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Not only is Pei Sen thrilled, but so are the other players, simply because they've discovered that it is so difficult to get a task in the game.

There seems to be a lot of special NPC, but very few of them actually receive a task. There is little experience in guiding NPC to their missions, and NPC in the city now turn and run like monsters at the sight of them.

Only a few have been given the task because of Kui Lang.

At this point, the arrival of of the main line mission of the camp can be said as a timely rain to players.

"But, joining this camp should have hostile camp, why not let a person choose?" A player begins to say.

"Choice? The problem is you can't even find the other camp anywhere."

"This game is a bit too free, and is all different from the normal games!"

"It's not only holograms, but NPC's intelligence is a little scary, and maybe we helped Lord Igel Ranno stop the monster and that's what led to the main mission!"


Yes, it is the best guess, because they both found out that the key figure in the camp was Igel Ranno, whom they had protected on their time-limited mission.

Therefore, it should be normal that their actions at that time led to the emergence of the main task of this camp.

"There should be no choice." Braised Spicy Strip said, glancing at the familiar players around him, "We triggered the time-limited protection mission on the first day, the main line of the camp should be a follow-up, that is, for the time being we, the novice players, can only join the Thorn Rose Camp. As for the future, let’s see."


So, without exception, two hundred test players, all poured toward the Golden Rose Manor.

"Master," Pei Sen said, handing over the new plans to Igel, "we need to destroy it before we build it. Didn't you want to destroy the fiefdom before? Now we can do it without arousing suspicion from those who have evil intentions?"

"Ding, player Pei Sen has handed over the Casey city building map 1. Contribution Value+1000."

Pei Sen knew in his heart that the one thousand was doubled. It seemed that the contribution value was not easy to earn. But because the owner of this camp is Igel, he naturally belongs to this camp, and unlike the players who were initially neutral in their camp, he's been friendly from the beginning, so to speak, he has walked ahead of all the players.

Igel looked at him in surprise, "You can draw?"

"Yes, master." said Pei Sen with a smile.

That's what he does, he sighs, thinking the new studio he had just built.

As an architect, after years of hard work and dedication, he finally set up a studio with his partner, and somehow he ended up here.

It's so sad to say.

This drawing is actually a test piece, and Pei Sen only drew part of it. He wanted to see if it would work, or if it would be accepted, in other words, if there was a reward.

Now that he's hand it over, he can keep painting.

"And, master, I can give Neil the recipe for some of the materials, but I'll send someone to 'clean up' the area first."

It took a lot of guts to tear down the whole city and rebuild it again, but for Igel, tearing down the city was more fun than rebuilding it.

"Destroy first and be reborn later?" Igel laughed, looking very pleased, "Well, then, let us destroy Casey city first and I am in no hurry to kill Valis, or at least to kill him after I have destroyed Casey."

Valis, the Lord of the city, saw it as his own, and though he knew Igel was the Lord, he still saw himself as the true master of the city.

It would be heartbreaking if Igel really did destroy Casey and Valis didn't know it was going to be rebuilt.

"We can get the Bixers to help us." said Pei Sen, thinking that it would take about a month to destroy the city, which happens to be in the early autumn of the world, with its summer heat still in the air, the fields outside the city are almost ready for harvest. Even if people's homes in the city were destroyed and driven out of the city, they would not be unable to live.

The natives of Casey, who had been able to survive the oppression of their masters and the forces of the Kui Lang, would not have been the kind, hard-working, honest people.

To tell you the truth, the climate in Casey city was so bad that Pei Sen felt that there were not many people in the city who were truly deserving of sympathy. This place could almost be called the city of sin, and many of its inhabitants were connected to underground forces, even the worst of them are their eyes and ears.

One month to destroy Casey City, and the next month, which happens to be the second test, they'll have 2,000 more workers.

The big difference between the natives and the players is that the players don't care so much about the rewards, and the system gives the rewards to them instead of Igel.  Basically, to Igel, the players are super cheap labor.

In terms of understanding these players, Pei Sen, who has played the game for several years, is second to none.

While most players will definitely be willing to do this kind of work with a task reward, there will definitely be players who aren't interested in it at all.

That's right. These are hardcore fighters. They want to fight monsters, not do missions.

"Young Master, in the construction, we will need a lot of materials, and will also need the back of the mage to help... in the Starling Plain, there are many materials that mage can use, right?"

Igel looked at him, "Yes, but the Starling Plain is dangerous."

"Better on the outside area?"

"Well, it's a desolate place, and even the adventurers aren't too keen on going to there."

Adventurers in the Asmia Kingdom have more options than the Starling Plain beneath the Mount Askin. Why choose this godforsaken place since the kingdom has so large area?

However, Pei Sen does not think this is a problem, the resurrection point is outside the Casey city, it is not possible for players to explore so far away now.The edge of the Starling Plain is the best novice testing place.

What's more, the players should be made to realize that the battles in holographic games are not the same as those in keyboard games, and that the world is so real that any animal they can hunt will “surprise” them.

Those who play the fighting faction will soon be taught how to behave by seemingly non-threatening animals, Pei Sen can guarantee this.

The creatures of this world are inherently more powerful than those on earth, and even a rabbit that doesn't look much different from a hare could be a level 1 demon, capable of producing windblown crystal shards.

It's funny when you think about it.

"Young Master, how many sorcerers are there in our manor?" The question still needs to be asked. Pei Sen has not seen any sorcerers since he came to the Golden Rose Manor, except for Kessel and his disciple Bertha.

Igel thought it over, "I have heard Sadin say that there is a school of sorcerers in the manor, but they are very poor, about seven or eight of them and dozens of their apprentices, and only three of them are intermediate, and only three are senior... as for the junior..." he said reluctantly, "Just Kessel. "

When he talked about it, he was disgusted, but Pei Sen was surprised. You know, the status of the mage in the world is very high, not to mention the primary mage and intermediate mage, even the apprentice went out, there are a lot of people chasing after. For those adventurers like Igel said, a sorcerer's apprentice is enough to join a good group of adventurers.

However, the mage at golden rose were largely left to fend for themselves, including the last time Igel was assassinated. The real high end fighting force on the manor was the guards, mostly swordsmen and knights, who were mostly under charge of Sadin and Ichabod, the head of the Defense Department, and the entire escort was very strong.

Then there are the assassins, such as Arp and Jacob, who are so good at killing and guarding that they can not be seen at all, and who may be hiding in the shadows.

Compared to that, the mage team is a piece of shit.

The Golden Rose Manor was a force that could not be said to be weak, thought Pei Sen, and it did not seem that His Excellency, the Archduke had really thrown his son to the border and left him there, such a strong guard is not normal for a small count in a remote area.

It's worth to join Igel's camp for players.

By this time, the players had finally arrived at the Golden Rose Manor, and Igel, of course, would not see them in person. For the time being, their manager was the new handyman, Neil. Even Neil did not come out to greet the players, instead meeting them in the front hall of the Manor. He was forced to entertain the most eccentric Bixers as Pei Sen's orders.

Having been ordered to do so earlier, the manservant at the manor was in a better state of mind than the common people, and at least he managed to endure the strange questions of the Bixers, who kept repeating themselves, and to explain what they had to do.

"We can take combat and build missions!" Players are excited to discover this, and a handful of players have banded together to form a team, though not by class, as in a typical game, because they're all swordsmen, but together they must be stronger.

The combat mission was to go to the Starling Plain and get some materials from there.

The task of building, needless to say, was for the moment very simple: bulldozing the city of Casey. While they learned some life skills from a footman who was by Neil's side.

Like logging and gathering, and as for more advanced construction skills, so far, Pei Sen hasn't taught these servants, so they don’t know what to do.

Pei Sen doesn't have to keep an eye on these players, because there's everything on the game's forums.

He knew that nearly fifty players had trooped out to the Starling Plain, and the rest, armed with sledgehammers from the Golden Rose Manor, were rushing toward Casey city in a threatening manner.

The first part of the construction task is to hammer the whole city and dismantle it by violence.

What? the natives will hate it, it'll ruin the player's reputation, it'll probably get revenge?

Well, does it matter to the player?

Obviously, it doesn't matter at all.

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