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He followed Igel back to the Golden Rose Manor, but of course he didn't take the thing he said. He didn't mention it, while Igel didn't say anything.

In fact, he felt that the naughty boy was as perceptive as if he had known at first sight that he was lying. Perhaps Igel had been very concerned about whether or not he was lying to him, but after he had protected him, he was not so concerned about it anymore.

The naughty boy's character was inconstant, and even if his heart has nothing to do with forgiveness, Pei Sen had given him a great deal of comfort in today's event.

Perhaps in Igel's view, many people around him had betrayed him, and that Pei Sen, who hadn't been around long enough, at least hadn't let him down in that way.

The players didn't recover as quickly as the average player, and by the time Pei Sen got back to the manor, he was almost half healed. He explained it's the unique characteristic of Bixs and Igel didn't ask any questions.

So, it's good to blow yourself up, otherwise there's a lot of things that can't be explained.

When Atwell came back and gave him a Cure Spell, Pei Sen was soon out of trouble. What’s more, he went gallantly to the young master.

You have to be attentive if you want to know what's going on.

Igel glanced at him, who was exceptionally docile, and did not let him go out. A moment later the man, Sadin, arrived with Ms. Mary. He seemed surprised to see Pei Sen there, but since Igel had not sent him away, Sadin said nothing.

After a few words, Pei Sen knew who Sadin was.

He was the grand housekeeper of the Golden Rose Manor.

Sadin Brisc, as an eighth-class swordsman, born of a fallen aristocrat, who was the most powerful man in the Golden Rose Manor besides Igel. Though Kessel was alsoa general housekeeper, but he was only a deputy, and judging by Ms. Mary's attitude, he was not a very popular deputy beloved and supported by the people.

The handsome and weather-beaten grand housekeeper in charge looked at the bad-tempered Igel and seemed somewhat helpless, "In any case, you can not go to the capital now."

"So what, I'm just gonna stay here in the middle of nowhere until I die, is that it? " Igel said sharply in a somber mood.

Ms. Mary soon came forth to comfort, "Master, it takes time to endure..." 

"Endure?" Igel smashed the glass on the table. "I've endured it long enough. Now he wants me dead! "

Sadin mused for a moment. "Actually, I don't think these assassins were not sent by Your Majesty, Laser."

Pei Sen was shocked. Wait, wait, Your Majesty Leser?

As a player, Pei Sen actually doesn't know much about the capital, which is thousands of miles away. Players have been playing for years, and of course some of them are keen to explore the map and have gone far away, but access to high-ranking aristocracy is still rare.

And in two years or so, the Kingdom of Asmia will be in chaos.

Igel didn't believe it, "I know he wants me dead!"

"But he is more worried about disappointing the Archduke." sighed Sadin.

Igel's face remained sombe, "I don't care. I want to go back to the capital."

Ms Mary tried to persuade him, "Master." 

Igel looked away, ignoring everyone.

Sadin and Mary had no choice but to step aside.

Pei Sen was careful in the room, feeling like a storm was gathering around Igel, and he didn't want to irritate him.

"Pei Sen."


Igel looked at him, his green eyes catching his reflection, "Do you think I should put up with it too? I've endured this too long in this deserted country..." Obviously although he was still very young, there was no grumpiness in his words, but rather a weariness.

"Master, do you think your territory is too backward now?"

"Isn't it? " Said Igel coldly, "Have you ever seen the prosperous royal capital?"

"No." Indeed he had never seen it. The Kingdom of Asmia had been caught in the flames of war, no longer the bustling past as his main account reached the high level.

"I came to the frontier in exile."

Igel's territory now includes three small cities and Starling Plain which might be called as wilderness, indeed barren lands.

It was nothing but a big place, and the three city lords, in particular, did not seem to be very obedient.

"Since the master does not like his territory, but you are the Lord of this place, we can change it to whatever we like."

Igel, with a sneer, was about to say something, but he stopped short and looked thoughtfully at him, "I am the Lord here, after all." His tone was violent, "Sadin won't let me go back to the capital easily, I know he was sent by Birkenau to manage me, and in that case, I'll destroy the whole territory!" He looked at Pei Sen, "You're very clever, Pei Sen."

Pei Sen: "..."

That's not what I meant, master!

"Master, can I have a rest earlier today?" Pei Sen felt his stomach hurt after being stabbed. Even though he was already well.

Igel's mood had changed from cloudy to sunny, and he waved his hand magnanimously, "Go ahead."

"Come tomorrow and we'll talk about how we're going to destroy my land." Igel said.

Pei Sen: "..."

Actually Pei Sen did not really completely mean this, he thought  although there were only 200 Alpha test player this time, the next batch internal test player would be 2,000! Yes, there are going to be over 2,000 players who can be "used", and that's a big force. If he figures out a way to launch some missions, maybe he will build up Igel's territory?

The Bix Magic Cube is a free for all game, and if Igel was to agree, his will as Lord would be directed to the player, possibly evolving into a master quest for all players.

This is a new experiment that Pei Sen wants to do.

Igel, however, is clearly less willing to cooperate with him.

As Pei Sen turned the corridor, he was surprised to find that the master and Ms. Mary were not far away, and were standing there talking.

He didn't want to bother either of them.

"You must be Pei Sen." said Sadin, who had met him, and after waving Mary off, it was clear that he had something to say to Pei Sen.

So he went up to the grand housekeeper and said, "Yes, Your Excellency, Sadin."

Sadin took a good look at him, "You have a gift for magic. How many spells have you mastered in such a short time?"

"My qualifications are not good, but the Bixs have always had a talent for learning." said Pei Sen calmly.

Sadin laughed, "You haven't been in the manor long, do you suspect the identity of the master?"

Pei Sen looked at him, not knowing what he meant, but wanting to say that there was no doubt.


Of course he was confused. What King and what Duke were you talking about!

"Fifteen years ago, Your majesty Leser was only a prince, and archduke was only an earl. Leser, however, had long since developed an almost monomaniacal affection for the archduke. Prince Latymer, who was trying to entrap Lord Leser at the time, set up a trap for archduke Birkenau to make him date with Princess Carolina, the sister of Lord Leser, and soon after, Princess Carolina became pregnant and was known to the then King Orrington and he married Princess Carolina to Birkenau."

Pei Sen raised his brow, “Master Igel was...”

"Yes, master Igel was the only child of the Archduke and Princess Carolina, and shortly after the birth of Master Igel, His Majesty King Leser passed away, and the Leser became the king, he forced the archduke to divorce Princess Carolina and marry Princess Carolina to a faraway place called Bonfrith."

Pei Sen thought that what trap let the mother and father of the young master couple up should be the thing, drug? It's just a euphemism.

But in the whole affair, he thought the princess was really unlucky.

"Even if the princess married far away, the Archduke is the father of the young master after all." He left his son in the countryside for many years, this is a good father?

Sadin said simply, "Yes, but the Archduke had no feelings for the princess, and did not prepare to be a father so soon. Only the young master is his only son, he would not abandon the young master. The young master is so young that he does not know that the Archduke is going to come to this remote place as a fief to keep him away from the capital so that he can be safer."

"What do you mean?"

"I know the master has been good to you, and if you can persuade him not to return to the capital, I may be able to help you practice more powerful magic." said Sadin meaningfully, “Think about it carefully.”

He stood in the dim corridor, watching Sadin walk slowly away.

He was tempted to sneer. Only son? To throw his son away in the country, so as not to disturb the king's eyes, but also for his own promotion road.

After all, it's not easy to go from being an earl to an archduke.

But, Lord Leser? Archduke Birkenau? Well, they are two men...

Come on, even in the modern world, sexuality isn't a big deal, and in the world of fantasy, it's a big deal?

Back in his room, Pei Sen lay down on the bed and opened the forum, thinking about Igel.

"Damn it, so sensational?"

Someone posted a screenshot of the hot search on the forum, and the top 10 hits included six positions, all related to the Bix Magic Cube, which is a bit over the top.

Is it the game conducting propaganda?

However, when he clicked on it, he found that the players were complaining about the strange game company, but there was no promotion at all. The popularity was all caused by these players.

Only 200 players were actually into the first group to enter the Alpha game, but the popularity of the forums was extremely high. Most of them could indeed be said to be cloud players. They looked at screenshot and small videos of the 200 Beta players, and the discussions were heated, there had been some skepticism that this was pre-made video and so-called screenshot of the marketing. Since a few famous players in reality proved the game was real, there was even no doubt.

The first batch of 200 Beta test numbers, because some wealthy men bid extremely high prices, of course, some people could not resist the temptation to sell them, so this batch of players include really quite a lot of wealthy people, among them one was a star with many fans, there are also a super-rich man, as well as a few extremely well-off micro-blog popular people, it is possible the reason why hot search caused such sensational effect.

To say marketing, some people are difficult to be invited, especially a few big brother's friend circle also appeared game-related content.

It's true. If it was fake marketing, it wouldn't be this popular.

Pei Sen did not enter the game at the beginning of his last life, and did not know that it had such a sensational effect initially.

"First 200, then 2,000, and by the third test, I think there will be 10,000?" Pei Sen murmured. Then there will be a mass test, and anyone who wants to come will be allowed to enter the world.

Now, however, it is clear to Pei Sen that this is a real world, not a purely constructed game world as he originally thought.

Players, will change this world completely.

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