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At first, Claude looked stunned, then he was so angry that he was going to vomit blood, and it took him a long time to recover after sitting at the resurrection spot.

Why is it that guy again? What's wrong with him?

The Braised Spicy Strip stood still proudly, with so many sledgehammers falling one after the other, as a surgeon, he hit him with such precision.

Seeing that Claude was killed, the others had no choice but to go back to keep hammering the wall. They had to earn more contribution value.

They don't care. It's scarier in the eyes of others.

Kelmis had decided that the job was no longer viable, and the knight in shining armor was beginning to look a little more askew and feel spiritually tainted.

"It seems to be careful to take the mission, ah." A player concluded.

"Yes, this game is different from the general ones, if you follow the traditional game mode to pick up the task as long as it’s triggered, you may be cheated to doubt life."

"For example, those who are still in the Starling Plain may continue to doubt their life. Ha-ha-ha."

The crowd was happy, laughing at Claude's situation and analyzing the current conditions.

"Kui Lang is considered to be on the opposing side? So which side is he on?"

"I don't know, but the NPC seems to be an evil human trafficker."

"So the Thorn Rose Camp we joined should have been just?"

"I don't know, it doesn't seem like such just. Just look at what we're doing."

"That's right..."

They are tearing down the streets, and some of the NPC natives are staring at them in grief and anger.

The players are in a happy mood, and Kelmis feels a chill in his heart, so does Claude.

"What shall we do this time, withdraw from the camp?" He scowled.

Now players agree that the mission in this game is difficult to trigger, once there is no camp mainline task, he is not even the main task, is it really necessary to go to Starling Plain to fight with brave rabbits?

No, Claude doesn't think of himself as a very strong combat player.

In reality, he is a rich second generation who does not work hard. He has few advantages except his good looks. His IQ is no better than that of his older brother who has taken over the company. However, his family has money, so he is "stupid" enough to live well, including this test number is also bought at a high price, but the holographic game can not recharge, even if he has the ability to afford.

A few days into the game, he has been dead for several times, too sad.

At this point, he is alerted that some players are talking about him in private.

"It's not easy being forced to withdraw from the camp, is it?" From: Braised Spicy Strip.

Claude flew into a rage, "Are you funny? Kill me a few times and send private chat to ridicule me now?" Qualities?

"No, I'm not being sarcastic. I'm trying to help you see if you can solve the problem."

Claude: "How?" He asked eagerly.

"Has your camp friendliness turned into a negative number?"

Claude: "No, it's just that all the friendliness that I used to have is gone, and the friendship is cold."

"That's all right. Go to the manor and see if you can join the camp again."

Claude thought about it and decided to get up and run to the manor. Anyway, now that everyone is working on the camp mainline mission and no one has triggered any other mainlines for now. For the time being there is no other option for players.

This is a very free range game, players are just in the exploratory phase, and Claude does not want to go out of his way to explore other task lines.

Better safe.

When he returned to the manor to see Neil again, Neil took one look at him and said nothing, and soon Claude was prompted to join the Thorn Rose Camp again, and before he could be overjoyed, he saw the note from the system.

Claude: "Holy Shit, I'm back in the camp, but the system tells me I've betrayed the camp, and all camp rewards are reduced 10%." 

This DEBUFF is so mean, he's Gonna cry.

"It looks like we really need to be more careful when we accept the task." Braised Spicy Strip said to the player next to him when he saw a private message from Claude.

He suggested Claude to try again just to test the point.

Is he really that nice, or is he guilty of killing Claude? No way. This is just a game.

Compared to Claude, Braised Spicy Strip, as a famous college graduate with a successful career is apparently more smart. 

Pei Sen watched the whole thing on the forum and ran to Igel and said, "Is that Kui Lang in town related to Valis?"

He didn't believe a human trafficker would negotiate with a player to save a street, much like Valis might have done in the wake of Casey city's destruction.

Igel put down his cudgel and said, "Probably." He had never cared for such things before.

That Lord of the city is a real piece of shit, thought Pei Sen.

However, Pei Sen did not know that the escort team sent by the manor was frightened by the players, not because the players were too strong or anything else, but simply because of the "madness" of them.

So when Kelmis came in the evening to beg Igel for a new job, he didn't know for a moment that Kelmis was working as a squire, to be honest with you, all he has to do is to keep an eye on the guards to keep the city guards from stopping the players hammering the walls, which is supposed to be an easy job, because the manor guards are already stronger than the those city guards, who are pretty timid, so it is a pretty easy job, Huh?

Kelmis looks like he'd do anything else as long as not to be asked to do this again.

"Tell me why." Igel said casually.

Kelmis was silent, for shame's sake, as a knight, it is reasonable to say he has a weak phychological endurance, and... he glanced at Pei Sen, who was standing beside the young master, who seemed perfectly normal, why are the Bixers so wrong?

Igel said impatiently, "If there's no reason, you'll still go there tomorrow." He waved Kelmis off.

Kelmis quickly raised his head and said, "Master, why don't you send me to look for the star grass?" He would rather go to the dangerous Starling Plain.

Igel said quietly, "No, this year... no." 

Kelmis was in a hurry, "Master." 

"Go away." Igel didn't want to talk to him anymore.

As Kelmis bowed out, Pei Sen walked up to him and said with a smile, "Captain Kelmis, what's going on?" 

"It's nothing... It's just that the Bixers are a bit, uh, scary." he said, trying to put it mildly, but he couldn't find another adjective.

Pei Sen suddenly realized that, and patted Kelmis sympathetically on the shoulder, "There's nothing to be afraid of. They're weak. Please continue tomorrow."

Kelmis: "..."

He has no choice but to go to Sadin in the evening. Kelmis is under charge of Sadin.

"I've never heard of this race before," Sadin mused as he listened to what the Bixers were doing, "but there doesn't seem to be anything unusual about Pei Sen."

"Those Bixers are nothing like Pei Sen." Kelmis hastened, "They can kill without blinking an eye, and even if they kill someone, they still smile, as if... as if..." 

"They do not care at all." Sadin continued, "Kelmis, your strength is not weak, but in all these years of protecting the young master, you have not exercised much and are not strong-willed enough. Since the young master has asked you to continue with this, you just do it. These Bixers are not strong. You observe them for me and report back to me if anything happens."

Poor Kelmis has to leave and goes to hammer the walls of Casey  city with the players the next day.

More bitter than Kelmis is Valis, who wants to stop the players but doesn't want to continue offending Igel, knowing that Igel is already angry about what had happened.

"Master, just as the young master's birthday is coming, why don't we prepare a big present and bow our heads?" Verl suggested.

Valis does not like it, but he has to do so, "I am afraid that by then, my Casey city will be destroyed more than half." This is very painful.

The players moved faster than Valis could have imagined, tearing apart the city in half a month, leaving Valis in a rage every day.

Eventually, Pei Sen has to go out and meet the players, too, because the first players who worked too hard to break down the walls finally have enough contribution value to trade for the items on the list.

As Igel's personal butler, he is respected everywhere he goes, including Neil, the handyman, who is more deferential to him because of his kindness.

The players watch him emerge in a black suit and gather to whisper.

"He looks like a pretty badass NPC."

"Didn't you hear the people next to you? This is our camp leader, the count's personal butler."

"Oh, sure enough."

"But the name given to the system is  a businessman NPC in the camp named Pei Sen? Is it a translation problem, why not Pearson or Passan?"

"What do you care? The world's language is still a system for us to automatically master, which is similar to English. It’s just transliteration."


Female players focus on very different things, "Damn, this NPC is so handsome."

"How cool he is!"

In any game, the handsome NPC will not be low in popularity. After a while, the forum has been full of his screenshot, not long before a bunch of female players in the post screaming, most of them are cloud players who didn't make it into the game.

There was just something in the post that didn't seem right to Pei Sen.

"I wonder what the count looks like, and I hope he's also a handsome man."

"Why, Handsome Count X Handsome Butler?"

"That's good. Ha Ha."

"It's a cute CP. I love couple of servant and master."

"The count of Thorn Rose? He must be handsome just for this name."

"Ah, ah, ah, I really want to see whether out camp leader count matches with this handsome personal butler or not.”

"I firmly support Master and Servant."

"Upstairs + 1."

Pei Sen: "..."

Somehow he doesn't want the players to see what Igel looks like.

Not to speak of his character, the face of the big young master is really no room to criticize.

The players who play the game have no bottom line to speak of, even have a lot of painters and scribes who love to produce game-related derivative stories.

Occasionally, the scale of these derivative stories can be staggering.

By this time, Pei Sen has a very bad feeling.

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