Kessel, they don’t know what to say.

Not to mention them, even the mages of the Mage Tower at the site were shaken for a moment, because the scene is so tragic that they has a difficult feeling about Kessel, who has not given the order.

They do despise the Bixers, and had laughed at the folly of the Bixers who had rushed upon them, but now that they had died so violently, something would change psychologically in any human being.

Kessel did not take action, which let these mages of Mage Tower all begin to condemn him to be too heartless  in the heart.

"Lord Kessel." said an middle level Mage, who could not help himself.

Kessel waved his hand and looked at Valis, whose face was getting uglier as the players gathered around him. "I'll deal with Valis, you set fire to Verl, and the rest of you stay around in case any of the Dragon Star Knights escape."

Even if they despise the weakness and stupidity of the Bixers, they can see that the Bixers will finally defeat the Dragon Star Knights at great cost.

Many of them have died, but the Dragon Star Knights is not unscathed.

Each man with a sword, even if only to leave a small wound in these powerful knights, with hundreds or even thousands of people rushed up, ants can kill the elephant.

All of them were sympathized with the Bixers, who had died so miserably, that even Pei Sen had received several sympathetic glances, and he sighed speechlessly.

You know, the players on the forum are screaming like crazy shouting, "We can push them down, don't worry, time is limited for 24 hours, no problem as it goes on slowly! "

"As long as one left, there is nothing to be afraid of."

"Yes, even if you can only cut a bit of damage, you can also cut them to death."

"It's not that big a deal. The little BOSS of the Dragon Star Knights is already down 5% of his blood. A dozen resurrections will definitely get him up to 70% of his blood. I just don't know if he will go to another stage after losing blood, such as shooting a big move or something."

"Unfortunately, this game is only for swordsmen. If only there are a mage who could cast spells remotely."

"Wouldn't it be better to have T and accessory hero? But swordsmen are alright."

"Don't be picky, at least you can break through the defence, you see, these knights have armor on them, you can't cut them, you can cut where there is no armor, it's absolutely useful."

So, the players are very insidious, the sword in their hands all toward the face of those knights’ feet, arms and faces.

The Dragon Star Knights are not full body armored besides helmets and armor. They not very well guarded.

No one cares about the bones under their feet, and no player is afraid of them.

Are you kidding me? Someone dies in the game, and they get scared? Of course not.

Players are happy that the BOSS isn't indestructible, and that taking the time to die a few more times isn't a problem at all.

Kessel finally made a move, he knew that if he does not make a move, his authority in the Mage Tower would already be affected.

As soon as he struck, Valis's face darkened and he tried desperately to escape.

He knew he would never be a match for Kessel, and by now Valis had abandoned all hope.

"Verl! Get the Dragon Star Knights to protect us from these Bixers!" 

"But they've got the place surrounded." Verl said sadly.

Even if this group of Bixers is not strong, but they will not retreat, even if the bones are piled up on the ground, even if they will be killed.

They still won't back down.

To break through, Valis should first have to go through the Bixers’ blockade, not to mention the horde of mages outside.

Most of them, Verl thought, would never escape.

Igel in the manor is still gloomy. As Sadin and Ichabod saw that Kessel had finally made his move, they knew that there is nothing more that could be done.

Valis's a dead man.

"Master, what will happen to Casey city when Valis is dead?" Sadin sighed.

Igel sneered, "It's just a city lord. What, my land will crumble without him?"

"That's not what I meant." Sadin really doesn't want to annoy him anymore today.

Igel suddenly said, "I think Mary is very good, she has been around me for almost ten years, and like Valis, her family has been loyal to the Ranno family from an early age. She is no less capable of management than Valis."

Sadin was taken aback that Igel wants Mary to be the Lord of Cayce!

"But, sir, if lady Mary are to leave, you... " 

"It's nothing. It's not that far away. It's just in Casey city."

Sadin was silent, unable to speak directly to block Mary's future.

Mary was not a nobleman, and by the laws of the Kingdom of Asmia, once Igel, the fief Lord, had made her Lord of the city, Mary would be given the lowest rank of nobility and out of the rank of servant and into the peerage.

It is the same with Valis, a previous servant of the Ranno family who had come to this point.

Mary isn't here now, but if she hears later that Sadin doesn't want her to be Lord of Casey, she and Sadin may never be as good as they are now.

In his heart, however, he does not want Mary to leave the manor.

As the man who has taken care of the young master for many years, the young master at least gave Ms. Mary some face, and the house steward itself is a so important position that the other people, even Sadin can not trust her.

"I know what you're thinking." Igel said impatiently, "From now on, Pei Sen will be the house steward and my personal butler."

Pei Sen looked at Igel, who was giving the orders with such grace, that he had no idea it had anything to do with him.

Igel smiled at him and gave him a quiet wink like a cute teenager.

Pei Sen: "..."

Igel had originally intended to promote him, but he made the sudden decision today.

In any case, once Pei Sen had become the house steward, his rights would be greatly enhanced, at least within the manor, which was in the hands of Mary. With her care and attention, Pei Sen is unable to go out with Igel, or Ms. Mary will find them in half an hour.

And if Pei Sen himself becomes house steward, that will be another story.

Igel is determined to follow him wherever he will go.

Besides, he had left the manor only a handful of times over the years, and Igel could not pass up the chance of having a Pei Sen with him to go out.

He didn't think much of it for a moment, only that Sadin and Ichabod were all looking at him.

It was clear from their eyes that Igel had made the decision because he had been whispering in Igel's ear.

Pei Sen thinks he's so innocent. He really didn’t do anything!

"If I go on like this, I'll become a a favourite at court sooner or later... "

He is already the fastest climber at the Golden Rose Manor under the favour of the young master, especially since he is not an elder of the house, but a commoner employed there.

The jealous people behind him had gnashed his teeth, and though they did not dare to whisper it in the ears of Pei Sen and Igel, there had in fact been some gossip.

Especially since Pei Sen is so good-looking.

Fifteen year old Igel is an adult in Asmia, but only Pei Sen thinks he is a child.

A child... almost as tall as he is.

By this time, dozens of knights in the Starling Plain are escorting a man at a gallop towards the Golden Rose Manor, and they had skirted some dangerous parts of the plain, approaching the edge of the Starling Plain, not far from the Golden Rose Manor.

"Count, we are almost there."

"Good." protected in the middle is a silver-haired boy, who looks a little older than Igel, with silver hair and blue eyes, and a black mole at the corner of his eye. He looks handsome and amorous, but is now haggard, and has lost some of his beauty, "At such a time, perhaps only Igel dares to take me in..." he smiled wryly and coughed obviously in a very bad state.

Aikin, who had only recently sent a letter to Igel, had no idea that so much had happened in such a short time.

Within the Casey city, Valis was murdered by Kessel, and at last even Verl fell to the ground. Players hovered, posting screenshot of their victory on the forum.

Even if all the players have died many times, it doesn't matter to them. Ther are only concerned about how much bonus they can get for the end of the mission.

Claude, who missed the perfect time-limited mission just entered into the game, swearing angrily, "I will not go to this kind of boring party anymore, incredibly they did not let people go, fuck, I miss the mission!"

Then, at the edge of the Starling Plain, he happened to see the knights coming from afar.

"Well, who is that, and is it going to trigger another big mission?" Claude's face lit up with hope that there might be a mission to soothe his wounded heart.

These knights, however, did not look at him at all, but passed him by so quickly that the strong wind aroused by their horses nearly brought him to the ground.

"Bah Bah", spitting out the dust brought into the mouth, Claude hurriedly took a photo to post on the forum. He thinks this group seems unusual.

Pei Sen immediately saw the post. Are these people heading towards the manor?

He took one look at Igel and realized that the coming people is also a nobleman.

Hope the young master can have something to be entangled, don't always think to go out to play with him.

If anything happens to this one, Pei Sen is terrified of being murdered by all the players.

I really can't bear it!

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