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Chapter 13

The network signal in the studio was not very good.

The private message interface was interrupted for a while. Before the content of "the other party is typing" had been sent, another message automatically sent by the system appeared in the chat interface.

Xu tangzhou zzv: click my home page to find more bloggers with similar interests and expand the circle of friends! Flow, because of discovery, it's wonderful!


What's the hell? Is Flow a rogue software that advertising and guided new users?

Xu tangzhou was relieved at last. It's OK! He won't be misunderstood as paranoid!

Seriously, Xu tangzhou often did dreams about that they were in love, he still would be guilty sometimes.

The prompt "the other party is entering" disappeared, indicating that the other party had given up sending massages, or the other party had sent a message, Xu tangzhou couldn't distinguish it. Because of the network, the signal didn't work again.

He held his breath and wanted to know if Ling Che had sent any message.

At this time, not far away, those people were separated from Lingche, who was taller than the others, came towards him.

Ling Che walked to Xu tangzhou and stopped, but one step away.

Because of the height difference, he slightly lowered his head: "Xu tangzhou, what are you doing?"

"Well, I found that you followed me..." Xu Tangzhou immediately explained that he wanted to make complaints about Flow, which was absolutely irrelevant to him.

But lingche was not asking this at all: "Now we have to gather -"

At this point, he seemed to have to stop, and then make explanation, "You got it? My Flow account was registered by Stu Ya. She followed you. "

So it turned out.

Xu tangzhou had a feeling of sudden realization. Before his debut, Huang  Qian also logined his account before, deleted the game comments and personal editing information before applying for certification, and followed a few of "politically correct" Flow bloggers.

Then it's no surprise that Stu Ya followed with Ling Che's account.

Was the person who just edited the information Ling Che or Stu Ya? Xu tangzhou was a little curious.

Ling Che took a look at him and said with little emotion: "Stop playing, come to gather."

He entered the working state so quickly! Xu tangzhou hurriedly followed up, ignoring the matter for the moment, and they returned to the studio spotlight together.

After a short rest, the guests went back to their seats again, and the program group changed into a new dance.

Shooting began.

Three groups of different flight tickets are made into KT card in front.

Group A: first class. Direct flight to Suriname Island, departing in the afternoon of the same day, with a 11 hour voyage, the total round-trip cost for two people was 14000 yuan.

Group B: business class. Direct flight to Suriname Island, departure in two days, 11 hour voyage, double round-trip total cost of 8500 yuan.

Group C: cheap economical tickets. Transfer once in the middle of the flight, set out in a day, the voyage was 20 hours, and the total round-trip cost for two people was 3500 yuan.

Qi Mu stood in front of the magnified ticket and drew the key points with a pen: "After the program team coordinated with all parties, this is the most cost-effective flights in three days, and the price is also the preferential price of course."

Lu Chengan said: "Preferential price? The basic fund is only 20000, and the air tickets of group A will cost 14000. How do we live in the next 7 days? "

This time, Miffy had a different opinion with him: "It's not like that. You see, group A is the only one that can leave this afternoon. The people who choose group A will surely get to the island first. "

What's the first prize? Miffy didn't go on.

All around here were competitors. He only pointed out the end. Everybody knew the rules any way.

Xia Xing went on to say: "The first place has three days of free accommodation and room selection! Half of the 7 days can be solved! Yue, we choose this! "

Xia Yue had different opinions: "What are you in a hurry? We have the least money now, and only 4400 yuan left If we choose this one. You haven't figured it out yet. It doesn't mean that you can win by holding on to these seven days. What you can win is the person with the most money left. Do you understand? "

Qi Mu smiled: "Yes, it is. However, nothing is absolute. The program team will give you lots of fun from time to time in Suriname, and the price of the house would be various, so the person who has the least money now might not be necessarily the person who has the least money in the end. "

No one could predict what action the program would take, so no one dared to take Qi Mu's words as a reference. 

Considering the later operation, all of them were repeatedly comparing the advantages and disadvantages of three groups of tickets. 

The ticket for group B meant that the second place would arrive in Suriname. Although it had not the priority to choose a room, it could also enjoy a two-day free room and board award, and more than half of the basic funds would be left.

The ticket for group C would be the last to arrive in Suriname. Although there was no reward, it's really cheap.

"All right," Qimu interrupted their discussion, "for the sake of fairness, we will not make the choice of air tickets in public, that is to say, you can not let other competitors know when you choose to arrive. Note that the same group of flights can be selected multiple times, which means that you could choose the one after being selected by others."

It's treacherous.

Xu tangzhou sighed.

From the beginning, the program team  had already planted the seeds of intrigue.

He really wanted to know who was planning the show! Why didn't he write a palace play?

Qi Mu gave each group an envelope with the logo of the program group, which was the basic fund of each group.

"Now let's start timing. We'll meet in Suriname in three days," Qi Mu smiled and said, "I look forward to a perfect trip for all of you. I wish you all the best!"

Lu Chengan and Miffy left first.

Xia sisters were also gone.

Before Xia Xing left, she was still arguing about choosing group A ticket, who was dragged away by Xia Yue.

Ling Che and Xu tangzhou were still in the studio, as well as their two co photographers and assistant Momo.

Ling Che handed over the envelope: "Take it."

Xu tangzhou picked it up. He didn't think he could manage the money very well. He hesitated a bit: "I'm the kind of person with poor Mathematics..."

"It doesn't matter," Lingche said, "if you miscalculate it, then I'll sell you for money."

Xu tangzhou: " Can I quit now? "

Ling Che hook lips, said without emotion: "Have you decided to choose which group?"

Xu tangzhou found that as soon as he entered the shooting state, Ling Che would become more friendly to get along with. So he put aside his thoughts and said in a relaxed way: "Guess what ticket they will choose? I think Lu would choose group A. "

Judging from Ling Che's eyes, if there was no camera here, Xu Tangzhou would probably be scolded. 

Ke Che just said one word: "No."

Xu Tangzhou didn't know why Ling Che was so sure that they wouldn't choose Group A tickets, but he didn't dare to ask.

After all, there was no tacit understanding between them.

"You needn't to concern about which tickets others would choose," Ling Che said, "The only thing you should care about is which group ticket you want to choose."

Xu Tangzhou took out his mobile phone and opened the memo: "This is the travel guide I made a few days ago, including Surilan's prices, house prices, and labor service fees. I have calculated, if two people live there, stay with meals, the daily consumption is about 2,000 yuan. If we can save some more, 1,500 yuan a day is the minimum consumption. "

After looking up, he realized that Ling Che was focusing on the screen in his hand.

They were very close, and Ling Che's slender eyelashes were all clear.

Ling Che had a very faint male fragrance.

But what made Xu Tangzhou's heart beat even faster was the pheromone smell of burning sun. 

Since having recording the program for so long, from the initial gland itching to gradually calming down, Xu Tangzhou had gradually become accustomed to Ling Che and his specifics. He always took the medicine that Chouyin gave it to him on time, so his immunity to Ling Che's Alpha Pheromone had been greatly reduced.

But now, the distance was closer.

Even if he didn’t touch the pill for the pheromone, his heartbeat sound was still too loud, almost bursting his eardrum.

 Do not worry. There was a voice in Xu Tangzhou's heart, Chaoyin was a doctor, he was absolutely right! He would never had nosebleed in front of the camera! If he did, he would absolutely kill him when he's back!

"You did such a work," Ling Che looked at him suddenly, his amber eyes were as cold as colored glass, "you're much smarter."

In front of the camera, Xu Tangzhou couldn't run away immediately.

This distance between friends was not overstepped, it would be strange if he reacted too much. 

His ears  became red and he moved his gaze to the phone: "So we can't choose Group A. You see, the ticket costs 14,000, and there are only 3 days of free board and lodging, and we have 4 days left to live there. That 4 days with only 6,000 yuan left, then we might loose in the end." 

Ling Che sat on the floor. There was limited space here. He had to bend one left leg, which seemed casual.

In this way, the distance between them was closer.

Xu Tangzhou exhaled secretly.

He also sat down side by side.

"I just said you are smart," Ling Che took his phone and opened the calculator, "why don't you think in the opposite point?"

"Huh?" Xu tangzhou wondered.

Ling Che said while pressing the numbers: "Our basic consumption is 2,000 yuan a day, and their basic consumption is the same," 

what saved a minimum consumption of 1500 yuan, was not within Ling Che's calculations at all: "Group B tickets only offer 2 days of free board and lodging, which is equivalent to that they have to spend 10,000 yuan for living. Plus 8500 flight ticket fee, they can only have 1,500 yuan left. "

This scene was very familiar.

Right, Xu Tangzhou remembered it. In the dream, when Ling Che taught him to do a question, didn't it look like the present?

But in the dream they did something else ...

"..." Xu Tangzhou was stunned by his own filth. He forced himself to get of fantasy and focused on the problem in front of him. He still didn't understand Ling Che's meaning: "Then they still have more money than we if we chose Group A . "

Ling Che noticed that the jade-white earlobe in front of him was getting red.

He looked away and said: "You forgot, we could still choose the room first."

"Yes!" Xu Tangzhou opened his eyes suddenly, "how could I forget?"

They have reviewed the previous programs, and every person who had a privilege for choosing room had choosen a room with a particularly low daily rent.

If they could tolerate poor conditions and facilities, there were even free rooms offered.

Then, if they could get the first priority room selection, the daily basic consumption would be greatly reduced!

"Understood?" Ling Che finished teaching, waiting for the students to answer.

Xu Tangzhou seemed to understand it, but also seemed to be confused.

He had another question: "Why don't we choose Group C tickets? Anyway, the left money in Group C is the most from the current point of view."

Of course, this was not the first time that the show group was making tricks, but it seemed that the group C ticket was the most cost-effective.

"Are you stupid?" Ling Che was motionless, like looking at a stupid man.

"Huh?" Xu Tangzhou felt himself really stupid in front of him.

Not knowing the kind.

"You forgot, I can't take a low-cost airline to transfer," Ling Che said helplessly, "baby, the airport will be in traffic jam."

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