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As Pei Sen lay on his bed, he reflected that the players' behavior was uncontrollable, and that most people wouldn't resist the temptation of a mission.

He flicked through the forum posts, thinking about what he should do next.

Then came a very funny title, "I did not eat after entering into the game, it actually reminded me to eat or lose the ability to move? Damn it, will I starve to death?"

Starve to death? Yes, in Bix Magic Cube, it's true that you can starve to death, just like in the normal world, if you don't eat or drink for a long time, you will definitely die.

However, as a novice, the game system is very generous to give a piece of dry bread and a pot of water, which the player should be unable to eat.

But it's late at night, and the people in the Casey City probably won't take them in, and the night always means more dangerous.

Not every place has a magic crystal-powered lamp like in the Golden Rose Manor. In this world, night means darkness.

Pei Sen was sure that a man like Kui Lang wouldn't let the night go by.

But presumably the players will not mind to "trigger" such a mission, but the outcome of the mission is hard to say.

It's just that players are still protected by the system, unlike when Pei Sen first came into the game, which wasn't there yet, so today's players can take the whole city apart.

After Pei Sen surfed the forum for a while, he turned off the page and looked at the box in his backpack, which, to be honest, he wasn't particularly interested in. It was a warehouse number in itself, and there was no shortage of goodies on it.

He was always a hoarder. Some people would throw things away if they ran out of backpacks. He wouldn't throw anything away, just in case they will be useful one day? So even if Bix Magic Cube's knapsack grid wasn't too few, he'd have to take a alt account, and use its knapsack and warehouse to barely fit things in.

He wanted to sell some things that he had not used for a long time, but he had been too busy to remember them, and they had been piling up on the account, which now gave him an advantage.

So, although class A box is precious, but class A box below level 10 may not produce some good things.

Pei Sen casually opened the box, only to find that there was really no surprise. Pei Sen in the absence of expectations saw something lower than expected things.

"Soldier's sword

Physical attack 15 to 25

Magic attack 3 to 5

Durability 100."

This is a standard swordsman weapon, in the early game, could be counted as a good swordsman weapons.

The weapons in Bix Magic Cube actually carry both physical and magical attacks, and some special world weapons carry all kinds of special attacks, but are also equipped with physical and magical defenses, just through obvious attribute differences to determine the ownership of weapons and equipment.

A box can produce things at least with purple quality; B box produce things at least with blue quality, sometimes purple quality; C box produce things with at least green quality; D box basically produce garbage with white quality. The box is divided into five grades, the highest S class box is possible to produce a variety of superb things.

To tell you the truth, it is very, very lucky to be able to trigger an A class active task below level 10, but the level is too low after all, opening the box is restricted by the level, if it is to produce the material is better, while it comes to weapons.

"Everyone in the game is a swordsman except me now, so it is that why I have a swordsman's weapon?" Thought Pei Sen. Generally speaking, the probability of things of other professions being opened in a storyline box like this is very low, the problem is that there is no Mage in the game except for him, all the players are swordsmen.

Ever since Pei Sen found this weapon, there's been some speculations in his mind.

"Well, whether it's my weapon or not, it's not going to be good."

Putting this matter behind him, Pei Sen slept soundly, and the players who had just entered the game today were in a state of excitement, each planning to wait until their energy levels were exhausted before playing again.

Bix Magic cube has a physical limit of 20 hours a day online, and a physical limit of at least four hours for full recovery, but generally players can spend only about ten hours a day online.

And Pei Sen hasn't been able to "log off" since he came into this world, but he can supplement his strength bar by sleeping. Not only that, Pei Sen found that he didn't need to take four hours of rest a day as players do. He lost his strength more slowly than the average player, but recovered faster.

By this time Casey City and the game forum were both in a carnival. Pei Sen had fallen into a deep sleep.

He had no choice. The next day he had to wait on the master.

It's just that when he woke up, he almost thought what happened yesterday was a dream.

It was a busy morning at Golden Rose Manor, and master Igel, though ill-tempered, lived a very healthy life, and in this respect he was not like other children, which could be described as self-disciplined.

Because he got up early, the whole estate had to get to move early.

Pei Sen wiped his face and hurried to Igel's house, perhaps because he had received the young master's attention yesterday for saving him, the servants at the manor treated him with the utmost respect and kindness, maybe everyone thought he got a beautiful future.

When he arrived, he helped the young master get dressed and went to the kitchen to see what was going on with the breakfast.

As Igel's valet, he didn't have to fetch the food, but he had been new to the house, and the servants were a bit of bullying newcomer, so he went to the kitchen to get it himself. When he went there today, a footman was already waiting there, and as soon as he saw him, he showed a little obsequious smile, "You are the young master's personal butler, you do not have to do this. I will take the dinner plate to the young master's door, then you take it in." The tone was really very humble.

This was Neil, the sort of footman who waited on Igel's door, and who did most of the menial work in the corridors, and who always liked to order the weak maids.

Igel had a bad temper, and to tell the truth, most of the maids who stayed were easy to be bullied.

Neil had been at the manor for a little longer, and was still a second class footman, after all, Pei Sen had beyond him. But they, the outsiders, had better names, who were not called footmen, but butlers.

Neil, who had been on the estate for years and had never been thrown out, was a man of some wisdom, though he often prided himself on his seniority.

Pei Sen smiled and took the plate in one hand, "It's all right. It's no trouble."

The plate was heavy for the average person, and Neil had trouble holding it, which was why he didn't want to come.

Pei Sen was now a level seven with a strength of 42, which was well above the normal persons, and far above them, so he walked happily toward Igel, carrying his tray in one hand easily. Behind him, Neil gaped at his terrible strength.

"Oh, I should be a delicate Mage..." Pei Sen regretted and suddenly stopped.

The grand housekeeper Sadin was watching him as he approached, seemingly surprised at the ease with which he was dragging the tray with one hand.

Pei Sen had to go over and greet the him.

"You seem to have a lot of strength." Sadin mused.

"Yes, it's natural." said Pei Sen, a little sheepishly, not daring to say that it would get bigger and bigger.

Then Sadin looked back at Neil, who came up behind him, "Neil, you take over the tray."

"Yes, yes, grand housekeeper. " Neil naturally did not dare to resist Sadin's orders.

Watching Neil’s sweat on his brow as he struggled with the tray, Pei Sen felt a little ridiculous.

"Give me your hand."

Pei Sen couldn't resist, but reached over. Sadin's hands were large and rough. As an eighth level swordsman, he had prodigious talent and hard work. It was not gonna be easy to reach such achievements at his age.

Obviously, Pei Sen couldn’t be compared with him.

So with all his strength, he could still not break free of the great hand.

Sadin finally let him go, and in spite of his direct complaint, he felt a twinge of bitterness in his hand, and thanks to a reduction in his pain feeling, or he would have been hurt, he did not know whether the grand housekeeper was intentional or not.

"You're not very good at magic, Pei Sen. Why don't you learn fencing from me?"

Pei Sen looked up at the tall, handsome grand housekeeper, "Grand housekeeper," he said, "you mean..."

But no, he is a Mage, he only had a Mage panel, although even Pei Sen himself also knew as a Mage, he was really low.

Sadin laughed, "I think you're better be a swordsman, let alone the magical talent."

Pai Sen waited for a moment, but he did not hear the system’s warning sound. Changing the profession was really a dream!

But suddenly his heart had a move, he actually only had the panel of the Mage, but he also had NPC's panel!

What if instead of becoming a swordsman as a player, he worked hard to become a strong swordsman like these NPC?

NOT NECESSARILY IMPOSSIBLE! After all, the threshold for swordsmen is much lower than that for Mages. Although it has its own limitations, it is probably impossible for most swordsmen to become great swordsmen in their lifetime. However, there is no great barrier to entry, it's just that a man with bad talent may be a low-level swordsman for the rest of his life.

"Teacher, I'd like to learn swordsmanship!" Said Pei Sen, who was suddenly excited.

Sadin: "..." He just said to let him learn fencing with his own, but he had not considered to take him as an apprentice formally, how did he shout this "teacher" so smoothly?

Pei Sen was thinking, "I am clearly a Mage, but the swordsman only want to be a Mage is not a good player!"

Behind him, Igel stood still impassively.

As if... a storm was brewing.

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