Bix Magic Cube Game World

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Chapter 20

Pei Sen hadn't noticed this until someone popped up on the forum to say someone had bought his second test account.

There are some players who are not very well off, or willing to wait a month for the third test, which may allow 10,000 players to enter into the game. Even if they are not selected, at the worst, they can wait for the public test. Although they don’t want to give up the chance, others bid so high. Someone can’t resist the temptation.

Although there is only one account for each ID card when drawing numbers, it is possible to reset the ID once you log in to the game using the game cabin, so changing the binding ID before using the game cabin is not a problem. But once you log into the game via the game cabin, the account and the ID are completely tied up and can not be changed, which means that the account can no longer be bought or sold after you've played the game.

Almost all the larger domestic game companies have tried to do more or less to buy a number and entered into the game in the second test period.

There's even a post that says, "Hey, I heard someone from the government have entered the game. The virtual reality is with a great range of applications, like the military field... plus the NPC's intelligence level is too high, is it really artificial intelligence? you guess..."

But the Bix Magic Cube is so mysterious that there are too many mosaics in this game, it is still a mystery which game company made it, and there are many people who want the technology, but they can't find the true owner behind, everyone can only seek an indirect route that seeing what will happen after entering the game.

Pei Sen scratched his chin thoughtfully, "They won't do anything, will they?"

I don't think so. Is there anything else they can do? No matter how scary it is, the Bixers are now synonymous with madness.

At this time, the Designer, Architect and Doodle have been trying to catch Kui Lang. The Designer, as a professional game designer, actually knows a lot about game routines, but he soon discovered that the game doesn't follow the general rules of the game. But never mind, he's also a professional player when it comes to set NPC up.

The others went straight to the Golden Rose Manor, but the Designer thought that if they catch Kui Lang and send him to the Golden Rose Manor afterwards and they could get a reward without accepting a mission, it means the game is more intelligent and free-form than he thought.

Kui Lang had thought that with Valis as his patron, he would be safe no matter what he did. No one could touch him. But so far, everything is going a wrong way.

Valis has become much more terrified, which might be a secret to others, but Kui Lang knows it is true. The little master of the manor was far more powerful than the lord of the city, which is a bolt from the blue to him.

Besides, he doesn't want to deal with the weird Bixers anymore.

Obviously before he caught the little Bixer by the little master’s side and almost smoothly sold him. He didn’t feel weird. However, The Bixers captured after were all strange. They couldn't even touch them, according to his men, as if they were protected by magic. So Kui Lang never wants to touch them again.

Untouchable and unable to be sold. Kui Lang decided to leave this uncomfortable place and quickly run away.

Kui Lang does not know that the system has a so-called protection system for the players. At first, there was no internal test. Pei Sen was not protected by the system, including blocking the pain felling. The only thing that came on line was the mosaic function. However, after the internal test, all players are protected by the system that won't allow them to be harassed beyond a certain threshold, so Kui Lang certainly can't do what he wants to do.

"Here it is." said the Doodle, looking at the nearby street, "It's not too hard to find him. Most of Casey has been half destroyed. The rest of the streets are much smaller."

The Architect compared the screenshot of the NPC standing nearby with a few of Kui Lang's men on the forum, "Yes, they must be the men who has been following Kui Lang." He looked at the designer, "What are we going to do now? We can't just go in there and arrest them."

The Designer thinks for a while, "Look for a few bored players to come to help."

Their aim is to catch Kui Lang, after all, they want to send him to the Golden Rose Manor for reward afterwards.

In fact, Kui Lang is just a nobody, Pei Sen does not want to revenge. He has a game panel, so there is no real accident. He doesn’t have too much hatred towards Kui Lang. But human traffickers like Kui Lang, even in the real world, are damned.

But ever since the players came out, Pei Sen has been so focused on them that he's mostly forgotten about Kuyi Lang, and he wouldn't have even thought about him if Claude hadn't been ripped off by him.

He knew that if Igel had said the word, there would have been no place left for Kui Lang. Valis could not save him, and would not save him.

But now Igel wants to kill Valis. In Pei Sen's view, Valis is finished. Kui Lang is just a dog with all its teeth pulled out, and it is not up to him whether he wants to live or die.

Pei Sen was going to solve him afterwards, but what he didn't realize was that the worst trafficker wanted to get away.

As the designer said, in such "game" with a high degree of freedom, to catch people do not have to rely on force value, he just caught the human trafficker by trap.

At this point, the Designer and other two players is still on level 1, but Kui Lang is a level 2 swordsman, which is supposed to be equivalent to the level 20 players. However, he was eccentric and unstable, so his IQ declined for a moment. As a result, the Designer tied him up tightly.

In the dark room, he looked at the three men in front of him in fear, almost trembling in each other's eyes.

As a human trafficker who has tplayer the bully in Casey city for many years, Kui Langa's courage and psychological endurance are actually better than others, but he has never experienced such a strange look at him.

Sometimes, death is not terrible. There are worse things in this world than death.

The three Bixers looked at him not as if they were looking at a man, but more as if they were looking at a jar or a rug, and he could not describe the chill.

"What do you want?" Braised Spicy Strip pushed the door, "I'm very busy, you know. It's really fun out there on the Starling Plain."

The Designer looked at him, "Why did you take such stupid ID?"

Although the Designer has been a well-known man in the circle, but in fact he s not too old, and the game circle is not based on age, there are mostly young people in this field.

In reality, he and Braised Spicy Strip knew each other. In fact, they had been schoolmates when they were abroad. The overseas student circle is not too large to get to know each other. After they returned to China, they did not stop communicating.

"What's wrong with this ID? I think it's fine."

Then he saw Kui Lang strapped to a board, "What are you trying to do?"

The Designer smiled and said, "Isn’t this a game with a high degree of freedom? We try to see but did not expect to really catch the person, now we want to get some data from this person."

The Braised Spicy Strip raised their eyebrows, "That's why I'm here..."

"Aren't you a surgeon?"

I have to say, it is a brilliant idea, and Braised Spicy Strip had no idea that he could do something like this other than precisely grasp human frailties in a game.

"It's just a game. Do you expect to cut open the abdomen of the NPC and see the structure of the human body?"

No matter how accurate the game is, there's no need to do it at all. Add to that the Kui Lang, who is a well-known NPC, but is clearly not a major role.

If he's an extremely important NPC, he might be designed a little more elaborately. But for a normal NPC, it's definitely not possible.

The Designer raised his eyebrows, "The accuracy of the game is unprecedented, and NPC's body proportions are perfectly normal, and the modeling should be done exactly in proportion to the actual human body." he said, extending his hand, to touch the skin, "The feeling and texture of the skin is the same as that of a real human." Because of the protection of the system towards NPC, the Designer can not touch too many sensitive parts, but to touch the face and hands is not a big problem.

Kui Lang felt the cold fingers carefully touching his face and hands, and the whole body shook even more heavily.

There are some key words that will be blocked by the system, such as "NPC", "forum", "system", "panel" or "real human", and these words will be muted in the ears of Kui Lang, but things like "cut open the abdomen" and "the structure of the human body" were not silenced, so he almost fainted with fear at these odd remarks.

The Architect looked at Kui Lang, "It's better to take off his clothes if we want to keep detailed records, but the NPC seems to be protected by the system. If we take off his clothes, there seems to be a mosaic."

"Well, there is another way." said the Designer, who knew the general scale of the game and how to avoid the mosaic. He looked at the Braised Spicy Strip, "Let me borrow your iron sword."

Even the so-called broken sword, which had been replaced in the Manor, is in fact quite sharp.

Ignoring the nature of the sword, the Designer took the sword and opened up Kui Lang's clothes and trousers, carefully avoiding areas where the system would have blurred the image.

It wasn't long before Kui Lang's clothes were too tattered to hide much skin, but they weren't too exposed.

The Designer looked with satisfaction, "As I expected, because the game is very free, as long as we know the block rules, it is not inevitable."

At this time, the Architect took a stick to slightly open the ragged clothes, and began to record "modeling" data little by little.

"It's really all in proportion to the body, whose lines of the muscles are so real. I think about cutting the skin for a while to see if the muscles are textured."

"The accuracy of the drawing is too high, boss, you see, not only the skin, even the hair is very real." the Braised Spicy Strip got close to say.

By this time, he also had some interest. He leaned over, "How about I opening his abdomen?"

Kui Lang shivered heavily, "Let me go... what do you want, money? I can give you all of it!"

Kui Lang, who has always believed he is not afraid of death finds he is not as brave as he thought.

"Gee, boss, how is this done? The NPC is sweating." Doodle was surprised to say.

The Architect nodded, "Cold sweat. Awesome!"

The Designer was interested. "Is Intelligence really that high? The fear is too real. I used to think that some NPC are intelligent only because they are played by special people, but that's not how it works."he said. But for such a small part, I don't think so.

His sword accidentally cut the skin of Kui Lang and the blood splattered. Braised Spicy Strip made a professional evaluation, "This blood is very fake, the color is not right, the amount of bleeding is not right."

The Designer agreed, "This is for blocking the bloody images."

The Doodle laughed, "If this is the same as in real life, the game certainly will not be on line. The authenticity of its own is so high..."

Sometimes being too real isn't always a good thing.

Although they are very annoying about all kinds of blocking rules, it is undeniable that some things for teenagers and even some adults are really not appropriate.

The Designer let them post the data and their feelings on the forum. At first, they encrypted the post, so they are not visible, after the game they will copy down the content of these posts.

"Now let's test the intelligence of this NPC." he said, glancing at Braised Spicy Strip, "You might want to take a look at his anatomy, but don't kill him."

"As long as not die?" Braised Spicy Strip thought this is very interesting, "Rest assured, this is not difficult to do, just pay attention to his blood volume.”

Kui Lang wished he'd passed out right now.

Neil was overwhelmed by the influx of the second test players today, and Igel was surprised to see so many Bixers pop up at once, he reluctantly agreed to give Pei Sen a little time to go out to help Neil.

There were plenty of footmen on the manor, but many of them, like Kelmis, were afraid of the mad Bixers, and Neil was more than capable of handling the. The average footmen were driven to a nervous breakdown by players who pestered him to repeat a question.

Today, most new players have not yet known how to "tease" NPC. Pei Sen wants to support, or Neil probably also can not stand.

Sure enough, by the time Pei Sen arrived, the scene is already chaotic, with several footmen teetering and a crowd of players buzzing around them, they are all in a state of shock.

There used to be only 200 Bixers, which wasn't so bad, but now it's 10 times bigger, and everyone is surrounded by a group of players who are interested in talking to each other, especially after finding out how intelligent they are, which makes them even more interested in talking to NPC. However, one-to-one chat is still good, now a lot of players are trying to chat with a single NPC, and even because they are not happy with other players taking their chances, the players are almost going to fight. Fortunately, the PK incident doesn't happen because Neil loudly declared that no force would be used on the manor at his own risk.

Nothing like this had ever happened to the footmen of the Golden Rose Manor. These Bixers were actually educated, yet they give a savage,  mad and bloodthirsty feeling which made the footmen want to be keep them at a distance.

As soon as Pei Sen appeared, the players rushed to him.

This is the appeal of the popular "NPC", especially the female players, who almost all abandon the other NPC and crowd to his side.

Fortunately, the system has a protective model, otherwise the female players may directly touch his body, and some male players are also full of interest, of course, this interest is mostly because of his identity.

Camp Merchant NPC. The players can check out the latest store catalog from him.

Of course, the camp stores will refresh that some things get taken off the shelves when they're all cashed out, and Igel throws some weird stuff at him from time to time.

The fat cat Pecos, for example, has a cat ticker with only a few feathers missing, but it has a solid gold tassel and some beautiful gems that are not cheap in value alone.

Pei Sen knows a lot about players, "Please go to Casey city as soon as possible after receiving the task. Only if the contribution values meet the requirements can I give you the award received from the young master here. The young master gives a different reward each time. It would be a pity if you do not have enough contribution values to the exchange of the most precious things."

The players of the second test soon remembered that the players of the first test were already ahead of the game, and most of them wasted no more time and ran to Casey city as soon as they got the task.

But there are always players who don't really care about the prize, and one female player yells, "Pei Sen, do you love your young master?"

"Of course I respect and love the young master." said Pei Sen with a stiff look on his face, knowing that such a thing would come sooner or later.

"Hee, Hee, take out the word ‘respect’ and just say you 'love' the young master."

Pei Sen: "..."

These second test players are really annoying and not nearly as cute as the first ones.

After a while, Igel called him back in, and he gave Neil a sign to hold on before he walked into the manor.

In fact, there are players who want to break into the manor, but as watching the security guards and the camp punishment that might come, they don't do anything, lest they can't break in, and the consequences can be serious.

Pei Sen knows that players never follow the rules, but the manor is always well guarded,so he s not afraid that they will make a real mess.

When he returned to Igel, Igel threw down his brand new cat toy and looked over, "Do you respect and love me?"

Pei Sen stunned. It seems that the people who had just been there are many loyal servants who like to report to Igel what had just happened outside, and Igel knew about it.

"Oh, I wasn't informed." Igel said, as if he knew what he was thinking, "I put a magic eye and a matching magic ear in there. I found out in Cayce city that it’s useless to have a magic eye without a magic ear. These Bixers are pretty interesting."

Pei Sen: "..." He wants players to stop talking nonsense, especially those players like to make fun of him and the young master.

Magic eye and magic ear are not cheap. As for referring to the word "magic", there is basically no bargain.

However, this young master made a word, no matter how expensive they are, it doesn’t matter, even the magic array that consumes magic crystal also has to be made in a few minutes, a few magic eyes and ears are nothing.

"It's been a long time since I've seen anything interesting, and these Bixers are really interesting." said Igel, who enjoyed watching the manservant on the manor fall to pieces because of the Bixers.

"As long as the young master is happy." said Pei Sen helplessly.

Igel glanced at him, but did not ask.

Those Bixers are Pei Sen's people, aren't they? Why would they say that Pei Sen likes him...

Like. What kind of like? Igel's eyes fluttered for a moment. But Pei Sen is a man, and so is he.

No one knows what came over him, but his face turned dark.

When Pei Sen saw Igel's face, he tensed up. He had been in a good mood, but now he is in a bad one.

"Pei Sen."

"Young Master?"

"Go and steam the fish for Pecos."

"Yes, master."

"I don't want to see any bone in a steamed fish!"

Pei Sen: "..." Please, this steamed fish is for the cat, not for you!

The fat black cat next to him opened his eyes and gave him a triumphant look, then gave a flattering rub on the back of Igel's hand and “meow” for twice.

Pei Sen: "..."

Fucking fat cat!

Not long after he had gone to the kitchen, another maid called for him, and he felt a headache, not knowing what the young man is going to do to him. And when he returned, he saw Igel looking at the picture sent back by the magic eye.

"Pei Sen, is this Kui Lang your enemy?"

Pei Sen looked into the magic eye and saw several players standing in front of Neil with the seemingly dying Kui Lang.

"Yes. I can't believe they caught him."

Igel nodded, "Well, then give them a reward, and kill this ma. Be careful that the front hall can’t be soiled."

"Yes, master. "

He is surprised that Igel, who had just sent him to steam the fish, is now willing to give the players an extra bonus for his enemies, and even to turn over Kui Lang to him.

He's a temperamental guy.

He went out, looking at the three ID, and felt the middle man is a bit familiar.

In fact, the Designer as a well-known game designer, has been on the news for several times and also accepted many media interviews. He entered the game without even adjusting the appearance, so it is not surprising to be recognized.

The Designer doesn't see this as a disadvantage in the game, instead such "celebrity effect" may benefit him, which he's always been good at exploiting.

In the past, for example, if someone hadn't recognized him, there wouldn't have been a bored player who would have helped them catch Kui Lang for free.

Although the Braised Spicy Strip had helped him a lot, he is on his way to Starling Plain and has no intention of sharing the prize with them.

"You caught Kui Lang?"

Not only did he catch him, Kui Lang seems to have only one breath left that his eyes roll once slowly. Seeing Pei Sen, he breathed a sigh of relief and murmured, "Kill me... kill me... kill..."

It is like a nervous breakdown.

Pei Sen is surprised that Kui Lang, a notorious human trafficker, is indeed not an NPC with poor mental endurance.

What the hell is going on here?

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