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Since Pei Sen's appearance, he has become the most popular NPC among the players, especially cloud players has exploded with enthusiasm for him.

Not only the female players but also the male players have a good impression of him, because he is also a player, and he knows the players' temperament very well. Pei Sen is much more patient than other NPC when he is facing the players, and he doesn't look at them strangely. He has gentle and kind manner.

This personality makes him seem easy to communicate and do not put on airs at all.

You see, even Neil, the butler of the Manor, looked at the ragged Bixers with a sort of superior air and these aliens wouldn't get much respect from them.

Only Pei Sen always looked at them as equals.

It's normal. In Pei Sen's mind, they're all equal. They're all players.

But because of this attitude, players feel especially comfortable communicating with Pei Sen.

After some players changed weapons from Pei Sen, most of them flocked to the Starling Plain, where they had been hung up by rabbits and now changed their gear and couldn't wait to hunt rabbits.

And they had tore down the wall of more than half a month, in the end they feel some tired. It is also a matter of course to hit the monsters.

As a result, a few players stay in the city to continue to tear down the wall, so the efficiency reduced all of a sudden.

He doesn't care what the players do. He doesn't even have to do anything. The commission of the players’ contribution value alone is enough to keep him on a high level of contribution. It's the experience that's hard to get. But with his building plans and occasional suggestions for Igel's cities, he's still far above average.

He now spends more of his time and energy learning swordsmanship from Sadin, and he is sure that even if he is not senior enough, he can now easily defeat players of his rank or even slightly above him.

"All of them go to the Starling Plain?" Igel frowned, "There's not a lot of people in Casey city."

"Just wait, master. There will be more Bixers soon."


"Yes, more."

On the eve of Igel's birthday, the Bix Magic Cube will open its second test, and the forum have been abuzz with an explosive reaction.

Many people in advance start to post. The content is all the acquisition of the second test account, most of these people are afraid that they will not draw the second test qualification.

In fact, Pei Sen has already seen that the number of players applying for the second test has reached over 30 million. Each applicant must fill in his or her personal information such as an identity card. He or she can not repeat the application, so this more than 30 million applications on behalf of more than 30 million players. It is impossible to to register more than a few accounts to improve the probability of draw. The power of the first holographic game can be seen, and only 2,000 players can really get the test account.

This probability, in fact, is very low, even lower than the probability of applying to participate in the first test, after all, the original application to participate in the first test players were even less than 10,000, and then 200 were picked.

With 2,000 players, it won't be long before Casey city is completely flattened. So it is time for the next part of the construction plan.

He also did not expect that he is upgrading in this way now.

"But it doesn't matter. I really need to settle down, at least to master swordsmanship, to learn more from Sadin, and if I really go out and fight monsters, I won't have time to practice swordsmanship."

What he needs now is a less time consuming but more rewarding task, and if it hadn't been for his initiative to trigger a 100% increase in revenue on the main line of the campaign, Pei Sen's rate of promotion would surely have been affected.

"The second test is counting down to AH AH AH, pray for luck goddess."

"Please, please let me be chosen. I can get down on my knees and call you Papa!"

"The Bix Magic Cube is the strongest in the world. The Bix Magic Cube is the highest in the history. The Bix Magic Cube will always be the best!"

"The second test must have me, must have me, official Papa look at me!"


The cloud players are in the final crazy, the first test players are relatively calm, soon someone wrote a lot of strategy to tell new players what to do once into the game.

"First of all, there is no other task line in Casey City. We suggest that players enter the game and head for Golden Rose Manor. The location of Golden Rose Manor is as follows..."

"I asked that the game is not going to have the same CG animation and storyline for every player who enters the game. It's a completely free-form game, which means that the timeline is not going to shift from player to player, so you can't expect to see the evil monsters and the white-bone army like we did. The players are not going to be the main role, everyone is going to be able to explore the game on their own."

"The Bix Magic Cube is definitely different from the RPG you used to play, and it's best not to try to trigger any hidden missions during the adaptation period, because some of the missions you take can get you killed."

"Don't underestimate the intelligence of NPC. The NPC in this game are all very smart, smarter than you think."

"I suggest you join the Thorn Rose Camp first, do the construction task to get through the new phase and first use the contribution value to exchange equipment before going to the Starling Plain to fight with monster."

"You may not be able to beat the scary rabbits, even if you have the equipment."


It is interesting to read these advice and strategies.

But Pei Sen also feels he has to warn the people at the manor, lest they will be alarmed by the influx of players, such as Neil, who "greets" them, probably could not bear this for a while.

You know, even seasoned warriors like Kelmis are intimidated by players, and once the number of players increases tenfold, it only gets worse.

With only a handful of players left to tear down the city, Valis breathed a sigh of relief. At this rate, at least he has time to catch his breath, it may not be possible to tear down the city, Valis said, looking at it with a broken heart, in the hope that the sight of the ruined city would temper the young man's anger.

"Gifts still have to be prepared." said Valis, who is determined to use Igel's birthday to win him over and save his city.

Two days later, however, countless ragged men in dusty clothes and armed with wooden swords pour into the city, and Valis looks at the familiar shape, he feels as if the back of hsi head has been hit with a hammer.

"These are... the Bixers."

It's not a question. It's an affirmation.

Rather than measuring the first test players’ inability to know what to do when they entered the game, and did anything other than harass the city's residents, these second test players have all read the strategy, knowing that the city's residents are rarely given a task. And the Casey city is now more than half demolished, and many of its residents have been relocated outside the city by Valis, out of sight of the players.

What's more... people inside the city now have a negative opinion of the Bixers, who have harassed them and torn down their houses, not to mention being so frightened of them, basically now when they see the Bixers, they just want to run.

So, as soon as the second test players arrived in town, they were shocked by the authenticity of the game and started snapping crazy screenshot and video, laughing and talking to the players next to them. Others head straight for the manor with a great sense of purpose and don't have to take detours.

"I was so lucky. I never thought I'd get it."

"Now a second test account can sell a lot of money. A rich man want to buy my account, but I rejected."

"It is worth to come in here. It is worth it, damn it."

"With this game, everything else is crap, right?"

"It is really the age of holographic games..."

"No, I have a friend who works for a game company who says the game's technology is impossible to achieve right now."

"Yes, it's the second test. Some of the numbers have been bought by some gaming companies at a high price... including a few big companies in the country that you know about."


Sure enough, some of the second test testers, who seem to be on a bender, are clearly in a different state than others, but even if they looked around, bent over the floor and the walls to get a closer look at the accuracy, even want to catch an NPC to study the modeling and intelligence of the other side, when it comes to games, they are very "professional", but now also in a state of shock.

"It's not possible. With today's technology, not to mention the degree to which it's possible, it's not even possible to meet the basic requirements of a holographic game."

"But the game is real, not just a marketing ploy."

"Who is the company for this game? No one has been able to find out. It's not normal."

"Could it be..."

"You mean the government?"


"No, our boss knows people up there and he said there has nothing to do with the government."

A group of professionals are eager to analyze something about the scene in front of them, but end up in a state of incomprehension.

In particular, one of the players, whose ID is "Designer", is himself a big player in game design. Many players in China have heard of him. He once worked for a world-famous game company abroad, after returning the homeland, he did a few quite popular games. As for the technical limit of the world game now, he knows very well.

"Where are we going now?" asked the designer, a player named Doodle, who is apparently a professional game designer.

The designer looks ahead at the rest of the players who have already set off for Golden Rose Manor, "We'll try to catch a normal NPC."

"Don't you want to go to the Manor?" The player is called Architect, but he does game modeling.

Their company actually all applied for the second test, but in the end only Doodle got the qualification. The Designer and Architect did buy the accounts.

The Designer thinks, "Don't rush to join the camp, perhaps we can try to catch the human traffickers Kui Lang."

"This NPC is not easy to catch, he's definitely a bit higher than the average NPC, and he has many men."

"We have to try." the Designer said meaningfully, "You know, it's a very free-form game. We don't have to rely on force."

Doodle is a comely-looking girl who thought about it and said, "Once we have him, we can study him thoroughly, record the data, do an intelligence test, and maybe hand him over to the Golden Rose Manor for contribution value. After all, that gamer Claude has already done it before, and this Kui Lang is on opposite sides of the fence."

"I think you want to meet that handsome businessman."

"So what? I hear he looks better in person than in screenshot and videos!"

At this time, Kui Lang hiding in a house that has not been flattened is about to leave the city of Casey. He suddenly sneezed, for a moment it seems to be a little cold behind.

"I can't, I can't put it off any longer. I have a really bad feeling about this."

For the moment, Pei Sen did not know what would happen to the first enemy he encountered when he entered the world, and this one would soon be brought before him.

All what he knows is that there seems to be... a lot of famous and smart players in the second test.

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