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Chapter 21 part1
"What's the matter with him?" Pei Sen asked.

The Designer says with a smile, "We just had him help us to do some research, but Mr. Kui Lang doesn't seem to have a very good psychological profile. You don't mind too much, do you, Mr. Pei Sen? Since you and he are enemies."

"Yes, he and I are enemies. After you give him to me, I will kill him and give you three a reward."

"That would be great."

Pei Sen gave each of them a broken iron sword and some contribution values, which was the maximum that the he could give since the young master promised to give them a prize.

They three took the reward and did not say anything else. They went to Neil to receive their missions and returned to Casey city.

"It's much more free than I think." the Designer mused, glancing back at Golden Rose Manor, "It's a level we can't get anywhere near in the game world today."

"Boss, do we have to do any more tests?" said the Architect.

The Designer shook his head, "Not now. We should try to do the task of the game well in order to gain some useful weapons and go to the Starling Plain to have a look. I heard that the monsters in this game are really tough to deal with."


As Pei Sen watched Kui Lang being dragged away with a great equanimity in his eyes when he knew he is going to die, he turned his back, ignoring the little man.

On the half way, however, he ran into Atwell. He has not seen such a young man with the “priest” face in the manor for some time, and he is supposed to be dealing with the assassination of Igel.

He was followed by several priests, who appeared to be in a hurry.

"Have you found the man responsible for the assassination towards the young master?"

Ever since Sadin said he didn't think it was Leser's idea, no one on the manor has been so eager to find out who really wanted Igel dead.

Which means, as for now, no one knows who the killer is.

He looks at Atwell, who is in a hurry to meet Igel. His return is a bad news for the players, because he is a powerful character who could manipulate them.

Atwell enjoys interacting with the players instead of Sadin or Kessel who spends more time at the mage tower in the Adrien city.

Once a large number of players were deceived by this man who seems to be a kind and friendly religious person.

"But what is the position of this Illuminati man in the manor?" This is also what Pei Sen has been wondering.

During the time at Golden Rose Manor, he has known all about the butlers and maids, including the gardener, except for these church men, he has no idea why they are there.

"Well, ask the young master or Mrs. Mary when you have time." Mrs. Mary is certainly more friendly to him than anyone else.

He was about to continue down the corridor when Kessel in a magnificent robe led Bertha, a beautiful young woman to approach him. This kind of awkward encounter made him have no chance to avoid.

He had not seen Kessel since he had learned all the magic from the book, for he knew that Kessel had given him the book only to mock him, and that Kessel would never have thought he is capable of learning magic. However, Pei Sen had grasped all the magic, which was almost a slap in the face for Kessel.

His Excellency, the deputy chief of the Manor, the superior mage, Lord Kessel had been struck in the face by a little man! Pei Sen is not stupid enough to think of going to make a show of force again.

When Kessel saw him, he would not be too happy, but the man was not so innocent as to show on his face. Instead, he gave him a meaningful look, "I heard you've learned all the magic in the notebook?"

Before he could say anything, Bertha, who was standing next to him was already upset and said, "Teacher, you gave him my notes? It is supposed to be for Franny."

A instance of Bertha's old notebook, which she had promised her friend Franny to give to her sister, who lives in Adrian city and has a gift for magic. Kessel promised Bertha that he would take the book back to her, but when he ran into Pei Sen, he gave it to him.

The notebook is nothing to Kessel, but not to Bertha.

Not only did Kessel break her promise to her friend, she also felt strange to have her old notes in the hands of a strange man.

"Don't underestimate the new butler, Bertha." Kessel said with a half-smile. "Although he's not very talented, he's probably better at magic than you."

"Pei Sen immediately received a almost hostile gaze from the little girl. She looked at Pei Sen haughtily, "Seriously? He?”

As if to say that this lowlife is worthy to be compared with me.

Pei Sen smiled, not wanting to argue with the little girl, but suddenly his heart moved, "I did not dare to compare myself with Miss Bertha, for I had not known that magic is not difficult to master, but I had mastered it in a week from Miss Bertha's notebook." In fact, it took only one night.

Bertha was furious, "How can you master so many spells in a week? You're totally lying!"

"I do have mastered all the magic in that notebook now..." Pei Sen sighed.

"That doesn't prove you mastered it in a week! "

"In that case, why don't Miss Bertha give me another notebook and let me see if I can master so many spells in a week?"

"Good..." Bertha thought something was not right and looked toward Kessel.

Bertha, however stupid, knows that it isn't right. Pei Sen was probably trying to provoke her.

Kessel is not as innocent as Bertha. He saw what Pei Sen was trying to do, and Pei Sen wasn't trying to hide it.

"Have you been taking fencing lessons with Sadin?"

"Yes, Lord Kessel. Sadin thinks I have more talent for fencing than magic."

There is a faint smile on Kessel’s lips. He knows what he wants to do. Everyone knows he is at odds with Sadin. It is clear that Pei Sen had learned magic first, but Sadin had taken him away to learn swordsmanship, and under normal circumstances, he would not be happy.

This is not to calculate himself secretly, but is about to ask him openly for more things about magic.

This guy is interesting.

Kessel looked at him, "Bertha, give him the magic book I was going to give to Auer before."

Bertha was stunned, "Teacher!" 

"Don't you want to know if he can master so many magic in a week?" Kessel said softly.

Bertha is anxious. She feels something is wrong, but she follows Kessel's advice, "What if you don't master more than 10 spells in a week?"

"What are you going to do? Return the book and apologize to you?" asked Pei Sen.

Bertha is choked again, and she doesn't know how to punish him.

Kessel laughed, "If you master more than 10 spells in a week, you can have the book, if not... " He did not finish, but his cold eyes let Pei Sen know that this mage will not spare him.

Despite knowing what he is up to do, Kessel is still not happy with what Sadin had done. He wants him to spend more time on magic, even if he doesn't like him at all.

Kessel would be willing to go against Sadin even if there is no profit in it for him.

He has always had a problem with Sadin, and Sadin doesn’t even give him a shit.

Kessel leads Bertha away with a sneer.

Armed with a thick magic book, Pei Sen almost burst out laughing in excitement.

This is called overt plot. He had not expected to be so smooth and did not think that he may succeed all of a sudden!

"I'll read it in the evening!" Pei Sen put the magic book in his pack and hurried back, for it is late enough to go to Igel’s house, and Atwell had withdrawn from Igel's room and probably went to find Sadin.

Without hearing the gossip, he could not help asking Igel, "Mster, Atwell and the others must be members of the church. Why are they protecting you at the manor?"

"Because someone bought me the title of Son of God for a large sum of money." Igel said nonchalantly.

Wait a minute. Son Of God?

Pei Sen's eyes widened. Is it the God of Son he thinks ?

"Why are you so surprised?" said Igel with a laugh, "The church is said to be very poor so that many nobles could buy the title within the church for a sum of money, which is certainly a lot of money, but it is also a good deal, because once they became the Son or Daughter of God, the church will send a god-blessed priest and twenty ordinary priests to protect them."

Pei Sen froze. How does that work?

"There are now about twenty Sons and Daughters of God in the Kingdom of Asmia alone, and we do not have to believe in their Illuminati God at all." Igel said carelessly, "The nobles know it is only a financial transaction, and the priests of the Illuminati are good and useful in many cases, who are very devoted in protecting people, and maybe the Illuminati could not afford to have so many priests, so the nobles would help them raise their people, and by the way they protect the nobles who are not usually so dangerous, which is a satisfactory cooperation on both sides."

In fact, this is not only in the Asmia Kingdom, but also not rare in other countries.

The so-called God’ children is nothing more than a fig leaf for a nobleman to pay for a bodyguard.

"So your blessedly priest is Atwell?"

"Yes." said Igel, holding his chin, "Atwell and the priests with him are more useful than most guards of the manor."

Originally, there are so many Sons and Daughters of God in this period? Pei Sen did not expect this. He only knows that after a few years, the forces of the church of Illuminati will be spread across the mainland. He can not imagine the church of Illuminati has experienced such a weak time in the past few years.

A few years later, the mainland will be in a state of war and chaos, and by that time, the Illuminati will be the most powerful force on the continent.

According to Pei Sen, there are also Sons of God in the Illuminati of that time, but no Daughters of God.

The three sons of light of the Illuminati are also known as the Sons of God, who are well known and popular among players, especially..

Igel was stunned and stared at Igel. Igel felt a little uncomfortable, "What are you looking at?" 

A warm hand suddenly covered Igel's eyes and plunged him into darkness. Only the tiniest rays of light filtered through the fingers of the hand.

Igel blinked his eyes slowly, feeling his eyelashes flick across the hand that was covering his eyes.

Pei Sen looks at Igel, whose face is half hidden from view, even if he is childish, but the bridge of his nose, the shape of his lips and his delicate chin are all same as the man he remembers!

The Son of Light, Sheng Yan, one of the most popular NPC of the late period. Many players uses his HD screenshot as the desktop of their mobiles and computers.

Blind as he is, he is in charge of the ruling sword of the Illuminati. He is the most powerful Son of the God.

This NPC has always been strong, cold, unsmiling and with absolute fairness and justice, ruling all the evil in the world.

He once destroyed a city because it was a sin city.

He has saved countless lives, because they are innocent people.

Blind as he is and with half his face obscured by a cold metal mask, he is more popular than one could have imagined.

Igel feels the hand covering his eyes burning, and he wants to yell at him, but he doesn't know what to say.

Pei Sen, however, feels that his outlook is about to crack, and he has no idea that his actions are offensive to the young master.

So... it's you.

I'm afraid players would never think that the violent Golden Rose Manor master in the early rumors of the game will be the most popular highest Son of God.

Half-covered blind beauty, powerful and mysterious.

Damn it, why this child and the Son of God, Sheng Yan are two totally different people!


He couldn't believe it, because he is so different from Igel in every way.

"Pei Sen." Igel said.

Igel's long eyelashes fluttered a little, and ran like a feather across his palm. Then Pei Sen drew back as if his hand had been burned, "I'm sorry, master."

He realized how offensive it was.

Igel stared at him and asked curiously, "Why are you blocking my eyes?"

He didn't answer. He just looked into Igel's beautiful green eyes... will they ever go blind?

Such a spoiled young master as Igel, how frightened and desperate will he be if he is blind?

He felt that the Igel he knows will be crushed by the shock of what will happen to him.

In fact, no, he not only does not collapse, but also becomes the church's reputation as a powerful Son of God.


"Hmm?" Igel thought something was wrong with Pei Sen today.

"I'll protect you." Pei Sen sighed and said again with real emotion.

Igel paused for a moment, then laughed, "Okay."

Although Igel does not know when his eyes will be blind, but with such a high strength, Pei Sen feels it must not be achieved overnight. He does not know at what time Igel's fate will turn a big curve and can't be this carefree and irascible naughty kid anymore.

Pei Sen feels it is his duty to protect him, at least while he is in this manor.

Unlike other players, Pei Sen no longer sees the world as a game world. Having spent so much time with the master on the estate, even if he is a naughty kid, he could not bear to see such a child suffer a terrible fate.

"Still soft-hearted, but he can be a Son of God even if he meets something bad." As he walked out of the room, Pei Sen slapped his forehead and felt that even if the young master is temporarily frustrated, he’s still destined to be a big shot. He doesn't need his sympathy.

Igel Ranno will not always be the little master who needs protecting.

But for the time being, he was indeed the only little master of the Golden Rose Manor.

And in a few days, it will be the little master's fifteenth birthday.

"Master, you mean to invite those Bixers to the birthday party?" Mrs. Mary frowned, "I don't think we should do that. We should give them something else."

Igel said, "I think they'd be fun. We could have a party in the courtyard. Just prepare more food. No big deal."

"But, master, they were so..." Mary apparently heard of the madness fo Bixers.

Igel chuckled. "Everyone says these Bixers are crazy, but they're doing everything they can do for me with the least amount of money." he said dryly, "I feel much better than someone who doesn't take me seriously and doesn't regard me as a Lord."

Mary was about to speak, but saying nothing. Indeed, it’s true.

But Mary was still reluctant to do so for safety reasons. She looked at Pei Sen standing next to Igel, who gave her a helpless look.

Quite a few people at the manor know that Pei Sen is of the same race as those Bixers, but the players does not know that the popular NPC is also a so-called Bixer. This time Igel suddenly made this decision, in fact, Pei Sen also firmly opposed to this, even if those are from his "race".

Not because of anything else, but because he really doesn't want to expose Igel's face to the players.

As a well-informed gamer, Pei Sen has eaten pork even if he has never seen a pig run.

He doesn't want the forum to be full of the remarks about him and the young master.

I mean, come on, the players are really able to do that.

But when the young master made up his mind, it is true that no one could change his mind, including Pei Sen.

This level of obstinacy is really hard to handle.

Since his decision can not change, all people in the manor start to move. They should guarantee the young master's safety in this situation.

Kelmis strained and looked gravely at the guards in line before him.

"Don't be so nervous, Kelmis." said Pei Sen helplessly, "Those Bixers aren't so powerful."

"Their value of force is not high, but what if they themselves break out infighting? I dare not let the young master see such a bloody scene."

That's... fair enough, but it's not inevitable, "Just explain the rules to them when they come, and they're not really crazy enough to be unreasonable."

Kelmis gave him a skeptical look and clearly doesn’t believe him.

Pei Sen knows it will be useful to keep players on task, especially if they know the serious consequences of the situation, they will unlikely dare to do so.

"Why don't you make it clear to them that no matter who causes trouble at the party, all the Bixers will be punished." Even if it affects his own interests, Pei Sen will have to do so. This kind of supervision will ensures that nothing will go wrong.

Kelmis nodded, "That's it," he said, glancing at him again, "except for you, of course."

Pei Sen smiled and said nothing.

It seems that Kessel and Atwell came back in a hurry are for Igel's birthday. Master Igel is of the utmost importance to the people of the manor.

His fifteenth birthday is no small thing, but it has to be spent here on the frontier.

He is the only son of the Archduke and the princess, but even can’t return to the capital city, and on his birthday, his mother is far away in Bonfrith, while his father is equally indifferent.

In this case, it is natural for the people of the manor to make the party as grand as possible, and to do their best to accommodate Igel's wishes.

Each year on Igel's birthday, it is time for the star grass to bloom. Pei Sen doesn't know why Igel likes them, but the plant, which is fairly common in the Starling Plain, has been on the exchange list all the time, and players in the Starling Plain who can't beat rabbits are happy to hunt for star grass.

Instantly, the star grass on the edge of the Starling Plain have been plucked.

During this time, many players have taken the star grass to exchange the contribution values. Pei Sen's backpack has saved a lot, fortunately they will not wither. he picked out the star grass and made a big bunch carefully. He is gonna give it to Igel as a birthday present.

He found that as for his present position, it seems inappropriate to give anything too good, and that it might be suspected of its origin, since he had never been out of the manor.

And the young master would not be pleased.

A big bunch of star grass, plus...

"Well, I don't think it's a good idea to send a ring." he said since he rummaged through the warehouse and pulled out a ring.

But he couldn't find anything better.
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