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Chapter 18

It wasn't until a long time later that Xu tangzhou realized how serious that Ling Che's saying "I smell your pheromone" was.

It was the first time Ling Che smelled his pheromone.

But at that time, Ling Che heard his request but his face changed slightly. His eyes narrowed: "I paste it for you?"

Glandular care was an item used in combination with pheromone blockers. The glandular body that had been exposed to blockers for a long time needed to rest. Besides temporarily blocking pheromones by physical means, glandular care could also maintain the glandular, which was a special item of OMEGA.

In short, it's very intimate to ask others to be considerate at doing this.

Xu tangzhou drifted to the end and said: " I can't past it. Don't get me wrong. Otherwise, if it's inconvenient, I'll do it myself."

He didn't seduce.

Xu tangzhou's differentiation of glands was only four years old. He couldn't paste it because that Chouyin did it for him. Chouyin, as a medical doctoral student, had obsessive-compulsive disorder. He'd like to fix it when Xu tangzhou got it wrong. He had to tear it off, and then carefully paste it back to him.

Lingche ignored him and strode towards the cabin.

"They're back, back!"

In another house, the workers who saw them coming back from the camera informed each other.

In the real-time shooting, Ling Che entered the yard before Xu tangzhou, and Xu tangzhou followed closely, carrying the shopping bag of the convenience store. They didn't know why. They went out, then they came back, the atmosphere between them was more tense than before. It felt like the cold war would start in minutes.

Xu tangzhou just returned to the room, cross legged sitting on the ground to open his pocket, and thought about how to stick it up.

Ling Che then pushed the door and entered in, his was not happy: "Give it to me."

Xu tangzhou was still full of questions.

Ling Che: The glands."

Xu Tangzhou: !!! It's hard to guess what Lingche was thinking about.

Xu tangzhou doubted, but still handed things up, humbly explained that he hoped Ling Che would not turned his face up and leave: "It's not difficult! You see, it's OK to align the middle part when pasting. Soon. "

Ling Che said: "Fine".

Of course, he could't paste it, but he can read the instructions.

After studying it for a minute in silence, Ling Che said, "Lower your head and don't move."

At the end of the command, he grabbed the clothes Xu tangzhou had just used to wrap his neck and threw them over. He covered the camera accurately.

The picture was suddenly dark. The gossip staff: "..."

Xu tangzhou had obediently lowered his head automatically. He couldn't see Ling Che's expression, but his heart was beating. Was he nervous? Or was it not right that the most vulnerable part was showed to Ling Che?

Ling Che opened the package, but there was no action.

Xu tangzhou lashes gently shaked, he just pasted a gland, why the atmosphere was a little strange?

However, lingche's eyes had become darker.

The slender white neck in front of him was slightly raised, and the skin exposed to the air was intact.

No bite marks.

It's so clean!

Ling Che finally confirmed this point. The mark that Xu tangzhou once belonged to others had been completely removed, and there was no sign that Alpha had ever marked him.

He didn't remember how many times he tried to find an organ called a gland here, but it didn't work after all - now it's bulging very slightly under the clean and tender skin, showed that it's fully developed.

Just take a bite, just pierce the skin, he could inject the pheromone of Alha into the gland, and made the owner of the body became his own.

Obviously, Xu tangzhou did nothing. Just such an ordinary neck seemed to send out a silent invitation to him.

Something crazy and tyrannical was deeply engraved in the bones of Alpha. It was undeniable that the OGA in people's eyes was really fragile.

If the degree of fit was enough, OGA couldn't refuse Alpha's courtship physically at all, and it could easily be completely marked and possessed, no matter whether they were psychologically willing or not, they couldn't resist physiologically.

So no wonder Ling Che was biased. It's a scientific fact that OGA couldn't control himself.

But Xu tangzhou was back.

He washed the sign and come back.

And he said that.

What did Xu tangzhou want to do?

Ling Che held the gland considerately. His fingers inevitably touch the warm skin. He only felt that there was a slight current passing through his fingertips for a very short time.

To his surprise, the white neck of his hand suddenly rose pink and spread to the back of his ear.

How could Xu tangzhou be so sensitive?

"It's itchy," Xu tangzhou raised his head, his eyes were a little red, "can you hurry up?"

Xu tangzhou's pheromone smell was very light and cold, as if he looked like a person. After glandular differentiation, pheromone had been completely integrated with him, and his temperament had been completely changed from the skin, hair and other small parts.

Lingche was a little shamed, the next second on the "pa" sound he was gentle to paste the gland up.

Xu tangzhou: "..."

What a straight man! He's just a weak OGA!

"All right," Lingche said in a porker face, "it's too late today. I'll let someone check tomorrow. Your blocker and neck ring will not disappear for no reason."

Xu tangzhou nodded. He looked a little cute.

Ling Che couldn't stay any longer. No matter what Xu tangzhou wanted to do, he won't be cheated.

Instead of staying in the room, he left a word before leaving: "Use blockers well, and don't let pheromones be everywhere."

Xu tangzhou sniffed around, immediately unlocked ist and input the pheromone number, and sucked several times.

Lingche didn't plan to let the program team check this. If the program team did it, now they had come to foreign countries. There were not important people, and they couldn't find out why.

He called Stu Ya and told her about it.

Stu pondered for a while: "I will talk to Huang Qian about some things. He is better than me."

Ling Che: "Okay."

"Then, what about you? You two live in a house now, are you ok? "

Of course, Ling Che knew what Stu Ya was worried about.

She was certainly not worried about the news what would happen to Xu tangzhou and Ling Che, but about Ling Che's own feelings.

After all, no matter how it used to be, the emotional matters themselves knew.

"Nothing," Ling Che said, "there are cameras everywhere. We are separated by a corridor. Besides, I'm not so out of self-control."

The big deal was to be teased by pheromones to stay up all night at most.

Take a cold bath.

Xu tangzhou's snow-white neck and slightly bulging glands always wandered in front of him, tickling his nerves. He had some insomnia last night, so he just got up and wrote a song.

It's not a song, it's just some scattered melody, maybe it's useless.

"The exposure of you two are very high these days," Stu Ya said, "the video studio the day before yesterday made a gag. You should go online and look through."

On the other side, Xu tangzhou also received Huang Qian's call, and saw the so-called video studio gags from the Internet.

It's the one that he called Ling Che and asked him why he didn't arrive again and again. It was the first time he saw himself on the variety show in the video, Xu tangzhou finally understood why Huang Qian always asked him to do facial expression management.

[What a porker face. What a big star.]

[Do you really think you are a supermodel? Fade out for a few years who remembers you? You are surrounded by seniors. Is it necessary to be so cool like that?]

[Why you got that chance was because of Ling Che, please put your position clearly]

[Take my idol away. Can't he attend the program with his friends? Haters were dead with their whole family.]

Don't make complaints about others, Xu Tong Zhou looks at his face and is disgusted by himself.

It turns out that he and the guests sat together without face expression.

But he clearly felt that he was trying to be good.

The gags were not long. It soon was playing that Xia Xing talks about Ling Che's preparation for the concert. Then Xia Yue refered to him: "Xu tangzhou should know, right?"

[Overlook people??? ]


[Zhouzhou was born like this. You are all annoying!]

[Who's Zhouzhou, who knows him if he wasn't with Lingche?]

[I don't want to pick up the topic yet. Even I love the sisters. They give him the topic, respect!]

Qi Mu asked Xu tangzhou to call Ling Che, and there were many comments covered screen. It's full of envy, jealousy and hatred. Occasionally, the two haters were all covered by the colorful bullet curtain of fans.

[I want my idol's phone!!! Ah ah ah ah ah ah]

[Lingche, don't give your number to the people you don't know! Give it to me!!]

[Ahahah! Lingche's voice was so nice!!]

[Traffic jam, oh, there was a car accident on the road that day]

[Did the haters who said he was snubing? Do you want me to come out and give you a slap?]

"Baby," Lingche's voice appeared.

[I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, baby?]

[Baby?!!! Ah, ah, lingche, I don't allow you to call him that!! ]

[I killed myself first, sisters at will. [smile]]

[my husband will spoil people! 1551, But not me]

[Hahaha, I'm not mad, he must called me!]

Xu tangzhou heard these two words again, the ear was still feverish, the heart also beat fast. He held his cell phone to see how the hater fans scold him next time, but the next second's bullet screen suddenly changed.

[???? What's the matter with feeling a little cute? ]

[No, did I press the pause?]

[Wait! You didn't press the pause! Xu tangzhou was petrified! Hhhhhh my baby's face is too thin!]

[Edited, right? His face suddenly blushed?]

[Blushed in a second, sisters!! What immortal speed is this! Look, his ears are red!!]

[Wait, I suddenly feel that Lingche was a little spoiled to... OMG]


Lingche baby.

Xu tangzhou blushed in a second.

These two tags were quickly launched into the Flow hot search in China.

Some people made Xu tangzhou's reaction into an GIF expression. The process of blushing was widely used in various fields because of its amazing speed.

Xu tangzhou lied on the bed, repeatedly looking at the GIF picture, stunned.

He was thinking, why did he always react so much at that time, and now, when lingche called him that, his heart beat like thunder. Did he fall in love with lingche?

Obviously, it's just fake. Even they were fake friends. Lingche told him it just for recording the program. He's too amorous.

So ashamed.

Xu tangzhou spited on himself, immediately he played the audio that Ling Che called him baby back and forth 20 times.

That's really rnice.

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