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Chapter 17

Different from Alpha, the pheromone of Omega could not control the concentration by himself.

But Xu tangzhou seldom smelt his pheromone.

Twenty years ago, the ratio of ABO gender reached a lowest level of 3:5:2 in 100 years. The sharp decline of the population of Omega made them start to pursue gender power for themselves. At that time, pheromone blocker appeared. It could quickly block the Omega pheromone in a short time, prevent the Alpha passive estrus caused by the Omega pheromone, and really transformed the Omega from passive courtship to active choice, and finally got the real sense of gender equality.

Each Omega used pheromone blockers after differentiation, until they were temporarily labeled in a relationship, or completely labeled when they enter a marriage.

In general, Omega without pheromone blocker was regarded as a bold courtship.

Xu tangzhou didn't want to make a bold courtship.

He's in a complicated mood.

As the only OGA, Xu tangzhou was following the program group in foreign countries, and no OGA he knew could be borrowed from.

Fortunately, the neck ring was only used in case of non necessities, while pheromone blockers and gland care were available in convenience stores.

The only tricky thing was that the medicine that Chouyin prescribed for him was gone. He didn't know whether he would be sensitive to Ling Che's pheromone. In case he had nosebleed towards Ling Che when recording the program.... He couldn't think of that.

After sitting for two or three minutes, the original faint smell gradually became clear. He believed anyone who enters this room could smell it.

Xu tangzhou had to go to the convenience store.

He had no choice but to cover the gland with a piece of clothes and tie a funny knot on his neck. He hoped that the smell of humble things could be covered, and then he went to knock on Lingche's door. He had to discuss with lingche, because he had no money except for the basic fund.

Before Xu tangzhou went out of the room, he smelled himself first. He was sure that he had no smell. Then he went to Ling Che's room through a short corridor.

The camera hanging on the wall was like curiosity, moving with his actions and making a slight sound.

Ling Che was taking a bath.

When he came to open the door, his hair was still dripping. He was wearing a piant and a bath towel.

Xu tangzhou didn't know where to look. He secretly took a look at Ling Che's abdominal muscle. Young Alpha's body was vigorous and powerful, with beautiful shape, which was very exciting.

If Ling Che didn't say a word, he'd like to...

"What are you doing?" Ling Che fingered his clothes around his neck, "Late night SY?"

Xu tangzhou ignored the temptation and calmly became a good man: "My blocker is gone."

Xu tangzhou said the story again.

Ling Che's original impatient expression gradually receded, his brow slightly wrinkled, and he looked at the camera on the wall.

At that time, after Qi Mu searched the luggage, in order not to delay the process, the luggage was uniformly arranged by the people of the program group. Ling Che remembered that Xu tangzhou's cartoon cloth bag for personal use was indeed filled with articles.

No matter how bad the program team was, they won't make fun of it. If the program team did it, he would never tolerate it.

"I need to buy one," Xu tangzhou said in embarrassment, "it's a little expensive. I'll use the basic fund first. Ask Mo Mo tomorrow if I can use my own money to pay for this item, which is not included in our expenditure."

Ling Che doesn't care what money was spent from where at all. As a straight A, he only asked: "Where to get it?"

Xu tangzhou: "Convenience store."

Ling Che seemed to think it's not rigorous: "You can buy it at convenience store?"

Xu tangzhou said in his heart, haven't you ever been in love? You don't even know this.

It seemed that the more excellent people were single, the more reason there was.

The blocker needed to be purchased by himself. Xu tangzhou entered the house and took his passport. Ling Che was already dressed up and waiting for him.

There was a low banana tree in the yard. At night, the sea wind made the leaves rustle. Ling Che stood beside the tree. His features were deep and beautiful. In the night, he looks more like an arrogant vampire than usual.

Even if he wanted to suck blood, the prey had to wash his neck and beg him, so that he could barely look at it.

Seeing Xu tangzhou coming out, Ling Che said: "How can you be so slow?" And he took the lead in going out.

Xu tangzhou unexpected: "So, you want to go with me?"

They were not really familiar. Xu tangzhou still remembered Ling Che warning him not to trouble him.

Ling Che walked a few steps to stop and said: "That's not what you came to me for?"

He didn't notice that Xu tangzhou was talking about money. He automatically understood that Xu tangzhou wanted him to accompany him. OGA was weak, pitiful and helpless. He couldn't ignore it.

Xu tangzhou knew that if he denies it, he would die. Ling Che will surely break up with him.

So he nodded, "That's what I mean!"

"Then hurry up," Ling Che turned around and went on, impatient, "or you go there alone."

In the dark coconut forest, only the luminous signs set by the program group were on the path.

Xu tangzhou's back was cold, and he ran after him without spirit: "No, no, no, don't let me go alone. Don't walk so fast!"

This was not the downtown area on the island. By ten o'clock in the evening, there was no one in the convenience store.

The shop clerk was a local person. When he saw their two distinctive oriental faces, he only glanced at them one more time and didn't pay attention.

Xu tangzhou quickly found the best-selling global ist pheromone blocker on a variety of shelves. The taste of new ice cream was not new, but still in the most prominent position.

The price of an ist was about 2000 coins, which could be used for several months.

Ling Che stood by the shelf, higher than the shelf. "Hurry up," he said.

Xu tangzhou's said: "There are 60 left in my ist! I don't know if I can find it! "

Ling Che could not understand this mentality.

Xu tangzhou's family background was much better than that of ordinary people, and it could be said that he grew up as a young prince with rich family.

It's growing up.

Ling Che: "Have you chosen yet?"

Xu tangzhou chose the ice cream flavor: "Well, I used this flavor last time."

In fact, there was nothing to choose but taste. After payment,  he had to unlock it and input the pheromone number to use this.

While checkig-out, the clerk thought Ling Che was looked so familiar and kept staring at him. Ling Che then turned around to avoid the other's vision, but he saw the condom placed neatly on the cash register.

Xu tangzhou was behind him. He looked over and said: "Take a box of this for me. It's thinner."

Ling Che: " What are you doing with this? "

Xu tangzhou looked up at him. There was no evil idea in his delicate and slightly looks. He naturally said: "Use it. It will be more comfortable because it is thinner."

Ling Che: " Comfortable?"

Xu tangzhou nodded, "it's very comfortable, just like it's not pasted."

Xu tangzhou turned his body around, he took a box which was put next to condom.

The moment he got the gland patse, he understood what Ling Che misunderstood just now.

Xu tangzhou had a fever in his ears. As long as he was with Ling Che, his ears seemed to turn red from time to time: "Do you think I want to take a condom?! I'm not a pervert. How can I use it alone?"

Ling Che suddenly remembered Xu tangzhou's live broadcast on New Year's Eve.

He dared to say anything. He's a complete gangster. How could he play so well?

The reason was unclear.

"Are you ashamed?" When Xu tangzhou saw that he didn't speak, he was ashamed and forced to be calm. He picked up a box of condoms, "I'm sorry, but I didn't make it clear. This one is also thin."

The blue box says "super thin 0001", which was with extremely good touch.

Lingche left a sentence: "I wait for you outside."

On the way back, Ling Che didn't talk to Xu tangzhou very much.

Xu tangzhou was not a talkative or active person. He was easy to expose something if he was not careful. Just now, it seemed that his action to ease misunderstanding was too much. Ling Che was not his fan or friend.

But thinking about it. Lingche might not plan to have a good relationship with him at all. After all, they had to communicate because of this program. Once the program was over, with the gap between him and lingche, there would be no more chance for them.

Two people go back one by one, Xu tangzhou was a little dissappointed.

"Xu tangzhou," Ling Che called his full name.

Xu tangzhou: "Yes?"

Standing in the dark Coconut Grove, they could barely see each other's appearance with the fluorescent fingerprint lamp arranged by the program.

Ling Che's eyes were cold: "Why do you want to participate in the program?"

There was no one else here, so lingche was very straightforward and didn't need to pretend to be a good friend. This was the real lingche.

Xu tangzhou didn't understand what he meant. He asked: "Huang arranged me to join, don't you know?"

Lingche asked more clearly: "Why do you want to join when you know I'm here? You don't mind at all? "

Was this going to talk something deep?

Xu tangzhou thought, isn't Ling Che still concerned about what happened at the last annual meeting? It's obviously the person who had refused, but still participated in the program together. It's not so easy as if nothing happened.

Huang Qian told Xu tangzhou that Ling Che was not completely unable to communicate with. If they had the chance to chat, he could offer to show his kindness. Once people talked properly, there would be no mustard.

So he said: "I don't mind."

Ling Che: "why?"

Xu tangzhou said: "because I like you. I didn't really want to take part in the variety show, but at first I saw you coming with me, and I wanted to take part in."

Didn't he make it clear at the Fisher hotel that time?

It's a fan. It's someone who liked his music.

It's a beautiful fan, with him in the dream - this Xu tangzhou dared not mention it. Anyway, he couldn't control it. He didn't dream against the law.

Ling Che kept silent for a minute or two. He didn't move as if he had been struck by thunder.

Xu tangzhou slowly found that his words seemed to be ambiguous, and immediately explained, "It's not what you think! I don't mean to rub your expose, I know you don't like me very much. Don't worry, I don't have any other special meaning, just like you. After the program is over, I won't  against you. It doesn't matter if you deny that I'm your friend. You don't have to bear any psychological burden."

Xu tangzhou didn't think so much about being a big star, just wanted to work hard and live up to Huang Qian's enthusiasm for cultivation.

When the strange silence passed, Ling Che spoke again in a stiff voice: "I see, don't talk to others casually."

Xu tangzhou was confused: "Why can't I tell others?"

Ling Che approached one step, his face was not clear: "In a word, don't say it out, I don't want them to cause unnecessary misunderstanding."

Alpha's oppressive feeling came, Xu tangzhou subconsciously retreated, but Ling Che reached out and held his back neck. XU was still in a layer of clothes around his neck, but he couldn't move like a poor cat.

They were close together, lingche lowered his head slightly, and his voice was very deep: "Remember? We just need to record the show. "

Xu tangzhou nodded, "I remember."

Ling Che still looked dissatisfied: "And..... I can smell your pheromone. "

In the second half of the sentence, Ling Che spoke very it seriously.

Xu tangzhou hesitated and said: "Then, would you please help me paste a gland?"

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