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Chapter 21 part2

This ring is a equipment gained from his main account, not in the world of Alex, but in the box in another game world of Bix Magic Cube. It has no other functions, except for only a "defense" role. Then his main account got better defensive gear, so this one was replaced, and he had been trying to sell it, but a player only has three boxes to place the jewelries at most, and purely defensive rings weren't easy to sell, so they were kept in storage.

"Light Blessed Ring: it can be automatically put in a protective shield in case of danger, the shield 1000, lasts for 3 seconds and has a cooling time of 10 days."

Purely from the attribute point of view, this ring is too partial. When it comes to real PK, not to say this ring can only withstand a damage, players can’t control when to pop up the shield. It’s not surprised it couldn't be sold out.

There is no way that Pei Sen could have given Igel anything of any other kind, especially something that is too powerful or doesn't come from the Alex, because there is no way to explain where it comes from, as for the magic scrolls and so on, even a high-ranking mage like Kessel has very few of them.

In fact, most of his gears are the mage's robe, wand and a large number of magic crystals, potions and moires, after all, it is a warehouse account.

Only this simple-looking ring seems to be the most suitable one. However, it is also likely to be disliked by the young master, who will not wear it at all.

Pei Sen hesitated for a day, not even making up his mind whether to send it.

Master Igel has everything he needs.

"But in this world, it doesn't seem like the ring has any special meaning." Pei Sen felt he didn't need to be so sensitive, "This is not modern time."

It is only himself who is uncomfortable. In this world, whether it is rings, necklaces or earrings, they are just pure ornaments. Although not many men wear rings, many aristocrats like to wear some ornaments, especially rings including necklaces, actually, earrings are only for ladies.

Unlike in modern times when a ring has a special meaning, here, a ring is just a ring.

"Instead of feeling a bit weird about the ring, I should worry about Igel throwing it back even if I give it to him and he thinks it is too ugly and plain."

In the evening, when the party officially began, Pei Sen looked down at Valis, the disagreeable Lord of Casey city, and Lacoli, the Lord of Adrien city, who looked more sophisticated than Valis. He is outwardly deferential, but perhaps even more untrusted than Valis, because Adrien has a mage tower, and Kessel is in it all the time.

But they are a little better than the absent mayor of Arcey town.

Igel's condition is so bad that even if he is a Lord, the three cities below don’t follow with his orders at all, and there is no entertainment in such a borderland, and he seems to be surrounded and protected by guards and masters, but these men are simply guarding the cage in which he is kept.

The young man, in spite of his bad temper, seems to be enjoying immense wealth with having only to open one's mouth to be fed and hold out one's hands to be dressed, but in fact he could not even leave the manor without the consent of someone.

The longer he stays at Golden Rose Manor, the more he understands these things.

Today, for example, when Igel himself said he would invite the Bixers to his birthday party, the manor reluctantly agreed, but now the courtyard is almost like a military camp, Pei Sen knows they are trying to keep the Bixers out of trouble, but let's be honest, Kelmis's team is enough to keep the players at bay.

The power gap is there.

Igel seems to have everything he wants, but in reality no one will give him what he really wants.

He is only fifteen years old, but he has seen many things, such as today's situation, he seems to smile, and a after a while, he becomes expressionless.

This kid is actually a very smart kid...

The players were less impressed when they were asked to "attend the 15th birthday dinner of the master of Thorn Rose Camp" and were surprised to learn that their camp leader is a 15-year-old boy?

"Fifteen years old... Unreliable."

"It doesn't matter. As long as he has the right people around."

"This mission is a model of peace, and it should be about getting us to participate in this event and gain some rewards and experience by the way."

"That's not bad."

"And meet our mysterious count!"

The vast majority of players are still very interested in this. As for the large number of guards standing nearby, they don't think it's a problem. Anyway, this is under peace mode. These guards are neutral, and they won't fight. It's a big crowd. It's a big crowd!

"Shall we prepare a present for the little count?"

"The mission didn't say."

"Isn't this a very free game?"

"That's right, you can prepare something anyway. Maybe you'll get something out of it."

"But we're so poor... what can we send to him?"

"It says on the Exchange List that the little count likes star grass."

"But I've exchanged to contribution values with all of them."

"Me too..."

Players think for a long time to find there is really nothing to send. They can not pick a wild flower on the roadside to the respectful count.

Speaking of this, the Bix Magic Cube's awesome interactive mode is blown up on the forum, basically anything you can do in real life can also be done in this game, such as picking a flower or pulling a weed or something off the road.

There is a strange player, as others are doing the construction task or go to the Starling Plain to kill monsters, he becomes a scavenger in the holographic game, who loves to pick things up and filled his backpacks and warehouses. He also set up a place outside the city and spent two days building a shelter for his hunts.

The funny thing is that from time to time there are players go to his shed to steal things, so this player who aspires to be a scavenger often fights with other players and practices skill better than others.

So the diversity of players can be found in the Bix Magic cube.

"There should be NPC in the manor who can teach skills. Do you think it will be successful to get close to the little count at his birthday party?"

"Isn't it said that a first test player learned a skill from Kelmis?"

"Stop it. Ever since he succeeded, people have been hounding Kelmis every day, which makes the NPC sick."

"But in this manor, Kelmis is just a little captain, so let's see if we can get a stronger leg to hug."

"Dreaming is faster, and I've discovered that this game is not only difficult to play, it's also hard to learn skills..."

"It's been more than a month since I tested it, and I haven't found a instance of it or anything else."

"It feels like a game of long-term exploration."

The conversation heated up, and the Braised Spicy Strip listened to each other as they followed the group into the manor. Not far away he saw an acquaintance, who happened to be Claude, whom he had killed for three times.

Even if the mission bonus is cut, Claude is still substantially ahead of the first test players, and for a short time, by his own efforts to hammer the wall, he has changed a nice leather jacket and wore a broken iron sword. He is starting to look pretty serious.

Today's event is a large-scale chance to steal experience, and of course he can't miss it.

Someone tapped him on the shoulder. They are the Designer and his two followers.

"I think you should be off work. Still online?" Braised Spicy Strip knows that their recent work in the company is to play games, he feels a little jealous, after all, it is his recent holiday that allows him to spend so much time on the game.

In fact, not all two thousand and two hundred players come to participate in the activity today, some people in reality can not be online, or someone is still in the Starling Plain fighting with monsters crazily at this time.  Probably about 2,000 people come here.

"We three volunteer to work overtime." Doodle said.

The truth is that this game is so much fun, so they don't want to go offline.

"By the way, are you interested in something?" The Designer suddenly said to Braised Spicy Strip.

"What's the matter?" Braised Spicy Strip seemed to be interested.

"I seem to have found a clue to the first instance of the game."

"Really?" The Braised Spicy Strip surprised, "We first test players have entered into the game for more than a month and have nothing to find, big brother, you just into the game for a few days, Ah, you found a clue of the instance?"

The Architects laughed, "Did you forget we're professionals?"

They know more about the game than the average game players, and they know what the game's task is generally like, including the settings for the instance.

And the average players don't specially go looking for it, and the game doesn't usually hide it that deep, because the instance is meant to be pushed, what's the point of hiding a instance that deep?

Bix Magic Cube, however, is the exact opposite of a puzzle, which requires the players to explore all the things. Many players aren't comfortable with this mode, so it takes some time to familiarize themselves with the game.

The Designer was keenly aware of the differences between the Bix Magic Cube and other games from his first day into here, so it wasn't too hard to find a clue when looking specifically for it.

However, he did delay other things, for example, until now his level is only 2, which is far behind the other players.

"And, I made a special inquiry yesterday." The Designer in the real world is quite well-connected, "It's a really weird game, like it does have a version number, but no one at the licensing board remembers having signed it, and it's in the existing version number list. What’s more, the built-in forum of the game is very strange, which doesn't seem to be in the country. Someone tried to look up its ip address and couldn't find anything."

"Yes, the whole game is very strange, but if the government really wants to control it, don't let me sell the game cabin."

"The odd thing about this is that the game cabins are all express shipping, but there's no shipping address... As you know, people pay for the game cabin directly in this built-in forum, and then they mail it straight to home. They found a few warehouses following with the courier, but they even did not find out how the game cabins entered into the warehouse."

Braised Spicy Strip: "..."

The Doodle waved his hands, "Why do you care about so much? Isn’t it OK as long as the game can be played online?"

The Architect nodded, "That's true."

The Designer laughed and said nothing more, but he knows he isn't going to get what he wants, and it is impossible to learn anything from the holographic game and put it in his own game.

The game, at least for now, is completely unrepeatable.

Kelmis breathed a quiet sigh of relief that the Bixers had quietly entered the manor for the birthday dinner, not in their usual wild and uncontrollable way.

By the time Igel came out, the players had glowed in unison.

This blond, blue-eyed, handsome young master is the leader of their camp!

Because Bix Magic Cube is so real, there's little difference between the characters in the game and the real world, and everyone's vision of a holographic game is always: the more real the better, and Bix Magic Cube is the ultimate in this field, but at the same time because of the various blocks, mosaics and blunting of the gory images, and the illusory sense of piercing into the human body by surgeons like Braised Spicy Strip, players don't feel that this is a real world.

In essence, killing in a game is inherently stimulating not only in holographic games but also in keyboard games, but the Bix Magic Cube does minimize the stimulation.

But when it comes to truly stunning looking NPC like Igel, the level of realism is so high that players find the NPC is too lifelike and gorgeous to look directly at.

If Pei Sen's face is with a soft, handsome, non-aggressive perfection, Igel's is beautiful to the point of glowing.

You can't take away that kind of stimulation.

"Damn, my little count is so pretty."

"So beautiful. I can't find another adjective."

"Wow, wow, wow, little count, you can rest assured. I will never betray you. I will stay in the Thorn Rose Camp till I die."

"This is my camp, little count. Tell me who your enemy is, and I will kill him for you!"

"The little count is my God now, and I will build the most beautiful city for my little count."


Watching mad players turn around and sigh secretly is something he had anticipated: Kelmis had thought the player would scare Igel, but maybe in a different way, Pei Sen thinks.

But NPC on Igel’s level will quickly reinforce the players’ sense of camp belonging, which is probably the biggest benefit of Igel's presence.

The guards in the manor won’t let the players get too close to Igel, but the players were impressed by the beauty of their leader and didn't do anything too far, and the birthday party passed without a hitch.

Igel has so many presents in his room that he doesn't even bother to open them. At that time, Pei Sen pushed the door open and looked up.

A great bunch of star grass filled his sight.

"For you."

Igel looked at him, "A birthday present?"


Pei Sen had already taken out the ring, but he did not know why he was so weak in heart and changed to another one from his backpack. He did not know whether the decision is right or not, it's just that he never seems to be able to treat this young man sitting alone in a gorgeous cage as an insignificant NPC.

The ring isn't the same one. Pei Sen looked at the ring on his palm.

"Ring of a Thousand Illusions", which is almost one of the most valuable equipment on his warehouse account. He has not had time to sell it. He wasn't going to give it to Igel, he was just going to give him a piece of defense gear like the Light Blessed Ring.

And now he happened to take this ring out.

Igel has seen that ring, "This ring, too, is it for me, Pei Sen?"

Pei Sen sighed and nodded slightly.

Only in this quiet room, he is holding a large bouquet of flowers and a ring, which is to going to be sent to the young man with a beautiful smile.

... everything feels weird.

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