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Pei Sen cheerfully surfs the forums, thinking that the camp's contribution value can be used to buy something... so there should be a camp's merchant, but he doesn't even know who the he is, he's already on the inside of the camp!

Just then, Igel suddenly said, "Pei Sen, you're a Bixer, too. What do you say we give these people for their work?"

Pei Sen paused, and said, "Master, is there anything on the manor that is not of use? Like obsolete weapons or armor or some kind of material... or are there blacksmiths or carpenters? Build something for them. It doesn't have to be good. Just get something as a reward."

Igel nodded, "As the Lord, I have the right to make weapons, but only plain iron, or I can have the sorcerer's apprentices do some inferior moire."

"Master, I don't need those magic apprentices for now, I can draw the moire." Although the moire he mastered are only entry level, for those players below level 10, that's more than enough.

Bu the naughty child snorted, "No, you don't have time to do that. Let the master's apprentice do it."

Pei Sen: "..." He wants to do it, just to raise the proficiency! And if the player is to buy the moire that he makes, he will certainly have reward!

His moire and spells have remained static because he doesn’t have right materials to enhance them.

However, the young master did not agree.

The young master felt that it was most important for him to be with himself, that he should spend his time drawing pictures other than anything else.

Pei Sen tried his best to coax the boy to do it, but in the end he failed.

The boy looked down at him and raised his chin, "Well, you're a Bixer, too, aren't you? You'll be the one to give reward to the Bixers."

Igel had no intention of letting anything waster Pei Sen’s time.

As a result, Pei Sen suddenly found himself as a "camp merchant NPC". Well, when the title appeared on his NPC panel, even Pei Sen himself surprised.

At the same time as he became a merchant NPC, Pei Sen saw a small line that says, "when a player exchanges an item with a contribution value, you will receive a commission of 10% of the contribution value." This is easy to understand, for example, when a player exchanges 1000 contribution value for something, Pei Sen gets 100 points, but other than that, he doesn't own anything else in the store. If he wants to take it, he also needs to redeem it through contribution value.

For the time being, there was not much good in the store, and there was a limit to the number of items, most of which were discarded equipment by the guard, but the guard rank at the manor was too high, even unused equipment looks pretty good, too.

The worst exchange good is the "broken iron sword (from Golden Rose Manor, though slightly broken, still very sharp) " , which can be used at level 8 and has less attack power than Pei Sen's soldier sword, and is also purple in quality.

The most advanced weapon is "the sword of the wind (broken) " that only can be equipped with a level 40 swordsman, whose attack power has reached an amazing degree.

Of course, since they were replaced from the Manor Warehouse, most of the equipment were with the word “broken”. The average person will probably get angry when they see that all the equipment is broken, but the players won't care.

It's not broken. It's just a name? Players just pay attention to the quality and specific values on the good, broken or damaged, what does it matter?

A broken artifact is better than a perfectly good piece of junk!

In addition to weapons, a variety of armor is available, even including a small amount of arm armor and waist protection, not only that, there is even a limited number of special pieces of jewelry, probably from the mage regiment.

As a camp shop NPC, Pei Sen found himself with an exchange panel, those who go to the Starling Plain can get contribution value with their materials. The above is all right, but the last item is actually "star grass" , there was something interesting in the note, "Igel Ranno's favourite flowering plant", which served no other purpose, and was probably just what Igel wanted.

"After all, he's just a boy under fifteen..." sighed Pei Sen, "speaking of this, isn't the young master's birthday coming soon?"

Players definitely see this as a game, and so did Pei Sen before, but now that he can't leave the "game world" and has spent so much time on the manor, he knows that these so-called NPC are actually real people. H is in a rather delicate state of mind.

For example, the more he knew about the bad-tempered, high-maintenance naughty kid, the more he felt that the kid, no matter how bad he looked, was actually a little pathetic.

His life turned out to be like this, but some people never gave him the right to choose.

After lunch, Igel took his usual nap, and Pei Sen went to see Sadin, who was not always on the manor. He was going to learn fencing with him.

Sadin began to hear “teacher” rather awkwardly, and grew accustomed to it. He saw that he had great strength, and thought that he might have good qualities, for Sadin's character, he would not have changed his mind as long as he had promised to teach him. 

"Sure enough, it's not easy to become a swordsman without a player panel." said Pei Sen, looking at his sore arm.

Unlike the average player, he tried to learn fencing from Sadin because of the NPC panel, but even so, he couldn't cut corners like a swordsman with a panel. He can only become a real swordsman through hard study and training.

He would not have made it if it had not been for the superior physical strength and the high numerical power that comes with intelligence.

Modern people are really too squeamish. the aborigines in this world can only become strong swordsmen through this kind of hard work step by step , and even a lifetime has always been hard.

By comparison, the player is really a "get something for nothing" model.

He had been working so hard that in the afternoon, when he was with Igel, his spirits were a little low. The boy should realize that, so he was very angry, and he made him even more tired. When he got back to his room at night, he wanted to go to sleep. But he remembered today is the first day the players do camp mainline task, so he quickly opened the forum to see what’s going on.

Players are very efficient at tearing down cities by force. They don't care about the counteractant residents of Casey city, but they don't want to hurt them. It should be said that the players are only interested in the task, and there is no need to do anything unrelated to the task. Of course, there will always be players who don't mind killing the NPC if they are blocked, but the guards from the nearby city and the manor soon discourage them from harming the residents.

They players must be hated, but for them, it does not hurt at all.

They won't care.

They were accompanied to Casey city by the captain of the city guards, one of Sadin's men. Several of his men had actually studied swordsmanship with the head of the guard, Ichabod. Even though Valis, Lord of Casey, wanted to send someone to stop it, he didn't dare to move.

But even Kelmis, the captain of the city guards, felt that there was a chill terror on the Bixers.

They were indeed industrious more than the flogged slaves they had ever seen, even if the manor provided only the bare necessities of life and a small wage, which in the town could not afford to employ even an old labourer, they didn’t care at all and were even satisfied with the reward, and rushed over with their things, not saying anything, and began to work in haste, lest they should do less than the others.

In particular, someone in this the ragtag group are women, many of whom are exquisitely beautiful, at least as far as Kelmis was concerned, they had no need for such a life, yet they mingled with the rest of the group, tearing down walls with sledgehammers, which looks absolutely terrifying.

Not only that, but even men, in terms of their looks and temperament, are a race that transcends the vast majority of the populace, and in the course of coming here, there were a few people who were very keen to bond with Kelmis. Kelmis found that almost all of Bixers were well educated, and he couldn't help but wonder, a group of young men and women with good looks, good education and even an introduction to swordsmanship, why would they be willing to take so little money to do such hard work?

The hammers kept falling on the walls, and the residents of Casey city, angry and afraid to speak out, began to gather and stare at the ravenous demolition crews, only to see the dusty foreign people swinging hammers in hands harder.

In a single day, this group of highly efficient demolition brigade pull down a street.

When they followed Kelmis back to the house they had arranged, they found that they could look at the camp's store catalog, which, of course, they couldn't afford with their current contribution value, and they didn't see Pei Sen, the camp's merchant, but only what was in the catalog, they'll be drooling over it.

Compared to the violent demolition team players, people in the Starling Plain is much more miserable. They never knew the game will be so hard to beat monsters!

It’s so hard that they doubt their life for a moment!

Generally speaking, when entering the game to meet the little monster, should not be easy to beat to death?

"Might as well go back to the city to smash the wall, at least simple and experienced." On the forum players crying.

"All of us were chased by a rabbit."

"We were all quaking too, but we just couldn't beat it. it was a very aggressive rabbit."

"Fortunately, this is just a game, one of my poor brothers in our team was kicked to death by the rabbit and his brain was crushed."

"This thing you're telling me is a fucking rabbit?!"

The screenshot on the forum does look like a rabbit, with gray fur, red eyes, and even a little cute.

It tilted its head, as if to say: Welcome to the Starling Plain, as for fighting, you are all garbage!

In just one day, the players felt that they had been mercilessly ridiculed and physically and mentally beaten.

Pei Sen was so happy that the weariness was dispelled by the players.

"The battle in the hologame is not so simple."

Besides, Pei Sen doesn't think this is a real holographic game.

"Bix Magic Cube, what on earth... are you?" 

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Thank you for translating this! It's interesting so far. What is a 'moire' though? The dictionary says it's a pattern but that doesn't seem to fit the story.
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Nicole 2020-05-18 04:27
Maybe it means Pei Sen drawing a family emblem blueprint? Or the general sword blueprint since they're planning on making low effort swords.
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