Bix Magic Cube Game World

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Chapter 22

The Ring of a Thousand Illusions is no better looking than the Light Blessed Ring. It's just plain silver and has nothing to do with magnificent.

"Ring of a Thousand Illusions (set of a Thousand Illusions 1/2): defense+100. May conceal the breath. May disguise the breath. (ring worn by the orphan of the Fox clan Hu Shuangshaung)"

The ring has a bit of a celebrity among game players, but it's not from this world, but from another.

Even a few years later, the world that Bix Magic Cube can open up is still limited, and this ring is from the very popular modern world of monsters, where there are more players than on the Alex.

In fact, there are only two sets of suits of Thousand Illusions, including the Ring of a Thousand Illusions, which can conceal or disguise the scent and the Mask of a Thousand Illusions, which can change one's appearance, and with these two sets, one can basically pretend to be another person. The orphan of the Fox clan with these two things played the world at will, but then... she got brushed off as a boss, and it was an accident that Pei Sen got the ring.

Even if the player has these two pieces of equipment can do many things, you know, this is a world with a very high degree of freedom, so this kind of functional equipment is invaluable.

"But this time perhaps a lot of things will change, such as I will save the young master and he will not be blind and may not become God's Son?"

After all, Pei Sen comes from a few years back now, and from the beginning, the game had turned a corner and the previous life has become completely different, who can guarantee what will happen in the future?

What Pei Sen knows is that there must still be a Hu Shuangshuang on another world of the Bix Magic Cube, and that there must also be a Ring of a Thousand Illusions on her hand.

It's like saying that this ring is from the future.

By this time Igel had looked at the ring and said, "It's so ugly... " He doesn't like it. After all, it does look a little understated.

This kid doesn't know how expensive this ring is. This ring alone accounts for at least one-third of the value of the warehouse account!

Igel seemed to see his displeasure, and reluctantly said, "Well, since it's from you, I'll take it." He took the ring and looked at the dull silver, "Pei Sen, is this ring of any particular significance to you that you have brought it out for me?"

It's more like an old ring that someone's been wearing for years than a new one.

Pei Sen was afraid that if he say it doesn't mean anything, the child will  turn around and throw it away, "Of course, this ring is the most important thing to me..."

Even if I give it away, it still hurts a little.

Igel said, "The most important tfor you?"

"Yes, most important."

Why would you give me the most important thing you have? I have everything I need.

Igel lowered his eyelids. "Well, put it on for me." he said casually as if "you know what? I'll give you face. It's an ugly ring. I'll wear it for your sake".

He looked at Igel's outstretched hand, the slender white fingers perfectly formed under the crystal lamp.

However, let him put a ring on the young master, this style of painting is too weird?

Be reasonable. It's delicate enough to give a ring with flowers...

"What's the matter?" Igel couldn't understand his discomfort, for him, it is only a common thing with no surprise to him. As his own personal butler, it’s normal to put on an ornament for him, plus, he gave it to himself, so it's only natural that he should wear it.

Pei Sen stood there for a moment doing mental construction. Looking into the clear eyes of the young man sitting in the chair, he felt that he had gone too far. The young man's mind is really pure and he didn't think much of it?

So he took over the ring and grasped Igel's hand, and tried to put it on his index finger. The Ring of a Thousand Illusions is not limited to be worn anywhere. The ring in Bix Magic cube is not meant to be worn on special finger, and its size can be automatically adjusted to match the player.

Most players like to wear the ring on the index finger, or simply as a tail ring to wear.

But Igel withdrew his finger and said disapprovingly, "Don't wear on this finger." he looked at his own hand, "Wear on the middle one."

Pei Sen: "..."

It's not just strange at all. It's weird!

It's so hard for Pei Sen.

But Igel is looking at him, and if he says no, it will get weirder.

Pei Sen placed the silver ring on Igel's middle finger quickly.

"Gee, this ring feels weird." Igel raised his hand and looked at the ring.

Although he is not a player and can not see the attributes of this ring, but wearing it means he becomes its owner, he is definitely still aware of its anomalies.

Plus, Igel doesn't know how to use it. But Pei Sen does.

These equipment in games like Bix Magic Cube, obviously, will work for "NPC" as well.

"Master," Pei Sen said, bending over and looking into Igel's eyes, "let's be strong... together."

The ring's greatest function to Igel is to mask his scent.

He is a vulnerable young nobleman, and it is clear that someone needs him to remain so vulnerable, even if the guards are strong, they are without any intention of letting him take power himself.

In the Alex continent, "breath" this thing is said to be illusory, but in fact it is not entirely reflected. The stronger the person, the stronger the breath.

Sadin, for example, is an eighth class swordsman, and he has such a sharp air just standing there. If he releases breathes freely, Pei Sen would have difficulty breathing in front of him.

Generally speaking, any swordsman's breath can not deceive this big swordsman's induction, for example, as Pei Sen stepped into the first-class swordsman's realm just a few days ago, Sadin was pleased to praise him.

Similarly, the breath of the mage is also very special. When Pei Sen stands in front of Kessel, he can feel his mystery and power. The breath of the senior mage is as deep as a abyss, even if he tries to hide it, when he comes to someone much stronger than himself, he probably can't hide it.

The Ring of a Thousand Illusions, however, is a perfect way to hide one's breath, even when Igel becomes a swordsman or a mage, or learns the most obvious form of light magic, he could still be the frail and noble young master he is today.

No one will find anything out about him.

It's not that he didn't think of this before, it's that he hesitated. Maybe it's not really a game world, the so-called NPC are all real people, but he only knows Igel for two or three months, and the naughty master isn't really that nice to him.

Does he have to go that far for him?

But in the end, he still has some pity on this young man.

Igel is just sitting in his chair. The light from the crystal lamp shed on him, which seems to be strangely cold.

"Me, May I?"

"Yes, master, with this ring, you can."

Igel had thought his fate is in the net. Even if he is only fifteen, he has little to look forward to in his life.

Looking at his gentle, slightly smiling face, Igel suddenly grabbed him and then hugged his waist.

"Thank you, Pei Sen."

No one in the world has been as kind to him as Pei Sen.

Pei Sen looked at the youth’s hair, and could not resist the desire to rub a handful, even if the young master is now in an unprecedented touching period, but if he musses his hair, he most likely will be angry?

That's a real bad boy. Grumpy and easy to be angry.

Thinking of this, Pei Sen could not help but sighed sadly and thought perhaps choosing not to think so much of "player" will be more happy.

With the Ring of a Thousand Illusions, the only question now is who will teach Igel, and what Igel will learn.

Pei Sen knew the right question to ask, "Master, is there anyone around you that can be trusted completely.”

Many of the people in the manor are very strong, and even the lady Mary, the House Steward, is at least a level 4 swordsman.

Igel knew what he meant, "Before, I'd say Mary, now?" He thought for a moment, shaking his head slowly, "None. Aikin may be half a man, but he is too far from me to leave his fief."

Pei Sen had a headache. He doesn't even have someone he can trust!

"Am I the only one who can do it?" But to tell the truth, he doesn't really want to teach Igel, because Igel doesn't seem like the kind of good student who would do what he is told, and now he starts to be afraid his ring would go to waste.

"You don't think I'm going to be a good student, do you?" Igel said suddenly.

Pei Sen: "..."

"Don't worry, I know you want to give the best to me. Teach me, Pei Sen." Igel said, looking at his soft and white hands, "I want to be strong."

Pei Sen looked at his hand, "You can't be a swordsman, at least not now."


"Because the hand holding the sword will have calluses." And once the pampered master has calluses on his hands, even if the breath does not change, it will be found.

So the only thing the master can study is magic? Oh, no, and trying to learn the art of magic, as would have happened in a normal previous life, Igel would have been a genius in the field, or he wouldn't have been the leader of the three Sons of Light.

"Master, I'll try to teach you magic from tomorrow. You can try to steal some magic from Atwell... no, forget it. Don't take any risk."

Pei Sen immediately realized that Atwell's mind and intelligence are beyond the ordinary, and unless the young master would play tricks with Atwell, he probably would not be able to outplay him. The probability of being discovered was too high.

"Good." Today's Igel is especially docile.

At the end of a long day, Pei Sen went back to his room to get ready for bed, habitually taking another look at the forum before going to bed.

The forum fueled by all kinds of test players and cloud players is still like a horde of demons dancing in riotous revelry, but the forum has never ran slowly even with its heavy traffic.

And the focus of today's discussion, no doubt, is the beautiful little count.

Originally, players to join the Thorn Rose Camp basically had no other choice, because there was no other camp to join, they can only join this one, at least they can receive a good camp goal task with a reward.

Bix Magic Cube is different from other games, most players haven't received the real goal task so far, in fact, Pei Sen knows very well that Bix Magic Cube has always been like this, the goal task is elusive, whose trigger rules are very fluid, and the goal tasks that each person might be given are quite different, as if the game encourages players to explore rather than having them play the game according to the goal task it has set up.

When Igel appeared, his impact is quite great, the female players are all addicted to the beauty of the little count, while the male players are worried about if such young camp leader... is reliable?

"To tell you the truth, we know very little about the Thorn Rose Camp, except that the leader is a 15-year-old count."

"The camp seems to be not weak. Even Kelmis, the captain of a escort team, is strong."

"Didn't you see the little count's birthday party? The two in the front are the big guys, one looks like a swordsman and the other a magician?"

"Yes, I went to make friends with Khamis, and he told me that they are the manor’s chief."

"I got it from Neil that they are a swordsman and a high mage. Awesome!"

"By the way, the mage looks so handsome. When did the Bix Magic Cube have a mage?"


Because it is early days, Bix Magic Cube only opened a swordsman class, players have no choice but to become swordsmen. What’s more troublesome is taht they can only learn skills in two ways, one is from "NPC", that is, from swordsmen like Kelmis, and the other is actually the skill book from the instance, but now players can't even find the instance’s door, so people are basically living off the skills of an original swordsman.

The girls' focus is on the other hand, in addition to handsome, most of them firmly expressed to protect the young count for life.

Of course, the game is a game after all, this "lifetime" is just a joke, but it is clear that a young and beautiful leader of the camp can consolidate the players’ favour towards the camp.

As Pei Sen surfed the forums, he calmly skipped posts whose titles tells him something is wrong.

Because this was expected to happen, plus he gave flowers and ring to young master, now it's a little bit like a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water, no matter how the players dance, how the headlines make him jumpy, as long as he doesn't click on it, it's like he hadn't seen it.

Well, I didn't really see it.

At this time, suddenly there is a post reflected in his line of sight.

"The poster... the Designer." Pei Sen knew the designer captured Kui Lang and also sent to himself in exchange for the contribution value. He found that this person is really great, "So soon? Already found a clue to the instance."

He didn't go through the first few instances of the game. He entered the game some time after the Beta test, because Bix Magic Cube is not like a normal game, players enter the game in different timeline, whose experience in the game will also be quite different from that of the original players.

So, Pei Sen doesn't even know where the original instance is.

The mechanics of the instance in Bix Magic Cube are not quite the same as those of the game in general. Pei Sen is now sort of traveling through the lands of the Alex and discovers that the NPC are definitely flesh and blood. In fact, when playing the game, he never thought that this is a real world, whether the ultimate method of blocking or the weakening stimulation both make players in this world have a clear "sense of play", and the existence of the instance definitely adds fuel to the gameplay.

"In the real world, there is no such thing as an instance..." Pei Sen lamented, after all, if all the NPC are actually living people, once death is really death.There will not have infinite resurrection like the general game.

Even in Bix Magic Cube, you can kill as many as you want in the instance, because only in this limited area would the person inside be a real NPC.

Pei Sen has played many game instance before, and in some of them the intelligence level of the NPC is no different from that of a real person. In fact, they are indistinguishable from the rest of the NPC except that they can be resurrected indefinitely, this is one of the reasons why players don't get too emotional about NPC.

But it's early in the game, and he's keenly aware that the Bix Magic Cube seems to have an evolutionary history. For example, the trigger of a quest is less sensitive now than it is later, including the trigger of a goal quest.

At the beginning of the game, it seems that even Bix Magic Cube is slowly learning. There is only one profession, and apart from the game board, many of them are left to the players to explore little by little.

"I don't even have life skills right now." Pei Sen mused. "Casey city is almost flattened. It's about to be rebuilt. Can I consider triggering the life skills system?"

"And would the early instances of the game be different from the ones I experienced later?"

In any case, Pei Sen has carefully read the Designer's post. Pei Sen is far more familiar with the Bix Magic Cube than him, but he is confined to the manor and is unable to run around looking for clues as the Designer does. However, the Designer only got a clue. Pei Sen just looked through it and has been able to determine the approximate location of the instance.

"I think he got a little inspiration after catching Kui Lang and then he found..."

There are a lot of players who follow the Designer's posts on the forum. As game players, no one is not interested in the game instance, but it's just a clue now. The players haven't found the location of the instance yet.

"No, I have to look at this copy." thought Pei Sen, whether it's to see what the difference is between the original and the later game, or for becoming stronger, it is a good choice to go to the instance.

The trouble is that he is now master Igel's personal butler, and could not easily leave the Golden Rose Manor.

The bigger problem is that he doesn't have the Mask of a Thousand Illusions. He can't change his appearance. Teaming up with players would be a problem, which will expose him as a "popular NPC" who actually is a real player.

Go there alone? Not Bad, the initial instance should not be very difficult. He is now far above the level of the average players. Yesterday he has reached level 18. If he has a few more magic records, it is not too difficult to be the primary mage.

Sitting at the desk, he opened the book that Kessel had given him. Pei Sen decided to learn a few more attack spells. Then he will go to ask the master for leave tomorrow.

"With my relationship with the young master now, it shouldn't be too difficult to ask for leave for a day or two." thought Pei Sen optimistically.

The next day, he went to Igel as usual, and sure enough, after yesterday, the boy becomes so nice to him that he doesn't bother him as much as he used to do.

Since he is in a good mood, Pei Sen looked around him, and Igel drove all the ladies out. "Master, this is Bertha's notebook I got from Kessel. It's good for introduction to magic, but it uses magic language. I can start teaching you today."

"Good." Igel was passionate about being strong.

Then he said at once, "By the way, master, I want to ask for leave after two days."

Instead of trying to trigger the life skills system and get players to start building the city, isn't there a bunch of players screaming about building the most beautiful city for the little count? Their time has come.

The Casey city has been completely bulldozed, and the reconstruction can begin. The life skills are important in the reconstruction effort.

As for new players who don't want to trigger their life skills, they can go ahead and bulldoze Adrien city or Arcey town... Well, he will ask the young master which one he wants to bulldoze first.

Since the mayor of the Arcey town didn't show up this time, and the Adrien city has the mage tower of Kessel, it seems to be better to solve the Arcey town first?

Pei Sen's thoughts drifted away.

Igel looked at him, "Why?"

"To be strong, master." said Pei Sen earnestly, "There is one place I must go."

The boy looked at him with his green eyes as if to tell if he was lying.

"Fine." When Igel finally agreed, he smiled . Though it is painful to give away a valuable ring, it is not without merit. At least in the past, Igel would never allowed him to take a leave of absence, even if he stays in the front room for a while longer, the master will not be happy.

“Don't worry, I'll be back soon.” Pei Sen said softly.

"Well, Pei Sen, you can go, but I have one condition."

"What's that?" said Pei Sen in a childish voice, knowing that the young master would be at odds again.

Igel looked at him and said, "I want to  go with you!"

Pei Sen: "..."

Seeing Pei Sen changed his face, Igel also wronged, "Pei Sen, you said to become strong with me, is it a lie to me?"

Pei Sen: "..."

My master, is that the same thing?

To smuggle Igel out of the heavily guarded Golden Rose Manor? It's almost impossible!

Not to mention Sadin who lives in the manor, but Pei Sen, who can't even beat Mrs. Mary and Kelmis, okay?


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