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Pei Sen had a headache. Naughty kids are always hard to deal with.

"You want to betray me, too, don't you?" Igel had smashed everything he could in the room, and he didn't know why he was so angry, but there is a difference between Pei Sen and the real traitor: Vargo, the handyman, who ordered Vasey to assassinate Igel was secretly executed. This is the real betrayal.

This, of course, was no betrayal, but the naughty kid was completely unreasonable, and he could only say softly, "Master, don't you want me to get too close to Sadin?"

This statement actually left a lot of room, if he asked "Master, Do you not want me to learn fencing from Sadin?" then child gave a positive answer, it is really difficult to recover.

He asked with leaving a lot of room, anyway, he must learn the swordsmanship.

Igel did not recognize his intentions, but said angrily: "Every time, when someone really listen to my order, Sadin will take that person away! Before, Mary, too..."

In fact, Igel did not care too much about Mary taking care of him to grow up before. Mary had always been his first, but he didn’t know when she started to listen to Sadin's words much more.

Igel didn't understand taht even then he felt like when Mary had been taken away, he didn't seem as angry as now.

He always knew that Sadin was only trying to control him, not hurt him.

Pei Sen wondered if the boy had some sort of "toy-gone-away" sense of loss, a possessive desire to keep him away from Sadin?

"Master, if you are not happy, then I will try my best not to see the grand housekeeper."

Igel sneered, "I just saw Sadin holding your hand, and you called him teacher!"

Pei Sen: "..." Igel really got a pretty good ear.

"Even though the grand housekeeper has become my teacher, you are my young master."

Igel looked away, "You're always a liar anyway."

Pei Sen: "..."

"Master, I learn swordsmanship from the grand housekeeper, so I can protect you better."

Igel stunned. He turned to look at Pei Sen's gentle and handsome face, "To protect me?"

"Yes, to protect you."

Igel remembered when Vasey stabbed himself with a dagger, he jumped in front of him without hesitation, bleeding heavily as the dagger went into his body.

If Pei Sen becomes stronger, wouldn't he have gotten hurt?

When Igel finally fell silent, he struck while the iron was hot and said, "Master, not only am I going to be stronger, but you can be, too."

"Me?" Igel looked at him. The fifteen years old boy had been in a protected position for as long as he could remember. He was always surrounded by people who were protecting him, he didn't have to work hard to do the hard things, he just had to enjoy all the life that the nobles could enjoy.

No one ever told him he needed to be strong.

Igel looked at his white delicate hand, which had never held a weapon except the noble's ornamental sword, which was studded with precious stones and gold, and which he had been taught to read in the rich and obscure language of the aristocracy, read about history, or something that was very valuable to the populace.

He knew that even Aikin was good at riding horse, but he was never allowed to do anything that was even remotely dangerous.

"No, I can't learn those things." said Igel, who was an irascible child just now, but who now seemed strangely calm, even speaking and looking with an air of precocity that was strange to Pei Sen, "I have been told that I have an extraordinary gift, and I don't know what it is, but I know that if I do learn it, it will touch the bottom line of someone," he chuckled, "and then I will die."

He looked at Igel's almost perfect face. There was something strangely fragile beauty about the boy, like delicate china that would shatter at the slightest drop.

For a moment, Igel didn't seem like who he thought he was.

"Master, you can be strong in another way." he said softly, "You don't have to learn those things to be strong. Remember, master, you are the Lord of this vast land."

Pei Sen's words had a strange enchantment, and Igel looked into his gentle eyes, "You mean this barren country?"

"Even if it is poor to have nothing, far can not be compared with king capital, but master, we can change it."

Igel, the only child of Birkenau Ranno and princess Carolina. The last king had paid a small price for his sister's willingness to go to Bonfrith.

Though the price was small, it had something to do with the Ranno family.

Back then, the Ranno family's domain was the barren land beneath their feet. Later, he went to the capital in pursuit of higher power, and the territory was no longer important.

It wasn't until Leser ascended the throne and made Birkenau a marquis with considerate power and gave him a richer fiefdom, that until he became a duke, this land had long abandoned by Birkenau.

Before the princess was married, she asked for the title of Lord Igel, and for him to go to the fiefdom of Birkenau, which was agreed to by the wily king Leser, who at last gave the rank of nobility of Ranno family to the infant Igel, instead of sending him to the Birkenau’s fiefdom, he was sent to the ancestral lands of the Ranno family.

The Archduke knew all these things, and even he offered to send Igel here.

They deceived the princess and banished Igel a thousand miles away.

The princess had hoped that Birkenau, as a father, would protect her child and raise him well, but she had underestimated Birkenau's lust for power.

Igel looked at him with clear green eyes, "Can I trust you, Pei Sen?"

"Of course, my Lord."

Don’t fear, young master. You will soon see the terrible power of the players.

If Igel was convinced, it wouldn't be a problem here. In fact, Sadin wasn't a very good housekeeper, and that if he had been, there wouldn't have been a case of Casey City Lord ignoring the assassins who were trying to kill Igel.

The swordsman was more of a shock and awe, keeping Igel safe, and making sure he stayed on the frontier.

The rest, he didn't really care.

But Sadin was a better man than the treacherous Kessel.

It was the young master who was in charge of everything that was not too much in the manor, and he would do whatever he could to persuade Igel.

Sadin's tolerance level is high, as long as Igel does not mention the going back to capital thing again, even if he and Igel really destroy this territory, he may not care.

Without stepping on that line, Sadin could have a lot of “respect” for Lord Igel.

"Try it, then." murmured Igel, looking at Neil, the new handyman, "Go down to Casey City and put up this notice for me."

Neil, in his new uniform, bowed in and gave Pei Sen a grateful look before he left, knowing full well that he had been a second class footman outside the master's door. Though he had been at the manor for several years, without a background and a backer, it's almost impossible to be promoted.

If it hadn't been for Pei Sen, he wouldn't have been able to overpower several housekeepers and a host of first-class footmen to become a handyman butler.

Neil, besides all his faults, had done one thing very well, or he would not have remained safely on the estate so long. People around the young master come and go, but he had been steady as Mount Taishan.

He's just a common man who knows what to look at and what not to listen to. He's not good enough, maybe not loyal enough, but he knows how to measure up. Even if you let him do things that he won't do well, but he won't screw up.

This is the kind of person who, according to Pei Sen, is well suited to dealing with players, who are not stupid enough to be fooled by them, who should have a high tolerance for their odd behavior, and who are not smart enough to screw people over like Atwell.

"Master, the Lord of Casey..."

Igel sneered, “Dragon Star Knights, Huh!” He thought for a while, 'I'll order Kesssel to kill Valis tomorrow. I'll see if he says no or yes!”

As a noble Mage, Kessel would not normally have been a lord's steward at all, no matter how noble Igel's position.

He was originally a member of the Royal Mage, following Igel from the prosperous royal capital to the barren frontier.

A Mage who likes to enjoy the luxury fine clothes, if there is no purpose, even if the Royal order, perhaps he will not obey.

And Valis, the Lord of Casey, must have known how Leser treated Igel, and felt that the young master was not likely to live long enough to be so bold?

Perhaps he was already Leser's man, after all, the commander of the Dragon Star Knights, who had been Igel’s guardian in the early days.

By this time, Neil had reached Casey City, and had put up a new notice on the bulletin board.


All the players heard this sweet system sound, then they opened the Taskbar, found that they have an additional line of bold mainline Taskbar, which has a drop-down menu. This will be a long-term continuous task!

"The main task of the camp: To build the Ranno territory (Casey City, Adrien City, Arcey Town, Starling Plain)."

"1. Building up Casey City."

“Heading to Golden Rose Manor to pick up construction Task.”

"Note: Take the task default to join the 'Thorn Rose Camp', the task reward can improve camp-friendly degree and get a certain camp contribution value.

Camp contribution value can buy camp exclusive goods, quitting camp will clear contribution value to zero."

"Fuck, camp mainline task?" Even Pei Sen absolutely did not expect this would become a camp mainline task, he originally thought triggering a longer time limited task is very good, but instead the camp mainline task!

On his game panel, it says clearly, "successfully initiate camp level task, all camp rewards increased by 100%, camp contribution value +10,000, S level storyline box ×2."

"Camp Key NPC: Igel Ranno, earl of Thorn Rose. If  Key NPC dies, main camp task fails."

He was sure that the original Bix Magic Cube certainly did not have this camp main task!

Pei Sen looked at Igel with his eyes growing warm and tender.

Rest assured, master, from now on, I will protect you with my life.

Even if I die a hundred times, you can't die!

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