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Chapter 15

They checked in and waitd in the VIP lounge, which took about two hours.

From the morning recording to now, they hadn't eaten anything. As soon as they got on the plane, they ordered the first-class plane meal, which was pretty good. During the waiting process, they chatted quietly.

Xu tangzhou was the youngest. Because of lingche's attitude, the program group was not enthusiastic about him. Except for Momo's occasional warm words with him, most of the time he kept quiet.

At this time, a magical scene happened.

Miffy suddenly appeared beside Xu tangzhou. "Wow!" he said, "Zhouzhou!"

Xu tangzhou: "!"

He was really scared, "Miffy?!"

At the same time with Miffy, there were also their photographers. Obviously, they had been waiting for this scene for a long time.

"Haha, you didn't expect that," Miffy proudly said, "I saw you far away in the lounge just now, so Lu took me hiding away. Hum, Che said nothing with such tight words. Of course, we should scare you to take revenge!"

Luchengan, holding Miffy's waist behind him, said calmly: "Older people will be more stable."

The shooting assistant were traitors, in order to show the effect, similar words spread quickly among the guests.

With that, Lu Chengan waliked way a little, turned around and looked at Ling Che: "Unfortunately, he forgot, I have Miffy. All in all, I'm just a little older. "

The seats of Xu tangzhou and Ling Che were separated by a corridor.

Lingche's expression was calm: "I made a mistake, and the spirit of Lu to take risks is admirable."

"Lu Chengan laughed:" Nonono, I just want to see why you said that only two people can have fun."

Xu tangzhou: " It's roshambo."

This topic couldn't be finished, right? Want him to say something?

Miffy didn't know if he got to the point, but seriously suggested: "It's too boring. There are eleven hours. Four of us can play cards. "

With the addition of Lu&Mi CP, Xu tangzhou's situation was much better. Mi Fei was a talkative and could talk with Xu tangzhou all the time. After having the meal, they played connecting cards with the transparent electronic screen on their seats.

Lingche didn't want to play, but he didn't want make Lu Chengan akward. Anyway Lu was a senior.

However, Ling Che didn't want to play for nothing and said easily: "It's only children who make gambling notes."

Lu Chengan: "So you want to gamble?"

Ling Che: "Only children make choices. I want them all. Now we have the same amount of money. What, do you dare to gamble? "

In this way, even Xu tangzhou was a little excited.

Gambling was the basic funds, for their current situation was playing a lot, stickers were nothing.

"I'm afraid of anything," Lu Chengan acted a casino prodigal in a TV show. He learned it for a few days. In his opinion, it was a provocation.

But an hour later.

Lu Chengan came over and said: "I quit."

Mr. Lu, a 35 year old man, it doesn't matter that he lost, but he really couldn't figure out why he had to play with these people to paste notes.

Miffy wanted to laugh and didn't dare to laugh, so he had to refrain.

Ling Che asked Xu tangzhou in front of him: "Zaizai, how much have we won?"

Xu tangzhou counted: "340 yuan."

They were in a team, and most of the money was won by Ling Che. He looked dissatisfied: "So little, keep it for the local tips."

"Goodbye!" Lu Chengan said angrily.

As soon as he left, Miffy laughed and fell on Xu tangzhou. He was heartless and hammered: "Hey, Zhouzhou, did you and Che play it often before, so skillful! I'm so happy to see my brother awkward."

Xu tangzhou said tactfully: "I've played it several times. I have a friend who is still studying for a doctor degree who can play it very well."

Chouyin was such a high intelligence creature that even the cards on others' hands seemed to be clear.

A doctor's friend.

Lingche's face changed slightly, but he did not ask.

Miffy walked away, grabbed the photographer and asked if he had recorded what happened to them just now, and asked others to give him a copy after all.

This sentiment of this CP was really good. Xu tangzhou remembered seeing his haters say they hyped under the official blog of the program group, saying that AB love couldn't have true love, but Xu tangzhou thought that no matter it's Miffy or Lu Chengan, they were not bothered by gender at all.

Ling Che asked Xu tangzhou to keep the money.

Xu tangzhou also pasted a note on his face just now. He went to the bathroom to clean himself up. When he came back, Ling Che had reclined in a comfortable sofa chair to read a book, and he also wore a pair of earphones.

All the people in the program group could see that the relationship between Che&Zhou didn't seem to be as good as blog said. As long as it's out of the shooting, Ling Che hardly talked with Xu tangzhou. Once Xu tangzhou calmed down, he seemed to be very aloof. There was a kind of alienation between them that could be seen by individuals.

Fortunately, they were all smart people, but no one showed anything, just doing the work in everyone's scope tacitly. There were too many such situations in the entertainment circle.

Without an assistant, the crew was in charge of the daily work of the two stars. Momo worked several positions. In addition to the necessary process, they have to be arranged to arrive in Suriname smoothly and comfortably.

Momo ordered several desserts according to the menu recommendation, and also sent one to Xu tangzhou when it were served.

"He doesn't eat this."

Xu tangzhou looked over. Ling Che was talking to the attendant.

"There's blueberry sauce in this dessert. And this passenger is allergic to berries," Ling Che showed him to look at the the direction of Xu tangzhou.

Xu tangzhou nodded subconsciously, saying that he was really allergic to that.

Lingche even remembered this?

"Sorry," the attendant politely proposed, "I will change a pudding for you. Do you think it is OK?"

"Good," Xu tangzhou said, "thank you, please."

Momo noticed the movement here and went over and said, "I'm sorry.....I didn't notice the blueberries. "

Xu tangzhou's entertainer's information really showed that he didn't eat grapes, blueberries and other berry fruits. As soon as she got busy, she ignored the point.

Ling Che didn't want to stop like this, and told her directly: "Don't be embarrassed, don't make up your own mind to give him something next time."

Although Ling Che was famous, he seldom talked to people like this way.

That momentum had nothing to do with the S-level pheromone, but it made people asthenic enough.

Momo was shame to answer: "I see."

Everyone had a question in their mind.

That's to say they didn't have a good relationship, who believes? Maybe that's how they get along with?

Mo Mo apologized to Xu tangzhou again, and Xu tangzhou quickly said: "It doesn't matter. It's not big deal that I turn to a swollen face if I eat it, the next day will be recovered."

Mo Mo didn't know she should cry or laugh: "Why doesn't it matter, how do you show on the program when your face is swollen? Besides, it's really dangerous. Zhouzhou, don't tell me. Next time I'll ask Che what you eat and do. "

Xu tangzhou: "???" Shouldn't you ask me?

Xu tangzhou and Ling Che were saperated by a corridor. Ling Che had been reading for a long time. He seemed to have no time to deal with them. His face still showed "don't bother me".

If all his trivial matters were in the charge of Ling Che, his life would not be long enough.

The voyage was long and boring. Xu tangzhou didn't bring any books to kill the past time. He took a nap for three or four hours. When he woke up, in addition to the slight sound of the plane, the cabin became very quiet, and the sky outside the window was dark.

The plane passed through the gray clouds in the moonlight, the sea of clouds was stacked, and the night sky was decorated with several beautiful stars.

Ling Che was asleep.

In the dim light of the cabin, he leaned against the reclining back of the chair, frowned slightly, his nose was beautiful, his lips was thin and indifferent.

Xu tangzhou thought that Ling Che ate the meals so little, so he had no appetite. There was still a lot left on the plate. He was really picky about food. So how doid such a picky eater grow so tall?

Ling Che seemed to detect the vision of Xu tangzhou, Ling Che suddenly opened his eyes.

"What are you looking at?"

He said.

Xu tangzhou was caught in a sneak look and said: "I'm sorry."

He knew that when Ling Che asked in this way, it was not a good sign. But he still wanted to record the program with Ling Che, at least not unfamiliar, so he says: "Are you hungry?"

Ling Che frowned more tightly: "Are you hungry again?"

He saw Xu tangzhou ate a lot.

Xu tangzhou made a "shush" action and turned on the small lamp in his position. Under the light, Xu tangzhou was so white. When his eyelashes were low, they were like crows' wings.

He found the coat he had just taken off, fumbled for a while with a rustle, handed over some chocolates, and said in a slight voice: "I hid it in my pocket. This is my secret granary."

Huang Qian said that this was not a trick, anyway, the program team would not inspect their body. Because other people in the program might also stay behind. The program team had one eye open and one eye closed in this respect. It's clear that no one dared to make the stars completely hungry.

Because of excitiment, Xu tangzhou's cheek was a little red.

He found that this situation was no different from that when he went to school, he had a good relationship with his deskmate through snacks.

"Eat?" Xu tangzhou's hand still stretched out in the corridor, "I have other things. Don't worry about eating them."

Ling Che didn't answer, just asked, "Who taught you to do this?"

Who taught him lies, tricks, and plying cards?

He should have known that since Xu tangzhou said he had never been in love, he had changed completely. Who taught these things? The man who marked Xu tangzhou? Or the one who taught Xu tangzhou to play cards? If he thinks about it, he will be disgusted.

Ling Che didn't take those chocolates.

He turned his back to Xu tangzhou, didn't talk anymore, and didn't see what Xu tangzhou's expression was.

Xu tangzhou said weakly: "Huang taught me."

As soon as the voice came down, he went to the front seat and looked at Miffy.

Miffy silently looked at his chocolate, a little resentful, pointing to his mouth.

Xu tangzhou: "..."

Give Miffy some, then he would not expose his violations, right?

They split the chocolate without saying a word, clapped lightly, and even completed some secret agreement.

"Give it to me," Ling Che didn't know when he turned back.

Xu tangzhou: "..."

Miffy: "..."

Lingche's face stinked: "Where’s my chocolate?"

Xu tangzhou stopped chewing and puffed up his cheeks innocently: "I also have compression biscuits. Do you want them?"

Xu tangzhou felt that until he got off the plane, Ling Che was still worried about chocolate, because he was picky about food, he didn't eat compressed biscuits, and his face was always pork face.

However, what's wrong with compressed biscuits? Xu tangzhou thought that compressed biscuits were also delicious.

Out of the airport, because the jet lag was still in the evening, the sky was stained with sunset.

The program team was so stingy that they didn't have the car to pick up them and let them solve it by themselves.

"Since it is now that both groups of guests have arrived in Suriname at the same time, the program group is very attentive to prepare high-quality rooms for both groups of guests," Mo Mo said to them smilingly, "but....the priority of house selection right was changed into that who arrives at the recording area first, who can choose the room first! You can take taxis, buses and walks. Please note that the recording area is 30 kilometers away from the airport. "

Four people dragged their suitcase, expressionless.

A sea breeze blew by.

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