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Of course, no matter how much the system "fear the world is not in chaos", but actually it is not really easy to trigger the task on one's own initiative. There are still quite a lot of restrictions on it, especially not to violate the logical law of things, and the player doesn't get to be the main role of the event.

In other words, when triggering a task actively, the central character must be an NPC.

Someone summed up on the forum Before Pei Sen arrived here, but that is also a long time after the opening of the game, the first few years, not to mention the active trigger task, it was difficult for players to complete a variety of mainline tasks.

Igel's eyes fell on Pei Sen, "You... "

"I'm sorry to tell you this now, but I'm a Bix man." he sighed, "I didn't want to reveal this to anyone, but I had to do this for the your safety."

Igel frowned. He looked down again. The skeleton soldiers who had rushed in from outside the city had been stopped by the mad Bixs, who had been outnumbered by them because they were undead creatures, even if cut down by those wooden swords, because of the Lich's power, they will soon be able to rise up, however, this group of Bixs was simply crazy.

Pei Sen was also looking at the players below, players of course are not afraid of death, who play a online game also afraid of death?

But this is holography after all, the enemies were also a skeleton, at first some players were also a bit cowardly, this is purely psychological fear, but when they really closed their eyes to misuse the skills, even if the skeleton hacked them to death, there was not too much pain. And they can be resurrected soon. By experiencing a "death", there is nothing to be afraid of.

Some players, however, weren't even scared in the first place.

Just as the Lich's bone army was coming from outside the city, the Casey City's first resurrection point of the Bix Magic Cube was also outside the city, so the bone army was immortal, the players were also endless. Skeletons were strong, but moved slowly. While it took time to bring a player back from the dead, but it's much faster.

And the new Lich was not very good at manipulating the bone army, making the movement of these skeletons very stiff, but the players were much more clever, soon several people united together, some players even took the initiative to step forward to command, there was a weird standoff, and no one could defeat anyone else.

Pei Sen raised his eyebrows and withstood a Lich's attack with only 200 players, which is definitely a battle to boast after a year and a half, but it was also due to the specific scene and environment.

The Lich's direction of attack should be right near the player's resurrection point, as well as in the case of Caesy City, where only one gate is allowed in and out of the walled city, allowing players to use the terrain and resurrection advantage to hold out against the skeleton army.

Apparently, Igel didn't see it coming either, and he didn't quite understand why the Bixs were really on his side, even at the cost of their lives?

"Was this Bixs born this mad?" He couldn't understand.

Pei Sen smiled, "The young master can see them as natural soldiers."

The guards of the Golden Rose Manor withstood the other assassins, and the players withstood the Lich's army of bones, while Igel stood on the top of the tower with Pei Sen, never to be attacked again.

Frost floated in the air, the sun shone, a rainbow was as beautiful as a dream, assassins in black cloaks fought real knights in the streets, and the icy breath of the swords left deep marks on the streets.

From Pei Sen's point of view, the whole thing was like a magic movie, so exciting and brilliant.

Igel stood beside him, his face was getting colder. He had expected that after the Lich had appeared, Atwell and his men would initiate a back-up plan to get themselves out of there. After all, the trick had been done. But now that the Lich had been pushed back, it seemed that the tide was turning in their favor, and Igel was in no hurry to leave. He wanted to wait a little longer, but he realized a problem again. With a sneer on his lips, he said, "Very good, the guards of Casey City, men of Valis have not been seen so far."

He knew who Valis was, the Lord of this city, who had dealt with him while the player was on a mission.

As Lord of Casey, Valis was a sort of subordinate to Igel, and in his early years, Valis was a knight sworn to the Ranno family. In fact, Igel's fiefdom was not just Casey City, but three small towns on the edge of it, including the desolate Starling Plain, all owned by Igel. Igel was assassinated, even if Valis's reaction was slow, he should have come to save Igel now, not to mention the mobilization of the city guards, but Valis himself had some very famous Dragon Star Knights in his early days, but none of them showed up, they all turned a deaf ear to the war in the city.

Igel was not a good tempered man, and his lips were pursed in anger no. His cold green eyes were full of killing intent.

On the second thought, Pei Sen thought the Lord of Casey City was too much to even pretend... but considering how many players they had played before, no one even knew that Casey City was Igel's domain. The Lord of the city, who had always regarded himself as the master of the city. Suddenly he thought that this was not so strange.

"Young master..." Pei Sen still wanted to comfort this angry little young master.

Just then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a figure creeping toward Igel!

It was Vargo's man, Vasey, the manservant of the manor, who had come with their carriage, but there was something distinctly wrong about his appearance.

"Young Master, be careful!" Pei Sen did not hesitate to go forward in front of Igel, after all, his mission is to protect Igel Ranno, so the young master must not be in trouble, otherwise it is not just him, all of the following players will fail in an instant.

With a sound "Hiss", the sharp dagger punctured Pei Sen's clothes and penetrated his abdomen. Pei Sen watched his blood volume drop sharply.

This time there was no hesitation, the basic PK consciousness was still in Pei Sen’s mind. He raised his hand to release a primary ice blade, the ice blade as thin as a cicada swing cut Vasey's throat in a blink. Blood burst out dyed Pei Sen’s clothes.

However because of mosaics, the scene was really not enough bloody. The color of the blood that Pei Sen saw was not true red, but a kind of light pink, which made him feel a little speechless.

If real blood splashed as real as the game itself, the scale of the game was a bit too big, and players on earth who live in a peaceful world may be susceptible to the thrill.

Pei Sen thought a lot in a short time, secretly sighing for the vast majority of players that the game is the game.

"Pei Sen! " Igel held him, while Pei Sen was holding his waist, in fact, he was not very much in pain, this account’s initial pain feeling is 10 percent. In general, Bix Magic Cube can set pain feeling up to 50 percent, while at a minimum, players can block pain feeling completely, although the system doesn't recommend it, because even in real life, if you don't have pain, you probably don't even know you're hurt. It's a holographic game, after all, the official advice is to keep a little bit of pain feeling in the game, while the players below, who were fighting the skulls bravely, have their pain tuned to such a low level that even if they're killed, they don't feel much pain at all.

Igel frowned and looked at the bleeding belly. He was squeaky clean, and he had broken through his mental block by reaching out and holding bloody Pei Sen.

"I'm fine." Pei Sen looked at himself left only half of the blood volume, the dagger caused him to be in the state of continuous blood loss. After all, he was in too low level, this short blood bar can not stand the toss. He performed a freezing procedure on his wound, directly freezing it to stop the bleeding, and sure enough the blood stopped flowing.

Bix Magic Cube is a free game, and you can try everything out in any logical way you can think of, and if it works in real life, it probably will work in the game world.

Besides, Pei Sen never thought this was a game world.

Seeing that he was all right, Igel looked up at Vasey's body in disgust and called out, "Jacob! "

"Yes, young master." Unexpectedly another person appeared from the dark place.

Igel looked at him coldly, "It's your fault."

The man named Jacob seemed totry to explain, and finally shut up. It was his duty to protect master Igel, not master Igel’s valet. He was trying to stop Vasey when he saw what he was doing, but the valet had already parried the knife, so Jacob hesitated and did not appear.

Igel was very unhappy today, "Atwell, too, is still keeping the Lich at bay with the help of these aliens, and where are his men? Where is the priest of Illuminati?" He said sharply, "Or do you want me to die here, too?"

"Young Master." A person fell down slowly from the sky, whose posture was elegant and unhurried.

Pei Sen looked at the handsome, silver-haired man and realized that he had never seen him in his long stay at the manor.

He was not dressed in the grand robes of a Mage like Kessel who looked extraordinary at first sight. This one was even dressed in a modest way, but his style was much better than Kessel's. Even if he dressed like a beggar, he would still look like a nobleman.

"Sadin," said Igel, looking at the person, "you have seen what has happened today." His green eyes were like to light two fires, "I will not leave the matter at that. Go and get ready. I am going to the capital."


Igel sneered, "Don't try to talk me out of it, it's no use trying to talk me out of it." He didn't seem like a naughty boy at all in his usual fifteen-year-old, "He wants me to die, doesn't he? I'll die in the capital."

Pei Sen, who huddled quietly aside to see if there were any new stories as he heard a sound "Ding".

"Ding, time-limited task completed, gain experience 2,000 points, a class A plot treasure box."

"Ding, congratulations on level 7."

Looking behind him, a vast expanse of light bloomed, the Lich retreated, the player emitted a cheer, almost everyone lit up the the white light of upgrading.

Of course, this white light was only visible to the players, and like ID, Pei Sen chose to hide the upgrade effect, although other players' game systems don't have this function at the moment.

For now, he didn't want to reveal to other players that he was also a player.

It seemed that he could not leave the Golden Rose Manor in a hurry, for he had the advantage of triggering an active mission.

Igel Ranno, that sounds like a big problem.

In the game, troublesome NPC are hard to come by.

Then he looked at Igel with a gentler look.

It's like looking at a gold mine waiting to be dug.

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