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Chapter 23

Even though Igel is aggrieved, Pei Sen knows that this is a request he could never agree with, but he also knows that as long as Igel has decided something, no one can change it.

The reality is Igel said he couldn't go without him.

It’s fair to say he is a naughty kid, isn’t it?

Pei Sen, who is teaching Igel the language of magic with a worried look on his face, soon found that Igel's gift is truly astonishing. Pei Sen had taught him just once in a very short time and he would never forget it!

"It's no big deal." Igel said proudly.

No wonder that he would later become the Son of God, thought Pei Sen. His own qualifications are probably the best, but the situation does not allow him to go that way.

"But learning the magic language is only the first step," said Pei Sen gravely, "the next step is to learn spells, and it's not going to happen overnight. Master, it's dangerous to go out this time, I really can't take you there. In case something happens, I have to be distracted to protect you. I'll take you with me the next time when you can save yourself."

"No," Igel said coldly, "if it's really dangerous, you won’t go."

He's not gonna be so easily convinced.

Pei Sen is going to scratch his head.

It seems that Bix Magic Cube is really smart and the system is superior, because it's successful at trying to trigger life skills when he fails to convince the naughty kid not to set him back in taking the time to go out and meet players.

"To build a city, it takes more than a few life skills to do it. Architecture can be used as a big life skill, and then divided into branches." In the upper left corner of the player panel, there is a small paper airplane logo, which is actually a way to contact the so-called GM, but the experience of many years of past life tells Pei Sen, he can never expect GM to reply to him, and compared to the high-intelligence "NPC" "in the game" is the corresponding, GM seems to be not existing. You can contact it, but he's not gonna talk to anybody.

However, Pei Sen now has a theory that this isn't set up for finding GM, but for making suggestions.

He had written in great details, and the idea had been in his mind for days, and he had typed the manuscript for several times, and he himself was an architectural, so he knew that if he did not show his knowledge and talents, he is never gonna get what he wants.

After only ten minutes, Pei Sen heard a sound "Ding".

"Players can create their own life skills 'Architecture' and set up its branches and teach them to other players (if you want to teach other players, you can set certain preconditions)."

It's just an experiment, whispered Pei Sen with a chuckle, “Very smart.”

It can be done. He recalled that in his previous life, someone on the forum had said that someone learned life skills by themselves mostly not through making suggestions to the game system, but by showing that they had mastered the skill. There's a certain probability of triggering system authentication, who thinks you created a skill that's not in the game.

Or some players will simply hang on to certain "NPC" and learn certain skills from them and the system will grant authentication as well.

For example, a player pestered at the blacksmith in Casey City for more than half a month, but he still managed to learn the primary strike iron skills.

But other players saw this and also wanted to follow the example of the player, the blacksmith had to move away overnight.

It's also a good thing that Casey city is now almost flattened, with people living temporarily outside the city,  the rest of the population is not being harassed by players.

"I want the players to build the city as quickly as possible, and the pre-conditions must not be too complicated." he said. As he considered the pre-conditions, Neil came running to him, looking a little tongue-tied.

Pei Sen looked over, "What's wrong?"

Neil said softly, "Now the house of the lord of Casey city is the only place that has not been demolished." To be precise, it is the only part of the city that has not been hammered. "Lord Valis sent the Dragon Star Knights today to protect the castle, and the Bixers could not do it."

In fact, not only was he unable to do so, but if Valis had not been so restrained in his desire to turn against Igel, he would have killed some players on the spot.

Pei Sen quickly went to the forum to have a glance, sure enough, there are players doing the "live broadcast".

The whole of Casey city is almost flattened, and Valis is a real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, despite the fact that Igel has three cities in his territory and three lords, the strongest of them is Valis, who is an orthodox knight with a Dragon Star Knights under his command, but he's the worst coward.

Casey city is the nearest to the Golden Rose Manor, which though not maintained by Casey city, Valis would almost certainly listen to the orders from it.

If it had not been for that he did nothing when Igel was being assassinated, Igel would not have bothered to deal with him. He feared the assassination was Leser's orders and if he showed up, he would have offended Your Majesty.

It would take Valis a lot of money and time to build the city up again, but Valis could just bear it, after all, these years of colluding with the traffickers has made his wealth is far greater than that of an ordinary lord of the city. This kind of business without capital made him accumulate a large sum of money in a short time. He thought to himself taht just let Master Igel give vent to his fury, it's only going to cost not much...

But to think that the money it takes to build a city would cost him most of what he had worked so hard to gain, Valis feels miserable.

But he wouldn't let anyone push his house down. It is his last dignity and face and Valis wouldn't let anyone trample on that.

"Well... let the Bixers clean up the city first. Leave the Lord's House alone. I'll go and find the young master."

Neil nodded at once and went out very obediently.

He felt that in Neil's mind he had probably become a favorite of the emperors of ancient China, even though the steward is nominally higher than him, Neil has always been deferential to him.

"Oh? Valis doesn't want his house to be demolished and pulled out the Dragon Star Knights." Igel said, putting down his magic note, "He didn't show up when he should have, but now he's getting tough."

Pei Sen looked at him, "What does the master want to do with it?" He wanted to kill Valis, even if it is in the real world.

The Valis Lord had been in cahoots with the traffickers for so long that he had sold so many people for so much profit that Pei Sen did not believe he would do it again after he had let him off the hook. After all, he had been emboldened with the business which has big profit without any capital, and cutting off his source of income is not an option.

A Kui Lang died, there can be more people like him. As long as the patron of the city exists, the business will not really disappear.

Igel said casually, "What's to be done? I have sent a word to Kessel that he and his men from the mage tower will kill Valis, and there is no need to keep Dragon Star Knights. Kill them all."

He looked at Igel, who is both a familiar and a stranger, saying something so cold and cruel which sounds like a trifle to him.

Even though the attitudes toward him had changed better, even as a 15 years old boy confined inside the manor, there seems to be something brutal and dark about Igel's nature.

"Master, it’s enough to kill Valis..." 

Igel chuckled, "No, I know Verl of the Dragon Star Knights is his old guard, and who knows what else between them, and the Dragon Star Knights themselves are loyal to Valis." he sneered, "In that case, it would be best if they all die with Valis."

Pei Sen sighed. This young master is really a combination of contradictions. Yesterday Pei Sen took pity on him. For this reason, he even gave him the Ring of a Thousand Illusions. But today, even Pei Sen is a little afraid that if this young master doesn't become the Son of Light as he did in his last life, who he’s gonna turn out to be.

"Why do you go soft on those people, Pei Sen?" asked Igel, who is sensitive to human emotions and smart enough to realize something in an instant, blinking his eyes in surprise.

Pei Sen smiled wryly, perhaps because he knew that the world's "NPC" are real people, but if he regards this as a game, he wouldn't care if the Dragon Star Knights are destroyed or not, just some game data.

But now he knows it's not true. There are hundreds of real men in the Dragon Star Knights, and it would be indeed cruel to just kill them.

Igel had no idea what he was talking about. They are just a bunch of insignificant people, even if they had been run over, what does it matter? but now somehow he doesn't want to upset him, so the little master, who is very clever, suddenly said, "There is no need to pity on these people. Your former enemy, Kui Lang, sold people to other places at regular intervals, and the people of the Dragon Star Knights often takes turns as an ordinary escort, otherwise the journey from my land to the next few will not be easy. Without the protection of them, those useless human traffickers can’t do that."

A group of dawdling punk can capture people, but to cross a few territories is still very difficult. Their boss Kui Lang is only the new second-order swordsman, who is not strong enough. Anyone from the Dragon Star Knights can hang Kui Lang with one hand.

Pei Sen: "..."

Well, that's not very sympathetic, since the entire Dragon Star Knights is part of a human trafficking group.

Even if Igel had only said it for him, he was comforted that the boy is not a murderer who kills people casually.

"Well, I'll send a word to Kessel, and the Bixers can help. They're born fighters and not afraid to die. The Dragon Star Knights are strong, but they're not as big as the Bixers. They can help to surround the house with the mage tower's men and keep the Dragon Star Knights from escaping."

"If someone runs away, I can punish Kessel. I'd like to see one or two run away." Igel said, smiling with his head cocked.

He wanted to say that the Bixers shouldn't have to be involved, but he thought about it and didn't say anything.

At this time, his clear eyes with a smile show that as if he was just joking, although the words were actually said with some superior posture.

Pei Sen sighed, turned away and went to the give orders. The smile on Igel’s face became faint. His green eyes gazed thoughtfully at the magic note in his hand, and he tapped his fingers on it.Then his eyes turned to the inconspicuous ring, no one knew what he was thinking.He was not petulant as usual, and completely lost the innocence and childish smile.

Pecos, who had been sleeping next to him shivered and strode gingerly to the far corner of the room from Igel, where he curled up into a ball and tried to minimize his presence, but he is so fat that even if he shrank into a ball, it’s a fat one.

"Pei Sen." he murmured the name softly, and then laughed again.

Do you like it when I look weak and naive?

In Pei Sen's view, a 14 or 15 years old boy is basically just a child, after all, in modern society, people in this age are  still high school students, complete minors.

In the land of Alex, he was a full grown man at fifteen, and the reason why Igel's birthday is so important to the manor is that they doesn't want Igel to cause any trouble.

According to the tradition of the Kingdom of Asmia, Igel, who has royal blood, should be given a new title on his coming of age with a scepter bearing his name, yet the capital has given no indication, it is as if Igel is a descendant of Ranno who has nothing to do with the royal family.

You know, he still has his mother, and princess Carolina is the Queen of Bonfrith!

But since the king's side pretends to be deaf and dumb, this side of the manor could only coax Igel as long as he doesn't get into a huff.

Today, Igel and Ms. Mary spoke of promoting Pei Sen to the next grade, which would have been highly irregular, since Pei Sen is not only a civilian, but also had been promoted in the short time once and he had entered the manor not too long. But since Igel had given the order, at this sensitive time, Ms. Mary could not refuse Igel's request, and she prepared to promote him to the position of steward as well after consulting Sadin. Even at the lowest level, he will be a true steward.

Igel, who is waiting to surprise Pei Sen, so he did not tell him for a moment, but had just made a new discovery.

"Was it out of pity that Pei Sen, being so gentle and kind to me, gave me such a ring in secret?"

Pei Sen did not know what the young man had seen, but he did feel pity for Igel, for he is indeed a poor boy, and in a way what Igel had discovered is true.

His mind is now on how to trigger the players' active mission in taking out Valis and the Dragon Star Knights and let them get a slice of the cake, so he was totally unaware of Igel's emotions.

According to Pei Sen's wish, actually he wants to go by himself, but he knows the young master is impossible to agree at all, so he simply did not ask.

But as long as he triggers the players’ task, he will be rewarded with occasionally a lot of money. If he understands the meaning of the game system, Pei Sen will be enough to be the greatest benefit even in the manor.

Unfortunately, he can't do that with an instance. He has to do it himself.

"Valis and the Dragon Star Knights should be better than the players." thought Pei Sen, "Even if the players go there, they are just underlings, but there are so many of them that they may make a big difference? After all, theses mage masters are frail even with strong strength, but the apprentices and junior mages may not be able to withstand the attack of Dragon Star Knights."

What is the master thinking? In fact, even sending Kelmis to there is more sound than let the mages of the Mage Tower go  there?

Then he remembered the brooding Kessel. The masters of the Mage Tower, who have basically taken the lead from him. For example, some of the material that the players had scraped from the Starling Plain had been sent to the Mage Tower following with Igel's instructions, but without Kessel's orders, they are clearly inactive, and while they would not disobey orders, so far they have brought too little back.

Igel, he thought, is very unhappy about this.

"Is that the reason?" whispered Pei Sen.

Would the master have wanted more of the Mage Tower's men to be killed in the fight against Valis and the Dragon Star Knights?

If Kessel spares the dragoons and only goes to kill Valis, maybe he will be enough to do. If they want to kill all people of the Dragon Star Knights without the players’ help, there will be casualties among these weak mages.

Young Master, do you have such deep thoughts?

"I think I'm thinking too much." said Pei Sen.

After notifying Kessel, Pei Sen then went to inform the players, and sure enough there was a mission coming soon.

"Time-limited mission: Assist the Mage Tower in the attack on the Lord’s House of Casey city. Kill Lord Valis Backrot and the Dragon Star Knights in 24 hours."

Since it is a mission triggered by Pei Sen, he is able to extract certain contribution values from the players even if he doesn't go, even though he really wants to see it.

Forget it, it does not matter, there is magic eye of young master, there certainly has players’ live broadcast on the forum. Actually it is not much more strange than things he had seen before.

All the players were given the time-limited mission. The second test players are going to experience such a large event compared to the first test players who had experienced once, and it is interesting to look at the mission content, even players who were still in the Starling Plain began to rush to Casey city.

The same as "fight with monsters". This time-limited mission is to fight the Lord and the Knights, it must be more interesting than hunting rabbits in the wilderness.

That's right. Even today, players can only play on the edge of the Starling Plain, where there are actually only a few opponents: first, the wild jumping rabbit, level 1 monster, which is the most common. The fast and furious rabbits are almost overrun. Second, flying-toothed rat, also a level 1 monster, is better than the wild rabbit to beat, but it is not easy to find because it is like ordinary rats as good at digging holes, but flying-toothed rat’ teeth can sell at a good price. The third is the blazing whip tree, which seems to be a plant by its name, is actually a mutant demon plant, and is as dangerous as a level 2 monster. If it is not for it can not move, it will be more threatening. Although this tree is very dangerous, but it can be harvested more than wild jumping rabbits and flying-toothed rats, so there are a lot of players out there who would risk cutting it.

In addition to these three, if the players encounter other creatures in the wilderness, basically there is only one option: run!

Players below level 10, even if dead, will not lose experience, but it is possible to blow up weapons and equipment, such as things. If there is a partner to help pick up equipment, death will be nothing to fear.

But players above ten or more highr level will lose a half-level experience if they die once.

Most of the players in the first test are already in the 10th to 15th level. Most of the players in the second test have not yet passed the 10th level. Therefore, most of the people beating monsters on Starling Plain are one or two first test players leading several second test players. It's pretty efficient when they cooperate with each other.

But in this very real holographic game, it’s really not easy to adapt to fighting, at first they will always be hung up and hit a few back and forth by rabbits and can only gradually find a little feeling.

Braised Spicy Strip’s team is second to none among the players, who is more efficient at killing monsters than any other team, and he has an agreement with the Designer that once the location of the instance is determined, their team wants to make a first kill, and if it works, they will give half rewards of the instance to the Designer and his men.

Anyway, the Designer's own level is very low, he absolutely can not beat by himself, but to find clues and so on, several Braised Spicy Strips are not better than a Designer.

"We can upgrade by doing this time-limited mission, and then it should be a little more safe to got to the instance." said the teammates beside Braised Spicy Strip.

His teammates are basically the fastest to adapt to holographic warfare, and of course, even they are very limited in their adaptation, until now, at least a team of five or six people is able to kill the wild jumping rabbits relatively smoothly, and by the time Pei Sen was in their level, he was enough to torture and kill this common first-level monster.

To fully adapt to this, it will take a long time and experience of fighting in the holographic game.

The Designer is also interested in this time-limited mission, and the Architect couldn't help but said, "What make me think it is so random to trigger a mission in this game?"

"You feel this way because most games are basically player-oriented, no matter what the mission or whatever." the Designer smiled, "The Bix Magic Cube, on the other hand, seems to have always been dominated by NPC, and players can participate, but I don't feel like we're going to be the main roles."

I have to say, this guy is a genius at playing games, and he realized that early in this period.

The players arrive before the mages from the Mage Tower, and Kessel has no interest in killing a Lord and his Knights, but Igel has given the order, signed his name, and stamped with the burning seal of the count of Thorn Rose, even Kessel can't break it.

At any rate, as deputy chief, he should obey the little count's orders, and if he had not taken him seriously in the ordinary course of his life, it would have been an open rebellion if he even doesn’t follow this kind of orders.

Besides, Kessel doesn't care about Valis. Just kill him.

Just he is not quite willing in the heart, in addition to the Mage Tower's other mages also dilly-dally and arrive unavoidably late.

Players are much more anxious than the mages. After all, this is a time-limited mission. There are even players suggesting that they should go to the Mage Tower to try to drag them over.

Fortunately, after a while, the mages finally reached, but Kessel was surprised to see the Bixers around him and the particularly ugly Valis.

The mages who follow him are well bred in the Golden Rose Manor, who are not pleased with the task of killing, and some of the apprentices who had never killed at all are now hanging back, not wanting to be seen.

They, including Kessel, had seen this strange group of Bixers for the first time. Kessel is behaving better. Those ordinary mages could not help feeling a little strange under the players' discontented eyes. They think these raggedy-ass guys are kind of mean.

"Well, the Mage Tower's people come, we can start now?" a player with a sword excitedly asked around the people.

Except for the "time-limited mission" content, the game will not have further tips, nor will it command when to attack.

"Uh, do we need an order from the deputy chief? " 

"I feel like he doesn't think much of us."

"Me, too."

"So he probably won't be directing us. He'll just be directing the mages."

"What are we going to do?"

"Well... kill!"


At this point, Kessel looked at Valis, and wanted to say a few words, after all, he is also an old acquaintance. Valis is at least a small aristocrat, Kessel still wanted to give him a little face.

But all at once there was a commotion. The Bixers took up arms and rushed to the Lord’s House, shouting loudly, with no regard for the heavily armed Dragon Star Knights around the house!

"Shit, BOSS is mine, GET OUT OF MY WAY!"

"Kill or be killed. Go!"


The players were quickly aroused. They rushed excitedly and more than 2,000 people submerged the whole Dragon Star Knights by surprise.

Kessel: "..."

Mages: "..."

Who is the main force, Ah, didn’t we have agreed that the group of Bixers just come to assist us to take the Lord’s House.

What's the matter with them? They're so excited?

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