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Chapter 11

"Whew, Zaizai!"

"He called you baby!"

As soon as the phone hung up, the guests around began to clamor.

Xu tangzhou's ears were still red. Zaizai was his nickname. Few people knew except his fans.

How did Ling Che know?

Xu tangzhou soon thought of Stu Ya. Since Huang Qian made these preparations in advance, Stuart had more experience and should make more preparations. When he thought of this, the blush on his face faded slowly.

The purpose of this call had been achieved. Whether it's for the program effect or they really wanted to ask Ling Che about the situation, this scene had been quickly revealed, which was not so dangerous.There were still many tests for the two people to face next, and their words and deeds in front of the camera would be recorded. 

Xu told himself to relax.

It didn't take long for Xia Yue and Xia Xing to clamor for makeup.

During their make-up, the program team asked Qi Mu to invite Lu Chengan to interview CP at a quiet place, to pop up some of their sweet daily materials, which would be used as the video gags after that.

As soon as Ling Che entered the studio, he saw Xu tangzhou sitting alone in his seat.

Xu tangzhou put on another sweater.

It's about his temperament was too aloof. The stylist paid attention to this aspect. He's wearing warm colored clothes with warm materials to try to make him look more gregarious.

Maybe the feeling of tangzhou sitting there was too out of place.

No one can pick out of his looks at all.

No makeup, no powder, had let the side of the Xia Yue and Xia Xing appear flat.

"Here comes Lingche!"

The scene suddenly became riotous, and some people were cheering in a low voice for a while.

Xu tangzhou looked up.

Only a tall man was followed by the photographer, single and dragging a suitcase, and walked calmly.

"What?" Ling Che ignored everyone, walked to Xu tangzhou and rubbed his head, "no one cares about you?"

No one believed that they were not familiar with each other due to the questions and actions.

Except the lens, nobody knew that how many people 's eyes were quietly staring at their interaction in the corner.

"They are all busy," Against these eyesight, Xu tangzhou's heart beats wildly and smiled slightly, and said, "it's better that you're here."

The recording had not officially started yet. As soon as Ling Che appeared, all the shots on the scene automatically entered the working state. Every frame and every second could be made into later video materials.

Ling Che wore a black jacket, which was a bit retro and looked like a private dress. Their styles weee quite different, but they were inexplicably matched, just like they were discussed in advance.

Everyone knew that this group was the core of the program.

Xu tangzhou's palms were sweating all of a sudden.

Ling Che sat down beside Xu tangzhou, put his arms on the back of the chair, came up and smiled and whispered, "Xu tangzhou, are you a fool?" 

The voice was totally different from the expression. It's totally flat.

Xu tangzhou: "..."

This was what Ling Che was like!

Lingche's lips were still curved, looking really friendly, but in his words sounded mercilessly: "Do you do what people ask you to do? Think about it when you do. Don't be led by others. I won't be able to save you next time. "

Xu tangzhou's eyelashes trembled. Turning around, his eyes were black as ink. His beautiful lips opened and closed: "I see. I will try not to let you save me next time. "

This was a little angry.

He felt himself stupid, too.

"It's the best." Ling Che looked at him, "watch out, don't make trouble for me."

"What are you whispering, gentlemen?"

Xu tangzhou didn't have time to reply. Qi Mu and Lu Chengan came back, laughing and interrupting the private conversation between them.

Lingche sat a little higher than Xu tangzhou. His posture was the same. They looked a little close from this point of view. He replied, "Since it's whispering, of course you won't know."

"Yes," Who expected that Xu tangzhou also returned a sentence, unexpectedly smiled, "after all, we are talking about the bad words of the program group."

Finish saying, two people looked at each other, seemed to they really did such thing.

Xu tangzhou's eyes were full of unwilling to show weakness.

They made people laugh.

At this time, the two sisters of Xia Yue and Xie Xing also came back.


When they saw lingche, they screamed and rushed to shake hands with Lingche. They pulled each other, exaggerated to be full of laughs.

After a warm-up, the director shouted to start, Qi Mu took the microphone, and officially start the program finally.

Qi mu, as a famous host, had been the host of the program group for three consecutive seasons. His ability was very good. His program rules and precautions could be smooth without looking at the script. From time to time, he can add a little sense of humor, which made the funny content seriously.

"Our Perfect Journey" was not only a travel variety, but also a competition variety show.

There were three groups of guests in total. Each group of guests could get the same basic fund before departure. The specific amount varies according to different destinations in each season. The competition will officially start when the guests set out. They would travel and live in the destination for one week. When they returned to the studio, the competition ended. The group with the most basic funds would win.

Of course, it's not so easy to win under the rules and "help" of the program group, but every year's winning guests would get enviable rewards, so everyone would try their best to fight for it, which was also one of the highlights of the program.

This year's winning awards were more attractive than those of previous years.

Qi Mu announced excitedly: "Our perfect journey, the winner of this season, will get the  endorsement of the global visual image of the world-class brand Boffiny!"

The guest groups were boiling.

Even Lu Chengan surprised.

Boffiny was a world-class luxury product with a great reputation for jewelry. In recent years, it had attracted many famous designers from the world. Perfume and handbags had been popular all over the world.

More importantly, Boffiny already had a high-level global spokesperson, Ling Che, the only son of the president.

No matter where people go, they could see Ling Che's huge posters.

And speaking for this endorsement of global visual image meant that it was not only a title, but also a chance to get the same treatment as Ling Che. Maybe that one could also appear on the spokesperson together with him, plus the high price of the endorsement fee. This first-class resource had been obtained by the program team!

"Thanks to Boffiny for sponsoring this season," Qi Mu said to the camera in a proper way, and mischievously said to Ling Che, "of course, thank Ling Che. If it wasn't for Ling Chilai, Boffini wouldn't choose us. The level gap is too big. " 

Ling Che said lazily: "Just for nothing, call me DAD!"

Qi Mu lengthened his voice: "Father Money!"

Everyone was laughing.

In fact, Lingche didn't know about this matter before. He met his mother at home the day before, and she talked this matter with him like talking about the weather.

In business, no one was more powerful than Ling Zhi, and the fame of his own son should not be wasted.

Miffy said: "He must not want to win so much. Anyway, this prize is equal to none for you. Why don't you to just give up and give us the chance?"

His words were everybody thought about.

Xu tangzhou looked at Ling Che like others.

Lingche's face was very similar to that of his mother with foreign blood. He was handsome and had a little sense of distance. He's not talkative usually. In front of the crowd, he only raised his chin to Xu tangzhou: "How could it be? It's our Zhouzhou' chance."



Xu tangzhou was referred and his eyes opened widely.

No, he didn't want it!

Pride would be hated!

By the way, wasn't him really having a double personality?

However, Lu Chengan jokingly mentioned another thing: "I guess there's a inside story. You don't know, Xu tangzhou used to be a model. He was a teenager and gave a show to Boffini platform. "

The guests all shouted that there was an inside story.

There was only one Qimu not cared about that: "Was Zhouzhou a model then? No wonder your legs are so long. Wait, I found the blind spot, I know, Che and Zhouzhou met at that time, right?! Zhouzhou, I want to hear from you! Nothing in Che's words is true. "

Xu tangzhou had no memory of those years. He could't remember anything in the years when he was a child or a little older.

He could only reply the unsure words and vaguely leave a way for himself, so as not to be exposed: "Yes, it was the first meeting between us, but we didn't know each other at that time."

Ling Che's face was expressionless, and his tone was slight: "It's not very familiar."

After that, Ling Che seldom spoke again.

He didn't want to talk much, even if the topic was intentionally introduced to him. Others only think that he was used to being proud and didn't care about how many shots he had. Only Xu tangzhou beside him knew that he seemed to be upset.

Ling Che's pheromone converged a lot in public, but the smell of the sun seemed to drill into Xu tangzhou's back neck, causing his skin to itch.

Xu tangzhou couldn't help but stretch it, he was reassured that he had taken the medicine on time.

He hadn't had a dream to be bitten by Ling Che for several days.

Xu Tangzhou made complaints about him, but he still wanted to be  labeled by him in the mind, which was really very pornographic.

The secret needed to rot in the stomach.

At the end of free talks, Qi Mu began to go through the process: "This time, our destination is Suriname. Suriname island is located in the east of Africa. It has rich resources and beautiful scenery. It is favored by the richer because of its quiet nature. It is a resort island gradually developed in recent years. In other words, the consumption there is not cheap !"

The program team showed several pictures of Suriname at the right time.

The light blue water and the fine white sand beach were like a line between the sea and the sky, which was really breathtaking.

It's fascinating.

Xu tangzhou rarely took the initiative to say: "It's so beautiful! So, how much we would have? "

It's not realistic at all.

Qi Mu was amused and announced the figure: "After the careful deliberation by the program group, it was decided to give 20000 yuan to each group of guests."

Each group was whispering about the number.

"With so much money, it's easy to live for seven days," Miffy and Lu Chengan said .

Xu tangzhou always felt something was wrong.

Ling Che, who had not spoken, said thoughtfully, "but -"

"But," Qi Mu said with a smile, "it's 20000 yuan, including your round-trip plane tickets, accommodation and all the expenses on the island."

The scene was quiet.


It seemed to be shocked by the shameless degree of the program group.

Two people's round-trip tickets would spent almost half of the basic funds.

"We have different flights for the next three days," Qimu said, "you can choose anyone according to the ticket price. The first group to arrive in Suriname will be rewarded with three days of free accommodation and priority room selection, while the second group will be rewarded with two days of free accommodation. Third, there is nothing. Please pay for yourself. "

At the time of the noise, Qi Mu said: "But before you leave, let's check our luggage first. Yesterday's attachment was received by all of you. It's very clear which items are forbidden to carry. For the sake of fairness, we will not only throw away the prohibited items, but also punish them. For each finding, cut down the group's 100 coins. "

She looked at the quiet crowd.

"Are you ready?"

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