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The players went to the Starling Plain to "hit the monster" was hit instead. The construction team started the demolition the next day on time, perhaps because of experience, they are even more efficient than the day before.

Valis was furious in his mansion and it was no wonder he was so angry. He saw the destruction of Casey as something he could not accept as his own.

"Have you heard the news from the Manor?"

In front of him stood an ordinary-looking middle-aged man, sighing and saying, "My Lord, I have heard that he is said to be so angry with you for what you did that day that he wants to destroy Casey city."

Valis's face turned blue, "Is Sadin just going to let him do this?"

"If he does not return to the capital, even if his territory is fully destroyed, I am afraid Sadin will not take care of it."

Valis was silent. He had no idea that the little Lord, who had been cooped up in the house, would be so angry to do this.

"Any news from the capital?"

"I'm afraid we were wrong before, my Lord."


"I am afraid it was not Your Majesty's men who wanted to kill the young master."

That's what really made Valis jump, "What did you say?"

The reason he ignored the assassination towards Igel was that if Leser wanted Igel dead, Valis would be on his side.

Before him was Verl, the commander of the Dragon Star Knights, who had been Leser's bodyguard in his early years, and who had access to the royal capital, so Valis was well aware that Your Majesty wanted Igel dead.

"Your Majesty," said Verl calmly, "is becoming more and more paranoid, and it is said that the capital of the kingdom is now largely in the hands of the Archduke Birkenau."

Valis walked around the room twice, apparently disturbed by the news. "This Ranno family is..." 

Valis had been loyal to the Ranno family in his early years, and he certainly knew the Ranno family well. It was a strange family, with its ups and downs, and at its worst, being driven to this barren land, and almost going down, but it always comes back to life, for the simple reason that the Ranno family give birth to beautiful women.

Igel did not get his extraordinary beauty from his mother, the princess.

People from the royal family of Asmia Kingdom was not bad looking, but also not amazing. What was truly amazing was the beauty gene that had been passed down through the Ranno family.

By comparison, Igel is just a child now, and Birkenau grew up with a standard aristocratic upbringing compared to Igel. He has a level of looks and temperament that even if Valis was not interested men, he couldn't even look at him longer.

"The young master, after all, is the Archduke's only son. My Lord, we ought to have been there before, even to pretend." said Verl, evidently regretting it.

Valis said somberly, "Then who is it that insists on the death of the little master?"

Verl whispered, "Leser is so paranoid about the Archduke that there is no queen for now, and few of Leser's brothers and sisters are still alive. The last queen had only two children, a Leser and a Carolina, and Carolina is now queen of Bonfrith."

Valis touched his bare head and didn't realize it for a while.

Verl said directly, "The little master is not only the Archduke's only son, he has the royal blood, who is very promising to become the first line of succession to the throne."

Valis shivered.

He finally understood why someone had to let Igel die. Just a short time ago, Leser had been ill and not yet recovered now. It was not a big deal this time, and Leser was still young, but who could say? Leser is not a strong swordsman, and he certainly did not live as long as Archduke Birkenau, who was a great swordsman.

Archduke Birkenau now holds all the cards, and his son may even become heir to the throne.

Even if King Leser wants Igel dead, he could hide in this remote area. Who knows what will happen?

Valis was suddenly reminded of the formidable guard of the Golden Rose Manor, and of the young master's meticulous protection.

Just for a moment, he decided to be coward, "Let the city guards do not move."

He had decided that today he would try to get the fucking Bixers out of the city and not let them destroy it.

Verl thought for a moment, "Why don't you let Kui Lang and his men try? I don't think the guards at the manor are overseers."

The Bixers were more willing to work like mad than to have their overseers prod and watch.

Because the players failed on the first day in the Starling Plain, the next day more people come back to the city to do "demolition". Pei Sen took a look at the forum and found that only about 20 people left in the Starling Plain, the rest returned to Casey city.

And that's a good thing, too. Pei Sen wants to speed up the process of fiefdom construction more than to explore the Starling Plain.

Igel doesn't really care whether the Bixers are going to the Starling Plain or the Casey city, but he is happy to see it is destroyed.

"I had a mage install the magic eye in Casey, but it's a bit far from the city and I need a bigger magic spell." Igel said, "In a few days, we'll be here to see the destruction of Casey city."

Pei Sen: "..." He thought there is something wrong with the young man.

He doesn't really seem to be interested in building, but he's very interested in destroying it before it's built.

At this point, the players are still trying to hammer the wall.

"It's a bit of a relief."

"Yeah, it's better than carrying bricks. It's actually kind of nice to spend a lot of time swinging a sledgehammer."

"Haha, there are still many construction tasks... Alas, we are still too few."

"The second test will be better, think that we will build the city by ourselves, Ah, a little look forward to."

"I don't know why I feel like there's something wrong with the way this hologram game is drawn."

"Yes, it's very difficult to fight monsters. We're all here for demolition and construction. It doesn't seem like the typical RPG mode."

"The main mission is not to fight with monsters? I think the building mission is the second in the general game. The game seems to be strange."

"Anyway, this is the only holographic game now, and it's a good way to play it."

"I love building. I love building houses in games. This time we're building a city!"

When you think about it, it's kind of exciting.

While chatting enthusiastically while working, both male and female players feel quite enjoyable.

"In a few days, we'll be able to change our weapons, and then we'll go to the Starling Plain."

"I won’t go there. I just want to do the construction."

The players' choices are not exactly the same.

At that moment, Kui Lang and a group of others came to this way. In fact, he didn't really want to come. After all, he had been trying to catch a few Bixers before, but they didn't catch him, and he was exhausted. He didn't want to deal with them at all, especially since he knew one of his captors had gotten close to the big man, and recently he had been afraid to show his face and was already thinking about running away.

But he didn't dare turn his back on Valis.

The only reason why he can run a human trafficking business in the city... is that he can't do it without the city lord.

It was a lucrative business. Casey city is on the far side of the border, and there are always refugees fleeing from the neighboring countries. Quelang is in charge of the arrests, and for the sale, half the profits went to Valis.

Looking at the gray aliens and the manor guards not far away, Kui Lang hesitated to go forward, seeing the manor guards did not stop him, he felt a little relieved.

He walked up to one of the players and pulled out a sack, "Hey, you! If you leave the Bloomer Street alone, it's all yours!"

Coincidentally, that player happens to be Claude.

Claude was stunned, then heard a "Ding" sound. He quickly opened the task bar to see, which shows he triggered a task just now.

"Sideline Mission: Comply with Kui Lang's request and do not destroy Bloomer Street. Completion Bonus: Gold Bina+ 50, Experience Value + 30."

Fifty gold pieces is a lot of money compared to that little experience! You know, players completing the task can only get Copper Bina now! Bina is the universal currency of the Kingdom of Asmia, a Gold Bina equals to a thousand Copper Bina!

Claude's eyes went red, and without hesitation, he took over the task, "Yes, I promise!"

"Mission accomplished. Gold Bina + 50, Experience Value + 30."

Before Claude was happy, he heard another “Ding”.

"Because the player takes the mission from the Thorn Rose Camp’s enemy, the player automatically withdraw from the Thorn Rose Camp. Friendship: Zero, Contribution Value: zero."

Claude's eyes widened, "No!"

And at this time, the players who is staring at the bag of gold coins also heard the "Ding" sound.

"Player 'Claude' betrays the Thorn Rose Camp. Clear the defectors. Completion Bonus: Camp friendship + 20, Contribution Value + 100, Experience Value + 100."

"Ha-ha-ha-ha, don't be silly. You'll drop out if you take this assignment!"

"Nothing but money Ha-ha-ha, this fool is dead." For the players, those things in the camp stores are the ones that money can't buy. They've already tried. The city's blacksmith shop doesn’t sell weapons at all, since iron weapons are controlled items, and civilians are not allowed to own them.

"Fuck, kill him for 100 contribution value!"

"And friendship and experience!"

"Kill him!"

"Kill him!"


"Ding, player 'Claude' has been killed by Braised Spicy Strip."

"Ding, 'one bag of Gold Bina has been lost, player - 50 Gold Bina."

The last thing Claude saw was a bag of money falling out of his hands, and the NPC named Kui Lang quickly picked it up and ran away.

And himself was killed by other player's sledgehammer.

Kelmis had realized something was going wrong there, and when he rose to his feet, he saw Kui Lang talking to a Bixer from a distance with a bag of gold coins, and he knew immediately what he was aiming to do.

It's no secret that these Casey rats have a connection to Wallis, and Valis probably doesn't want to see young Master destroy Casey city, so he's going to have some bad ideas.

Not surprisingly, Kelmis even thought it was a sure bet, since so little was given to the Bixers at the manor.

The reward is too little to be accepted by Kelmis, who is a loyal escort to the manor

Sure enough, the Bixer took the bag, and Kelmis was thinking how to solve this situation. But what happened next made his hair stand on end!

The rest of the Bixers circled the guy with their sledgehammers.

They actually... beat the money-grubbing clansman... to death.

The madness and horror of it all sent a shiver down Kelmis.

Even though he was strong enough to kill all the Bixers at present, Kelmis was still terrified.

"No... I can't do this job. I'll quit when I get back."

"I don't want to be with these Bixers anymore!!"

In just two days, he was already exhausted.

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