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Chapter 16

Surrounded by several cameras, Lu Chengan spoke first.

"Che, how are you going to get there?" Lu Chengan, like the old fox, had made a good calculation.

Ling Che said quietly: "Take a taxi."

The two groups had the same amount of basic funds. They still had 6,000 yuan left after paying the flight tickets, but Lu Chengan and Miffy lost 340 yuan on the plane. Now the leading people had become Ling Che and Xu tangzhou. They caould take a taxi with that money.

"It's not good, Che," Lu said. "if you take a taxi, we have to take a taxi too, so we have to compete when we get to the destination. The result is the same. Why don't we all take the bus and compete the destination in the most economical way?"

Miffy and Lu Chengan were close to each other, snuggling up beside him. They look at Xu tangzhou sincerely together.

Xu tangzhou: "???"

Couln't they see that lingche was the only one between them?

Who knows Ling Che also looked at him: "Zaizai, how do you feel like?"

Everyone changed into summer clothes before getting off the plane.

It was located in the tropics. The temperature in early February was 30 degrees higher. But just after coming out of the airport for a while, everyone was stunned by the hot and salty humidity, sweating a little.

Only Xu tangzhou was not affected much. He kept clean and fresh.

He was in a white T-shirt and shorts. His legs were thin and long, and his skin was white. Because he was tall and not sweet, it was not until then that they clearly realized that Xu tangzhou was a fake Omega.

Xu tangzhou had the right to make a decision, but he was not very adaptable. After thinking about it, he said: "All right, so that everyone can save money and not make contributions in vain."

It's good to go to the destination together, at least not to rush on the road.

"That's a deal," Lu Chengan reached out.

"It's a deal," Ling Che only used his fist to touch it.

"Yeah!" Miffy cheered and looked around, "there's a bus stop over there!"

Passers-by looked at them curiously, and others turned around to stare at Ling Che.

Ling Che had to put on his hat and lowered his head a little to urge them to leave.

Since the official announcement of "Our Perfect Journey", the specific shooting time had never been announced to the public, but it was not ruled out that there were fanatical fans who come here in advance. Or the camera have to followe the battle. The bus station was full of people. There were Asians holding up their mobile phones to shoot them.

When the bus came, Lu Chengan got on first, and then took Miffy with great grace. Their cameramen followed, and the assistant and the driver politely explained that they were shooting for permission.

They just exchanged Karrubie at the airport. Xu tangzhou's bag was bulging. He was looking down for coins while getting on the bus.

The height of the bus was different from that in China. Xu tangzhou raised his foot subconsciously, but stepped on it empty: "Ah!"

In an instant, his waist was held by the people behind him.

Those big hands were very powerful, holding him steady, which made the skin on his waist burn through a layer of clothes - it was Ling Che's hands.

Ling Che naturally let go of him: "Go up first."

Xu tangzhou got on the car in accordance with his words, and his face was still hot after throwing coins: "I see."

The bus was empty. Lu Chengan and his counterpart sat on the same side. Xu tangzhou went to the other side. When the car started, the sea breeze blew into the carriage. Xu tangzhou's T-shirt is blown up slightly. He could be seen the thin waist faintly.

"It's beautiful," Xu tangzhou had chosen a window seat and said to Ling Che, who was sitting beside him, "look outside."

Lingche was too tall. His big legs were bent by his seat, so he had to lean and stretch his legs in the aisle. The sound of "Er", no one didn't know what he was thinking, anyway it seemed he was not happy.

Xu tangzhou suddenly remembered that Miffy said Lingche liked going to the seaside for a holiday. He must have been used to such a view. It's no wonder.

In that side, Miffy was also chatting with Lu Chengan. The scenery outside the window excited him.

Miffy said and then turned back: "Che, I remember a song of yours!"

Lingche did not answer, Xu tangzhou on the way: "It's After You! Right?"

"Yes! It's the feeling of being lovelorn by the sea!" Miffy sang softly, "the sea breeze is the same as the fine sand, and the long beach carries the frolic. You said that the rising tide will scale the shape of the island, like the heart that has been gently and tightly embraced... "

Miffy didn't have any skills in singing, but his voice sounded very clean and pleasant. Even Xu tangzhou was into the situation.

Ling Che interrupted him: "Stop singing."

Miffy stoped abruptly: "Why?"

Ling Che's meaning was concise and comprehensive. He dragged: "Disapointed tone."

Mifei made a "hum" sound and turned back and make complaints to Lu Chengan that Ling Che bullied him.

Xu tangzhou just wanted to tell Ling Che that Miffy didn't run out of tune. Ling Che had already said to him in a low voice, "Don't think too much. This song has nothing to do with you."

Xu tangzhou also thought it had nothing to do with him. It was not him who talked about other people's hatred.

He nodded heartlessly and perfunctorily: "Mm-hmm."

"Just know," Ling Che looked at him with an indescribable look, paused, and said, "To the next station, get ready."

Xu tangzhou: "What are you ready to do?"

Ling Che didn't want to talk to him.

Staggering, the bus arrived at the next stop.

The front door and the back door opened at the same time, while the front door passengers go off, Ling Che said: "Get off."

Xu tangzhou understood his meaning at once!

After a while, Momo and the cameramen didn't react it when they jumped down with their suitcase. It was so easy that they jumped down. Lu Chengan and his group were too late. They were so angry that they swore. Miffy could not believe it.

Unfortunately, it was too late. The bus drove them farther and farther. Lu Chengan's head stretched out of the window. He could not hear what them was scolding.

"Lingche you @ ා%"


The angry voice went away.

Xu tangzhou laughed to cover his stomach and squats on the ground for a while, he couldn't refrain: "His expression were so angry that he was deformed. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Ling Che didn't reply.

He looked at the man squatting on the ground, who had completely broken his image, and he was disgusted.

When Xu tangzhou raised his head, his eyes were wet and tears came out with his smile: "Miffy can't believe it. Lu Chengan couldn't doubt. They can really do the show! Put their reaction on more times and cut it into trailer ha ha ha ha ha..."

It could be reported as funny stories.

Both Mo Mo and the cameramen were laughing and suffocating.

Even Ling Che's lip  couldn't help but tick off, clearly there was a flash of laughter.

Xu tangzhou saw his smile for the first time. He didn't know why he was throbbing heavily. There was a strange feeling that was fleeting. He has a fever in his ear. He couldn't stand this kind of lingche. It's too intriguing. He thought, fortunately, he took the medicine on time, otherwise how can he bear it!

But Ling Che just said, "Have you laughed enough? When you laugh enough, get up and take a taxi."

Still in front of the camera, the big star who had no assistant dare to commande people in the right way.

Xu tangzhou was just liked a shrimp. He dared not to have any opinions. He stood on the side of the road and took a taxi.

Ling Che was sitting on the bagagge, he didn't meant to help at all.

"Raise your hand here to show a lift," Ling Che not only enslaved him, but also pointed him out, "they can't understand your gestures."

"Come and teach me," Xu tangzhou learned a little cleverness. Anyway, lingche didn't dare to force him under the camera, "you make a demonstration first."

Lingche was too lazy to stand up, sat on the baggage, slided over, and rudely lifted Xu tangzhou's arm: "Can't you do broadcast gymnastics?"

As soon as he was touched, Xu tangzhou thought of the hand he had just held on his waist. He dared not be a demon.

Xu tangzhou stood upright.

This bus line was around the island, and the main roads were all the way.

At this time, it was completely dark, the street lights were on, and they just waited for less than five minutes in the salty sea wind, and then they successfully took a taxi.

Soon, the taxi passed the red bus, which was slowly shaking on the side of the road.

Lingche, relying on making tricks, succeeded in taking Xu tangzhou to the recording site first.


When Lu Cheng'an came, he had recovered his composure: "The soldiers are not tired of deceit, let's see."

Miffy was still in disbelief.

Lingche, Xu tangzhou seriously hurt his feelings. When he was choosing a room, he just slightly calm down.

"Free room?!" Miffy was going to break down.

"Why is there such a thing as a free room?! What kind of crap is this? Any justice there?"

This was the most attractive room that the program group had prepared.


The small wooden private villa, with two rooms in total, was located in the coconut forest near the sea. Except for it was a little far away from the convenience store, it had almost no disadvantages. The owner had arranged in advance. The only requirement was to take care of everything in his villa.

The group of Lu Mi CP arrived in the second place. Although they could choose rooms, they could only row behind Che Zhou and could not choose wooden houses.

The left two options were not very good, which was quite different from the program group's saying that "all guests are offered with high-quality houses". One of the two options was with water and electricity reduction, and the other was with rent reduction.

Lu Chengan chose the rent relief package. Miffy opened the envelope and looked at it. He fell to his knees and picked up a handful of sand: "It's too cruel!"

Xu tangzhou had got the key to the cabin. He was a little insupportable to say: "Miffy, relax.... There is no way out of heaven. At least Xia's sisters who are more miserable and left behind you."

Miffy really wanted to cry: "Zhouzhou, you betrayed me!"

Xu tangzhou said in a low voice: "I can't help myself. You see, it's not me, it's the world."

Ling Che said coldly: "Is the play over?"

Xu tangzhou stood up, and became serious: "Almost."

Miffy threw a handful of sand towards his legs, and Xu tangzhou blinked away, but Ling Che was hit: "Xu tangzhou? Which side are you with? "

Xu tangzhou quickly expressed his position: "I'm with you!"

Ling Che's eyesight were heavy.

Miffy was just joking, or he would not throw sand at his legs. His heart was a little tight when Che looked at him. Miffy thought that he was angry: "I'm joking with your baby. I'm sorry, Che..."

Who knows Ling Che ruffian to smile, bent over also grabbed a handful of sand to scatter toward his bottom.

"Ah ah ah!" Miffy jumped up and ran, "you all bully me!"

Lu Chengan also joined in. Four people chased after each other on the spot and ended the process by laughing and cursing.

At last Ling Che patted the sand on his hand and said: "Boring."

Both groups enjoyed free accommodation for three days. That night, the program group arranged for everyone to dine together and then moved in.

It's time to have a rest at night. Both Momo and the cameramen would have a rest, but they have installed cameras in every room except the bathroom.

The stars show was just like this. It would shoot more guests' lives as much as possible. After all, every minute and second might appear in the TV and become the focus of the program.

Now, for example, Lu Chengan and Miffy were counting money in their houses and calculating the total amount of basic funds left.

Their rent hadn't been told to Ling Che and Xu tangzhou. In fact, even after the reduction, it would take about 800 yuan a day. In addition to the first three days of free charge, there were four days of rent, water and electricity to pay, plus daily meals, they would have a hard time latter.

Lu Chengan kissed Mifei's forehead: "It doesn't matter. I'll give you my meal. It won't make you hungry."

Miffy pounced and lay on his shoulder without saying a word.

But Ling Che and Xu tangzhou came back to their own rooms to pack their luggage, almost no communication.

But what didn't disappoint the crew was that it happened.

Xu tangzhou took out all the things in the suitcase and spread them on the bed. After careful checking for them for the second time, he found nothing.

The drug he used to regulate the sensitivity of pheromones was missing.

To be exact, his mist pheromone blocker, neck ring and gland care were all gone. After the pocket containing these personal items was searched in the video studio, he could not remember whether it was properly put back.

At this time, he realized his smell of pheromone.

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