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Chapter 14

Xu Tangzhou's ears were red, and now his face turned red too.

Xu tangzhou was overwhelmed as soon as he called him "baby", which felt too intimate, and unlike the fan's call, from Ling Che's words seemed a little spoiled.

Xu Tangzhou ignored the strange feeling, put his attention to the moment, and connected to the topic: "Then we can't choose Group C."

If the words "I will make the airport jam" would be considered arrogant when others say it, then just replace the person who spoke this from Ling Che.

Ling Che's concert was difficult to obtain a ticket, once the on-site security estimate was insufficient, and there was a stampede incident.

All occasions where Ling Che appeared in public were often overcrowded with traffic jams.

It is indeed that Xu Tangzhou not considering this point. If they chose group C tickets, transfer, waiting, would attract countless people, the airport would be surely paralyzed.

"Yes," Ling Che continued, "too many people have followed me during this time."

He refered to the thing about Omega discrimination.

Momo was particularly excited after hearing that. The topic they wanted to shoot on Ling Che was nothing more than that. It was not natural to think about how to point out this topic. Who expected that Ling Che talked about it himself.

It was impossible for Xu Tangzhou to be able to attend "Our Perfect Journey". Situ Ya took this notice for Ling Che and repeatedly proposed to take more shots of him and Xu Tangzhou together. It stranded to reason that Xu Tangzhou had a task, and he should follow Ling Che's topic. Words such as "It's that they don't understand you", "You are not that kind of person", "Yes, you have suffered a lot", could achieve the effect that Stu Ya wanted.

Xu Tangzhou just nodded: "Group B tickets are the least cost-effective, so let's choose Group A."

He was not treacherous enough that he could not think of that point at all.

Ling Che stood up: "Decided?"

Xu Tangzhou raised his head and replied: "Yeah, we passed by comfortably in the first class flight. Even if we finally lose, at least we will be very cool this time."

Ling Che returned the phone to him: "Since you think so, I'm fine with it."

Xu Tangzhou confirmed again that he also stood up and told Momo: "We choose group A." 

Xu Tangzhou paid the air ticket cost with 20,000 yuan of basic funds. 

The original bulging envelope flattened out at once, and then he suddenly felt something was wrong.

He seemed to have been taken by Ling Che. Ling Che should have wanted to buy Group A tickets all the time!

Xu Tangzhou looked at Ling Che suspiciously, but Ling Che looked calm.

They stood together, the picture was particularly eye-catching, and the photographer who was recording couldn't help but changed the angle to shoot close-ups.

Ling Che was a little annoyed by this turning around, holding the camera with one hand and saying: "Enough!"

He didn't like to be amplified every minute and every second. He had tolerated getting closer and closer, who knew that the photographer didn't know the means of "enough".

The celebrity variety show did not mean that he had no space at all.

"Sorry," the photographer took a few steps back from the shooting.

"Okay, good," The crew of the program group were very shrewd. Momo and other cameramen took enough shots to make videos: "Che, Zhouzhou, because you have chosen group A tickets, you will leave soon. We will take you’re your communication equipment for safekeeping before departure, and the program team will allocate a new mobile phone to each of you. In the following recording process, unless you have necessary affairs, you will use this mobile phone as a contact tool in this whole trip. "

The program team had negotiated with the airline long ago, and Momo successfully applied for the ticket with the credentials of them.

It was indeed time to start.

Ling Che took out his mobile phone and handed it over.

Xu Tangzhou also handed over his mobile phone.

Waiting for Momo to turn off their mobile phones and put them in sealed bags, Xu Tangzhou remembered that there was a Flow private message just now. What was the content of the circle that had not been completed?

He was particularly curious and even wanted to ask Ling Che.

But Ling had already said that the person who registered the account was Stu Ya.

"It's too late to regret," Ling Che misunderstood his reaction, "you're  on board already." 

"I didn't," Xu Tangzhou gave up the idea of asking, he could only check the phone when he came back anyway.

Ling Che turned on the new mobile phone, and casually said: "You will."

Xu Tangzhou: "..."

Was it really good to tease him before departure??

On the way to the airport, not long after the car drove, Ling Che began to close his eyes and relax.

As "friends", Xu Tangzhou and Ling Che were arranged in the back seat together. When they didn't get in the program, they really had nothing to talk about. Under the lens or out of the lens, Ling Che behaved like two people, Xu couldn't adapt but understand.

True dedication. He commented in his heart.

Xu Tangzhou looked sideways at the window, and the rare sunlight in winter shone on his face, making people unable to remove his eyes.

Photographer found this point with the shooting image and decided to record some materials. Momo chatted with Xu Tangzhou according to some pre-planned questions: "Has Zhouzhou been to the island before?"

The information showed that Xu Tangzhou was from Qinan, where it was located inland and did not close to the sea. 

Xu Tangzhou kept in mind what Huang Qian ’s teachings, to manage his own expression, not to give people a sense of distance.

He turned back with a light smile: "No." 

There was nothing in his memory.

Momo as a Beta wes also all attracted by that smile, and the nympho asked: "Really? Che especially likes to go to the beach for a vacation. Haven't you been together?"

It's another trick!

Xu Tangzhou scolded in private, and said innocently on his face: "I used to go to school, time is not matching. Study is the first!"

"Right," Mo Mo said, "then under what circumstances would you usually go out to have fun?"

Huang Qian taught this question.

Xu Tangzhou recited: "When we are not busy, we invite friends to hangout together."

"Really? Is there more Alpha, or more Omega?"

"Both. Depending on the situation, sometimes there are also many Beta."

"Che said in an interview that the person who usually played with him most was Ying Chen. Has Zhouzhou met Ying before?"

Xu Tangzhou came with preparation, and this question also be memorized: "I have met him once or twice, but we are not familiar with each other, and there are many people at each party. He may not remember me."

These questions were answered flawlessly.

Xu Tangzhou really regretted that he didn't like the way Ling Che closed his eyes and rested in the car, as Lu Chengan said, he was too naive, this show was not kind at all.

Just thinking of Lu Chengan, Lu Chengan's call came over.

The phone number of each guest was saved in the mobile phone given to them by the program team. When Xu Tangzhou's mobile phone rang, he was a little surprised.  At Mo Mo's signal, he pressed hands-free to answer.

"Hey? Lu?"

"Zhouzhou, have you made a choice?" It was quite noisy there, but he couldn't know where Lu Chengan was.

Xu Tangzhou said: "Yes. How about you?"

"We haven't chosen yet."

They had two meaningless conversations first.

Lu Chengan finally got to the point: "Which group of flights do you choose? Maybe we can choose the same flight and make an appointment to go together. "

"We....Oh! "

One hand suddenly reached out to cover Xu tangzhou's mouth, while the other hand grabbed his cell phone.

Just listen to the alpha warning: "Lu, don't want to get the information from Xu tangzhou while I'm sleeping."

Finished, Ling Che raised his eyebrow and looked over, he's sleepless.

Xu tangzhou: "???" He didn't sleep obviously!

Ling Che looked at Xu tangzhou and swept other people in the car with his eyesight, which meant they were not allowed to make a sound.

Xu tangzhou held his breath subconsciously.

He noticed that Ling Che's palms were warm and dry, and his fingers were long. One hand almost covered half of his face, and he didn't want to let it go at all.

"What kind of cliche? Look what you said, " Lu Chengan said gently on the other side of the phone, "I just think the flight takes so long, it's easier for the four of us to pass the time together."

"Thank you," said Lingche, "we find it very interesting and don't need to pass the time."

Lu Chengan: "Really? What are you playing so interesting? It's better to get together. "

Ling Che: "I'm sorry, too many people can't do it. You have to play with two people to have some fun."

Lu Chengan: "Huh? How can you say it strangely... "

Ling Che hung up.

Xu tangzhou was also covered with his mouth: "I got it. Is Lu Chengan.... "

"Tell me again," Ling Che took back his palm. A soft and moist touch still existed. He held his fist a little.

As soon as Xu tangzhou was released, he said again: "I mean I know! Did Lu want to know how much money we have left ?"

"Otherwise?" Lingche said, "there are no kind people in the program."

"I almost fell for it," Xu tangzhou was relieved. He remembered Ling Che saying that Lu Chengan won't choose group A ticket. He wondered, "by the way, why do you think that Lu won't choose group A ticket?"

Ling Che only replied: "When you are old, you prefer stability."


He didn't know if it's the photographer or the driver. Someone in the car can't help laughing.

Xu tangzhou: "..."

Lu Chengan was only thirty-five years old. Were you sure you won't be killed by Lu' fans?

Obviously, Lingche didn't care if anyone cursed him. He motioned to Xu tangzhou: "Here comes again."

Xu tangzhou looked down, and this time he was called by Xia Yue, he was speechless: "They all look down on me? I'm a scheming boy?"

Why all like to call him, were people like to pick up soft persimmon?

Xia Yue was certainly to enquire about their flight, but more directly: "Zhouzhou, what ticket did you choose?"

Xia Xing quarreled beside: "Why do you ask them? Hurry up, sister! "

Xu tangzhou was not convinced. This time he answered the phone directly: "We haven't chosen yet."

Xia Xing: "Why not?"

Xu tangzhou lowered his voice: "I am alone now..."

Xia Yue took a breath: "Ah? What about Che? Did you have a fight?"

Xu tangzhou chuckled: "Yes."

Xia Yue said: "How could this be? Che... " Perhaps she remembered that they're on the program, Xia Yue didn't finish her complaint, and then turn to the point, "then what are you going to do?"

"I don't know," Xu said, "which group do you choose, can you give me a reference? "

Xia Yue seemed to be relieved: "Well, We may choose group B. But you still have a lot of money. You don't have to make the choice with us. " 

They hung up.

"Xia Yue continues to cheat me," Xu tangzhou had an aloof appearance, but his eyes were so bright and scorching, "I can lie too!"

Ling Che leaned against the edge of the window and held his forehead gently with his hand.

Xu tangzhou realized that he was not very happy.

Ling Che: "I heard you."

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