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Chapter 12

It's a routine to check the luggage in this program. All the people present had seen previous programs and had been prepared for them. They'd also seen some of the funniest items found in the last two seasons, so they'd avoided those that have already been forbidden.

Everyone had their own careful thinking.

It's not that they didn't obey the rules of the program. The program group was such a mess, they had to be smart. Otherwise, they would be teased any time. The miserable people were themselves.

Qi Mu walked around the suitcase, looking at whose first and then whose later, she had a plan.

"Let's start with the biggest pile," Qi Mu said, "one, two, three, four, five, Lu and Mi has brought a lot. What? Do you want to hold a fashion show for foreigners on the island?"

"You didn't say we couldn't take so much. We'll pay for it ourselves," Lu said .

Qi Mu raised one of them and put it on the platform that had been prepared for a long time: "I'm very confident. It seems that there is no forbidden thing."

Lu Chengan: "Hum."

Miffy walked over and helped to press the fingerprint and open the baggage.

The former group of guests passed the inspection safely. The couple specially abided by the rules. They were all prepared clothes and towels, and there was no forbidden thing.

But when three suitcases were opened later, it's a bit spectacular.

The first baggage was full of folding fans.

The second was full of wishful knots.

The third was full of cloth dolls with different types. 

Everyone  was surprised over there, Xu tangzhou asked: "Are you going abroad to publicize our Chinese culture?"

Ling Che took a cloth doll and checked it in his hand.

He was tall and had long fingers. He could hold the doll with one hand on his fingers. He smiled and said to Lu Chengan: "You're really a business wizard."

Lu Chengan was not surprised: "Too much."

After that, he hit Miffy with a palm, and then he tiptoed to kiss him on the face.


Ling Che pretended to be blind.

Xia Xing and others finally reacted and shouted: "Oh! I got it! You want to take these things to Suriland and sell them! Violation! Absolutely illegal! "

As they said, some of them robbed the baggage.

"How could this be considered a violation of the rules? The program team didn't say that we can't take crafts out!" Miffy said.

Xu tangzhou suddenly realized: "Why didn't I think about that???"

Ling Che: "..." It's really stupid.

Qi Mu said in a loud voice: "OK, stop robbing, listen to me! After me and the director team, the answer is no! "

Lu Chengan: "We didn't violate the rules."

Miffy: "No! It's not allowed in the rules! "

But Qi Mu was not moved by their tacit understanding and said: "Of course, you are not illegal. But since these things can be sold, it is equivalent to you carrying cash in disguised form, isn't it? It's not fair for other guest groups. "

Qi Mu had a voice, which made a lot of sense.

"Then we won't sell it. We take it out as gifts."

Qi Mu smiled: "No way. I'm sorry, we have to throw these things away on the spot. "

The staff pushed a big empty box and poured those things in. In the clattering sound, Miffy's eyes were red.

Lu Chengan stepped forward and stopped the staff's behavior: "Sorry, this box is not allowed to throw away. These dolls were made by Miffy himself. He didn't plan to sell them, but wanted to give them to the local children in Suriname. "

Xia Yue didn't believe it: "No, it's handcraft? You must be fooling people, thinking that these can be sold. "

Xia Xing said: "That's right. You've been rewarded so much in your career, and the acting skills were superb. We must not be fooled."

Before the game started, some people began to compete for the victory.

Miffy said nothing, and the Beta sisters were aggressive.

Ling Che said: "I have just seen it. It's made by hand."

Under the camera, Ling Che grabbed the stitches of the doll and signals the stitches.

After that, he didn't stand by whose side. He kept a neutral attitude and threw the doll to Xu tangzhou far away.

Xu tangzhou was hit in the face: "..."

He suspected that Ling Che was intentional.

Ling Che said: "Show them."

"Good." Xu tangzhou showed the doll to the Beta sisters, unexpectedly obedient.


This was going to work. He needed to cooperate with him.

Xia Yue and Xia Xing had seen the dolls. The marks of dolls were obvious, but it couldn't be proved whether they were made by Miffy. In front of the camera, they still apologized to Miffy, and Qimu soon stopped the negotiation.

 "Well, then, these handmade dolls would not be thrown away. Would you like to leave them on the program team?" Qimi asked gently, "we promise not to steal it. Then we will take it to Suriland through the director group and give it to the children in your name." 

"Fine," Miffy pulled out a smile.

Lu Chengan clearly was not happy. He kissed Miffy on the forehead and took him to the side to comfort him. They were recording their actions by the photographer.

"Since the items discarded by Lu Mi CP are not included in the list of prohibited items, they are only handled without monetary penalty," Qi Mu said, "thank you for providing us with ideas for the prohibited items next season."

The atmosphere revived.

After handling five suitcases, there was a lot of space in the middle of the studio.

Next, the Beta sisters' suitcases were opened and one item was taken out for review. Soon, under Qi Mu's fierce eyesight, their big bags of messy bottles and cans were carried out by themselves.

Summer Yue: "Skin care products and cosmetics, you didn't say it can't be taken."

Qi Mu said: "So many?"

Xia Xing echoed: "Yes, we are both in trouble. We are allergic. We need to take a lot of things with us before we can rest assured."

Qi Mu opened a large jar with a smile, pulled out the compressed biscuits in the sealed bag from the bottom of the jar. Then chocolate and energy bars were found hidden elsewhere. As the two sisters' expression became more and more embarrassed, Qi Mu found a pile of cash in the cotton pad.

Miffy was amused.

Xia Xing crouched on the ground and covered her face: "God, are you an anti drug dog, what nose do you have..."

Qi mu, of course, was not an anti drug dog in the opinion of the public, but she's a beautiful and elegant host, completed the transformation of witches in an instant.

The witch counted these things, and there were more than ten. After wiping her hands, she announced: "The stars and the moon group, carry the forbidden things in a grand way, but they can't escape my eyes. They are not as skilled as me after all! According to the regulations of the program, a total of 1600 coins are deducted from the fine, that is to say, the Xia Yue group was temporarily behind, and the basic fund is 18400 coins! Let's look forward to the next performance of Che&Zhou group! "

Xu tangzhou came to the middle and was focused on.

As soon as he became the focus, the scene became quiet with his temperament. He was about the same height as Qi mu, who was alpha. He had a long neck, and looked down at the baggage like snow and jade. It reminded people of the saying "you can only look at it from afar, but not play with it".

But that's not what he said.

He opened his luggage: "I don't have any contraband. For the sake of fairness, you should give me money after checking."

Qi Mu was almost led by him to the side: "You are so upright."

Xu tangzhou smiled faintly, and the atmosphere became harmonious: "Thank you for your praise. Actually, I thought to bring something too."

Xu tangzhou really didn't bring any forbidden things, which disappointed Qi Mu who wanted to find something.

"Why?" Qi Mu didn't give up to search, "why are you so ingenuous?"

Xu tangzhou allowed she to check carefully.

Except for clothes, Xu tangzhou, as the only Omega in the guest group, also had neck rings, pheromone blockers and other things in the luggage. These were relatively private items, which were not suitable for alpha touching by reason - even if Qi Mu wore gloves was still out of politeness.

"Because he's always been good."

This was what Ling Che said.

Ling Che put his suitcase on the high platform and ignored Xu tangzhou's astonishment. He put Xu tangzhou's suitcase on the top and said: "He is a very obedient person who obeys the rules."

The atmosphere was a little reconciled, everyone was heckling. It's really hard to see lingche's good words.

Lingche's point was not this, he said: "OK, it's time to check mine. Sister Qi, this takes too much time. Please, we are all in a hurry. "

Qi Mu was very angry and funny: "It's not your turn yet, what? You wanna pay the fine in a hurry?"

Ling Che didn't look at her, and beckoned to Xu tangzhou, "Still there, waiting to be teased?"

Xu tangzhou: "No way."

There was a burst of laughter at the scene.

Xu tangzhou sat down on the seat and listened to Qi Mu saying on the stage: "Che is too protective. I haven't done anything yet! I'm not a casual alpha! "

In fact, Xu tangzhou could't understand what did he mean. He thought Ling Che was eager for his embarrassment. Now it seemed that Ling Che just didn't want to get into trouble.

However, how did Ling Che know about him pretty good, no, pretty obedient?

He looked at the stage, Ling Che was ignoring Qi Mu's problem and urged.

"But you're a casual host. No more fines? "

It turned out that he didn't have any forbidden things and violate the rules.

Their group was really fresh and different.

Qi Mu was very disappointed and didn't want to let Ling Che go.

Miffy came to Xu tangzhou in private: "In fact, when I saw Ling Che followed you on Flow yesterday, I thought you were hype. I didn't expect you were really friends. I'm sorry !"

"Of course we are..." Xu tangzhou stopped, "Huh? You said he followed Me? "

He had been so busy since yesterday that he hadn't looked at his cell phone at all.

Miffy said: "Yes, he only followed you. He is envious."

During the half-time break, Xu couldn't help but open the Flow, and received a Flow prompt.

Flow assistant: Congratulations! Xu tangzhou ZZ, the Ling Che 45361 that followed has following you. You are the first person that HE was following. Go and say hello to him!

Xu tangzhou: "!"

It couldn't be!

Even if it's for cooperation, why would he pay special attention to him alone?

Here's an option for this tip: [got it]

Xu tangzhou clicked [got it].

Who knows that flow automatically sent out a stupid private message, which appeared in the dialogue.

Xu tangzhou zzv: for you, I must be the most special one! Thank you, let me be your first, only, one chosen in a million. [love]

Xu tangzhou: "???"

Such an old-fashioned copy had really the style of the last century. 

The message couldn't be recall.

Not far away, Ling Che, surrounded by potential fans of the program group, looked at his mobile phone.

Dialogue interface showed that the other party was typing.

Xu tangzhou: "..."

Flow, your server fucking exploded!

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